Monday, June 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Super Duffy is a Super Cleaner

 photo Duffycleansthehouse004_zpsb8a56eba.jpg
I think that this is a chore of Mom to do though. That looks a little big...
Hello there everyone! It is me, Duffy the Disney Bear. Although I am sometimes an everything bear. I am sure if we lived closer to Disney World we would go all the time which would be tons of fun. But we don't and I don't think we can. Sometimes you have to stay home and do boring things like chores!!! Like they can be really boring and not fun. Since Dad goes to his job all day (I have never been...) it is up to Mom and I to do the chores. I think I am a good helper. And with this new shirt I can be a SUPER helper. XD
 photo Duffycleansthehouse003_zps7128664e.jpg
Tons of laundry to do even though there are only two humans in this house.
 photo Duffycleansthehouse002_zps5fad646e.jpg
We have this machine that cleans all the dishes for you but then you have to put them all away when they are clean.
 photo Duffycleansthehouse001_zpsa65f9e26.jpg
The dishes are never done. Once the first set is done being clean it is time to start loading up the next batch.
 photo Duffycleansthehouse006_zpsca090a7a.jpg
XO Now the laundry is done being dried so we have to fold it. I have seen the inside of this dryer a few times...
 photo Duffycleansthehouse007_zps911b1987.jpg
Mom had to run to the bank before it closed and the mailbox to get things sent out. This large envelope is from when we went to Disney World last time. We got to fill out a survey to help Disney!
 photo Duffycleansthehouse008_zpsf072ebc0.jpg
More laundry is done. Now we have to make the bed so the Hellos have a place to sleep. Oh and mom too.
 photo Duffycleansthehouse010_zpse682562b.jpg
While Mom is busy doing the cat liter....I will shred paper! Yes that sounds like a task I can do. I got to be careful though, I don't want to be shredded.
 photo Duffycleansthehouse009_zps41a50cbc.jpg
Since Dad is working late Mom has to make dinner. People like Mom have a hard time making dinner so stores do most of the work for them. Put this in the microwave and POOF it is ready to eat. I worked up an appetite from all that work so I can't wait to eat. Chores take up a lot of time but now the house looks nice so I guess it is worth it. XD

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