Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 15

Can someone tell the pollen to take a break? I mean I am glad that everyone's cars look just as dirty as mine does on a daily basis but now this is getting ridiculous. Trees, my car will not produce little baby trees. Blow in the wind. Wait until spring though as we might have one cold day left this "winter".
It's not the end yet! Still must confusion to come.
Staying inside to avoid the weather I shall blog. Up now is Zetsuen no Tempest episode 15. Spoilers for sister complexes and panties.
That was super harsh. X___X
Episode Summary: Mahiro is questioning why the hell Samon has taken him out lucky bag shopping. It appears to be for Hakaze and to stall for time. Samon explains that people are investigating Megumu before Mahiro meets him given that Mahiro is a hot head. But Hakaze seems convinced Megumu is the one according to Samon. Mahiro scoffs during the car ride, saying that if he was Samon he would give up since his plan 100 years in the planning failed so spectacularly. While Samon acknowledges the fail he says if he met with god one day he would want to try with no hope than give up with hope. Hakaze seems less sure in her own head but knows that Megumu has the power of Exodus. But if he is the mage he is suspect number 1 in Aika's murder. Hakaze makes her way down the stairs of the hotel she is staying in and goes to greet Yoshino. Yoshino is on his phone with his “girlfriend” which causes Hakaze to draw back. Natsumura and Evangeline are the ones going to meet with Megumu. They meet up near one of the many tree/roots of Genesis although this one is out of the way of most people. He uses magic with ease and without an offering which makes Natsumura question what is going on. Megumu goes a little far in his demonstration and makes the entire root disappear making Evangeline drive the getaway car at the speed of fast. Evangeline takes them to meeting spot where Mahiro and Samon are still snacking on New Year's Eve food and she explains it is time for the murder integration. Megumu is what?!?!?! and Mahiro talks about Aika and where were you on the night of blah and blah. Megumu seems to think that he was with his girlfriend that day but since she is no longer talking to him it might be hard to get her to be his alibi. Mahiro is like mog you I will have to beat the truth out of you. Literally.
Photobucket are crazy?
They go to a gym and Mahiro tells Megumu to attack him with magic. If Mahiro kills Mahiro it proves that he could have had the guts to kill Aika. Megumu points out this plan is full of fail but it also seems to be a training exercise for Megumu so everyone goes along with it. While this training is going on Evangeline and Takumi meet with some members of the defense force who explains that more people are going to investigate the original site. They know it is going to be harder and harder to keep this from happening so they are going to go with a special plan. If Megumu survives his training of course. Mahiro continues to beat his butt while questioning why Megumu was going to the ground zero zone. Megumu said he wanted to get his girlfriend back which Mahiro mocks. Megumu gets Mahiro back by saying that Mahiro has a sister complex. Everyone gets ready for Megumu to be killed but Mahiro is like she wasn't even my real sister DUH. So Megumu were in love with Aika then? Everyone really worries for Megumu as Mahiro is like why would I be in love with my sister and proceeds to think that Megumu is the killer. Takumi meets with Samon to talk about their next plan of action of which Samon thinks it will take some convincing of Hakaze. Elsewhere in town Yoshino and Hakaze are not on a date at an amusement park watching other people on dates. It bothers Hakaze that so many people are walking around and acting like 2 billion didn't just bite the dust. Yoshino thinks that the world has always been messed up and there has always been suffering. Just now the deaths have been paid in advanced which makes people feel more at ease. Junichirou shows up and makes Yoshino go fetch them coffee. Hakaze wants to know why Junichirou has sent Yoshino away and Junichirou is are in love with Yoshino. Hakaze claims she isn't while listing creepy reasons that actually explain that she is in love with Yoshino. During this Samon calls about the plan and Hakaze is like DO WHAT YOU WANT which seems to be dressing Megumu as a superhero and taking out the trees/roots. Hakaze then goes back to having a heart attack. Junichirou points out the many reasons why this is bad. Hakaze thinks it is just because Yoshino has a girlfriend but Junichirou says that if Hakaze really wanted Yoshino the Genesis tree would probably take out said girlfriend. OH SNAP! THE END!
Lala texting my dead girlfriend.
So....everyone has lost their minds right? The end of the world has now been reduced to people going on dates to the fair and someone dressing up in a super hero outfit? Oh the world they live in.
Death by trees!
I mean to be fair this is a show about tree gods that are going to destroy the world and the only hope people had for a while was an insane boy bent on getting revenge for his dead “sister”. So maybe it isn't totally insane that the show continues on that same vein, with people's emotions and relationships controlling the destiny of the world. I guess it is just more in your face now.
Having the best time shopping!
Were Mahiro and Samon getting the lucky bags for Hakaze? Is that what their role has been reduced to? Mastermind to save the world AND getting all those great deals? I see folks. I see indeed. I like how Samon was talking about the underwear like Mahiro was going to wear them, to trade jokes with the boy. Like lala a few weeks ago we were trying to kill each other and Samon's eye almost twitched out of his head. But now we are at the mall eating crepes and trying on cute clothes weee!
Oppies? Guess I don't know my own strength.
While Mahiro and Samon were getting their nails done Megumu was meeting up with Natsumura and Evangeline. Because Megumu is dumb. He just met these people and he is agreeing to meet somewhere private to prove his powers? Sounds shady. But since Megumu just randomly got these powers one day and now he has seen what crazy world he lives in he is desperate for help. Or to get his girlfriend back. But that is the most important part of this show guys, danger verses girlfriends.
Why are you here again?
I am not quite sure that Evangeline was mean to Megumu but at this point I am wondering why she is still around. She was helping out Takumi by tracking down Mahiro but she is still around without really doing anything. Well except being the holder of Yoshino's secret. Maybe next time she can be on the panty buying team instead of the testing out the mage of Exodus team. You know, since she isn't a mage at all. Natsumura is probably useless at this point as he wants Evangeline to be his girlfriend and that is more important than any tree!!!
Run far, far away.
I think Megumu got the message that this was probably not a good idea once he met Mahiro. Like oh can I go back to Yoshino please? He thought he could save the world and maybe get his girlfriend back and now he is accused of murder and has to explain himself to mentally unstable people. Yay for fun. Thanks for the food but I got to run? Probably not.
Make sure you swear him in or it won't count!
Mahiro is a weird person. Did he think that Megumu was really going to confess? Like um did I kill your sister after you tricked me into having this meeting? Yes of course I killed her. Sorry about that, pass the rice. How can anyone remember where they were on such a specific date that is not a holiday? At least give the boy a minute to check his Facebook status okay. Mahiro....not really thinking this through very well is he?
Photobucket to clarify?
I am also not sure what Mahiro meant by he was going to beat the truth out of him? Well the wording was slightly different and Megumu thought he meant sex but yeah it was a beating. Use your magic to kill me and it will show me if you killed Aika? I am really not sure what Mahiro was trying to prove with that. Maybe it was just to show the others what kind of powers he has and if they are similar to how Aika was killed. Really it just looked like Mahiro doesn't know who killed Aika and he just wants to hurt something.
And then Megumu died.
Not that Megumu is totally rolling over and taking it from Mahiro. It might take him a while but he fires back when he needs too, power wise and word wise. Like um don't call me pathetic when you have a sister complex. Everyone was like OH SNAP he actually said the thing we are thinking. Mahiro done lost his mind saying Aika wasn't his sister in one breath and then saying he couldn't love Aika because she was his sister. probably going to die.
Mahiro caring about Tesuma being alive.
OH! Tesuma is alive folks. Yeah when the trees went crazy and were squishing everyone and it looked like he got squished he didn't. Even though he was the closest to the disaster area. So magical he is. No really I am sure he used magic to protect himself. WOOHOO Tesuma is alive.
That's an understatement.
So while Megumu is being tortured by Mahiro Yoshino is on a nondate with Hakaze. Both people seemed very awkward about the situation, like surrounded by couples. But probably awkward for different reasons. Yoshino is probably still in love with Aika so he just felt awkward that he was in this situation to begin with. Hakaze felt awkward because she is 10years old and doesn't know why she feels awkward.
Then the world is a scary place....
Before things got too silly there was talk about how everyone is walking around acting normal. THANK GOODNESS! Hakaze I feel you. What is wrong with all these people?! This was all pretty awful and no one seems to care. I can kinda see where Yoshino was going with this, that people die everyday and no one really stops that much of their lives to care. But this happened on a massive, global level. Tons of people died and it is more than paying in advance. It is living in fear that it could happen to you. I don't know, it is not the same as some kids dying in a country overseas. It is about 1/4 of the population of the world being taken out and going to a theme park a few days later. Strange.
I come to you bringing obvious news woohoo!
Junichirou and his magical powers show up to tell Hakaze the obvious. Which I guess is a good thing. Samon is scheming behind her back with the knowledge while Junichirou is trying to help out all parties. Poor Hakaze...not knowing these things herself. know..she was kinda creepy with the ear thing. Surely she was locked up with no interaction with boys.
Yoshino is not having a good life and he doesn't even know it. X____X Of course if he did he probably come up with the most epic speech ever how everything is fine.
This is all very bad news for Yoshino though and now I think he isn't going to survive the series. Now this all might be smoke and mirrors but Yoshino is looking more and more like the mage of Exodus. Or at least Aika's killer 4 levels removed. Time travel is possible so if Hakaze wants Yoshino now she could have accidentally gotten Aika killed then and here we are now. And it already has been established that Yoshino was not needed to save Hakaze. So Yoshino might make it so that he is taken out of the timeline to save Aika and the world. Just.....a lot of drama that could be going on and to Yoshino not existing might be a happy ending to him. X___X Unless this is all smoke and mirrors.
I was counting on you to talk them out of this stupid plan!!!
Of course this all pales in comparison to the fact that everyone is going to save the world by making Megumu a superhero. I think I stand by my first paragraph. Everyone has lost their minds.


Anonymous said...

Who knows underwear is SUPRER important to mages. LOL at Mahiro and Samon shopping, really LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

The shopping scene was really out of nowhere! Here we are in a dramatic story and then we cut to a scene of two characters going shopping. Don't know what to say about that.

Honestly, the only scene that stood out in this episode was Mr. Sister Complex and Mr. Salmon the Fish going shopping. At least Mr. Salmon has a decent fashion sense and not dress like those Kingdom Hearts "knights" in Amnesia--kudos to him!

I've already mentioned the billions of people thing in the previous episodes but at least Miss Fanservice acknowledges how ridiculous that survivors are reacting to this world crisis like nothing and Yoshino's bullcrap explanation of why people are acting like this--still don't buy Yoshino's and the writers' explanation! It's all insanity written by sociopaths! >:(

Where is Dr. Who when you need him? And come back Aika! We still need you to be the ultimate villain of this show!

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- They should have just bought one of the lucky bags and got out of there. Not hanging around the table picking underwear out for their non girlfriend.

Anonymous 2- The crazy will continue for a long time I think. The shopping was just the tip of the iceburg. Maybe the fact that the mall is having SALES despite the fact that there are giant trees out there killing people is the real weird point.

I think I would be smiling in public and freaking out at home. Because I know...get angry at lot at work. I would never really hurt anyone but I have been known to threaten to chop people's heads off and what not. XO I can't imagine living in fear because the trees might misunderstand me.