Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amnesia episode 2

Wait you got amnesia too? Oh snap.
Post number 2 for today weeeee! Up now is Amnesia episode 2. Spoilers for swan boats and people with weird clothes. Although the weird clothes might be a constant thing for this series....
Orion is just putting all the pieces of the puzzle together! Too bad there are only 6 pieces....
Episode Summary: Shujinko looks on as these three girls yell and say she broke a promise she made to them. More flashbacks of a hair cutting scene and Orion and Shujinko don't know what to do. Shujinko ends up passing out when another female walks by and stares at the group. Shujinko wakes up on the ground a short while later because when people pass out it is best to leave them on the ground. Orion and Shujinko go inside where they talk about....Shujinko making a promise to those girls yet can't remember it. Duh. Orion decides that that asking those girls anything might be a bad idea and that Shujinko should be keeping her memory loss a secret from everyone. Shujinko seems worried that she might have hurt those girls with her broken promise. At work the next day Shujinko is greeted by two female co-workers Sawa and Mine. They ask if Shujinko is okay but note she is acting a bit off. They promise to help her and look forward to the trip coming up. Orion panics at the word trip and Shujinko finds out the entire restaurant is going on a trip for some team bonding. Shujinko tries to get through the night but birthday cake candles remind her of a memory with Shin. They were playing with fireworks and Shin confessed he killed a man once. Clearly this upsets Shujinko but she tries to put it aside as Shin and the others show up to listen to the manager's meeting about the trip. Apparently Shin not studying and attending the trip is a big deal. Shujinko messes up when she doesn't remember the meteor shower event she planned for the trip. Toma and Shin get slightly suspicious.
Um......hate to break this to you guys but you are not doing such a great job...
Shujinko thinks about this mess that is her life on the way home and is nearly hit by a car. The creepy man with green hair spying on her last week saves her from being smushed and asks if she remembers him. The answer is no duh so he leaves defeated. Orion continues to worry about the trip but Shujinko attends and onward to fun times on trains and arriving in the middle of nowhere is seems. Two of the boys share a swan ride together while Shin and Shujinko sit off watching. Shin gets a little weird when he catches Shujinko catching him staring at her. There is some brief rain and it causes Shujinko to remember spending some time at a festival with Kent under an umbrella. She later tries to ask him about said event in a casual manner but he doesn't respond leading her and Orion to think that her memories aren't making sense. The group then plays a bit of air hockey with Ikki being amazing. Shujinko is happy that she has come on the trip. Later the group walks to where it would best to see the meteor shower with Shujinko falling behind because she is tired and lost in thoughts. Shin stops to help her but the memory of him confessing to murder causes her to nearly trip away from him. Instead of calming down Shujinko takes off and Shin runs off after her. The creepy dude with green hair appears and is insane looking as he says he will help. “Help”. But Shujinko helps herself right off a cliff so Mr. Green Hair will have to wake. Shujinko appears to wake up from her fall in a hospital and Shin greets her warmly with a kiss. Shujinko is confused at what is going on but Shin says he will take care of her and walks off. Shujinko calls out to Orion for his opinion but he doesn't appear and according to the clock on the wall it is BEFORE Shujinko lost her memories, not afterwards on the trip. THE END!
What's your name again?
Shujinko needs a name folks. Needs a name quick. I know this is based on a game and the player is supposed to put herself (or himself, I ain't judging) into that role but no name at all. Why do all these harem animes with one dude and 37843 girls have names for the dude? Unfair I say. Someone just say her name, it is creepy how no one has said it so far.
I like how they just left you on the ground to rot.
I like how the end of episode 1 was retold in this episode. How special was that? The mean girls (the three in front of Shujinko) weren't the ones to make her faint like we were lead to believe. Which...would have been understandable anyway. Shujinko doesn't seem like a very strong willed person. Maybe she was different before she lost her memories but she is a blank slate and is being quiet as to not cause any problems. So when these girls are all up in her face and images of scissors fill her head I can see her passing out over just those three girls.
Who the heck are you?
But no Shujinko passed out over someone else glaring at her. So we got three angry girls, someone with huge boobies, and that guy with the green hair. The guy with the green hair seems to be odd too. Everyone is odd so what am I saying? But he was spying on her last episode, helped her from being splatted this episode, and then followed them on the trip cackling at how things turned out by the end of the episode. He seems to be a little...insane. Unless the nice guy act is a cover-up. Maybe he was pretending to come up and help Shujinko to see if she remembered him. But deep down he is not a main love interest because he is not a playing card so off with his head!!!! So many people seem to hate you Shujinko.
Don't even come near my hair or you will get cut.
Putting aside the fact that Orion gets that hair is important to women...what has he done to really help her? Besides state the obvious. Yet those girls are mad. Nope asking them for help would be a bad idea. Thanks Orion. How about we learn more about him? I want to see how much the supernatural element plays into this show. He seems to be a young spirit as his way of helping seems to be...your memories will come back naturally. How about we cast a spell or something? Try anything other than nothing.
Sure I feel better. Lets go with that....
After Shujinko and her crazy self feels bad about breaking a promise to those crazy girls...onward to work. Because Shujinko hasn't tried to locate her parents yet WOOHOO! We meet two girls at the restaurant which we needed. It would be weird if there was one maid and 4 butlers yes? I am not sure how I feel about these girls yet. Sawa and Mine. HMMM. Everyone in this show must be dense or are too polite to bring up to Shujinko she seems off. I hope at least one person realizes what is going on and I have more faith in the womenz as they are more observant naturally.
Time to shun Shin.
Shujinko has a little memory flashback at work but I am sure she is not grateful for it. Later in the show she also has a flashback of Kent but when asked Kent has no idea what she is talking about....or is hiding it. Either way Shujinko doesn't know if she can trust her memories or not. But even if the guy is mixed up SOMEONE admitted to killing someone. Maybe it was Shin, maybe it was another guy, and maybe it was in self defense. But that is not a memory I would want right off the back. People cutting my hair, people admitting they have killed someone...can I have a memory of a fun movie instead?
Weeeee for bonding!!!
I am not sure how I feel about this trip for work. I know that there are often feel good trips for Japanese companies that help boost morale and harvest good relations among employees. But this sounded like a trip for new employees? Who is a new employee? It seems as if Shujinko has been there for a while as people are wondering why she is messing up. Sawa and Mine refer to her in a polite manner so maybe they are new. I don't know, a group trip full of young people and the manager seems off to me. This line of work seems to me would have a high turnover rate. Why bother doing this expensive trip when hello who is left to run the show? It just seemed odd. Like lets make Shujinko uncomfortable and go somewhere fun at the same time.
Sorry I can't hear what you are saying because your clothes are so loud.
Can I just say that everyone in this show dresses like a hot mess? Like it is Sunday at Harajuku all the time for them? Everyone is just a hot mess except Shujinko who looks weird in comparison to them. Does anyone else notice they are oddly dressed? Are these all residents of this other universe and this is normal for them? Or are the animantors obsessed with odd? Like their eyes. I noticed that this week that everyone has weird colored eyes, even Shujinko. But her eyes sorta blend together the colors a lot better than everyone else, people with purple and yellow eyes. I don't know, it is just distracting. Like no you can't date Shujinko because you look odd Shin.
He is very special, special enough for everyone I say.
The trip itself seemed....rather special. Swan boats, playing table hockey, and looking at the stars. Again this trip seems like something you would do with friends and not co-workers. Your co-workers can be your friends but this was billed as a company vacation. Where was the team building? Shujinko was off by herself observing most of the time. Everyone belong. Belong to the serious sport that is table hockey. But sometimes you have fun with your friends and that is all there is to it, it doesn't have to be amazing. Just not seeing why a company would pay for its employees to have a vacation. You know because that will never happen for me.
Um...its a hand. Just take it and go back to the group. Safety in numbers.
Shujinko flippin out on the walk over the meteors was....special. So many dots folks. I think she should have freaked out earlier when she first had that memory. Not when she is all alone with someone who she thinks is a killer. Murderer. Taker of life. She has been doing a good job so far in regards to keeping her cool or spacing out. Guess she was at her limits. Time to run off a cliff I suppose.
Well maybe Shin is all confused that Shujinko isn't embarrassed about the kiss in the present.
Shujinko woke up in the hospital so we are to assume all is well. Shujinko herself was even distracted from the truth when Shin bounced in and it was kisses for all. I thought it was weird she was only injured on her throat but maybe Orion caught her. But Shin and the kisses...then the clock saying August 1st. HMMM FOLKS! Clearly Shujinko is passed out at the bottom of the mountain and this is a “memory”. So maybe the reason no one is out right saying HEY you is acting weird is that Shujinko had an accident recently and they think this is a side effect. It could have been a year ago since she is friends with Shin but I think not. Shujinko is just surrounded by passing out moments and sleepy times in bed.
Yeah you creepy.
I think that is about it for me making fun of company trips and everyone have funny looking eyes. I guess the other guys better step up before Shin runs away with this yes?


Anonymous said...

Hi @Christina

I would agree with you on the characters' fashion choices! Too eccentric for my taste! I would love to see the fashion police criticize their designs! They would have a field day screaming at the wrong socks, weird shirts, and crazy pants! I think the character designers should have created believable clothing like those in Psycho Pass and not from Kingdom Hearts! LOL!

Orion probably lost all his powers when he entered the princess' reality and attached his spirit to her soul. So, I guess he's slowly regaining his abilities and will better aid the princess in the distant future, which isn't that far because this show only has 12 episodes total. At least he didn't run away when the princess has amnesia and assisting her with the recovery--kudos to him.

I agree. This is an obviously harem anime for females. I guess I'm more accepting of this type of harem because it's not over saturated like male oriented harem shows on the otaku market. That's pretty cool, maybe? I don't know. I must admit, it is an interesting change, writing the story around a cafe instead of the usual generic high school. For now.

This episode feels schizophrenic to me. The princess blacked out when she saw another strange girl along the mean girls, green guy being both a creep/stalker, random memory freak-out over a confessed crime, and finally groundhog day! It would be pretty surprising that the entire cast besides the princess know everything about the amnesia and are purposely hiding information to protect or misuse the princess. I get that feeling though. I hope they don't pull a Blood-C story on us! I pray that I'm wrong! D:

I don't think anyone is new at the cafe. The manager and employees (including the princess) seem to know each other pretty well. So, I'm guessing this is a treat from a friendly manager for his hard working employees. He did seem protective of the female maids though.

Ending comments, now. Later people.

Anonymous said...

..........................................OR, she did indeed fell off the clif and DEAD. However the "wake up in the hospital" is in a different/alternate world of Aug 1st.

See I told you Ikki is not his really name. LOL

Also, Ukyo appears! That means the fun can begin. Oh, and just you did not notice in this ep. he indeed does have different personalities.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

First anonymous here again.

Just want to add after re-watching some parts of Amnesia:

I don't think the princess should be talking to Orion in public since people can't see him! D: They might think she's crazy and raise more suspicions thus attracting her haters. The princess and Orion should only speak in private and not in front of the entire country!

About the princess passing out and nobody helped her. She was out alone late at night when everyone was probably sleeping. I'm also speculating that she passed out for at least 15 minutes.

Why do all these girls (and maybe the other blonde girl) hate the princess so much? Was the promise really that sacred? Or are they jealous she attracts all the boys to her castle? What's with the green guy? Does he really have multiple personality disorder? Why does she have so many enemies? I see nothing bad about her character except that she's just shy. She's cute and her fashion sense is decent compared to her "knights"--I'll give the designer/animators that complement!

The second anonymous mentioned something about alternate worlds/timelines. No, I can't handle stories with multiple realities! D: Marvel/DC comics did it and was incredibly confusing for me! Why can't it be just one reality?! Much easier to manage in my opinion.

That's all on The Potato Princess 2.0

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

First anonymous here, again.

Forgot to add:

I would like to know if the princess is living alone or with parents/relatives. Her apartment seems really comfortable, but can a maid's salary pay for all that factoring food, clothes, electricity, water, etc.? After all, Japan is an expensive place to live. Also, are they still in high school? I see the princess waking up and going to work everyday but the show has mentioned exams for the guys in this episode.

I hope we don't go into a high school setting like in the original Potato Princess show. D:

Okay, I think that's all on the princess.

Lin said...

Hi Christina I loove your honest blogging you really had me lol'ing.

When you said that the MC may be remembering a memory when she ran off of the cliff that wasn't my first thought only because she seemed fully aware of the events that happened on the trip and she remembers Orion. If I remember correctly I think he said she lost her memories on Aug. 1st

But I dunno maybe since it's closely modeled after a game maybe it was like game over and reset to last saved part or something. Haha but I think the timeline mention may be the reason for all of this.

Oh and *mini spoiler*

I read that the schizo guy supposedly has a card, he's the joker. For some reason they don't have him holding it though, maybe they'll mention it later on? And maybe him being representing the joker is the reason for is craziness?

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- Their fashion choices really distract me at moments. Like they are all dressed up for some music video and that they never changed. Or a Sunday trip to Harajuku. Only everyday is Sunday to them.

I think we need to know more about Orion. He hasn't told us anything about this other world now has Ms. Main Character asked. I know she has a lot going on right now and she can't even remember herself but why is she so trusting of this floating spirit kid hmmm?! But Orion probably needs to stop distracting her so she can focus on remembering and not come across as crazy.

Even if Ms. Main Character stole one of their boyfriends that was a bit of a hardcore reaction to it. I am all for going to the restaurant and glaring at the accused home wrecker but to leave her crazy mail and stalker her to her home...just no. Of course maybe Ms. Main character IS evil and she is just coming across all Saya like....without the songs about rocks and raindrops of course.

Japan is an expensive place to live. And since Ms. Main Character isn't living in a room but an apartment..I am thinking she must have some other cash coming in. From parents or something. Who need to visit her soon or that is some parent fail.

Anonymous 2- I hope this is just a memory in her head that Ms. Main Character is getting confused. I hope there are not different routes and resets. If there is I hope they are obvious. XD

Mr. Joker is just that....crazy like a joker. Batman better watch out.

Lin- XD Thanks for the kind comments. I try to keep it real even if my writing gets a bit all over the place and special at times.

Given that Ms. Main Character isn't a reliable narrator it is hard to tell what is going on at times. Once more of the story starts rolling out we can better tell what happened when. But since none of the guys are acting like they are interested in her romantic NOW but have in the past makes me wonder how much everyone is hiding from her. Clearly they know something is up...