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Psycho-Pass episode 13

Hello there my lovely readers! It is I...killer of dreams. Yes pizza is that serious folks. I ruin people's lives and sneer at them while doing so. Tis the end of the world!
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In case you are here for the anime and not how insane people are....well here is an anime post for you! Up now is Psycho-Pass episode 13. Spoilers for Akane being amazing and Ginozo needed a hair cut.
Ginoza...not having a girlfriend? I AM SHOCKED!
Episode Summary: Ginoza is seeing what appears to be this timeframe's version of a psychologist. Perhaps it is mandate by their job but Ginoza has been slowly inchin up in the crime points and he might be reported soon. Said psychologist says that Ginoza needs a girl or at least to talk to a close family member. Ginoza says all he has left is his father but that is complicated....Elsewhere Shinya is recovering from his real gunshot wounds. Akane comes to visit him and brings jello molds and flowers and the latest gossip. Not really but Akane talks about how Yuki's funeral was recently and how she was depressed. But no matter what Akane is going to find her killer and focus on that. Akane says the silver lining everyone believes Shinya about Shougo. Crazypants. Ginoza then goes to visit HeadLady at her office. She seems to be busy playing with a rubix cube while telling Ginoza the deep dark secrets of their society. Not really. The topic of Akane is brought up but even though Ginoza has said she is a little green Sybil picked her for a reason. Then in many words she says that they must create the illusion that the Sybil system is perfect despite the fact that they need humans to operate the Dominators means it cannot be trusted fully. HeadLady also explains that about 1 in 2 million people are like Shougo and cannot be judged by a Dominator. She shows Ginoza information that Shougo was working with another man in those crimes 3 years ago. The man that they eventually caught named Touma basically turned himself in because he couldn't be judged in any other way. It was kept under wraps and when asked what happened to Touma HeadLady says he has been taken care. Ginoza sees the importance of keeping Shougo under wraps and promises to tell his subordinates some sort of lie.
Yay memories!!!
Shusei and his forgotten self visit Shinya. He explains that Akane is going to go through with a dangerous procedure to basically pull the image of Shougo out of her head via her memories. This is dangerous as the person has to relive all the horribleness and that can cloud their hue up past the point of return. Ginoza asks Akane if she told Shinya and she said of course not. Akane says even if she becomes an Enforcer she will find the person who killed Yuki. Shion starts the procedure and memories of Yuki and the fun times they shared and the horrible way she die fill Akane's mind. Ginoza pulls the plug on the procedure but Shion is able to capture in the image in time. Shinya returns to the office where Yayoi and Shusei explain that Akane was able to paint Shougo and her criminal number barely changed and her hue is practically normal. Shinya tries to hide how pissed he is but looks into the eyes of Shougo for the first time. Ginoza takes Tomomi aside to talk/yell at since they are father and son. Tomomi is happy that Akane is doing okay but thinks back to when he had dreams like her. Tomomi was a cop back when they had real guns and used their own minds to pull the trigger. But when the Sybil system became mainstream Tomomi became angry and eventually he became a latent criminal. Ginoza is still pretty pissed but sees that Tomomi is upset at how things worked out. They discuss how Akane can keep her hue from becoming clouded and decide maybe she just sees and accepts the world without trying to change it. Elsewhere HeadLady receives the picture of Shougo and is a bit too happy to see her Shougo-kun. THE END!
That is totally the point!
There we go! There is Akane crying on the ground. See we don't need to learn about Shusei. Which is probably for the best as he was in the system at the age of 5. He will probably be the greatest case of overriding Sybil....or not.
Shouldn't you be crying?
Speaking of or not...Akane was not really doing a lot of crying on the ground like I expected her to. It appears only a few days have passed since the incident thus her crying all over the place would make sense. Her best friend was killed right in front of her and for all purposes Akane was blaming herself last time we saw her right? Add in the fact that she should be going woe is me because her faith in the Sybil system should be broken into pieces and Akane should already be a latent criminal.
See? She is super blaming herself yet is okay.
But she isn't. Half due to the fact her hue clouds slowly (possibly being like Shougo) and because....well all the stuff Tomomi said at the end of the episode. That Akane understands how the world works and still accepts it for how it is. I think that might have been a little bit of crap on Tomomi's end. Akane just started working this job and hasn't seen much yet. It is easy to be bright eyed when first starting out any job. Losing Yuki was horrible but Akane still believes in the system, that maybe things can be all right. If you give her a little more time maybe she will become more jaded, war torn. I just don't see her knowing everything and being okay with it. Then again I am not sure how Yayoi can be okay with being an Enforcer with all she knows. I think I rather focus on Akane being like Shougo and that is why she is okay with things.
Akane is being badass.
But I can't dismiss the fact that Akane seems a bit hardcore. Maybe since she doesn't care about becoming a latent criminal or what happens to her she is able to focus more on the task at hand and not worrying all the time. Sorta like how people who have a lot of money can afford to make mistakes and not worry so much on how to pay to fix them. Knowing that she has a little bit of leeway Akane can push the envelope and hope for the best. All of that being said Akane really doesn't care IF she became a latent criminal and will do anything to avenge her friend...or prove Shinya right.
Let me tell you how this works my favorite.
Ms. Headlady is very fond of Ginoza isn't she? We know she isn't his mother and probably not his grandmother so why such the attention on him? Maybe the department really is that tiny and Ginoza is her top man...and Akane is second. XD One would think they would need more Inspectors but it is a delicate balance as was explained to us. In many words. Many words. But it just goes to show you no matter how perfect they are trying to make this society people head up know its just not possible. Given that some people aren't happy with the current situation who knows what would happen if the public knew the truth. Sweep it all under the rug! Nothing to see here.
Lookin kinda Same person?
I do like that Ms. Headlady brought up the other person involved with the crimes. Touma. Now maybe this is just the crazy in me talking but Touma really looks like someone. Someones we might know. Just something about Touma's eyes and that beauty mark. Could Akane BE Touma? This society already has people walking in robot bodies and wearing fake clothes and living in fake houses. And Ms. Headlady made it a point to say they did not kill Touma. What if the best way to track Shougo was to use Touma? Does that make sense or am I reaching? Someone needs to turn the Dominator on Akane so we can test that theory.
I like how Shusei is would have done that too.
For now Akane is way too busy having her mind messed with. I like that Shinya actually cared about Akane and what she was willing to do. I am surprised that Ginoza allowed this to happen. Hasn't Ginoza lost enough people yet? Maybe he was banking on Akane being okay with her supernatural ability to “heal” but still. I guess he did shut it down rather quick but since Ginoza didn't want to believe in Shougo I am surprised that it went this far.
No one knows that pops.
Did I mention that Tomomi was Ginoza's father? Because he is dudes. XO How did I pick up on this and half the viewers didn't?!?! Ginoza didn't shoot Tomomi in the face when Tomomi was acting a fool. It just seemed obvious, especially with Tomomi always excusing Ginoza's behavior. I am rather sad that Ginoza became a latent criminal in such a way. But by now these stories should be expected. Nothing about this system is fair, just a delusion to the masses. Nothing was solved between these two but I think that Ginoza will be less angry from now on.
Did you see how crazy her eyes were moving? Home girl might not be human.
The episode ends with Ms. Headlady looking at the newly released picture of Shougo. She was looking a bit...crazied during that wasn't she. Like oh there you are MY PRECIOUS! Baggins took the precious! Okay maybe she wasn't that creepy but still. She is super excited folks. Me thinks that she IS the Sybil system and doesn't like it when people best her. Revenge weee!


Eternia said...

I treated Ginoza and Tomomi's conversation as something very normal too. I was surprised that some people were surprised with the reveal. Oh, does that make any sense?
Even if they didn't catch it during early episode, it should be very obvious from how Tomomi repeatedly beat him up, when he accused Shinya of things and cornered Akane. And Ginoza sucked it up, even though he's the superior and enforcers are just hunting dogs. There's also the story of his father being latent criminal. Being a latent criminal has only two choice, locked up in a cage or become an enforcer.

That white haired lady clearly said Shougo-kun. What does this mean? Do they know each other? Yes, there are some people who tend to have over familiar speech with people, but she addresses Ginoza pretty formally, so she definitely doesn't belong to this category. Could... could it be Shougo is her runaway son? Woohoo.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I and many people speculated heavily that Tomomi was Ginoza's father. So it wasn't a complete shock to the audience when Ginoza and Tomomi had a talk. I guess their last names threw people off but it was probably the parents having a divorce. Wow. Must be really hard for Ginoza to work with his friend and father who both "abandoned" him. I agree with the doctor at the beginning of this episode: Ginoza definitely needs a girlfriend. And maybe some new friends. Preferably pony friends of the rainbow. Lol.

Why couldn't they just have a professional painter sketch the suspect's face without resorting to mind probe and raising their crime coefficient? A lot less riskier and safer in my opinion. I mean, cops in our modern era still have criminals' faces drawn for arrests. So why can't the people of the future do the same? Laziness? I mean, the main witness who saw Shogo's face was Akane and maybe others at Rikako's school--I doubt the police would have a shortage of witnesses who saw the criminal.

I think the writer (Gen Urobuchi) should have consulted with a real police detective and show the audience the procedures for real police/detective work. I don't know if this show's producers brought real cops on the writing team but I feel that the law enforcement in this show was briefly touched on. I would love to see the show delve deeper into real police work and teach the audience many things. I do think that they need to hire more cops to act as reinforcements. Had there been more cops accompanying Akane's team in episode 11, then her friend might have been saved at that crucial moment. Sure they had drones but I'm talking about SWAT teams. An entire police force should have surrounded that building, quarantined it, and sent teams alongside the inspectors and enforcers, AUTHORIZED to capture or shoot the suspect. Not have a conversation with him! It feels unrealistic that it's just inspectors and enforcers, specifically Akane's group, doing law enforcements. Where are the regular cops (not enforcers or inspectors)? Where are the lawyers for these criminals? Where are the SWAT teams? Where is the CSI (no, not the show.)? Where is everybody?!

Well, that's all on Psycho Pass.

Eternia said...

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Let's exchange link?

Christina said...

Eternia- Woohoo! Congrads for starting your own blog. I love reading other people's point of view on shows. That and comments help me either miss what I failed to understand or confirm that I was correct.

Since I miss the obvious train all the time I was surprised at how...well surprised other people were. No one really gives Ginoza that much respect but Tomomi really crossed a lot of lines. That tons of lines. Lines that I probably cross at work myself haha....

Ms. Headlady seems really off. Her eyes looked so weird when she was just sitting in that chair. Then it was like someone gave her a Christmas present. Of course if this was her son she should know what he looks like.....unless he is using this crazy new technology. Crazy times.

Anonymous- I think that in this time frame all stuff from the past is seen as old, obselete. Look at the criminal profile dude and how he has edged out. Or even Tomomi. So while it seems like common sense to you and me that a sketch artist would be SO MUCH SAFER than Akane losing her just seems that this is the obvious option to them. Even if it is way more complicated. Like the anime is showing us how outrageous the times are now, that everything has to be technology based when a bit of hands on work would be so much easier.

Eternia said...

Your posts will appear in my blog's right side now.
I also want to tell you that psgels has moved his website address since long ago, so, the last link in your blogroll is invalid.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I liked the post but am lazy in my reply. Just wanted to add that they had to scan Akane's memory not just for the dramatic effect but also because they needed a photographic-type reference to obtain facial recognition, etc., metrics to run against the data that Sibyl and the surveillance networks constantly collect and archive. A sketch wouldn't have had the precise data they needed to use.

Christina said...

Eternia- Thanks for the heads up. I was trying to thin things out and delete the ones that no longer update (HOW DARE THEY HAVE BUSY LIVES!!! XD ) but it seems that must have slipped through the cracks.

Anonymous- I think this day in age there would have probably not been that many people who even knew how to sketch just from listening to someone. Everything is all computerized and technological that all the defense systems now probably wouldn't know what to do with a sketch. Like um.....charcoal and paper. How am I supposed to measure that?