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October 2010 Movies

Yes folks, this is how I spent the remainder of my Halloween day. I blogged. XD I am a very exciting person you know.

But hello, these are all horror movies! So it is like a theme right? We are ignoring the fact that almost all my movie posts have a horror theme. IGNORE IT! This unique and a theme just for this month. Go for it.

So yes here is another batch of movies that I watched this month. And once again I really need to write down my thoughts right after watching a movie because if a movie sucks I will forget important sucking facts. I will try harder next month folks.

Movies included in this post are as follows:

Perkins 14

The Reeds

The Final

Kill Theory

The Graves

My Soul to Take

Red: Werewolf Hunter


Perkins 14

Holy crap people this movie is awful. Like waste of time, give me back the 2 hours of my life.

First of all there were no beautiful people in this movie. Which is fine and sometimes better for a movie as it is nice to see “normal” looking people. But the cop was so hard to look at and listen to. Everyone else was okay to look at but that dad cop was scary and gross looking and I would fear him if he came to rescue me.
There is no point in arguing that paranoid dad cop was really insane. Because he was right. But I am sure over his career he accused tons of people of being his son’s kidnapper. Just he happened to be right this time.

I was counting down the minutes until mom died. She was super insensitive to the father losing the kid. I mean if the father was demanding that their kid’s room be used as an office we be like HEY mom lost her kid let her have a room to mourn and crap. But no since it is dad his feelings need to be disregarded? Not that any of this matters as mom is boning some other dude. So hurry up and die faster!

Dad cop fails as a parent. He sees these killer kids running around killing people yet when HIS SON kills a cop he is like RUN FORREST RUN. No. Well maybe. But how about the end where he leaves his alive and non killer child to try to convince his killer son not to kill any more people. I get what happened to his son was awful and the entire situation was crazy. But why don’t you focus on the normal kid you DO have? Her mom is dead so you are the only one left for her. Don’t take the small chance that you can talk down el crazy kid when you got another kid to protect.

However…given how the daughter was “rebelling” in life she must have been neglected every single minute the brother went missing. So she never had a chance of being important in her father’s life. The lost son was more important than the right here daughter. So the father deserved to die.

However ignored daughter of sadness…why did you hand the insane brother the gun? You saw him coming and one could ASSUME that dear old dad is dead by his hands. So why didn’t you shoot him when he walked up to the cell? Surely he had to take time to find the right key? Basically this entire family was full of stupid people and it’s a good thing they are all dead. Sad that the son will never get any help. He is the one I feel sorry for in this series.

The Reeds

MOG PEOPLE! Two nights in a row I have no idea what is going with the movies on Sci-Fi. Well okay I understood the last movie. Just thought it sucked. But this one…NO ONE UNDERSTANDS! No really, go look. People on boards and forums are like so…what happened? Because NO ONE KNOWS! If no one understands your work you suck as a creative visionary person hard words insert here.

First off yeah I didn’t understand a word anyone was saying. Because I suck. I am a stupid American. But yeah I only understood half of what was being said and I really had to look really, really hard at the screen to try to use context clues of what was being said. So right off the bat I am confused.

The kids were dead all along. I get that. I also get that the scene with the kids attacking the boat might have been the scene from 20 minutes earlier in the movie where everyone was hiding in the boat and there was commotion outside. I GET THAT. Or at least I think get that. I don’t know at this point.

But um….so let me see. The dead girl is the mother to the main character/survivor girl? Like the girl looked 16 right? And main character girl was like 3 in that news article. Which I GUESS could be possible but whatever don’t want to think about it. So both of them go missing? Main character girl doesn’t know she is adopted? Dead 16 year old girl can recognize her grown child? Like wtf is this crap?!

Why is that area cursed? How did the dead kids get cursed? Did the old dude kill them or were the kids dead and then tortured the old guy? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON HOW CAN I WRITE ABOUT THIS?! :( But if the survivor girl avenged her mom why is she now stuck in the crazy cycle and deadlike too?

So going with what I do know…that is a massive fail boat. Fail vacation too. I mean who goes on a tiny little boat in the middle of a swamp to have a good time. NOT ME! My vacations have hotels thank you. And the boat in question? VERY DURABLE! The boat holds up well when something hits it. NOT! Like wtf is that, a boat should be more durable than a car people!

I don’t even know what this was all about. Just…just no people. I mean there were some graphic deaths but it was way too hard to follow in terms of plot and…reason. Like why the hell were the kids burning a dog? Why can’t people die? WHY DID I WATCH THIS!!!

People watching The Reeds should be smoking weed beforehand. That way it will be funny and not stupid and horrible and horrible waste of time.

The Final

I only watched the last half of this movie. But I got the geist of what was going on. And in light of all the news stories of bullied kids and such…I am not sure this was a great movie to play or an awful movie to play.

I felt really, really bad for the girl who got her fingers chopped off and face melted off. I didn’t see the first half of the movie so maybe she was a major slim ball who deserved everything that was coming to her. But the fact that she was not going to hurt her friend touched at my heart a little. Just a little mind you. Yeah bullies have friends too and at least some of them know where the draw the line.

But home boy deserved to die. His friend is like NO NO I can’t hurt you and he goes and cuts her fingers off? Yeah he is scum and deserves to die.

I am not sure what was all of that with the black kid running and finding help. But since I didn’t see the beginning of the movie I was like OIC. Which I really didn’t. I am just glad he didn’t die as he also seemed semi decent.

Since I didn’t see the whole movie I am not sure how dramatic the bullied kids who were now hacking people up killing themselves really was. I mean they had a room full of kids, why didn’t they shoot them all and then kill themselves.

Kill Theory

This was a pretty awful SAW sequel. Maybe the worse one in the series.

Oh? It WASN’T a SAW sequel? Then I hope the SAW creators sue the directors. If they have anything. Since this movie was that bad.

See in the SAW movies Jiggy has a reason to teach people the value of their lives and what not. This dude…not so much. He had to kill his friends to save himself. That really, really sucks. He was boned if he tried to save even one other person. But then he was boned because he lived. Yay. So yeah I can see why he would want revenge.

But why would he want to get revenge on the Doctor? I can see wanting revenge on the cops or the judge by why go after the Doctor’s son? He randomly picked some kids and the son to prove his point. Which is he is crazy obviously. Because John had a reason for picking everyone and this dude was more like….let me take it out on someone who tried to help me.

But I guess in the long run the crazy person made the right choice. The Doctor’s son was ready to kill everyone to stay alive. Which is always nice. We can’t have a group of people who actually like each other. Where is the fun in that?

There were so many ALMOST dead but AHA I am still alive moments I lost count. Aim for the head people. Aim for the head.

Not sure how I feel about the last person standing. Usually cheaters die. The boyfriend was painted as being the hero and the cheated on girlfriend looked like a psycho killer when really she was just trying to survive. So…bleh I guess.

The Graves

So….why the pig noses? Yeah it is hard to blog about this without mentioning the random pig noses. Because when I am running around killing people that is what I am wearing people.

But I remember two sisters going on a road trip to New York or something. Maybe it was on last adventure before one of the sisters left. I guess it is not important. Just to get them to crazy town to see the townies.

OH! I think that there was a crazy priest or something trying to capture souls. Because that is what all crazy people want. Souls. Why don’t they ever want something else? And are different souls worth different amounts in hell?

I think the story would have been better had there been more people to start off with. Two girls started off the adventure and they both lived. The body count was kinda low (on the good guy side anyway).

I am having a real hard time remembering most of this movie. I know girls sucked at acting and by the end they were like okay time to keep driving like nothing ever happened. Crazy people I swear.

My Soul to Take

This was the best movie EVER! And by best I mean the director was clearly on crack, I have no idea why there were 3D goggles, and the main character couldn’t have been more annoying.

Talking about the 3D first. My friend and I have no idea why this movie was in 3D. Seriously I can’t remember one 3D scene at all. So it was not worth the three extra dollars. I can’t wait until this new 3D phase is over because it is not enhancing my movie experience at all people.

Moving on the main character. I don’t know if the character was annoying or the actor playing him was annoying. But either way he was annoying. Like I felt bad not liking him or picking on him because I thought maybe he was supposed to play a slow person. Like “bad words”? Really.

But yeah I think he was going for a good hearted geek and it totally didn’t work for me. Everyone else played their stereotypical roles perfectly. The weird friend, the bully joke, the crazy girl running the school, the side kick, the Christian girl on crack, and the Asian. Well I guess the Asian didn’t have time to be Asian did he? :( Fail.

So really are we to believe that the smallest male in the group was the killer all along? Heck maybe the girls were the bigger than Alex. How did Alex overpower everyone when I could beat his ass? It just doesn’t seem believable. That and there was too much running around that Alex would have had to do to kill people and be in the place he was supposed to be in. Just bleh.

Fang was the worst part of the movie. Her brother suffered that night too. Or he would have if he wasn’t a fetus. So why is she making his life miserable when they both came from a crazy household? Because in case people weren’t noticing she was acting creepy right after her father died too. So…I was half expecting her to be the bad sou. Useless character who was evil for no reason at all. Good job raising her Aunt Kidnap Some Kids.

So….yeah. If Bug has all the souls inside his body after they die…isn’t the bad soul in him now? Because yeah…..okay.

Also all those kids were separate personalities of Bug’s dad right? That is why Bug had them in him? Does that mean he will go crazy after the fact? Hey….if they were all born premature why was the blind kid the only one with problems? X_X

The bird scene was the best. The end.

Red: Werewolf Hunter

This movie sucked. The end.

I have to write more? BOOOOOOOOOO!

I had hopes for this movie because it was going to come on twice on Sci-Fi. That is usually a good indicator of when a movie is going to be “epic”. This was not the case.

I am not sure who to blame for the boyfriend getting turned into a werewolf. Should we blame the family for not trying to break the news to him gently? Should we blame the girlfriend for bringing him home TO THE WEREWOLVES to explain everything to him? Or should we blame the boyfriend for being a wimp and running off into the woods to cry himself to sleep?

I blame them all. But I guess Red has to marry someone so they can keep this family tradition going. Gotta train the next generation of slayers…I mean hunters.

I knew both of the brothers were going to die. Grandma (mom? I don’t know) not so much. But yeah saw the brothers and how they were reacting to the boyfriend and I knew they were toast. But they were really, really killed. X_X

I am glad that the hunters and the werewolves made a pact so the town would be safe. The town where NO ONE lives in. Because that makes sense. I will protect a town with no people in it. I will also fight for a car that has no gas in it and protect a zombie. Because it makes sense.

How did the werewolves change on command? I forgot. Because it was boring. And I was distracted by the girl with the frizzy hair.

But in the end I felt bad for the boyfriend. Had grandma had kept her gun to herself he would have stayed in the cage and not tried to kill her. Well he did kill her so I guess there is no try about it. But poor Red. The burden of killing a boyfriend that she dragged into this huge mess. WOE IS HER!


…I am pretty sure this movie was amazing. I only wish I saw it in theaters and not on a tiny little box on my computer.

First of all everyone was smart and on their game. A team full of geniuses and pros. Yet only two of them win. Because Predators are that hardcore. So this movie isn’t like most slasher fics when most of the cast consists of hapless idiots. These are awesome people trying to survivor and they still die.

Yes I just called a bunch of killers awesome. Because I can.

Second this was not a typical slasher fic because no one panicked. There was a bunch of back stabbing and anger issues but no one was crying in the corner waiting to die (well maybe the doctor…). Get in the bathroom, say three hail marys, and prepare to fight.

However…I thought the plot of the paralyzing flower and crazy doctor was lame. They didn’t show the doctor being evil at all during the movie and at the end there was no reason for him to paralyze the Latina while they were stuck in the hole. More like the movie was about to end and they have to throw that in there. If the doctor wanted to stay on Be Killed Planet then he could have run off and been his own crazy person. And don’t get me started on how the doctor was able to recognize a poisonous flower on an alien planet. Okay dude.

Crazy man was CRAZY! You think this guy is here to save our…villains but no. He is there to kill them and steal their weapons. Because that is what he does people. I mean you know he is crazy when he is muttering to himself but he seems so capable. He has Predator weapons, a place to live, and knows how to survive. Him losing his mind was AWESOME.

But can we have a movie with an Asian in it where the Asian doesn’t die for no reason? I mean…they all can’t want to die honorable deaths by fighting aliens with swords right? Some must want to run away right?

Dude I don’t know if I love or hate the new breed of Predators. Like I guess it makes sense there are different types of Predators. But the new, smaller ones look like they were wearing animal masks and they just looked too goofy for words. Also why were the big ones and the little ones on the same planet if they hate each other? Also maybe if they were going to introduce the new Predators they should have kept out the other types of aliens. Because I am the boss.

The main character was an ass. But super smart. Everyone was super smart though…

In conclusion….I might live in a Predator movie because I am Mexican. SO HAPPY XD

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Happy Halloween!!!


I am a picture thief XD

Yes it is the time of year where little kids dress up in costumes and go to stranger's houses to get candy. Or alternatively they go to a church where they walk to people's cars and get a buttload of candy. Also this is the day where adults wear skanky versions of kid's costumes and get drunk. TIME TO GET HAMMERED!

But not for me. I can't remember the last time I did anything for Halloween besides work. That's fine though. I don't have kids and I like money. Time to sell some pizzas people.

Besides if I get out of work in time to watch the premier of The Walking Dead I will be fine. Super excited about this folks. A series about zombies that will have the girls WEARING CLOTHES. XD So I hope I get home in time for that.

So I wish you all a very safe Halloween. I will not run down your kids if you promise not to run in front of my car.


Yay fanart XD

Also I hope you all get good candy and not raisins. See ya later!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amagami SS episode 17: Rihoko's arc!

I seem to be recovering quite nicely. I would hope so since….TMI I apparently threw up everything I ever ate ever. It is like I have a new start XD A fresh empty stomach start. So now I can just…keep on going to work and trying to catch up on my blogging? Go me.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! See I am getting in the mood.

So it is time for another Amagami SS arc. This time it will be Rihoko. So I am going to guess that it is going to be 4 episodes of fat jokes, fat references and Junichi accepting a fat girl. Which is going to suck because I think Rihoko has been the nicest girl so far.

Also I shall blog this episode while watching America’s Next Top Model. That way Rihoko’s average (or even lighter than average frame) will just look GINORMOUS and I will finally see why Rihoko needs to go on a diet. Because I am not seeing it people.


That is how I feel every morning too.

Episode Summary: Rihoko is thinking back to two Christmas’ ago. I know, not Junichi for once having a pity party. This takes place right before the dumping. Junichi decides to ask Rihoko on a date….to pick out a present for his super secret date. Rihoko goes along but is sad since she is in love with Junichi. FOR REAL PEOPLE. Kanae, Rihoko’s friend, gets Rihoko up and out of the house on time since she is special. But Rihoko ends up being late anyway because she forgot her gym clothes. On the way back to school she has to slip through the fence because going to the main gate would take too long. Only Rihoko gets stuck going under the gate. Junichi walks by and makes fun of her apparent weight gain. After teasing her Junichi gets her free…and then uses the hole in the fence himself. There is a gym scene with Rihoko not doing so well. She actually made it over the bar which I personally couldn’t do. Kanae thinks that Junichi is a jerk but Rihoko defends him since he is a childhood friend who saved her from being stuck forever.


Warning only eating three rolls for lunch WILL make you fat.

At lunch Rihoko is eating some bread but this apparently makes her fat. Rihoko then decides that she will go on a diet…tomorrow. But Haruka and her friend come by and Rihoko is jealous of their figures so she will go on the diet now. She goes to give the rest of her treats to Junichi who then picks on her about the whole diet thing. She promises that this time it will be different. Rihoko’s diet doesn’t go well when her Tea Ceremony club members bring her treats. When they learn of her diet she runs off with a treat in shame. Junichi and his buddy have another perv magazine and are dodging Kaoru to look at the pictures.


Whatever I love treats too.

After picking on her they walk home together. Junichi sorta questions why she is going on the diet. They then think back to their childhood but Rihoko thinks of Junichi as being nice to her and Junichi remembers being mean to her. But he sorta wishes her luck on her diet. As she gets stuck on the slide. And weighing herself at home doesn’t go well. She then tries to exercise but gives up after stretching. The next day Rihoko is super late to school again and tries the hole in the fence. Only this time she fits and she is super happy. It turns out that Junichi made the fence hole just a little bit wider so she could fit and be happy. AWWW. Maybe. Rihoko has renewed faith that her diet will work this time and her friend cheers her on. THE END!

MOG PEOPLE! I was RIGHT. I can’t believe this episode was all about Rihoko being fat. How did I guess that?!? Because it has only been obvious for 16 weeks now that Rihoko was going to get this treatment.

Just bleh people. Bleh.

Also America’s Next Top Model didn’t have their newest episode up. Because they are haters. Go Predators!

Even though I think this show is a C- at best I thought Rihoko’s arc was going to be one of the best. And really she has the best back story out of ALL the girls so far, even Kaoru. XO And I liked Kaoru so much. So I am really disappointed that she isn’t going to get an interesting storyline. Not that Junichi training someone to be a waitress was interesting either. I just don’t like the whole diet angle. Which may not be so strong next episode but I doubt it. -_-


I was waiting for this!!!!! Finally!

But yes Rihoko has actually liked Junichi for a while. A childhood friend who has liked Junichi for at least two years. Probably longer than that. And we all felt Rihoko’s pain when Junichi asked her out only to pick out a present for his Christmas date. Of course now I have more of a reason to hate Junichi now. Stupid blind jerk. You don’t ask someone out on that special day to get a present. That and you already should have had a present. But should he get points for knowing it would be better to ask a girl’s opinion on presents?...Maybe he just breaks even.


Such a happy childhood.

BUT YES PEOPLE. I think this back story is the cutest/most realistic/most…expected so far. We want to see the childhood friend who has been pinning for the same person all these years. It is romantic. And sad I guess. Not some oh I have known you for two weeks and NOW I love you deal. That I don’t like. So I guess I like people suffering? Interesting.


Really Junichi is bigger than her so how did HE fit?!

I thought Rihoko trying to squeeze through the gate and not fitting was almost cute. Almost because yeah it still picks on her weight. But had she been doing it right she might have made it. She needed to get lower to the ground so her butt was sticking up in the air. That and her boobies are pretty huge. So yes it was slightly humorous.


Well I guess that was nice...

And even though Junichi was a JERK about the whole diet thing I thought him cutting down the fence so Rihoko could fit through was nice. Bordering on AWWWWW. Rihoko might be a little slow in thinking it was her…stretches that did the trick but Junichi boosting her self esteem was really nice. Girls need a lot of self esteem boosters, especially in high school. So while Junichi might be a pig and part of the problem…that was nice of him to do.


Look at that, trying to help her friend in the romance department. AWWW.

I am going to like Kanae. She is a little harsh, doesn’t sugar coat things, and a little eye rolling when it comes to Rihoko’s behavior. But I can tell she is a good friend. She makes Rihoko gets to school on time. And when Rihoko is way too late she takes over her cleaning duties. And despite probably not liking Junichi very much (I wouldn’t either if he never looked at my friend twice in a romantic way) she is trying to help Rihoko be with Junichi. So I like her. Yay for a good friend.


Yeah...air diets...

I think diets are hard. I am sure Rihoko has said she is going on so many diets before and that is why people don’t believe her. But yeah if I had a baggie full of treats I would start my diet the next day too. I would pack myself less tempting snacks. Haters need to stop hating and be more supportive. Even if this is the 1378675th time she has gone on a diet.


They made her take them!!!

And really was she not supposed to eat the treats her Tea Ceremony Club members brought her? That would have been RUDE! Of course just one would have been polite enough…but still. It’s like these people are setting her up to fail. XO Rude people. But yeah the Tea Ceremony people are still coming across as a little strange. Not as X_X as last episode. But they probably do have reason to worry about the future of their club.


Poor Rihoko. :(

Um what else did I like? It is hard to say with all the poor Rihoko SHE IS FAT going on. I like that Junichi didn’t leave her stuck in the fence. I like that Rihoko gave Junichi her treats. But I didn’t like him shaming her when she was eating her treats alone. And these two boys need to stop with all the porno magazines. Bleh.

Stay tuned for another episode of Rihoko is totally the hugest person ever. Because a girl who isn’t smaller than Barbie is obviously in need of a diet. Great message Amagami SS.

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Hakuouki Hekketsuroku episode 2

Work…was a super bad idea today. Like I don’t know what I was thinking. Well I was told to come in so I guess that is what I was thinking. Right now trying to eat some soup and crackers. We are going on an hour now for one bowl of soup. Wish me luck.

But after my 4 hour nap I decided to watch a bit of anime. So here we are with Hakuouki Hekketsuroku. Is there a reason why these words are so hard for me to type? Just trying to be difficult for me I suppose.

Spoilers for sexy boys, men being men, and Chizuru being stupid. Although Chizuru being stupid isn’t much of a spoiler is it?


Someone needs a hug. :(

Episode Summary: Souji is super sad looking at his uniform. He wanted to go with the others when he learned that Kondou was going but Hijikata is like no you can join us when you are better. Which will probably never happen and he will join them half dead but okay. Speaking of Kondou he is leading the troops to some castle, smiling and enjoying his new position. He stays in his hometown to get new people and to kiss up to people and this sits poorly with some people. Shinpachi is especially not impressed with this situation of OH now we are important and he is mad that the new recruits sorta suck. Saito is like so Hijikata do you think we can win this battle and Hijikata is like…nope I don’t. FUN TIMES PEOPLE! Chizuru wakes up after having a nightmare and sees Saito walking to some pretty flowers. Saito is having a sad day because his warrior way of life is slowly fading what with new technologies. He talks about his past and how he learned about true strength and wonders if any of these principals will live on. Chizuru tries to say some reassuring things and Saito seems happy. Probably because he has sexy clothes though.


I'm glad you know you are an idiot. XD

Some dude runs up and is like I HAVE NEWS. The baddies are already at the castle. The one they were supposed to protect. That is probably a really bad thing. Everyone is like um this is bad news we probably shouldn’t do this anymore. They send for Kondou who decides that running away would be a bad idea instead of the best idea ever. When people start saying this is suicide he calls them cowards. A fight almost breaks out but Saito asks Hijikata what he thinks and people follow Hijikata. Hijikata decides to leave to get more troops. He tells Chizuru he wants her to leave as it will be unsafe soon (then why did she come in the first place?!) and he wants to protect her. Chizuru is like NO I am super useful I can protect Kondou. Hijikata decides this is okay and makes a warrior pact with her. So the day of the battle arrives and our people are getting killed. Well the not so good looking people anyway, not the main characters. Bodies everywhere people!


Can we retreat now before we lose all our meat shields?

Each time Kondou is told a bad piece of news he is like GO FIGHT MORE. When they get surrounded on all three sides Kondou decides to charge the enemy but that just leads to the three people he was with being killed. THEN AND ONLY THEN does he realize that retreating won’t be the worst thing ever. But he wants to commit suicide by cop…enemy I mean. Chizuru talks some sense into him and the main characters go to round up the rest of non important people. While doing so Harada runs into his friend Shiranui who also has a nice new outfit. They fight for a little while but Shiranui isn’t with the main baddies. But then all of a sudden zombie soldiers start attacking and reattacking as killing them is hard. Shiranui protects Harada and Saito is amazing. And who is the leader of this zombie horde? Oh and Chizuru’s brother is running around for some reason. The end!

XO Saito is so sexy in his new clothes!!!

Wait that can’t be my whole post? But I think if that was my whole post it might be longer. And it might be more interesting. But I shall endure.


All this screen time worries me...but pleases me at the same time. XD

But seriously people I was getting worried about Saito. He was getting a lot of screen time this week and that usually means death is just around the corner. Or in the case of this show time to be a zombie. Which I do not want any time soon for this hottie. So I am very pleased that he didn’t get nommed or get shot or anything else terrible. Which in a show about shooting and men being stupid boneheads it is a strong possibility.


I also feel bad that Chizuru had to be the one to comfort him.

I do feel bad for Saito. And all the men really. Their entire way of life is changing. Not that I think running around slashing people with swords is a positive way to live one’s life but I can see other principals being lost. One relying on their own power. Feeling a weapon in your own hand. Using restraint and fighting for a “just” cause. That makes me sad for him.

So like..Kondou is being a jerk right? I don’t understand WHO they are fighting but even I can see Kondou was a little full of himself. Shinpachi and Harada being mad at how Kondou was acting might have been over the top but they have been there from the beginning. They have a right to be mad that Kondou is so far removed from the principals that got them to where they are today. However I do understand that Kondou needs to do a little bit of butt kissing and drinking to get people on his side and make a good impression. Because men in power are dumb. Logically he should have been spending that time to train his troops better but it is a lot like politics. Sometimes a lot gets done and sometimes a lot of partying happens with other powerful people.


Best motivator EVER!

However…he was really dumb to keep calling his most loyal troops wimps or or whatever. Like oh hi instead of listening to the good points you are presenting I am going to question your manhood. Because that is a way to keep things strong. So that was super dumb.


It is hard to fight for a cause when you are dead.

It was also dumb to not retreat when they were being attacked on three sides. I am not much of a war expert but that sounds like the perfect (last) time to retreat. But no, we can’t be cowards. HELLO STUPID! It is hard to be a war hero if you died before you even started. Think about it that way. Or in the WOW maybe I should put my stupid pride aside so people don’t needlessly die way. Whatever works.


Chizuru making sense?! MOG XO

And then he takes the dumb cake by trying to die on purpose. Like oh you couldn’t have done that earlier before all the innocent men who trusted you die. No no, you think dying would repent for what you did and help you reclaim your honor. Which you know…is what would have happened. You would have been branded a hero when really you weren’t being one. So I am glad that Chizuru was able to do something right.


WTF is this?!

So Hijikata is also stupid right? He was right to tell Chizuru she needed to leave (she should never have been allowed to come but then we wouldn’t have ROMANCE). But then she is like I want to stay and protect Kondou and he was like oh okay! Maybe part of him was like…if Chizuru won’t leave I will place her with the two strongest warriors (Kondou and Saito) and PRETEND I am leaving her to guard them. Yeah. Otherwise Hijikata is the stupidest person ever. And we can’t be having that right?


Onward to death!

The battles, who they are fighting. XD I still don’t get it. Someone last season tried to explain it to me but I think I would need a crash course in Japanese history to understand this all. So the baddies are…baddies. They are going against the traditional way of Japanese warriors and are using foreign aid to get nice shiny weapons. But why they are so pissed off I don’t know. They are the baddies. The end.

Although..I thought Chikage and band of misfits were in on this group of baddies. Obviously I was wrong. Everyone is a baddie and hate our handsome heroes. Everyone is on different sides and I don’t know what is going on. I just think our heroes really, really need a lot more troops if everyone hates them.


I think they enjoyed themselves. XD

Was it just me or did Shiranui and Harada have a moment? Yes I know I am a crazy yaoi fangirl and I make up crazy things in my head. But they seemed to be having fun trying to kill each other. And then Shiranui helped Harada out and protected him from the zombie army. I don’t know, almost brought a tear to my eye. Harada practicing his spear more so he can kill Shiranui and Shiranui stalking him. It is all so lovely.



So um…like was I supposed to know that dude at the end? Because I don’t. XD I kinda rock that way, forgetting unimportant people. But yeah don’t know him or why he has a zombie army. Let me go look online real quick to see who the hell he is.


It is slowly not coming back to me...

OH X_X. I see now. I guess I was thinking about him in terms of his last name. But I guess his whole name has been mentioned before. So if this is spoiler….I’m sorry but you know. Chizuru’s dad is the zombie king! Good job Chizuru. In the year plus it took you NOT to find your dad he was off losing his mind. Can’t wait to see why next week. XD

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Togainu no Chi Episode 3

This is the third post of the day. Check out my Amagami SS episode 16 post and my Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 4 post. Thanks. XD

Am I on a plane? Why yes I am. Tried to jack some free internet from people but apparently they are smarter than my grandmother’s neighbors and blocked it. So I shall finish blogging this episode before I go home and die. DIE PEOPLE.

Whoa just got really dizzy. Being sick and flying is the worse feeling ever I think. I really don’t recommend it.


Zap folks. ZAP!!!!!

But enough of that personal drama. On to Akira and his crew of strangely dressed people over in Togainu no Chi land. Spoilers for….Keisuke being a wimp?


The narrator dude was annoying. :(

Episode Summary: Some dude with blue hair is running away from the Executioners. He looks up at the sky and the narrator says some weird stuff about souls being blue and what not. Elsewhere Akira and Keisuke are still walking from the bar area thinking about Keisuke joining Igra. They run into Motomi who just happened to be walking by (but the amount of cigarettes by his feet say otherwise). He wants to accompany them to the castle because he says he has business with the head dude Arbitro. Keisuke starts getting nervous as they enter the mansion. Motomi really loves the naked men statues…not. XD Keisuke gets his mask and is waiting in a room. Arbitro starts walking down the hallway and sorta flips out when he sees Motomi. Motomi doesn’t even say anything and Arbitro is like get out of my house now devil dog. Then Motomi makes fun of the statues and he flips out even more. Arbitro goes to talk to Keisuke. Akira is like…so what was that but Motomi doesn’t really explain. In the room Keisuke is given his official tags and Arbitro explains to him the rules. No stealing, no cheating, you have to display your tags, and no quitting.


Um I'm the bad guy. Fear me?

The two Executioners Kiriwar and Gunji come in with a dead body so Keisuke can see what happens to cheaters. Kiriwar and Gunji eventually leave with the dead body but act like crazy people while doing so. While Keisuke is peeing his pants Motomi is outside talking to Akira. Keisuke finally appears and they leave. Arbitro decides that now would be a good time to have a sex scene with his human dog. OKAY THEN! Walking back to their hole in the wall Keisuke is wondering how he should display his dog tags and he is attacked by that blue hair dude from earlier. He steals the tags but Akira beats his butt and manages to get the tags back and break his cross necklace. Keisuke feels slightly useless about not being able to help. It is nice to know he has some grasp of the situation. They get back to their crappy piece of crap broken down apartment and Rin is there creeping in the dark. Slightly weird. Rin is happy that Keisuke has joined in this killer battle. He wants to take a picture to commemorate the happy occasion but pictures fall out of his pocket. Akira picks up the one with Shiki and Rin freaks out. Not a happy person.


Hi I am here to give you good advice. Also to be creepy.

After getting mad about the picture thing they leave as Rin is like yeah living here is a really bad idea. They run into the crazy Executioners but they leave them alone because they are looking for a guy with blue hair. Then the guy with blue hair runs by and grabs Akira and takes him somewhere. Dude wants his cross back because his sister gave it to him. The dude knows Akira from his Blaster whatever days. Blue hair dude is known as Takeru. He doesn’t like Akira because he acts like he is better than everyone else or has more money and never thinks of the little people. It is a bunch of craziness and Takeru attacks him. Akira holds him off and Takeru decides to run away. Just another day in the lovely neighborhood folks. THE END!

:( No Shiki this episode? That is slightly rude. I miss his stripper heels.


Sorry. I will bring my A-game next time.

Actually now that I think about it not much even happened this episode. But we are here to read about the drama with people killing each other so I shall type.


And we aren't running because....?

Keisuke is dumb. Like really dumb for real. I don’t know what changed from the first time he wanted to join and back out and this time. Nothing really. He should have gotten a clue and realized that things were really real and backed out of it. Not that it probably matters as random people in crazy land are killed too. So yeah don’t know what he was thinking.


Good job, you lasted 5 whole minutes. You get the dead last loser award!

And I really liked that he got his tags taken away from him minutes after receiving him. Really gives me confidence that he is going to help Akira out and not hinder him. I bet Akira is like thanks for nothing. I was kinda expecting the Executioners to come around and hack Takeru’s hand off though for cheating.


And now I have a gross image in my head :(

So why did Motomi want to go to the castle again? I didn’t see him do anything important. Unless the only important thing he wanted to do was to bother Arbitro then he wins. But yeah not really understanding why Motomi wanted to wait for the boys to go to the castle. Maybe he has been banned before and needed other people to get in. If that is the case though he needed to cause more damage or do something more effective than just bothering the already crazy person.



I thought the…..special scene was special. Which is weird because I am a yaoi lover. But I do have my limits people! One should not deform another human to the extent they are now a dog…and then have sex with them. Just no. Not blaming the “dog” mind you as he is probably not in his right state of mind. But Arbitro is really, really gross. Barf city.


Today is the day of attitude problems!!!

Rin was a bit X_X today. I mean we know that he hates Akira and wants to gut him like a cow but his new best friends do not know that. Maybe he should be a little nicer to the people he wants to have slumber parties with. I like that he came around and gave him good advice that setting their camp so close to the river…I mean the apartment is not super safe but then he was a bit X_X about the whole picture thing. And if he has time to take pictures of Shiki he should attack him. XD


You sure showed him!!!

I am not sure why all that crap happened with Takeru. Him being there really took away from Akira being the main character. Like okay you were in Blasters too and are mad you weren’t as awesome. Please hold as I go look for my violin. You might be holding for a while though. That whole thing was dumb. I understand why he stole tags from Keisuke but I am not sure why he targeted Akira with all his pent up rage. Keep living the big dream of being king drug dealer. Don’t blame Akira for your lot in life.


Akira likes to glare at people...

So not much going on today. Just Keisuke deciding to actually join the craziness and Akira making friends all over the place. Oh and Arbitro made me barf. I might have already been barfing today but that didn’t help at all. Pick up the pace for next week yes?


You were surprised yes?

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Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 4

This is the second post of the day. Check out my Amagami SS episode 16 post that went up earlier tonight.

Watching anime on a laptop that is on power saving mode….hurts my eyes. I might be blinder than before I left on this trip. I guess I didn’t want to be THAT behind when I got back home and the nights were boring. I don’t know, what was I thinking?


I glare in your general direction!

But now it is time for Psychic Detective Yakumo. Or the sad emo boy who can see ghosts. Either of those titles would work. Because I am mean or something. XD

Beware of spoilers. Like Yakumo being a smart ass. SUCH A SPOILER!


XO What did you see home slice?!

Episode Summary: The detective lady is driving along when she sees a random person in the road. She stops to help and he spazzes and dies. She then gets all frightened and passes out. Then whoosh the coroner is investigating another dead school girl. The popo are mad because the news has gotten word about some other missing girl. In other news Gotou has been FIRED because he doesn’t listen to his superiors. However fired in Japan must mean something different as he still works, just in Missing Persons or something. He isn’t thrilled about this but the newbie Ishii is thrilled to work with Gotou. They get a call and Gotou is like GOSH I guess we will see Yakumo. Haruka is talking to her friend who saw a ghost and wants her to fix it. Or talk to Yakumo since everyone else thinks he has cooties. She goes in the room and is all like hey boy hey and tries to make friends. But when Yakumo says he doesn’t like people who use his powers she fails to ask the favor. She sneaks out when Gotou and Ishii come in to talk to Yakumo. Isshi likes Haruka which might not be creepy since she is in college.


Yakumo trying to be nice? I AM SHOCKED!

Haruka tells her friend that she will investigate the ghost. Okay. Gotou explains to Yakumo that the reporter lady Makoto got possessed by the dead doctor/drug dealer dude. Haruka goes to the river (where the main bad dude has been throwing bodies) and passes out when she sees a ghost. Yakumo goes yep that lady is possessed by that dude and if that is the case he didn’t kill himself. They go talk to the coroner who wants to see dead people too. They talk about how the family has taken the body but has left behind some personal affects. Yakumo manages to convince Gotou that Ishii is in love with him. Okay. They find some keys and a picture to the dead girl. Ishii goes with one key and Gotou and Yakumo with the other.


Yay for junk detectives!!!

I don’t know why but they go to see another doctor, the one who delivered Yakumo. Maybe he is the father of the missing girl? He remembers Yakumo’s red eye and wants to know about Yakumo’s mom. Turns out 20 years ago she tried to kill Yakumo and Gotou saved him. Home slice has not been seen since and the doctor has decided to inform Yakumo that yeah your mom was scared when you were born. Yakumo leaves the room and SURPRISE Haruka was listening the whole time. He runs to the river and wants to throw the necklace into it but Haruka is like NOOOO your mom is your mom and share your pain with me. Yakumo then gives her the necklace for some reason. But then the baddie is watching the same scene and is like HAHAHA fall into the darkness just like your mother asshole. Also he wants to use Haruka now instead of the dead high school girls to bring back this dead girl. THE END!


I think it is Haruka's fault that she is single...

I think I am going to love Yakumo’s one liners the best about this show. I felt bad laughing at the oh Isshi is gay thing because I know that Isshi is going to be treated weird now and I wish animes would show the straight guy not being all homophobic about someone who might be gay liking them. But since that doesn’t happen in real life why would it happen in anime? I just don’t want being gay to be a joke.


Poor newbie cop. He never had a chance.

But Yakumo messing with Gotou’s head was funny. Like hello you saw Ishii taking an interest in Haruka why are you being fooled? Yakumo making fun of Haruka being single was XD. He tried to have a moment of niceness when he is like sorry Gotou I have to help Haruka out today but then he was like yeah junk Detective. So yes Yakumo is amusing.


Very thrilled with his new job I see.

I was going to feel bad that Gotou got fired trying to save people but he just got reassigned. I don’t think he cares. He didn’t seem heartbroken to me. I do worry that Ishii is going to be killed. Or branded a crazy person for wanting to work with this insane dude. It will end with tears or blood. CHOOSE NOW!

Sometimes Haruka…sometimes. Sometimes she is right on the money and other times she makes me want to ship her to the moon. Most of the time it is the moon.



Wait I was going to say something that Haruka said that was smart….but I can’t remember what it is now. Maybe I was delusional or something. But Haruka saying I don’t KNOW you, you never tell me anything. Like….yeah dude. You just met him. Was he supposed to bust out the OH YEAH my mom tried to kill me sob story? Because one that doesn’t happen and two Yakumo isn’t that kind of person. So Haruka that Yakumo doesn’t open up to her makes me roll my eyes.


Haruka needs to shut up!


Poor child killing mom!!!!

Then Haruka is like don’t throw that necklaces away she’s your MOM. Like home girl were you not listening? She tried to KILL HIM. I think Yakumo has the right to be a little pissed off that his mom didn’t want him from birth. So stop being all well she is your mom. Just because you push a kid out or donate some sperm doesn’t absolve you from sins. Crazy people I swear.


Are they on a boat? XO

So I don’t know what I was thinking trying to defend Haruka. She is dumb. For real. She is also full of herself for thinking that she could help the ghost situation. If you didn’t want to get the expert don’t try to make your friend happy and say you got it…when you don’t. You don’t got nothing. I was going to ask why the doctor found Haruka but if he is the dead girl’s father (I am tired at 2 am I can’t remember) then he is probably there feeling guilty or something. Just Haruka is lucky people keep rescuing her. Stupid girl.


If he isn't Yakumo's father THAT will be the biggest shock of the whole show.

So is it safe to say that the baddie is Yakumo’s father and did horrible things to his mother and that is why home mom went insane on her son for having the same eyes? I think it is. Not sure why the mother has gone missing all this time but that is my theory. I am also not sure why she waited until Yakumo was a toddler to take him out but maybe something triggered her or something. But yeah this mystery show isn’t turning out to be much of a mystery.


But think of the poor mom!!!!!

But maybe instead of trying to KILL her son she could have tried to raise him not to be like his father? Leave him somewhere? Maybe she was possessed by a ghost herself. But Yakumo has a right to feel upset about this situation and not be trusting of people. So shut the hell up Haruka. This was very traumatic and I don't care that she was/is his mother. Although it makes me wonder how old he is if this happened 20 years ago...


Oh...I don't think I care about the dead guy....

This week was not very amazing. I was expecting more of a Whodoneit kinda show and all I am getting is emo Yakumo and happy Haruka. Sadness fills my eyes. But yay ghosts I guess?

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