Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 14

Hakaze's way of saying hello.
Just in case anyone cares that horror movie was awful. Turns out the killer goes insane when she gets her period. Exactly folks. But here is more anime to drown out the insanity. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 14 is up now. Spoilers for Hakaze dressing up and painting the town red.
Lala such a happy show. Lala 2 billion people dead.
Episode Summary: Mahiro looks at Samon and is like why exactly would I kill Samon? Throughout the episode and over many hours Samon explains the current situation to Mahiro. While explaining the Yoshino mess Samon also talks about how he healed Mahiro's current and past injuries. As it is New Year's Day Mahiro is allowed to share in a fest. At said fest are Takumi, Natsumura, and Evangeline. Takumi is introduced as the one who participating in finding out the truth about the black iron syndrome. Now Takumi is gathering up facts about that incident as well as spreading the rumors about the Exodus mage in hopes that they find him first. Natsumura and Mahiro exchange a glance but no one fights. As everyone eats and visits a temple on New Year's Day Samon explains the situation. Hakaze is currently going around Japan and visiting sites of the disasters but only wanted to do so with Yoshino. Hakaze has been sheltered her whole life despite appearing to be amazing thus when some man came into her life and saved her...she decided to put all her trust in him. Simply speaking Hakaze has a crush on Yoshino as he has saved her from despair and in real life. As Hakaze explores Japan and sees the damage she is trusting less in the decisions she has made and wondering if trusting in the Tree of Genesis is what she should be doing. But by picking Yoshino to travel with she can trust in his judgment and listen to him. Mahiro muses that Yoshino is now the one who decides the fate of the world. Samon thinks taking out Yoshino before that happens is the best bet but the others think just separating Yoshino from Hakaze will be enough. Mahiro says since Yoshino has a girlfriend this shouldn't be an issue. But Mahiro agrees to help with Samon's plan if only to protect Yoshino. As the travel back to the city Samon continues to explain why he wants to kill Yoshino, something that Mahiro might already been thinking. That Yoshino might be the mage of Exodus. The tree of Genesis needed Hakaze to come back and Samon thinks despite Mahiro acting like an ass he was eventually going to save Hakaze. That Yoshino wasn't needed. That Yoshino being around is actually hurting the tree of Genesis as Hakaze's resolve is shaking. But that wouldn't explain why Yoshino would kill Aika. Evangeline also doesn't believe this theory as she knows that Yoshino is the magical boyfriend.
I guess the crisis has brought everyone together. Really, really close.
Elsewhere Hakaze and Yoshino are traveling around looking at the disaster in Japan. It appears that one of the first places they visit is Aika's grave. They pay their respects while Hakaze wonders what kind of person Aika was. Yoshino says she was a lot like Mahiro which makes Hakaze wonder what kind of boyfriend she had. Yoshino sidesteps the issue as Aika then turns back to doom and gloom that Aika might have died because of her. They continue to walk through the busted down town and Hakaze looks so torn at what has happened. Yes the world seems okay but so many lives were lost. And this is only with part of the Tree of Genesis being revived. What would have happened if she hadn't stopped both of the trees. She doesn't know what to do but being with Yoshino makes feel at peace. She explains to Yoshino that one of the reasons she picked him to come with her on this journey is that the Tree of Exodus still needs the rest of the fruit to revive itself. So she wants to take Yoshino around and find the rest. What to do with them...well she hasn't decided that part yet. They stop at a bus station while Hakaze yells at herself in the bathroom over being jealous about Yoshino's girlfriend without knowing she is jealous. Hakaze comes out of the bathroom and sees Yoshino talking to a young man. She drops kick him in the head and then asks what is going on. Yoshino explains that the guy was just asking for directions. Said guy Megumu explains that he is trying to get to the tree of Exodus because hello he thinks he is the mage. He shows them his apparent powers and they are like OH I SEE! Over burgers Megumu explains that over a year ago he started to develop these powers but when the trees appeared the powers got stronger. Timeline wise he might be the mage so Hakaze goes outside to beat him up with magic to see what is up. Megumu allows himself to be attacked at first but then blocks with his powers. Hakaze allows her arm to be destroyed and sees that Megumu basically falls apart at the thought of hurting a human being. Hakaze heals herself and Megumu. While this power is obviously Exodus could someone without the killer intent be the mage? THE END!
Introductions, dates, and the world being decided on the feelings of young people? Oh lord.
This episode was all over the place wasn't it?! Also my summary was quite long even though I broke it up in a way that I thought would make it shorter. Me and my silly intentions yes?
There should be no happiness. Ever. Stop with the happy.
But the episode was all over the place. But in the end it all tied together with more accusations and what not. Nothing in this series is as it seems. Well except the busted up world. It still is a little jaring to see everyone walking around like everything is A-Okay. I keep telling myself this is just a front, that really deep down everyone is really scared and they are just putting on a show so the tree doesn't target them next. But then there were people outwardly praying to the tree. I guess that is easy to do with you weren't affected by the disaster directly but still...a lot of innocent people died before the “criminals” were taken out. The constant reminders of the tree all over the place...yeah it is disturbing how some people have adjusted to this disaster. I might just be crying somewhere.
WEEE! We are all friends now yes?
The hodgepodge of characters on team Samon is pretty hilarious to me. Samon is a man of many faces and now he is a man of many minions. The most important person on his team is the newest addition. Mahiro is a loose cannon and really is on his own team. Mahiro sorta has issues with Natsumura as the two have fought a few times. Natsumura and Evangeline were going at it but seemed to bond/flirt with each other when death seemed to be knocking on their door. But where does that leave Takumi? Is he in the love triangle or is he only around to further illustrate the point that all these people were on different sides of the war and have all come together. There would probably be more people present to drive this point home but they is probably dead so...
Date? I heard Hakaze is on one.....
What is Samon's plan to save the world? Stop Hakaze from dating. This show is insane. The fate of the world is being controlled by young people's love lives. Is this the world we live in? Well them anyway. Mahiro wants to save the world for Aika's revenge...aka because he loved her. Yoshino was able to use Aika's boyfriend as leverage against Mahiro. And now Hakaze might be so blinded by love that Yoshino's words might make her pick a side. Insanity.
It's sorta hard to concentrate on this episode when Samon is looking so fashionable.
While it all sounds insane and petty Samon explains it in a way that makes Hakaze sound like a rational human being and not some school girl with a notebook full of hearts. Hakaze has been the Princess of Genesis her whole life and was probably out of reach for many people thus no many suitors or people to tell her what is what. She was in charge and believed in her power and ideas. When those became questioned and her life was in danger Yoshino stepped up and became her rock. And since she has been deprived of that all her life Hakaze has embraced her protector and might have been blinded by his help and hair barrettes.
You really shouldn't be talking about people's motives el special.
This doesn't make me think any less of Hakaze. Given all that has happened to her I am surprised she is functioning. Her doubting her beliefs and wanting to rely on Yoshino makes sense and is better than crying in the corner. At least she is thinking of something. Got kidnapped, stuck on an island, found out she was dead, and came back to a world messed up by killer trees. I would be doubting myself too at this point. And since Yoshino has done a great job of making convincing arguments out of nothing listening to him might make sense. Now I don't think Hakaze would just blinding following Yoshino if in her heart she doesn't believe in his words. But I can her weighing Yoshino's words more than anyone else.
You mean kill the only person that I care about? Oh okay.
Samon's approach to this problem is a bit hardcore. To get Mahiro on his side he might have tried a different approach. Especially given how Mahiro has reacted to everything else in his life recently. Yoshino threw flashbangs at Mahiro but Mahiro five seconds later protected Yoshino from Samon. There is clearly a bond. So saying we need to kill Yoshino to save the world...not the approach I would have picked. I would have been like Takumi and worded it slightly less....harsh.
Can the real mage of Exodus please stand up?
But of course since this is Zetsuen no Tempest that can't be the only motive, to stop Hakaze from being influenced. No no Samon needs to have another reason. That would be that Yoshino is the Exodus mage. Now I think his thinking is very flimsy but then again so has a lot of other theories thrown around thus far. Just a lot of speculation and what not. I don't think viewers will embrace this theory as it would mean Yoshino is the killer of Aika which we and Evangeline know is not possible.
Look at me being all guilty and such.
So while Mahiro decides to go through with this plan to protect Yoshino Yoshino is off with Hakaze visiting all the affected areas of the black iron syndrome. A lot of this seems unnecessary as I am sure there was plenty of footage showing what has happened because of the trees. But Hakaze had to see for herself what her Tree of Genesis did to her country, to the world. That and it helped move the conversation around Aika.
P.S. I am going to steal Yoshino from you.
There was no Aika flashback this week. Nearly died of shocked. But Hakaze did talk about what kind of person Aika was and what kind of man would be her boyfriend. A crazy one Hakaze argues. I wonder if Hakaze knows deep down it might be Yoshino. She was putting all these facts together by the first two episodes so why did that train of thought stop? Perhaps because Hakaze is still feeling guilty that Aika might have died because of her.
Kinda hard to be all on Team Genesis' side after you said it wouldn't harm anyone yet 2 billion people are dead.
Again I can see why Hakaze is having a hard time picking a side and sticking to it. Her whole life she had one iron clan belief and now....well the black iron syndrome and 2 billion people later her tree of Genesis isn't looking all that lovely and protective. So maybe part of this trip was to see the damage up close and to take time away from everyone else. To stall until she can figure out what to do.
Perhaps we should just burn all the giant trees down? No Genesis or Exodus tree? call it a day?
This episode didn't shed any light on what Yoshino was thinking though. Which is kinda odd since apparently he holds a lot of the power. Maybe that is the point though, to keep us in the dark. For now he just seems to be observing and processing. So when things do start to....well finish turning into crap Yoshino will be able to state all the facts and state what he thinks is right.
Stupid man! It is all his fault!
I liked Hakaze yelling at herself in the bathroom about the Yoshino situation but the meeting of Megumu seemed rather...forced. Special. Just way too special for words. But maybe that is another in your face moment. Like see these trees are making everything happen and that is why it feels so perfect and wrapped up. So while Megumu appearing before the two people who might protect/help him/kill him...yeah it was probably a tree at work. But which tree?
Megumu does not want to be a mage now. Nope nope.
After eating some lovely fast food it was time to test Megumu and see what he was all about. Considering what he was thrown into I think he did quite well. I might be freaking out that I had powers more than Megumu but he has had a year to deal with this crap and oh a tree did come and kill 2 million people. Maybe the weird factor has changed since all of that and that is why Megumu was able to bounce back and fight back. I think he held his own considering Hakaze is the best mage ever and he is a newbie with no training.
Can it be Aika already?
So where does that leave us? Is Megumu the mage or is it Yoshino? Obviously I think it is Aika and both of these guys are red herrings. That would mean one of the trees is making it look like Megumu is the mage while Aika is off doing her thing. Or was the real mage and “killed” herself. So whether or not Megumu couldn't land a killing blow isn't the deal breaker for me. It's just not....possible in my head. XD But I am sure we won't find that out for quite a while. Onward to next week seeing more people jump to conclusions and make theories that may or may not make sense. WEEE!


Anonymous said...

Hi @Christina

Here are my thoughts:

The world is peaceful place after the trees murdered a majority of people (that's what someone said)? BULLCRAP! The world would be in a state of complete chaos! 2 billion lives have perished and people around the world would be swimming in a sea of emotional distress! I'm talking about despair, anger, confusion, sorrow, and many more. The Zetsuen writers can't tell me that the world would be in a state of peace because I find it to be unrealistic! What, are sociopaths writing this anime? >:(

The characters reacting to this world crisis is inane! They're even praying to it! Only Hakaze seems to be affected about how much devastation the trees have done. I really hope that the "hero" goes back into time and right the wrongs, saving all those people. Because if the story ends with billions dead then that's not a satisfying conclusion.

Nothing much to say about this plot against each other except that it's setting up the next conflict. We'll learn more about how this turns out in the end.

I think that's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I really, REALLY, REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLY hope that everyone on the inside is freaking out and pretend on the outside to be okay. I am not sure how I could pretend that much but if people are dying to the tree due to crime well speaking out against said tree might get you killed too. I just wish to SEE it. The forced smiles, the shakey glances. Not lala time to go to work lala everything is okay.