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Tamako Market episode 3

RARW! I was going to have two more episodes up by the end of the night but NOOOOO. Downloading things on the internet is apparently hard. Just stops halfway through and I have to wait to start all over again. Rarw I say. Rarw. Well I guess I am tired anyway.
Poor poor Dera....
Here is one more for the road. Or before bed anyway. Tamako Market episode 3 time. Spoilers for new friends and fat birds.
Apparently Dera doesn't have working eyes....
Episode Summary: Spring is in the air and cherry blossoms are...well blooming. Dera had planned to leave in the spring to find his Prince a bride but now he can no longer fly long distances. Tamako had pointed out before it is because he is FAT but Dera pretends that he doesn't understand that reasoning. He tries to fly around town but falls out of the sky and is almost caught by Tamako's classmate Shiori. Dera instantly falls in love but Shiori runs off to school. It is the first day of the new semester and everyone crowds around to see the class assignments. Midori is sad to see she is not in Tamako's class. Off in the crowd Mochizou is sad for the same reason. Tamako notices Shiori near the board and sees that they are in the same class. But when Tamako tries to make small talk Shiori walks away. Same goes when it is gym time and Shiori sees the baton club having so much fun. After school Dera goes out of his way to run into Shiori and feigns injury so Shiori can carry him home. Along the market street Shiori is spoken to by all the friendly shop owners. Tamako is surprised to see Shiori at her house and goes out of her way to welcome the girl. Anko is happy to see a new face and by some weird circumstances Shiori is invited to dinner but cooks the meal instead. Everyone gushes over it as Shiori is very quiet. Shiori ends up going to that baths with the girls too with Dera spying the whole time. Tamako gets excited and invites Shiori to spend the night. Shiori quickly turns her down and makes her way to the station with Dera trying to make himself relevant.
Working up the courage. I can do it I can do it!
At school the next day Tamako tries to greet Shiori but she is basically ignored. Tamako tells Kanna she thought she had bonded with the girl but apparently not. Midori then catches Shiori trying to work up the nerve to say I had a great time last night in the bathroom. Some time later their new homeroom teacher decides it is home visit time but gets lost on the way to Tamako's house. Shiori was already on her way to Tamako's house as she carries Dera. She had originally wanted Dera to tell Tamako how much she enjoyed the other night but Dera says she needs to tell Tamako herself. With Dera in hand they all make their way down the happy street and are greeted by all the happy vendors again. The father and teacher are very awkward with each and this forced meeting. Tamako decides to go out with Shiori and basically tells Dera he is bothering Shiori. Dera is so sad and the girls make their way to the coffee/music shop. Tamako gives Shiori a little gift and apologizes if she and Dera are bothering Shiori. With great effort Shiori is able to thank Tamako for the fun day and says she is always watching Tamako and her friends have fun. A friendship is born! On the way home Shiori runs into Dera. While she basically says she is not in love with the bird she is happy she met him because now she is friends with Tamako. Dera is like DAWW and all is well in the world. THE END!
Ah youth.....
I was sorta just kidding when I said next week was going to be cherry blossoms time and start of a new school year. Sorta kidding and sorta like well if this series is going to skip around so much this is the next logical step. I just didn't think I would be right.
It will be summer next episode so enjoy it while you can.
But yes cherry blossoms are in the air. I hope to visit Japan one day during cherry blossom season but things tend to be way more expensive and crowded during those times. So pretty everyone wants to see them. Yet all these anime kids get to walk in them every school year like they are nothing. So jealous. XD Yet so much of Japan is represented by cherry blossoms, little flowers that stay alive max three weeks.
Nice bird catching skills.
We are finally introduced to the girl who is always looking at Tamako and her friends. Meet Shiori. Apparently I am not watching enough harem animes because Dera is trying to create his own. He thinks two women are in love with him and now he has a love at first sight moment. What a skank. What was this Prince thinking sending him out looking for a bride? He will steal all the ladies for himself. Also no one cares that Dera can talk. They say OH a talking bird and that is about it. Talking birds.
Say it ain't so.
While it is more realistic to have friends in separate classes it still is a bit sad when one person is alone in one class and everyone else is in another. Especially now that Shiori is in the same class. I am sure there will be sad Midori moments now. I am sure someone else will be sad but since he was barely featured in this episode I must have forgotten his name. XD See if you are not in the same class you will be forgotten!
Photobucket shy.
I think the writers/animators could have done a better job showing that Shiori is shy and not mean. Because that is how it looked to me. I am glad they included that scene with Shiori trying to work up her courage in the bathroom because otherwise she just seemed like a cold person. Which I guess might be harsh to say. Shyness come in many forms. Sometimes when I get nervous I can't shut up. It is like the words fall from my mouth. So maybe Shiori deals with her shyness with harsh faces and cold stares. I don't know.
Anything having to do with Tamako WE LOVE!!!!!!!
The street shop owners are so over the top friendly it blows my mind. Wait you know Tamako? HAVE SOMETHING FREE! You are Tamako's teacher of 5 minutes? Take care of her and also have something free! Just so happy all the time. XD But I guess this is the kind of show we should expect from this studio. Psht trash in the streets, long lines, and making people pay for products? Why would we want to do something like that? Everyone is happy and loving.....can I live in Japan instead of my brother please? :(
We proudly present...your dinner.
The first get together with Shiori was pretty special. Again Tamako is slaving away at the store. :( They need to hire some part time help and give that girl a life. But to do that you need to stop giving away your product and making a profit...And hello tiny children should not be making dinner at all. So it was weird that Shiori stopped on by to return the talking bird and ending up making dinner.
Why is everyone naked?
But then things got weirder when Tamako and Shiori went to the baths together. XD But that part is probably only weird to me as my culture doesn't do public bathing. The idea of seeing one of my former classmates naked would be C___C But it seems like this made the girls bond and they had a good time. That is all that mattes. But not my idea of a first get together with a new classmate. XD
Maps are hard people. Truth.
I think I was going to make fun of the teacher not being able to find Tamako's house but then I remembered being lost in Japan for an hour and how special that was. Just the way the streets are shaped is confusing. Like straight lines are for crazy people, lets just build around everything and not take down the stuff in our way. So newly wed teacher....good job for counting on someone who just so happened to find out where Tamako lived via talking bird. Can anyone talk formerly to people in this series without losing their little minds?
This is where we must part ways fair lady.
I almost felt bad for Dera when Tamako told him to stop bothering Shiori and that he was a stalker. I mean.....he was being a little creepy. If he was a real person it would be stalking. But Dera is a little bird who doesn't understand why human girls aren't lining up for a piece of that. His tiny little feelings were hurt. Tamako....the truth does hurt. I think I remember saying that earlier in the night......But at least Shiori was able to lift his spirits a bit while letting him down gently. Poor silly bird falling in love every 5 seconds.
Takamo is trying to be the good girl of the year or something.
I thought it was odd that Tamako pulled Shiori aside and gave her a present but then I remembered that Shiori did make her dinner. And based on how Shiori was acting I could see why Tamako felt the need to apologize. Tamako was just reacting to the way Shiori was acting so....yeah. A big misunderstanding and for a girl like Tamako who everyone loves and everything is bright and cheerful I can see how Shiori might be taken back with a girl not waving back and not answering her.
So much brave.
In the end I am glad that Shiori was able to form words and tell Tamako that she had a good time. I think the point was further hammered home when Midori confirms the high level of shyness in Shiori but still. I think Tamako is smart enough to realized that Shiori is just super shy and was doing the best she could. Not that Tamako will dial it back now with the happiness and friendship but both are on the same page and will hang out together. WOOHOO!
Everyone say AWWWW!
So.....what comes next in these types of shows...not school festival yet. We have to have summer break with watermelon breaking and such. But we do have Golden Week with all those fun holidays. Holidays that usually mean going out of town but the shopping district will have to work hard to help other people have a good time. Yep yep. But it will all be good, Tamako has a new friend now!

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