Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Busters! episode 16: Of brats and benches

4th post of the day go me!!!!! Trying to mix in a few chores here and there so my eyes don't fall out of my head. Remember kids get out there and exercise. Or take a nap. Yeah take a nap instead. Then eat some ice cream. Awesome role model stuff here.
Maybe if there were more episodes about her instead of trouble making Haruka.
What is up now? Just Little Busters! episode 16. You know that harem show that has the main guy not in love with anyone? Well spoilers for the biggest crazy of them all finally losing her marbles.
Saying it a little louder!
Episode Summary: Riki is ready to have a boring day at school (yeah right) when Masato skips in saying he snuck out of school to purchase some noms. He is super excited about this meal but when he opens up the container it is empty. Haruka walks on by saying how delicious it was and how the FBI made her eat the food. This starts a fight with Masato getting a camera, Haruka getting some sorta of rubber band kit, and Kyousuke showing up despite being in another classroom at the time. Masato of course loses but Haruka reveals that she didn't eat the food. After school or during break Rin, Riki, and Komari are walking around and playing with cats when they hear Haruka pretending to be a cat. They try to guess what she has done wrong now as she is hiding from the Disciplinary Committee. Turns out she used the school's oven without permission...even though all the Little Busters did the same thing a while back. As they laugh at Haruka being naughty they watch her take out her tool kit to start fixing a bench. She talks about how she spends a lot of time on this bench when she skips class. She also talks about how when she started school the first person who was nice to her was nice to her while she was sitting on this bench. This person was of course Riki but he doesn't remember. Everyone talks about how lovely this bench story is and how touching Haruka is acting. Of course Kanata walks up and announces this bench is marked for destruction and new one will be put in its place. Haruka tries to scream out her side of the story but some of the boys in the Disciplinary Committee come by and hammer it away in a dramatic fashion. Haruka pretends she is okay with all of this as Kanata drags her away to face the Committee for all her crimes.
Riki and the others are told that they can't come watch but they do so anyway with Yuiko showing up too. Haruka is read all her crimes and starts yelling that she never stole sodas from a machine and blah blah blah. When the other Disciplinary Committee members point out her pattern of behavior and why no one believes her Haruka snaps and starts losing her mind, attacking people and demanding Kanata not look at her like that. People have to restrain her animal self and Yuiko calms down the insane girl. Obviously Haruka is punished and the Little Busters help her put the room back together. Everyone pretends that Haruka's isn't crazy and Riki wonders why Kanata is so harsh on Haruka. Sometime later the Little Busters arrive at school to find the campus covered in fliers saying that Haruka is relate to a criminal. Everyone works hard to take down the fliers but the damage is done. They find Haruka crying in the club house and she explains the situation. Her family is insane each wife takes two husbands to ensure an heir. For some reason this lead to people yelling at Haruka all the time but whatever. One of her mother's husbands did kill someone which has haunted her her whole...and Kanata. Since you know Kanata is her twin. THE END!
Not buying this cute girl act at all.
….Is this show trying to make me hate Haruka? Because if so it is working. If not...well they need to rethink their ideas because Haruka is a BRAT and no wonder Kanata is the way she is around her.
I got this folks.
The episode starts off with another fight between Masato and someone. This week it is Haruka. If someone ate my food I would fight them too. Okay not fight them but got them in trouble/forced money out of them. Too bad that Masato went about obtaining his food in not legal ways or he could have told on her. Instead it was battle time. Should have blinded her with the flash.
Being a fruit cake like usual.
After that nonsense it was cat petting time with Haruka being a nut in the bushes. Maybe next time you are hiding from people making no noises at all would be a better idea. Not pretending to be a cat. Also why is Rin always hanging out with Komari? I get she was the first one to be brought into Little Busters 2.0 but there are other girls now. Share the love Rin. Even if it makes your head explode.
Probably something dumb.
Haruka....is just a trouble maker and a brat. That is all there is to it. Sure the other Little Busters break the rules too but Haruka running around using the kitchen alone without permission is worse than the Little Busters making food for the entire campus. So when people assume she does things wrong and she laughs off what she has actually done...just a brat. Brat brat brat. Throw the book at her at this point.
I will love it and squeeze it and call in benchy.
The bench part of the story was the weirdest...sad moment of the show so far. Haruka having such a connection to a bench is odd. I mean...I get it. People get attached to things. Weird things. Habits form over time and you can't explain why a certain thing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. But that being said there is another bench 5 feet away. IT'S A GENERIC BENCH AT SCHOOL! I mean she should focus more on the memories that Riki was nice to her on the bench but had she been sitting on the grass Riki still would have talked to her. So trying to make me emotionally connect to a bench was not going to happen.
When Kanata came by and destroyed the bench her with minions it was SO overdramatic. I know kids just run around and do the hard labor at schools. There are not maintenance workers for this at all. So maybe the kids cooking all the food for everyone wasn't that crazy. Who needs adults when we got kids to do the work for free! Add in the fact that Kanata had to come by and crush the bench 5 seconds after the bench story was told and I am like....is this really happening?
So one out of the 100 things you didn't do? I see.
I thought the Disciplinary Committee was actually pretty.....gentle with Haruka. Given all that she does it could have been worse. Much worse. The fact that Haruka was getting all upset over one false accusation was pretty petty. Well the false accusation was petty to begin with but given all that Haruka DOES do her arguing that she didn't do something so minor really shows you how insane this girl is. Or how cute she thinks she is or how beyond punishment she thinks she is. Girl is annoying.
Like a caged little animal.
Oh and insane. I guess Kanata triggered something inside of Haruka because homegirl lost her damn mind. Being looked down upon made Haruka pick up chairs and bite people and what not. Later in the episode it is explained that she has family issues at home but really....really. Is this a cry for attention? Because if so no one is giving her much. Or the attention she wants. Some kids act out so their parents pay attention to them but if Haruka wanted that from Kanata...well she is getting it and she isn't happy with it. And no matter how crappy your home life is one needs to learn to control themselves. Seek help. Make friends. At 15 years old throwing marbles at people and skipping every single class because you can isn't cute.
Actually....it's not okay. Not okay at all.
Yuiko calming down Haruka was nice but the fact that no one mentioned the insanity AT ALL....was disturbing. Homegirl just lost her mind and they are picking up chairs and tables like nothing happened. You can be a friend and still point out when someone is a hot mess. And Haruka is a hot mess. Be a good friend and point out that maybe if you stop acting like a fool you won't be in trouble all the time.
Such a dramatic flyer too.
I am not sure what the point was for this mystery person to post these flyers around school. Maybe they are apart of the Disciplinary Committee and they are tired of dealing with Haruka. Someone that really supports Kanata and knows they are sisters and is trying to make life easier for Kanata? Obviously it was cruel to do this and Haruka doesn't deserve it. Throw the kid out of school, don't bring up something her dad did.
How does this make sense?
Is this show written by 12 year olds? Because Haruka's sad family story is so dumb. So beyond dumb. Something that a little kid would think would be dramatic. Is Key running out of real dramatic moments? Because....a wife having two husbands would really not guarantee anything. I have read about ONE CULTURE that this was the norm but they died out. I wonder why. It would make more sense to have two wives. I am not understanding this entire situation. Clearly Haruka must be from the murderer dad but Kanata is too? So why the hate between them?! I knew they were twins but...I just don't know. Assigning one twin to one man doesn't change the fact he isn't their father. Does any of this make sense?!?!
Um I will you brat.
So....is this supposed to be the part where I feel bad for Haruka? Because I don't. Clearly Kanata isn't acting out so family life can't be all that bad. Of course if Haruka is from the bad father and Kanata was assigned to the good father I can see how they were raised differently. But Haruka was messing up with a smile, not anger. Ask your sister for help. I don't know, I am not down for kids getting blamed for their parent's crimes but Haruka is such a brat it is hard for me to care at times. Does that make sense? This situation is just so......far out of the realm of reality it is hard to feel bad for Haruka. Mainly because she is a brat. I don't know, this all made more sense in my head. Brat.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I think Masato is intentionally losing fights on purpose. Why? Maybe because he's a masochist. I don't know. It's getting stale now.

Typical sob story is typical.

Let's get straight to the BRS-style melodrama here:

This is Komari's story again. Melodrama for the sake of ratings and attempting to illicit sympathy for an unsympathetic character. I knew it when I first saw her and called her a troublemaker.

Haruka is indeed a brat. A trouble making brat that deserves all the punishment for messing around with powerful organizations (both legal and illegal). Really hard to feel sympathy for her when she's acting like a rebellious jerk but hey, the writers of this show are incompetent half-wits that don't know how to write compelling characters without resorting to stereotypical moe factors/personality and melodramatic sob stories. Quite frankly, her acting like a belligerent fool in court only proves the prosecutors' case that she's a dangerous criminal and insane--why the hell didn't Little Busters bring up her insanity? Oh wait, there's no need to because they'll probably quick-fix it with a crappy drawing like what they did with Komari in the next episode. I'm pretty sure her sister (Kanata) went through the same tribulations as well since Kanata's family was associated with a criminal too. But you don't see her acting like a belligerent jerk and was trying to prove to everyone that she can be a model citizen as well. Kanata should have added "bitch" at the end of that hate line. Because that's how I was feeling towards Haruka.

The bench thing was bullcrap. I didn't feel anything about that as well because of how quick it was. True, its sentimental to Haruka but the audience was just introduced to it. We have to grow to care about things. The writers can't just introduce it one second and then expect us to feel sad for it immediately the next second. I'm not even going into the two husbands thing because that was bullcrap as well.

Yes, I didn't like this episode at all. I know some fans of Little Busters would disagree with me on Haruka and her typical sob story. It's cool. Opinions are different for everyone and we're all entitled to it.

That's all.

Eternia said...

Indeed it's weird. I can't argue about that. How are you going to increase population / heir with having two husbands and one wife? Shouldn't it the other way around? Haha.

The thing is, even though Saigusa Haruka and Futaki Kanata are twins, they have different father. Weird, huh. But it's the truth. Now. I wonder if their mom had sex consecutively, or in group, even. Oh my. oh my.

Eternia said...

Oh, yeah, who said that Riki is not in relationship with anyone?
He is in love with Kyousuke.
And we all saw that the feeling is mutual.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I wonder if Masato was "alone" in his life before Kyousuke rolled around and people picked on him for being strong. So now he loses on purpose to be a nonthreat. Or he is just dumb. You know.

Haruka is such a brat it is hard to feel bad for her at all. I know she must be just acting out but maybe it is the other Little Busters acting like Haruka getting punished is the real wrong that pisses me off. As friends they should help her with her problems, not say things like psht you are the life of the party. She deserves to be punished. Listen to her and help her be better person. Don't make excuses.

The bench thing happened so fast I blinked and nearly missed it. Like um hello why is this such a big deal I just met this bench thanks.

Eternia- I am thinking that noncriminal dad was a husband she was forced to take and jail dad was the guy she loved. But really this is so dumb was this plot point written by a 4th grader?

Riki lies...or has already forgotten about his love Kyousuke. But Kyousuke will never forget. Always watching from the outside...stalker.