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Black Bullet episode 8

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Well since Tina's power level is over 12,000 it will be okay. XD
My plan to get a lot of anime blogging caught up with this week has been going well. NOT. XD But the house is looking a little cleaner. Still got a lot to do tomorrow before the husband comes home. Maybe I should have done more work on Monday instead of reading everyone's super fun trips to Disney World. But have a slightly stale Black Bullet episode 8 episode I started blogging days ago. XD Spoilers for Rentarou taking names and saving the world. Maybe.
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Because the system that pairs mostly adult men with kids under the age of 10 is only tainted by Rentarou.
Episode Summary: Late one night a soldier is patrolling one of the huge Varanium pillar alone because he has a death wish. He looks over at once and sees a giant Stage 4 Gastrea. It is rather famous for taking out cities and this time is no exception. This Gastrea spews out something gross but non toxic to the solider watching. Sadly the 2,000 Gastrea friends Mr. Level 4 brought along are more than deadly. The next day Rentarou and Kisara introduce themselves to a bunch of outskirt Chosen Children as their new teachers. The kids are more interested in the Rentarou and Enju/Kisara pairing than learning. While Rentarou tries to get things under control Seitenshi strolls up because she has to talk to Rentarou NOW! She takes him aside and shows him the Varanium pillar. Apparently Mr. Level 4 spews acid...I mean an anti-Varanium liquid that will eventually break down the pillar in 6 days. A new pillar is being created and will be finished in 9 days. In that time period every single person in the Tokyo will be dead. Kisara and Rentarou seem to know this level 4 Gastrea and are like DOOM! Seitenshi tells Rentarou he is in charge of finding other pairs of civil workers to fight the 2,000 Gastrea so they will have the time to complete the new pillar. Rentarou is like yeah okay but agrees to help when he sees everyone living their new lives in a “safe” city. Rentarou returns home to see Enju and Tina cosplaying some magical girl anime. The mood is light and Tina makes pizza, her only dish. Rentarou thinks he has his hands full with two girls but takes it in stride. That night Tina and Rentarou can't sleep so they stay up taking. Tina is so happy with her new life and asks to call Rentarou her brother. It is a touching moment. Then Tina asks what is going on with Rentarou's troubles since they are close. Rentarou explains and Tina agrees to fight as her life is now his. Rentarou knows Enju will want to fight too but he wonders if they will be able to do it. Rentarou also opens up on the fact that he and Kisara started this business to get revenge on Gastrea and when Enju joined them she was beyond hurt by humans. Tina is happy that things turned around so fast and requests to snuggle with Rentarou that night. The next morning Kisara appears to collect Tina and Tina being the sleepy head she is implies she and Rentarou had sex. AMAZING TIMES FOR ALL!
 photo blackbulletepisode812_zps7b411b48.jpg
Winning plushies is serious business.
Rentarou and Tina hit the streets where there is news that the biggest opponent (proponent?) against giving Chosen Children rights has been murdered and the suspect is a Chosen Child and this looks bad for the new bill Seitenshi is trying to pass. Rentarou knows it is dangerous but it is time to look for partners...and show Tina around the city. He takes her around to fun places and eventually wins her a stuffed animal. She promises to cherish it the rest of her life. By saying that it means she will die next episode. While walking they see a Chosen Child singing for her supper. She has poured hot lead into her eyes since her mother hated them. She seems kind and Rentarou is sick when he sees people treating her poorly. He gives her a wad of money to leave the area as a protest is happening outside as the new bill has been shot down. Rentarou and Enju reach another civil pairs house and after being called a pervert he is allowed in. He talks to brother and sister pair Tamaki and Yuzuki. Tamaki guesses what the problem is and why Rentarou has crawled begging for help. When Rentarou explains how bad it is Tamaki tells him to hit the road. Rentarou gets pissed, saying everyone is going to die including them if they don't help. When Tamaki implies he doesn't want to help the government Rentarou tells Tamaki to fight for fighting him and proving who is the strongest. When they start the battle Tamaki assumes that Rentarou is lying about his rank and doesn't know Tina's as she got revoked. Yuzuki is all spidery and leaves a web behind her wherever she fight. Tamaki can see the web and fights with a Varanium chainsaw. Rentarou and his Varanium leg wins the battle. Tamaki assumes that Yuzuki will win her portion but Tina kicks her ass after luring her into a false spider web. Rentarou and Tamaki have a bro moment and now they will work together. Which is a good thing since the Varanium pillar is slowly turning white and the Gastrea will be coming. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode816_zps7cbc124d.jpg
Hey! We are at war here buddy. Toughin up.
Finally! I feel as if it's been forever since I last saw a Gastrea. Of course every time we see one of those nasties a lot of people die. And we are running out of pairs. I mean there are Chosen Children all over the place but no enough Initiators for them I guess. The line of work is a bit dangerous. So I guess we needed a break from Gastrea and a little focus on why humans are pieces of crap.
 photo blackbulletepisode8_zps37728c11.jpg
Best screenie I have ever took weeeee!
Since the Gastrea hadn't made an appearance in a few episodes they had to make up for it in full force this episode. I am not sure how the human race has made it this far in 10 years. They should have been wiped out long ago if this is what they are dealing with. I mean that is putting aside the issues of humans fighting humans and not focusing on who the real enemy is. I am talking about this special level 4 Gastrea that can break down the special metal that makes up their pillars, the very thing that keeps the Gastrea at bay. An anti-Varanium spewing Gastrea sounds pretty dangerous. And as the episode progressed we the viewers learned that it wasn't this Gastrea's first rodeo. It even has a name folks! But yeah this creature has destroyed 3 cities before. Makes you wonder why killing this Gastrea wasn't high on their list of things to do. It is here now and the one man guarding the border watched in horror as Mr. Level 4 invited 2,000 of his special friends to help break down this pillar. Fun times I am sure.
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Rentarou's love life is more important than geography DUH!
So did Rentarou start off this episode by going up to Seitenshi and asking about the tricycle? Of course not. That would make sense or something and we can't be having that. No no, we must be insane all the time here at Black Bullet. Rentarou wanted to learn the truth and I wanted him to learn the truth so clearly what he must do first is gather up his people and teach school to the Chosen Children in the slums. Because Rentarou is a teacher yo. I know that Rentarou feels bad about Enju and her school situation and that all the other Chosen Children suffer so but what makes Rentarou authorized to teach kids? Maybe Kisara dreamed it up for a bit of extra money. Since this plan seems out of left field anyway it didn't surprise me much when the topic of conversation wasn't math as much as it was who does Rentarou love. Because little girls love to gossip and look all Chosen Children are girls. I bet if they were boys they would be raised to be great little soldiers. Stupid sexism.
 photo blackbulletepisode85_zps35fd1120.jpg
Oh so we are all basically screwed. Tell me something new.
After Rentarou and Kisara try to be teachers for about 5 minutes Seitenshi shows up. She is the head of the Tokyo area but is doing all she can for these kids. Being a politician must be hard. I know I would go in guns blazing to right all the things I think are wrong and my ass would get voted out of office rather fast. So it is a dangerous dance people go through I am sure. So Seitenshi just can't roll up and build these kids a school, one that they deserve. Instead she has to focus on the fact that a well known Level 4 Gastrea has come to throw a party and everyone is invited to die. It will take 6 days for the pillar to be broken down and building a new one would take 9 days. Of course. Because we need the drama. Now if I were running things there would be way more pillars than that. I would be building them on a daily basis. But who knows how rare this material is. Maybe I would make the area they protect a little smaller. People would have to do without maid cafes and what not so people could have rooms to live in. But that is not the case so who cares.
 photo blackbulletepisode86_zps553a6947.jpg
Gather the 4 people still alive in the city. I have faith in you.
What Seitenshi wants Rentarou to do to solve this problem is to gather up Initiator/Promoter pairs and fight off the 2,000 or so Gastrea in the area while the new pillar is being created. It wasn't mentioned about the level 4 Gastrea itself. Maybe it can't be killed since it is resistant to the Varanium. Maybe it can't attack either. It just has to focus on destroying the pillar. I guess the task of killing 2,000 Gastrea will just have to do. Oh and you know finding the pairs. Since most of them are alive and well. It's not like a lot of them died in the Hiruko incident part one and two. Yeah there are plenty of great pairs to pick from. I think Seitenshi should have headed this organization. She has way more power than Rentarou and is more well known. Plus Rentarou might look like a ass kisser in some groups, moving up so fast in terms of ranking. So Seitenshi should have been heading this grouping up. Instead it is Rentarou's job. Yay responsibility.
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And now I miss going to anime conventions. :(
Since Rentarou is Rentarou he agrees to this nonsense. Plus even if he didn't agree to it he would die anyway. That should be his major selling point to other pairs. We are all going to die so you might as well fight. I am sure it will go over great. But before Rentarou can go out and recruit people he has to go home to his little family. His messed up little family. Tina and Enju being dressed up as magical girls is cute. Mainly because they are stronger than magical girls. I guess when I sit down and think about it it is also sad since people like magical girls and they are basically doing the same, real life job and everyone fears them. But at least for this moment Enju and Tina are having fun and being normal little girls. Tina even feeds the crew with pizza. Which was slightly ungratefully received. What do you mean where are the sides? I am nine years old. You are lucky I didn't burn the apartment down making the damn pizza. I would have had cereal for dinner. UNGRATEFUL!
 photo blackbulletepisode88_zps629e8f26.jpg
Everyone say AWWWWW!
After being tucked in for the night it was obviously time to have a heart to heart. At least Tina and Rentarou did as Enju was doing gymnastics in her sleep. This was a good talk. Slightly marred by the fact Tina lost her mind the next morning and implied to Enju and Kisara that Rentarou did naughty things to her but if we don't have at least one of these scenes an episode people's minds would blow up. I am sure of it. But the talk itself was a good one. They needed some time to bond, before Tina dies and all. Rentarou and her only had one morning together before they started trying to kill each other. Rentarou talked a bit about his past. I am sure Kisara and Rentarou's version of revenge didn't involve hurting Chosen Children so I will let that slide. Everyone wants Gastrea dead. Unless we find out the tricycle is a lie. Tina obviously had a crappy life so she is just happy to be there. Until Rentarou tells her what is up with Mr. Level 4 in town. Then Tina is all like my life is yours, use it as you will. Oh okay so she wants to experience this friendship and happiness for 4 days. Overall a happy conversation which leads me to believe she will be a pile of mush after the battle of Mr. Level 4 Gastrea.
 photo blackbulletepisode811_zpsf7fb7bb2.jpg
Yeah because the opinion wasn't at rock bottom already.
After Rentarou was arrested by the police for being a pedo he took Tina out to see the town. Since she only saw the parts that had snipping abilities and what not. Kisara must not have been that worried about Tina's well being. Of course they might have other things to worry about now. Actual safety and what not. Seitenshi has been trying to pass a bill giving Chosen Children rights and protection. The person trying to nix that idea the most was killed. It is being pinned on a Chosen Child of course. If they did it I can't blame them but I don't believe it was them. Other members of the party probably killed the dude or staged it to get momentum for their side. See how dangerous these kids are, we have to stop them!!!! Gastrea is going to eat everyone's faces soon enough but we need to focus on making children suffer. Thus the bill didn't pass and things are probably super dangerous of those kids now. And Seitenshi probably has a lot of enemies to deal with. Rentarou clearly has his hands full.
 photo blackbulletepisode813_zps51d119fc.jpg
I am sure there are tons of stories like hers, just as sad. :(
So now is the perfect time to go shopping! WOOHOO! Come on Tina, let me paint the town red with you. What does that even mean? I guess I could look it up but I am too lazy for that. Plus it probably means something stupid and I rather live in ignorance. It was cute though. Made me think that Tina is on death row even more but still cute. The clothes and winning the plushie. Adorable. This is what the government should be doing. Placing these kids in happy homes and making them feel as if they belong. Then they will be like Tina and want to fight to help protect those they love. Instead we got eyeless Chosen Children begging for money. :( How sad was that girl? I am sure her sister will die soon because this anime has the sads. But Rentarou took a moment to talk to the girl and give her money he really didn't have to help her. Because the bill not passing and all. Get out of there and keep safe. :( How sad is it that she tried to get rid of her own eyeballs because of what her mother said? I wonder if we will see her again? I'm sure she is strong despite the no eyeball thing. Can Rentarou handle more womenz? X__x.
 photo blackbulletepisode84_zps92086877.jpg
I would have taken out this Gastrea first but that's just me...
In between talking to more little girls and trying on dresses Rentarou was trying to do what Seitenshi wanted him to do, find pairs to fight this level 4 Gastrea. Only it wasn't going so well SHOCKER. I am sure it is part half of them are dead, ¼ of them are afraid, and the other ¼ are upset/pissed that Rentarou is new to this game and is ranking up so fast. Like oh you are Seitenshi's lapdog. So while it would be in their best interest to help Rentarou, they are going to be assholes and say no to spite him. Spite him until their brains explode and guts are eaten. Seitenshi should have put this group together. Been like hey you are all going to die anyway. Instead she set him up to fail. Maybe she wants him to die a martyr too. Rentarou finally had to go crawling to a brother and sister team that he seems to have history with. Rentarou, Enju, Tina, and these two can certainly take on 2,000 Gastrea. Right Kayo?
 photo blackbulletepisode814_zps17b12af1.jpg
AKA you are the last people on my stop and no one has taken me up on the offer.
So I think I like this pair. They don't seem that crazy. More like they have a reason for doing what they are doing and appear to be down on their luck as well. Tamaki and Yuzuki are brother and sister. I am sure that Yuzuki has had it tough in life. Mom probably bailed after the kid opened her eyes and Tamaki stuck around to raise the kid. Yuzuki agrees to be a...wait have I been getting Promoter and Initiator terms mixed up for a while? Am I a goob? Anyway I feel as if this is a genuine team and could be friends with Rentarou if they weren't such enemies. Or friendemies. I am sure there is a backstory there but I wasn't following. Tamaki probably isn't a fan of Rentarou moving on up when they both started out at the same time and Rentarou is just “lucky”.
 photo blackbulletepisode817_zps658dc63b.jpg
I'm not worthy!
So when Rentarou explained the situation of upcoming doom Tamaki wasn't on board to help. Probably because he and his sister are pissed at the law that wasn't pass. Why help those assholes? So when Rentarou said do it for him it was more like his cause for helping Chosen Children. Tamaki couldn't accept right away so you know...broness had to happen. I am surprised that Tamaki didn't question where Enju was as she is Rentarou's official partner. But they were too busy going haha I am stronger than you. The battle between the pairs lasted about 5 seconds. Rentarou has metal limbs which he used to bash in Tamaki's face and Yuzuki went into the situation assuming she was going to win and underestimated Tina. I thought Tina was very gracious about the situation. So....yeah Rentarou's team won and Tamaki is on board. Since they are all going to die anyway. Woohoo! 5 people against the 2,000 Gastrea on the way. Surely this will end well.

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