Monday, November 29, 2010

Amagami SS episode 21

Look at me blogging two episodes in one day. GO ME! XD Or maybe it is because I am waiting for my power to come back on the game….

No no, it must be because I love Amagami SS and Junichi so much. That must be it!!!


It IS starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Yeah…so here is episode 21 folks. Spoilers for Tsukasa doing a lot of paper work!!!


The girl Junichi SHOULD be with.

Episode Summary: It has been one year since Junichi got dumped by some random girl. I guess at this point we are never going to see who it is. Junichi is still super depressed about it and can’t even bring himself to go to the festival. Masayoshi takes pity on Junichi and takes him back to his place to do…nothing basically. They promise that next year they will have girlfriends to share the special day with. At the festival Tsukasa is seen doing her duties but is thinking to herself “next year”. Fast forward to this year and Rihoko (who still likes Junichi) is asking Junichi if he is coming to the festival this year. He has to ponder this and is reminded of his promise he made to Masayoshi. Home room teacher is all like okay who is going to be our class person for the festival. When no one volunteers Tsukasa steps up. Home room teacher is worried that Tsukasa is already busy with her other duties and asks for someone to help her. Junichi then is like ME! His friends are like X_X why did you do that. His reasoning is if he HAS to be at the festival he can get over what happened to him two years ago. Or something. When Tsukasa learns this fun fact she is super thrilled. I am sure anyway.


Oh look who is volunteering...again...

Everyone continues to doubt Junichi’s ability to do this festival stuff, including Junichi. He becomes impressed with everything Tsukasa does but really doesn’t seem to do anything to help her. They go after school to the super-secret storage room and promptly get locked in. Tsukasa doesn’t seem too worried as some other committee members are going to come by. They proceed to take inventory of what crap they do have in that room and they work well together. Miya eventually comes and lets them out and no pervert moments happen. On the way home they run into Tsukasa’s sister. She seems friendly enough but Tsukasa gets upset about life and stomps away. The next day Junichi has to do committee stuff on his own and fails miserably. He goes to fetch Tsukasa who is watching people make up their swim lessons. Because she is now a teacher or something. Who knows. Haruka is spying from the corner and Junichi tries to do things on his own. While doing stuff he finds a notebook on the floor and in trying to figure out who it belongs to Junichi reads some boring schedule stuff. Tsukasa and her bathing suit self runs in and thinks Junichi read the whole notebook. She then grabs Junichi by the shirt and threatens him. X_X The end?


Yeah. Simply yeah folks.

The time is here folks! The arc that everyone has apparently been waiting for. The arc that made people be not so angry that Rihoko got shafted. It is time for the arc that has the girl on the game box! Tsukasa wow me with your arc!!!!

Or not. Or not people. This is what you have been waiting for? This is the arc that was going to wow me?

Maybe. Just maybe the wow is with next week. As seen at the end of the episode. But before the end of the episode I had to sit through of 21 minutes and 45 seconds of BORING! Boring people.


Behold Junichi has always been a loser!

Junichi starts off the episode being…a loser. We all know that Junichi got dumped of Christmas Eve. Now 21 episodes into this series I want to know if the girl who dumped him was his girlfriend or just some girl he liked and asked out that day.

Because if it is the later I really, really think Junichi is a loser. If my significant other dumped me on Christmas Eve I would be pretty bitter about it 2 years later. But if I asked someone out because I liked them and it was a couple night and they didn’t show up….I would be pissed but would move on. I WOULD MOVE ON!!!!!

So the fact that one year after the fact Junichi missed the festival makes me roll my eyes. I have a new found respect for his friend (well despite the porn magazines) for putting up with that. He missed his first festival to cheer up his friend and that was really nice of him. I probably would have said….yeah I will see you after the fact.


Anyone else? Anyone else AT ALL?!?!?

Why am I bringing this up when we have known forever that Junichi is a loser? Because Junichi did not go to the festival last year. Meaning this year would have been the first time he would attend one. So why does this taco head think he can help RUN the festival?! Granted there has to be first years running the festival no matter what since many seniors are too busy enjoying their last year. But still I don’t think Junichi is the kind of person who can just jump on into something without knowing what it is all about.

That and he didn’t even want to attend the festival this year. How can you count on someone who barely wanted to attend? His motives were too iffy to take seriously. If I was Tsukasa I would have a really, really fake smile on my face when he was the only one who volunteered.


If you don't think Junichi could do it why didn't you volunteer?

Also Teach you need to pick people. Stop letting the one person who volunteers for everyone pick up the slack. That and when the laziest person in your class volunteers to help I would be doing…something. Shame on all of you people for not helping.


Wait we were supposed to be sexy?

Despite being the most boring episode ever I really did like the part where they got locked in the storage room and nothing sexual happened. Pick me off the floor in shock. They were like…oh okay. And they went about their work. Okay Junichi tried to look up her skirt but since this is Junichi we are talking about so let’s be grateful. No knee or toe sex yet. So that was nice.


I sense some anger....

I am going to go on a wild limb here and say the reason Tsukasa is the way she is (crazy on the inside and fake sweet on the outside) is because of her sister. Without more back story I don’t really know if this is an appropriate reaction. I am just going to guess no though. Probably a younger sister living in the shadows type deal. Eye rolling indeed.


Power outlets are SERIOUS business!

Junichi not being able to hack doing a few basic things is….special. I mean it was dramatic anyway with everyone demanding things like they were (GIVE ME A POWER CORD!!!!!) but the fact that Junichi couldn’t do…anything makes me feel really bad for Tsukasa if this was the only person helping her.


Of course this makes sense!

Tsukasa being the fill in swim coach was so dumb I have no words for it. Just a way to make the girls wear swimsuits. Also what is with having to make up gym classes? ICKY!!!


Oh do you lose a notebook?

So the end scene was the best part of the episode. Since I thought most of the episode was boring that is not saying much but you know. All Junichi read was how she takes super serious notes. But Tsukasa thought he read her super-secret stuff and she flipped out. I am going to guess she either has rude notes on other people or how she really hates doing all the special tasks she does. Sort of a venting type journal.



In any event Junichi is like OH CRAP. This whole episode was a lie! It lured him into a false sense of security and that is why his face looked so X_X. So this entire episode was boring, showing how nice and lovely Tsukasa was only to have it explode in Junichi’s face. KA-BOOM!


Surely he shall die.

So…next week better be interesting. Like I want some major fallout of Tsukasa’s mistake and Junichi trying to convince someone that Tsukasa is really an evil witch. Not that I was ever counting this series to be amazing but the way people talked up the last arc I was expecting something. Bring it on episode 22!!!

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Togainu no Chi episode 8

Yeah so…..I blogged one episode yesterday? GO ME XD

But my friend was in town and I haven’t seen her in over a year and that was more important people!!!! Of course that is putting aside the new game I have been playing…But I has not abandoned you people!!! Here I am and hopefully at least two episodes get blogged today and two more tomorrow. I am trying to behave! XD


I hope he is thinking how dumb it was to go visit the one who enjoys molesting young men.

On to Togainu no Chi episode 8. Spoilers for ACTUALLY KNOWING WHAT IS GOING ON!!!


Are you going to talk about colors too?

Mini Episode Summary: Akira decides that he is going to visit Arbitro. Because he is dumb. Arbitro explains how Line came to be. Before the war some scientists were trying to make some super soldiers and someone’s blood became the bases for Line. But Akira’s blood is so magical it can stop the effects of Line. Only by destroying Line it creates a lot of toxins and that is what has been killing people. But Arbitro thinks he can make it so people won’t die and Akira is like WOOHOO I can save Keisuke. Only Akira wants Arbitro to make this cure now and Akira tries to leave. People chase Akira but he manages to get away and Motomi finds him. Akira shows him the information about his blood. Motomi doesn’t think it will work and that Keisuke is doomed. Akira is upset and hits a wall. Motomi tries to calm Akira down and has like 1 percent chance of hope. But he says that it is more important that Akira tell Keisuke how he feels rather than cure the Line. Meanwhile Rin has found Shiki. See Shiki killed all of Rin’s friends (including someone he had a crush on) and that is why Rin is so pissed. Oh and he is pissed because Shiki is his brother and has been ignoring him all this time. Shiki responds by beating Rin up and ignoring him. The people who sent Akira to Crazyland are starting to move in and are generally wasting time. Akira decides to go find Keisuke and he does. Because it has been 8 hours people. THE END!


Just waiting...and waiting..

X_X This was a very informative episode. Less blood, more information. Not sure how other viewers thought since most of them know the game/game information but this episode was important to those who only knew the basics.


Who is that kid??! XO

Even though I appreciate all this information I think it is kinda late in the game to be giving it. We are on episode 8 of 13 of this series and we know now what is going on. Seems a bit far along in the series to be telling us WHAT IS GOING ON but at least we know. And knowing is half the battle folks.

First of all our home boy Akira is a bit dumb. Oh the inventor of the drug/maker of the deadly game is going to help ME?! I am glad that you believe Akira.

Because…really I believe you are special. But at least he got to beat people up today. XO Mog people Akira didn’t get beat up today did he? I mean he beat himself up in the church but no one hurt him. I AM IMPRESSED!


You can totally trust me....

But then I remember that Akira trusted Arbitro and it makes me think he is not so smart. And between Keisuke and Akira someone has to be the smart one. They can’t both be naïve. But maybe since Akira is so upset about Keisuke being a killer psychopath he isn’t thinking clearly. Although he could have been a little more grateful towards Arbitro before it was obvious Arbitro was up to no good.


I think Arbitro pictured this going the opposite way...

I wonders what Arbitro wants Akira’s blood for. It seems to me Akira’s blood might be bad for business and it would be easier to get rid of him. Because I don’t think this game is a cover up for something even more awesome. No no, I think this is what Arbitro wants in life, making money off Line. Although…does anyone have money? Maybe something is up. I don’t know, it just seems as if it would be easier for all if Akira was dead.


This ended well...

All this jazz about testing on orphans and the different groups trying to come in and take over Crazy Land was nice. Not that it explains why Akira was sent in to defeat Shiki if they were going to bust in themselves to take over. But yeah it was nice to see how this all came to be and once again it was the scientists that screwed people over. YAY scientists for testing young people and making everyone die woohoo!


Time for hugs?

I thought Motomi and Akira had a wonderful “this was supposed to be our H-scene” moment. Akira was actually showing his emotional side by crying and being upset. It would have been nice that someone wanted to comfort Akira and not rape him. Crazy talk I know.


You will listen to me and you'll like it!!!

But despite the not would be sex scene I thought the conversation was nice. Motomi was firm when he needed to be and told Akira the harsh truth. Akira was in denial and emotional. Although I was expecting Motomi to be the first person who bonded with Line or whatever. But I guess that is the dude walking around telling us about colors and what not. XD But yes I really enjoyed this scene. Akira was given a bit of hope and it was snatched away and Motomi was there to pick up the pieces.


That looked sweeter before...but now it yeah.

But I do like it that Akira finally realized all along Keisuke worried for him and cared for him and Akira just assumed he was always going to be there. Only now he is not and Akira realizes he had a great friend who was his rock. Poor Akira and poor Keisuke.

What I was not expecting was Rin and Shiki to be siblings. But since I watch so much anime I really should have expected that. What was I thinking? XO


He was pretty hot...

If Shiki only goes around killing 50 percent Line users I wonder how Rin missed every single one of his people doing drugs. Or would Shiki kill them all in an effort to get Rin out of the area? Who knows with that crazy person. But maybe I can hope that Shiki isn’t killing Rin because he really cares about his little brother and all those harsh words are just for show, to make Rin kill him or feel nothing for him.


No really, I hate you.

I am probably dreaming on that one right? Shiki was flinging Rin around like a rag doll acting like he met nothing. Which is probably what Shiki really feels about Rin, not some undying brotherly love. But I have hope people, do not kill my hope!!!!



I do think these whole “I wanted to see you” moments are kinda dumb. To the viewers about…3 days have passed in the land of the crazy people. Maybe it has been more in the show but I really don’t think so. So when Akira and Keisuke meet up again and are all dramatic…wasn’t it about 12 hours ago? Yeah real dramatic there folks. Just not feeling it.

Next week...well who knows. I am just happy that the guts scene will NOT happen since Akira saw it in a dream instead. WOOHOO for living!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Aru Majutsu No Index episode 8

Will today be the day when I catch up on a ton of anime episodes? Is today THAT day?!

Who knows with my latest obsession with a new game. I get addicted…fast people. Like super-fast. But since I did get some cleaning done today maybe…just maybe I can get three episodes blogged today. THAT IS THE GOAL!


Surely we shall die...IN A BLAZE OF GLORY!

First episode on the list To Aru Majutsu no Index episode 8. Spoilers for BOOBIES! Like lots of boobies. And awesome named weapons.


Me thinks that Index thinks all lands are the lands of food.

Episode Summary: It is time for the big sport festival at Academy City. Well it has a bigger name than that but it is too hard to spell so TOO BAD. Touma’s mom and dad arrive but promptly get lost in the chaos. Misaka’s…relative (who I assume is actually her mom) approaches Touma’s family to help find Misaka and Touma’s dad is like HOT LADY. But all family members are amused when Misaka and Touma walk by and are being special as always. They are making bets who will win the festival and whoever loses has to do whatever the winner wants. Laura and her LONG LONG HAIR are talking to Aleister and his equally longer hair. Laura informs him that the magical sword, Stabby Stab, is going to be traded in Academy City (of course) and if this sword reaches the wrong hands this spells bad things for the Catholic Church (OF COURSE). Some magic people have snuck into the city and of course they are thinking about asking Touma for help.


Why doesn't Touma hang out with her?!

After Index whines for some food Touma goes to join his class. Only to be clobbered and manhandled by some chick Seiri. She is the class representative and is trying to breathe life into their team. Only after Touma sees their teacher being made fun of because their school sucks does Touma get the team fired up. They manage to win their first match despite going up against Misaka’s school. Misaka assumes that Touma is trying to win so he can force her to do bad things. Index is still hungry. Touma tries to locate Index but he needs to find his cellphone to do so. Sadly Seiri was changing in the room at the time and Touma is smacked for seeing her naked. Index remains hungry as a parade blocks the food routes. Misaka uses Touma to win her race and there are blushy scenes all around. Kuroko and her wheelchair self see this scene and she wishes to kill Touma.


Oh we got to talk about the plot now? Crap.

There are more races but Touma is more concerned when he sees Motoharu and Stiyl talking. They tell him about the Sword of Stabbness and why Index can’t be used on this mission. Touma decides he will do everything in his power to not involve Index but he has to find her first. He meets up with various characters to find Index. Turns out his teacher took her out for lunch and they were in the process of getting Index dressed in a cheer leading outfit. Index flips out as does Seiri who was walking by. After beating Touma up she confesses is she trying to make the festival as fun as possible for everyone. They almost kiss and Touma is punished again. Then they meet up with a girl who did not finish getting dressed this morning. She is involved with the Sword of Stab and Touma accidentally takes off the magic shield around her. Touma and her both notice this as she calls in the information and Touma follows her. THE END!

Why are my summaries so long? Do I not know what a summary is?

I am beginning to think this series can do no wrong in my eyes. I say that now and next week will be a pile of crap. Because that is how my life works.


This is the perfect place to get changed!

As a random note the only scenes my husband saw were the boobie ones. Because that is just my luck. So now he thinks that this is a hentai anime. GO ME!



But yeah people there seemed to be a lot of boobie scenes going on. Guess they had to squeeze as many in as possible since this is an athletic meet type thing thus the possibilities for changing mishaps were double. That part I was rolling my eyes at (and I had to make an effort to roll my eyes even harder since my husband was all like PERVERT!!! ) hard. Like….yes I so believe that the school handed out see through shirts. And that there was no place at all for Index to get changed. I BELIEVE PEOPLE.

But other than the random porn parts this episode was fine. And lovely.


Someone's dad needs saving...

Although…was there a reason why Touma and Misaka weren’t hanging out with their families…at all? Like did Touma and Misaka even see them? X_X Thought that was weird, like don’t we want to get the family involved in the drama too?

But I really loved the scenes with Misaka and Touma. Before it seems like they accidentally run into each other or use each other in bad situations. But today they were walking around having “fun” together. Not threat of danger or accidentally running into each other. So I was really happy that they were actually acting like friends instead of…whatever they were before.


XO I think she was thinking about the sexy underwear!!

Also I want to know WHAT Misaka thought Touma was going to make her do. XO A little crazy talk in Misaka’s mind.


Death to Touma!!!

Plus Kuroko losing her mind when she saw how close Misaka and Touma were at the race was amazing. I approve. XD Like he just saved your butt last week but now you want to kill him. Amazing.

I don’t know how fair it is to have these schools going up against each other. Like it is clear Touma’s school is not cream of the crop and Misaka’s school…well has Misaka. But give it all you can folks!


Does she always have this much hair?

Laura needs a haircut. Also people need to come up with better names for weapons/spells/everything in life. Like the two people who snuck into Academy City have weird names. Thus I am not using them. But Stabby Stab sword or whatever? That is pretty lame folks.


BOOBIES!!!! Also where is the sword.

I wasn’t really following WHY the sword trading was going on at all. Like who had the sword to begin with that the magicians had it? I don’t even know people. All I know is that some people need to be zipping up their pants and wearing shirts. Shirts are really important okay.


Index can fly ya'll!

Index? Are you in this episode? Because I didn’t see you at all. XD My hungry little crazy person. But why couldn’t she wear the underwear she was wearing at the beginning of the episode? And why wasn’t she hanging out with Touma’s family? Such weirdness.


Weird to say the least anyway...

I thought Touma and Seiri’s interactions were weird and out of left field. Misaka and Touma are the clear favorites anyway. But Misaka and Touma have bonded over time and suddenly BAM Seiri is important too? I rather her have been worked into the plot before now so her crush makes sense. And her boobies are too big.

We leave this episode with Touma stalking naked girl who is talking on a piece of paper. Will Index be left out of the cross fire? Will Index ever be full? And does every single girl in this show have a crush on Touma? Find out next week on To Aru Majutsu no Index!

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Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 8

Let’s see if I can crank out a blog post before work!

But knowing my propensity to get side track probably not. But one can hope yes? That and cleaning just won’t get done.


You can do it!!!

Behold the amazing Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 8. Spoilers for cops not knowing they are cops and Haruka being the smartest person in the room.



Episode Summary: Two cops (who look unimportant) are searching for the dude behind the 4 murders like 15 years ago. Then said dude just happens to run by so the cops give chase. AMAZING!!! Ms. Reporter Makoto tries to get Ishii out of his funk but that doesn’t work well. They end up calling Haruka and they meet at Yakumo’s Uncles house. They do brief introductions with Ishii being….a zombie. They decide to watch the video again to see if they can find any clues. Uncle notices that the ghost in the video is actually his sister and that must have freaked Yakumo out. Ishii decides that this is all useless and they should wait for the police to find both Gotou and Yakumo. Haruka is like bitch you are the police and you need to man up and look for your friend. Ishii goes outside to cry. Makoto goes outside to hold Ishii’s hand. He apparently has Daddy issues or something. But he puts his glasses on and decides he is going to man up.


Oh yes I do suck. Thanks for reminding me.

Haruka went on a walk to visit her dead sister (I think anyway) and it turns out she is buried next to Yakumo’s middle school teacher. Uncle tells the story about how the teacher died because of Yakumo’s eye and Yakumo tried to kill himself. Uncle stopped him and Yakumo was all like I don’t deserve to live. That is why Uncle decided he was going to wear a red contact too, so that he could carry the burden then too. That is also when Uncle told Yakumo that someone would love him for his red eye one day. They make it back to Uncle’s house where apologizes are issued and they keep watching the video. Haruka notices that there should be train sounds if the video took place in the mansion but there isn’t! MOG PEOPLE! They figure out that the reporter lady (Ms. Misfit) really wasn’t a reporter.


Why yes I still suck.

THEN Uncle decides to bring up something for no good reason. A long time ago Haruka’s mom and Yakumo’s mom were friends. See Yakumo’s mom was kidnapped and escaped two weeks later. Haruka’s mom found her and they exchanged letters up until Yakumo’s mom disappeared. Uncle seems to think that means the two are fated or something. At the end of the last letter Haruka’s mom wishes Yakumo’s mom the best of luck…with the dude wanted for murdering all those people 15 years ago (Takeda). MOG faces all around. Ishii and reporter lady go to find more clues while Haruka says she is going to go call her mom. Only she takes a nap instead. Ishii talks to his boss asking for Takeda’s case file. She says yes in around about way and they have a heart to heart in the men’s bathroom. Ishii promises to use the information to bring Gotou back. Ms. Misfit has appeared to kidnap Haruka so she can kill Haruka in front of Yakumo. But Takeda appears and it turns out he has been running around town so the cops will show up at Haruka’s and protect her. Ms. Misfit says something about knowing who Takeda really is and she runs off. There is a brief scene of Yakumo being tortured and THE END!

Amazing people. Not sure if I mean that though.


And no one likes you.

Guess I will start with what I think is the most ;( of all. So not only was Yakumo almost killed/unwanted by his mother and his father is a crazy person…..he is a product of rape. Why his Uncle told him that I have no idea but I probably would have tried to kill myself too. Like how much more does Yakumo have to go through? Well I am assuming it is rape anyway. Usually when people are kidnapped for two weeks and are running through the woods to escape their kidnapper I assume it was rape.

So now it makes more sense why Yakumo’s mom tried to kill him. She didn’t create Yakumo out of love so naturally her loving a product of rape would be difficult. Then when Yakumo’s eye started to become more prominent she probably worried he would end up being like his father. And then I am going to assume that she snapped when the whole Takeda thing happened and she figured she take Yakumo and herself out to end the misery.


Yeah despite her entire life sucking.....

Not that I am saying WOOHOO yay momma for trying to kill your kid. Just that I understand it better. And I am going on the record and saying that Takeda was probably framed by Yakumo’s father and she felt as if nothing was ever going to stop him. So poor Takeda and poor Yakumo. Probably poor momma too but trying to kill your kid no matter what is a bit -_- in my book.

But Uncle…Uncle. What were you thinking?! Like seriously dude. Why would you tell Yakumo he is a product of rape? I mean….I guess he might find out eventually. But Uncle’s words were “so he didn’t repeat the same mistakes”. Like was Yakumo going to kidnap some girl and rape her too? Yeah that is just weird, I am telling you about your past so you don’t become a rapist. That must have been fun.


Don't do it!!!!

But as sad as it was seeing Yakumo try to kill himself it gave us a side of him that we haven’t seen before. Tears in his eyes, full of despair. Yakumo looks vulnerable and had some human emotions. Of course after this he tried to cut himself off from humanity. Which makes sense too. But I like seeing how Yakumo came to be the person he is today.


Absolutely nothing?

I think it was a bit much that Haruka’s mom and Yakumo’s mom were friends. I guess it might make sense next episode but for now I think having Yakumo and Haruka being THIS connected is overkill. OVERKILL.


Huge loser!

I have no words for Ishii. Like…you are the police. WTF is wrong with you. You are a loser. The end.


You are WHO?! TELL ME!!!

I wish to know who Takeda is. That is the biggest mystery so far and not something I have been able to figure out 4 episodes ahead of time. So yeah want to know more about him.

Next week looks like Yakumo is going to be found. A little sad that there aren’t more mysteries going on in this series as this seems to be the main plot. But what can you go? Oh complain. Duh. XD

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