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Arata Kangatari episode 10

Hello there my lovely readers. For the past...I don't know 2 weeks it has rained every single day here in sunny Florida. This is actually a good thing since we usually are on fire watch and fireworks tend to get cancelled if things are way too draw. This 4th of July we will obviously be wet enough for fireworks but will it be rained out instead? Mean weather, how dare you do this!!!!
 photo arataepisode1011_zpscbb9e044.jpg
Someone is in danger?! Hurry to help Hinohara!
Putting aside the fact that there is millions of drops o rain...time for anime!!! Up now is Arata Kangatari episode 10. Spoilers for Hinohara seeing his problems in everyone and things not being perfect.
 photo arataepisode10_zps095be892.jpg
Oh yeah I forgot about that....
Episode Summary: The gang is walking around until they meet a fork in the road. Kannagi says that this way to Yorunami's palace. Everyone starts marching but Hinohara. He wants to learn about said Shinsho before he....”kills” them. Kotoha thinks this is the best idea ever. Kanate agrees but later comments to Kannagi that Kotoha and Hinohara seem close now. They walk to the nearest city under Yorunami which turns out to be the massive Suzuhura. They are told it costs money to get into the city AND to leave. The gang doesn't have enough so the guard suggests quarry work for the men and textile work for Kotoha. Before anything is decided Suehiro comes up and tells the guard he will handle it. Suehiro seems to be either in charge of the city or super important. Suehiro takes them around the city, with all the beauty and lights and what not. There are tons of places to shop and Kotoha is taken in from some items. Suehiro tells her to shop later as he shows them where they will work. Kotoha is off with the woman to wash clothes while the men hammer away at rocks. Kannagi is content doing the least amount of work as possible while Kanate is ordered to work harder. Hinohara sees a really young kid working way too hard and worries. Hinohara takes a break with Kotoha where they talk about how he is not her Arata and how it is strange for her. Later that night Hinohara purchases the hairclips Kotoha saw. Suehiro sees Hinohara and they walk around the situation. Suehiro talks about how this is the best city in their world. Hinohara seems more concerned about what kind of person Yorunami is. Suehiro makes Yorunami sound like a person who wants perfection in everything and everyone. Hinohara doesn't seem to pick up on Suehiro's sadness.
 photo arataepisode107_zps0bd21f4e.jpg
Oh such a sneaky person....
The next day the boys are working at the quarry when the little kid, Ruka, has an issue with his cart. Well it breaks. It has been done by some adult men who have nothing better to do in their life than torture some kid. Ruka is still blamed by the supervisor and is struck in the face. Ruka is also fired which enrages the boys (well maybe not Kannagi) and Kanate goes to attack when Suehiro appears. He dresses down the supervisor but that is about it. The men take Ruka back to his shack. The others are shocked to see how awful things are behind the big, beautiful buildings. Ruka says that people like him can't afford to leave and that he wishes he could just disappear. Hinohara obviously thinks about how this situation reminds him of his sad life and is...well sad. Kannagi sheds some insight on how this town is really run when he sees Suehiro spying on the conversation. Kannagi confronts Suehiro who knows that Kannagi is...Kannagi. The headband apparently was not the best disguise ever. They talk about Hinohara being the Super Shinsho and Kannagi says not to underestimate Hinohara. All 4 members of the ground come together and decide they will help Ruka get out of the city. Apparently that means breaking him out of the city and not paying for his passage. Suehiro stops them out of the gate and reveals that his real name is Hiruko. XO That would be Yorunami's Sho! Everyone is XO as Hiruko sorta attacks them...with flaming money. All Hinohara does is block it and suddenly Hiruko thinks that Hinohara is good enough to save Yorunami. Well that and all the conversation spying he did earlier. See once upon a time Yorunami saved Hiruko, sorta when no one else saw Hiruko as a person. Now Hiruko wants the city back to its former glory even if that means going against Yorunami. Hinohara is touched and accepts this mission. Too bad Yorunami was listening to the whole conversation. Elsewhere one of the Shinsho 6 shows Masato a clip of Masato killing a whole bunch of people. Masato is like take me to him! Masato makes it to Akachi and wants to form an alliance so he can crush Hinohara into the tiny bits he obviously deserves to be smushed into. Akachi is like no thanks loser. Masato starts to beg for his help so Akachi is like...well first we must get rid of your handicap, that glint of friendship in your eye. So Akachi stabs him in the eye. THE END!
 photo arataepisode104_zps4d4a57f6.jpg
Oh snap? A Hinohara/Kotoha baby?
This would ALMOST be a feel good, wee adventures are fun show...if there wasn't a pile of dead bodies rotting in the corner. The big cherry on top would obviously be the dead pregnant woman. But from how everyone is acting all the time...this is all in the past. It is all good, this diluted show.
 photo arataepisode102_zps0ab69549.jpg
Thanks for being our guide weee!
Maybe I am just bitter because I will never be good at walking around without a map. Heck I probably would get lost with a map in an unfamiliar area. But Kannagi is like oh this is where we are. HOW DO YOU KNOW!? I am supposed to learn how to navigate by the stars in case of a zombie apocalypse. If I don't apparently I am being left behind. So maybe I am bitter. Helps set the tone for the episode. Look guys, we are here. This random place in the middle of nowhere told me so.
 photo arataepisode103_zpsb3fa157f.jpg
The result is still the same hommie.
I am not sure I understand Hinohara. Then again I might just miss the point of him entirely. But....he does realize that everyone he meets and is a Sho (or Shinsho) will have to become one with his sword. You know...cease to be their own individual human being. So I am not seeing the point in knowing your enemy. Unless it is to learn their weakness and cut them into tiny Masasto pieces late in the night. I think that Hinohara thinks it will set his heart at ease but they don't even know what will happen once Hinohara becomes King. Who knows if everyone can come back to life? These people will still cease to exist. I don't think submitting and being alive in a sword is amazing.
 photo arataepisode1015_zps53468dac.jpg
I had to just throw this in somewhere. XD SO HELPFUL!
However Kannagi is like well...maybe this will be helpful battle wise and goes along with it. Kanate goes along with it because Kotoha did. Not sure why he thinks that Hinohara and Hinohara are closer. They had like one day of sadness before Kotoha went back to normal, perhaps being a little freer in how she expresses herself. Not a completely different person. Kanate is just jealous. A loyal friend but jealous.
 photo arataepisode106_zps52cb182e.jpg
Maybe this makes more sense than I thought...
I think the way the city works is a bit special. I can see maybe having to pay to leave (you know, to trap people inside) but if you have to work once you get inside why does it matter if you have the cash to get in? It's not like you are getting anything for free once you get inside. Maybe this is actually fair. That they only want people who are serious about working and bettering this town and this down payment keeps people motivated. Like we got to save up to move to this awesome place. Maybe this is like a tax that keeps things looking great. I don't know but our travelers seem super poor.
 photo arataepisode105_zpsdaa41394.jpg
Looks like a nice city to me.
Suehiro is confusing. Really this entire episode was lacking in many details to me and I haven't read the manga. I can just tell things were...well not well explained. Suehiro seemed like he didn't want to show our gang around town. Like he is tired of keeping up this facade. the episode went on...I really didn't see what was wrong with the city. No really I didn't. All cities have their ugly points and beautiful ones. Okay maybe I did see what was wrong with the cities. I guess if people didn't want to be there anymore or couldn't work/find a job they could leave. However....there are always poor parts of cities. Maybe because it was panned as a perfect city that was bothering people? Maybe it was different when it first was constructed. But since I didn't see that backstory what I see now looks typical of...well most of these cities in Yuu Watase's universe. A lot of poor people or orphaned people. But in this city there seemed to be some places to work, not well the crops failed everyone dies.
 photo arataepisode1010_zpsccb1cfd4.jpg
Yes. I can see why you are so unhappy....
I don't know. I just think that Suehiro should have done a better job explaining how things used to be. Or maybe I suck and am jaded. Yes that little kid should have been taken care of instead of thrown to the wolves. Maybe some of the entry/exit taxes should go to helping those elderly/injured citizens who have put in their years of working. There was always sadness in his voice but he was quick to get onto the person who hit the kid, that seems fair. Like he was trying to keep things on the straight and narrow. This just seemed rushed. I needed to see more of the seedy parts of this city to understand Suehiro's sadness.
 photo arataepisode108_zpsaab3fe04.jpg
So much helpfulness.
The boys have just a few comedy moments before things got sad and orphany again. I love how lazy Kannagi was being. He has been shown in the past to be a hard worker but when it comes down to it he probably thinks he is better than everyone else. Maybe next time he could work a bit better on his disguise as you know...a headband is not the only thing different about him. That people in this town might have been to the capital or from his own country and maybe...just maybe would recognize him. Special. Kanate is constantly being picked on. That is just his role. The relief of the show. Like Kannagi is doing basically nothing and I am getting yelled at? I will work twice as hard to show them. YEAH that's it!!!!
 photo arataepisode1012_zps79e41a3c.jpg
Say it ain't so!!!!
After 5 seconds of that fun it was back to everyone in Yuu Watase's universe having the worse lives ever. Meet Ruka!!! The sad little orphan that can't. :( I mean it really is awful that everyone quit his family's business after one parent died. Like lets work together and just make this work. It kinda doesn't make sense either. If the dad died the mother could have worked to run the business, hired someone to take her husband's face, and not much would change. But everyone left and Ruka was not looked after by an important person in his parent's business. Woe is him. Woe is everyone in this sad universe, having no parents and living in sad conditions. But really Hinohara needs to stop making everything about him! Hot damn!
 photo arataepisode1013_zps8e9eb998.jpg
Did Kannagi seriously not know who this dude was?
The group decides to talk loud and not check their surroundings when they realize this place is not all sparkles and rainbows. I like how Hinohara only wants to save the one person with problems instead of everyone after acknowledging this is probably a wide spread problem. I thought that they were going to work Ruka's way out of the city, I really did. Like come on guys, lets push ourselves so we can get this kid out of the city so he can go live...somewhere else...where he will have a hard time getting a job because he is a kid woohoo!!!
 photo arataepisode1016_zps81c97939.jpg
So Hinohara can make it perfect again?
Suehiro being Hiruko, Yorunami's Sho is not a shocker since we viewers saw him creepin around. I think his power being money was more surprising. Like if this dude doesn't want to see this city suffer give out some money to the poor ones. Like not TONS of money to get used again and feel sad. Just like you know what that person is working hard and is still not making ends meet, have some flaming cash. I thought the exchange between Hiruko and Hinohara is odd. Hiruko wants the city to be perfect again and Yorunami to be the person who saved him many years ago. How the hell is that going to happen if Hinohara makes Yorunami submit? Yay my master's heart was healed right before he was absorbed! That will surely make the town better. Not understanding at all.
 photo arataepisode109_zps4f473b1d.jpg
Um...I totally do not want to be on that dude's side in a battle with ONE WINNER!
Nor am I understanding what went down with Akachi and Masato. First off...Masato sucks. He will never not suck. I don't care if his parents never gave him hugs and blah blah. What Hinohara did hurt his heart but was not the source of his anger. Now he is this insane person who wants REVENGE on someone trying to help him. Watching Akachi kill all those people and what not should have scared Masato, not sent the man running into his arms. Like really...really..
 photo arataepisode1014_zpsce1948ac.jpg
A bit on the whiny side...
Then after 5 seconds Akachi decides to help Masato out. Why the hell was he even entertaining this boy? Attack him and get it over with. Instead the two talk for about 5 seconds where Masato just repeats he wants help, revenge, and generally acts pathetic. Not sure why Akachi agreed to take ANY of that on. Masato didn't prove himself or anything! This scene just didn't make any sense!!!!! Well maybe help is too strong of a word. Poking out Masato's eye out might not seem like help to use but maybe it works in this universe. Just...this was an odd scene and made little to no sense to me. Akachi helping someone? He has no problem stabbing his friend in the back and now he will help Masato get his revenge? Oh lord how many more people are going to hold onto grudges during this show? Guess we will find out soon!

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Karneval episode 12

Hello there my lovely readers. Hopefully patient readers. And not angry readers. My first week of work is done and without many mistakes I was allowed to close the store alone! Success yes? So with my first week of work behind me I think I will have a better handle of how my schedule will work and when blogging can take place. Just a lot of changes this first week kept me from getting much done. Apologizes for these late posts but I shall do my best to catch up and maintain a better schedule.
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Um...your security sucks. Also my bandwidth is a hater too.
Since some blogging got done at work hopefully I will have 4 posts between right now and Sunday night. Here is the first of hopefully many posts. Karneval episode 12 time. Spoilers for....Uro having the lamest crew ever.
 photo karnevalepisode122_zpsdca3c8ba.jpg
I don't want to quit you Gareki!
Episode Summary: Nai looks worried as Tsukumo tries to tell the Pikachu Dragon all will be well. Akari is pissed at Hirato and Tsukitachi for even suggesting to go to Smoky Mansion to save Karoku. Well Hirato and Tsukitachi then list all the dirt and reasons why they have to go to said place. Considering all the good reasons they list Akari has no choice but to say yes. He insists on going and there is much rejoicing. While everyone is getting ready for this “minor” operation Gareki asks Yogi hat it means to be a child of the ship. Yogi is surprised but lies and says he doesn't know. So after we see Tsukumo taking a shower Gareki goes to talk to Hirato. But instead of asking Hirato what he meant by the comment Gareki works himself into thinking he is useless and Nai fits in just fine. So Gareki tells Hirato he wants to leave. Hirato has his poker face on but says yes and invites Gareki on this mission. Everyone is assembled, all main characters and tons of cloaked Circus members who have no names and apparently no faces. Gareki and Yogi go to the gate and demand to see Karoku. No one gives chase to the two when they break in nor do they notice Gareki has stolen their bracelet with maps and such. After kicking some people in the head Gareki hacks into the computer and takes down the security system. This makes Yogi sad because he heard that Gareki wanted to leave Circus. Gareki is like what are you talking about, we got work to do!
 photo karnevalepisode1213_zpscee508ed.jpg
So Karoku's real soul is talking to his body? I see now.
Once the system is down all the Vagura come out to play. The entire force, bunny and sheep robots included, start to fight. Jiki has Nai who is supposed to find Karoku with his super ears. Nai gets upset when innocent robots are dying even if Jiki doesn't see the point. Nai sees everything as important and special and starts to get upset. Kiichi is instead handling Kagiri and Kiharu as others continue on. Erisyuka is being told to escape by Uro but she won't leave until Karoku does. Earlier Karoku had said that someone special was coming for him and Erisyuka assumes it's Tsukumo. So when Tsukumo and Iva arrive Erisyuka loses her damn mind. Uro promises to chop them up into tiny pieces so Erisyuka and her grandfather escape. Uro thinks he has the upperhand in the extended battle but really Tsukumo and Iva were waiting for Hirato to come and trap said baddie. Gareki and Yogi end up fighting a rather large Vagura and some little bats. Gareki holds his own for a while but eventually Yogi has to save him. Clearly that means Gareki is useless. Inside the ship Akari is working hard on saving the info Gareki hacked into. He notices that Azana has started erasing all the files. Azana is the traitor. Apparently he tried to contact the mansion earlier but it was blocked. Azana is a sad broken person. He says if they were righteous they would be the ones winning. Thus since they were losing they must be the baddies. Akari is clearly shocked. Nai and his sadness has had too much and....he screams? Something about his voice and the entire area sparkles. A protal of some kind opens up while all the main characters watch. THE END! 

XO It is hard to tell home much I have written. I got to write at work so I am using my tiny notebook of work facts to blog. Such a naughty new employee. Just hope the paragraphs aren't crazy long when I type this all out.
 photo karnevalepisode126_zps19f32171.jpg
Why didn't you tell him earlier crazy person!
First things first. What is up with Yogi?! Why didn't he tell Gareki what that child of Ship 2 meant? I assume it meant he would become a member of Circus? Maybe I am wrong. I don't think I am though. Perhaps Yogi didn't want to pressure Gareki? seems odd. Maybe it was more like adoption and Yogi didn't want to treat Gareki like a kid. WHO KNOWS!
 photo karnevalepisode124_zpse0ae65cb.jpg
What....what is this?
Putting aside my yaoi colored glasses for Yogi and Gareki...HOT DAMN! Akari and Hirato obviously need a room. And a weekend getaway. And maybe some rings. I know there has been some tension going on between the two but what was the practically holding hands? Did you see that moment? Me thinks that Akari protests too much. In denial!
 photo karnevalepisode123_zps32915137.jpg
Then why didn't you stomp in there before this?!
I really didn't think that Circus had that much dirt on Gramps and Big Rock Candy Mountain. I thought Hirato was being more giving of the situation and was being nice towards Nai. Um it sounds like all that Uro and his people had left to do was set up the neon sign announcing their evil plots. I didn't know Tsukumo knew her location. I mean, Karoku being held by Erisyuka isn't enough for anything. But all the other disappearances and what not and really...Nai was the cherry on top. Poor Nai. Hope he doesn't think he owes them forever when it was inevitable. Also is Akari in charge?!
 photo karnevalepisode125_zps34b34bc6.jpg
Gareki needs to sing his Disney song already.
While everyone is getting ready for the “small” scale operation Gareki has to talk to Hirato. Maybe he is interested in a love triangle...square...poor Nai. He is just the cool pet everyone wants to buy things for and take to Disney. But yes Gareki talks to Hirato. Only Gareki...well he has a moment. He seems to have a lot of these moments. Self doubt. Why oh why can't I be as special as these people wearing magical bracelets! Why can't I be a magical creature/human who can do amazing things? WHY OH WHY!!!!! So Gareki...the cool and calm one of the group, basically turns into a junior high girl with no self esteem and decides he will leave. You will all be better off without me! Hirato seems to think that this is a phase and once Gareki goes on this last mission he will change his mind. But for now Gareki is content on being a pity party of one.
 photo karnevalepisode127_zps7ebe7b27.jpg
So many people we don't know weee!
So....I am glad....that in this final hour...the entire Circus family has come together to help out Nai. Like really people. REALLY!!!! All those people? Where the hell did these faceless people come from? Extras they picked off the street? Went to the mall and asked people for help with their plan for 50 whole dollars? Of course Circus needs to have more people. How else could they keep order? No no we have only seen the important ones so far and these are....well...the not important people. Clearly they are in danger of dying. Red shirts for all.
 photo karnevalepisode128_zps46d02b24.jpg
Oh no! That boy ran passed us. Guess he broke in forever....
I am really not impressed with Gramps and Uro. I think their security system is a joke. From the guards to the house to the computer is like these losers were asking to be broken into. Why was Circus having such a hard time finding evidence against them yet? Still waiting for the neon light? Gareki demands to see Karoku, someone being held against his will and that people shouldn't know where he lives, and the guards just let Gareki and Yogi run to the mansion. Where was the chase? The rest of the guards were jokes, getting kicked once by Yogi. If this mansion really did hold so many secrets and what not you think it would be super protected at all times, not when it is breached by a 15 year old.
 photo karnevalepisode129_zps76fe7663.jpg
Just ask him to marry you already.
Gareki continued to have self esteem problems throughout the episode. Yogi is all feeling that goggle wearing boy but can't bring himself to say STAY WITH ME! Instead it is toe in the are super good with computers and Circus needs someone who is super good with computers. Gareki refuses to acknowledge what he is good at and just focus on the fact he can't fight supernatural creature monster things. Yogi has to rescue me again and what not. Poor Gareki. Contributing in ways that he can and still not thinking that is enough.
 photo karnevalepisode1211_zpsed26fd03.jpg
Look at me being amazing!!!!
The rest of the fighting going on in the mansion and outside was just okay. Kiichi seems to be pretty hardcore. That or I just thought Tsukumo was awesome and Kiichi is the real deal. The fight with Tsukumo and Iva isn't that magical as they were “waiting” for Hirato. Because if Hirato came from the start and helped that would be insanity. No no, we got to play around with our victims. That is how the best do it folks! But yeah the bunnies getting destroyed and the faceless people winning against everyone...a bit boring.
 photo karnevalepisode1212_zps8cf5dc66.jpg
How can this be happening?!
Erisyuka lost her shit and it was amazing. AMAZING! Like is this girl for real? Since this mansion is run by incompetent people no one was able to get Karoku out of the room. And since this place is run by people weaker than Minions no one was able to get Erisyuka out themselves. Instead she had a grade A insane attack. Karoku is mine...MINE BITCHES! It was okay when Karoku wanted a special boy (Gareki in Erisyuka's mind) but Tsukumo? No. That is unacceptable. People are breaking into the house and things are happening outside but Erisyuka needs her Karoku! What the hell did this girl do before said Karoku was kidnapped? Was she blinded to the fact that Karoku was kidnapped? Dumb girl. XD
 photo karnevalepisode1214_zps68b3de4d.jpg
Didn't see that coming at all!
What else what else....hard to remember since I started blogging this like Wednesday. OH! Yes. I would not have guessed that Azana was the traitor face. Never ever. We saw that other guy sneaking around but apparently that was too obvious folks. Guess they had to spice things up. Now Azana doesn't seem totally bad and with how this show is going he won't be killed or really punished for this crime. Azana just is...tired of losing. Probably drove him into crazy town. I suspect that Azana will injury Akari in some way but both men will be rescued.
 photo karnevalepisode12_zpsf71fe9fb.jpg
Err....well then...
The episode ends with Nai being a strange little PokemonDragon. He and Jiki were having some bonding while not fighting the Vagura at all. Just sit here and listen to Karoku not make a noise at all. Way to go there Karoku, don't you want to be rescued? But this battle is too much for Nai. He is seeing poor innocent robots being destroyed. Each one is unique you know. Everyone fighting. Just too much sadness. So...Nai creates a rainbow portal to...where? Oh that is the end of the episode? By all means Nai....just scream and use new powers to do something amazing. I guess I will find out next time what this all means. Goodness.

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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12

 photo titanepisode1213_zpsb8a26bb8.jpg
I would reconsider that plan if I were you....
YAWN! What is this thing called work? Silliness. Am I an adult? Such nonsense. But in between that anime must get watched and blogged. Before I head off to bed here is at least one episode. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12 time. Spoilers for Eren taking his sweet ass time not....really helping anyone. Also here is the spoilery of spoilers thread in case something sparked anyone's interests.
 photo titanepisode122_zps37be1bd6.jpg
In case you didn't notice we were blaming Eren for this one. Be a martyr next time gosh.
Episode Summary: The rest of the team watches in horror as Mikasa barely dodges Eren's blow. She tries to reason with the Titan Eren but he tries to swat at her again. Unfortunately Mikasa was on his face at the time and he slams a hole in his head. He falls on the ground and sits next to the huge rock. Rico immediately sets off the flare that signifies a problem has occurred in the mission. This is all super unfortunate as most of the Titans have been gathered against the opposite wall at the cost of 1/5 of the soldiers. Pixie is dramatic and says he can be branded a murderer if all works out. When everyone sees the flare morale really drops down to next to nothing. Armin immediately takes off to see what the problem is while Pixie tells everyone to keep on gathering the Titans and trust into the elite. But the elites are arguing with themselves on what to do. Rico leads to the charge in running away and living. Mikasa is like um no bitch you will stay here or I will chop you into pieces. Ian the leader decides that Eren must be rescued and protected if humanity is to have a chance and orders everyone to take out the nearby Titans as Eren recovers. The team is broken up to fight nearby Titans and Mikasa is grateful for this turn of events. That is until she realizes that Eren the Titan is not really regenerating himself. Mikasa spends about 5 seconds worrying about this weird thing that is Eren's life but decides to kill Titans instead. There are quite a few as they keep coming through the hole. But since Mikasa is there everything is amazing. She rushes back to see how Eren is doing but Armin has arrived. Mikasa tries to warn Armin but he wants to do his part. He decides that Titan's dying from neck wounds and Eren coming out of this Titan's neck. He changes the angle a bit and stabs at the Eren Titan. Eren the human is hit on the arm and momentarily looks confused. He was chillin in his house with his mom and dad and Mikasa. It was warm and nice and wonderful. Armin appears at the “window” and tries to explain to Eren what is going on, that Titans killed the momma and Eren wants revenge. Eren is like mom is right there dude. After much work Armin reminds Eren of that conversation they had a long time ago, that they were going to go to the outside world together. That gets Eren to remember what is going on and Titan Eren starts to regenerate. After getting in a pointless fight Connie, Jean, and Annie go out and gather the Titans together. All seems to be going well until Jean's gear breaks. Connie and Annie make it to the wall as Jean hides himself in a building thinking it is the end. He sees a down soldier and thinks maybe I can steal that gear? THE END!
 photo titanepisode128_zps64ef5ba4.jpg
Well that's...attractive.
X__________________________X I have changed my mind. This is going to be a 5 season anime at this rate. We can all stop panicking, if we have read and been up to date on the manga. When the manga finishes in like...10 years we still won't be at that point in the anime. Everything must be animated, down to every word of conversation. 

Mikasa is a pretty strong person. Maybe too strong. I think if I was chillin at home and my parents were killed I would have just laid down and died. But Mikasa was able (with words from Eren) to kill her attackers. Every character on screen has had a rough day but for Mikasa I am sure it has been worse. She has the capabilities of being a strong warrior and it seems she puts aside her emotions to keep on fighting. I am sure the dead affect her and maybe later when she has a moment alone she will blame herself for all this death and mayhem. She has gone from thinking her only family was dead to being reunited with him to being threaten with death again to being rescued again to Eren the Titan turning on her and all hope being lost. And yet Mikasa still is trying. Holding it together a lot better than most adults her age.

That was a lot of talking I just did. XD But yes. Mikasa was at least trying to connect with Eren the Titan instead of throwing in the towel like Rico. Like um it has been 30 seconds since Eren has turned into a Titan and he hasn't moved the rock, clearly the mission has failed. Time to light the flare. I mean....given the situation tense is high and emotions are on edge. But at least let Mikasa try to talk to Eren Titan. No one knows how this...transformation works. To throw in the towel when all is riding on this is...well not behavior from an elite soldier.
 photo titanepisode12_zps6211a288.jpg
That seems really, really, REALLY high!
When the flare is lit most of the other troops started to lose hope. I would too if 1/5 of the soldiers were killed during this operation. That sounds kinda high to me. People were just supposed to whoosh around and get their attention right? Well later we see some people running on the ground....but still. There was supposed to be minimum fighting. Dodge and weave. Get out of the way. 1 in 5 people dying just sounds super high for me. How were the casualties when people were actually fighting? How much of the population is in the military? X___X 

I know that this show has...well shown limited technology thus far. As in no phones and suchies. But must have been super demoralizing for everyone to see the flare, a sign that something has gone wrong. A lot of these people wanted to separate and go above the wall (putting aside that the Armored Titan has yet to make an appearance). In their mind this plan was doomed from the start. Still everyone came together and tried. This might be one of the final nails in the coffin in regards to morale. I wonder what vantage point people have from the wall. Would they able to see Titan Eren? If so I guess they would have known the plan failed sooner or later.
 photo titanepisode1211_zps37d99c03.jpg
What do you mean I will never be the main character?!
Still Pixie fights on, saying that the elites will eventually pull through. That means everyone has to have their 5 seconds of screen time and then go back into the trenches to gather more Titans. This plan needs to hurry up and happen as Titans will continue to go through the hole in the wall. Connie and Jean fighting seemed....well odd. Like they had all this anger/aggression in their heads and they needed to say things out loud despite the fact they both were right. Perhaps this was just to build up tension later, for when Jean's equipment fails. Jean will try to save himself and Connie will be there as back up. We will fight with each other but always back each other up. Because we are bros.
 photo titanepisode129_zpsc858d762.jpg
Um Eren turning into a Titan three times in one day was a bad idea. Who knew?!
Back at ErenOnlyHasHalfAFaceRUs...well it isn't looking so good. Mikasa wants to help Eren, Rico wants to declare this all for nothing, and the other two boys are like um what should we do? I think for all purposes Mitabi is the least confident/important in terms of this elite team. That or the other two have a stronger personality. He would go along with whoever had the better plan. Rico's idea was to leave as Eren is a useless piece of crap and everyone died because of him. Really, really harsh obviously. Eren didn't ask for this responsibility and it was like an hour or two ago he realized he could do this. Asking him to shoulder saving humanity was a bit much and pinning all the deaths for this mission on him is too much. I know Rico is upset but damn. She is bitter, like Eren is the one who accidentally opened the gate and let them in.
 photo titanepisode126_zps6e40e1c5.jpg
Given all that has happened today...yeah we might need this Eren Titan later. So shut up Rico.
While Rico is like EFF YOU EREN Ian has decided to go through with the plan. I am not sure which plan though. Did he want Mikasa to get Eren out of the Titan or make Eren come to his senses? I am thinking it was the first option, get Eren out and alive and we will go over the wall and come up with a new plan one day. While Eren the Titan was failing now maybe after some rest and research he could become useful and that is where Ian was coming from. Good thing he was in charge instead of Rico.
 photo titanepisode1210_zps37c777ba.jpg
Thanks for all the help Armin. Really. I mean it.
Mikasa is not the one who shall reach Eren though. Which is probably good know she is the best fighter of them all. Better she go and slice things up and Armin talk to Eren. I am surprised no one joined Armin on his run at the wall or that no one stopped him from breaking ranks. Still Armin is better than words that Mikasa. She can protect them as without many humans around Eren seems to be the Titan bait.
 photo titanepisode1212_zpsfc67488a.jpg
Don't you want to kill all the Titans with me bro?
Will Armin's words make it to Eren though? Armin has decided that injuring Eren inside of the Titan will help them communicate better. But who really knows what is going on inside that Titan. None of this human to Titan transformation has been explained. If Eren's focus is required to kill the Titans why did it fail now, even though he has a clear goal of moving the stone. Eren instead of trapped inside of his head, when things were wonderful and simple. I find it odd that Armin couldn't connect with Eren in regards REVENGE for the momma. Instead he reached Eren through reminding him of the outside world. I guess whatever works.
 photo titanepisode1214_zps9ba6544d.jpg
I got this everyone!
In the end it appears that Armin has reached Eren. Somehow. Maybe after all the violence and blood and guts is over there will be more of an explanation. But we got people killing Titans, running from Titans, and being Titans to move large rocks. Yay for...well....regenerating body parts and maybe Eren saving the day?

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Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Monsters University Fun!

Poor Duffy! During my three weeks as a sad panda he was slightly neglected. Just sitting sadly on the couch, no love for him. Hey I wasn't going on adventures either! But now that I might have a new job (I think I will say actual new job when I am there for a month...) it was time to go out and celebrate. And take the Duffy along for some fun.
 photo Duffy001_zps89353318.jpg
Do you like my new shirt from Build a Bear? The jacket was too big though...
So where did Duffy finally get to go? Why to see Monsters University! Disney/Pixar have been advertising all over the place so it was hard to miss it. Duffy had lots to do to get ready for this movie date though.
 photo Duffy002_zpsb03cb19c.jpg
These are my new little friends. One is squishy and one is like a figurine. Monsters, Inc. was coming on TV on day so Mom got us all set up to watch it. So we would know what wasn't going on in the prequel. XD
 photo Duffy003_zpsaf6860cc.jpg
The big TV worked. But the small one is good enough for me.
 photo Duffy004_zps28978b6b.jpg
Some of these monsters seem scary. But mom says that when we go to Disney in August I will get Sulley. Like A blue fur suit. Great for Florida weeee!
 photo Duffy016_zps4118a00b.jpg
Maybe I should read up on what this movie is about before we go and see it.
 photo Duffy017_zpsf20fc8c3.jpg
HMMM! These monsters seem to be serious business. Mom gets scared when dad screams boo. Will she be okay with this movie?
 photo Duffy005_zps69b8196e.jpg
It is finally the day of the movie! Dad took us to the mall first to look around. We always go to the Disney Store on our adventures.
 photo Duffy006_zpsa98749d1.jpg
So many plushies. But I'm your favorite right mom?
 photo Duffy007_zpsbf70501f.jpg
Go team go!!!
 photo Duffy008_zpscd05d9d3.jpg
We saw this at Epcot, with the flowers!!!! I can honorary go to college?
 photo Duffy009_zpsb38e90e0.jpg
At the movie theater. There was a little photo-op, probably done just for me. XD Sulley is huge....makes me and Mike look tiny.
 photo Duffy010_zps8726bc6e.jpg
While Dad was getting snacks mom took me around the theater to take pictures. Planes? Is that like Cars? Copy faces!!!!!
 photo Duffy011_zps4f03f2f3.jpg
Scruffy's owner and Muffy's mom didn't come to the movies with us this time but I think they will when we go to see this movie. Can I have a minion shirt?
 photo Duffy012_zps2c545bac.jpg
We can't think about minions now though. It is time to see this movie! Then minions. Then poof we will be at Disney yes?
 photo Duffy013_zpsc9ce9d33.jpg
Second people in line weeee! Dad likes to get certain seats in the theater. XD Mom has trouble getting...well anywhere on time. Silly mom.
 photo Duffy015_zpsfc38ba61.jpg
Finally time to sit down and watch the movie. My what a big drink you have!!!!! It's a bit dark but of course it is a movie theater. If you haven't seen this movie maybe you should. Everyone in my family loved it. XD

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