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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 8

 photo gokukokuepisode813_zps27801a24.jpg
So sayeth Kotori with the most amazing power EVER!
Yawn. And melt. Yawn and melt. The story of my life right now with the broken AC. Thankfully it poured outside today which helped cool the house with the breeze and what not. Enough so that I finally got around to finishing a few anime posts. Between naps and tons of water of course. XD So what is up first? Gokukoku no Brynhildr since I think I am the furthest behind on that series. Episode 8 is full of Ryouta trying to save the world all alone when really he needs some help. XD
 photo gokukokuepisode8_zps9a093de5.jpg
What's the password?!
Episode Summary: Kazumi and Ryouta try to understand this map and the message being sent on this device. There is a place for a password but other than that they can't figure out much. Ryouta says they are going to have to find out where this place is based on geographic information. They start the journey home and not a moment too soon as some people speaking German and looking shady arrive in the area that they once were. Once they return home Ryouta gives the rest of the girls the run down. Neko wants to go with Ryouta when he figures out where this location is but he refuses as the message said to kill all witches and the truth would be told. Neko tries to trick Ryouta into giving her that device so she can break it but Ryouta already has the information memorized so unsmooth for you. He goes home and sets to work making a map from memory and trying to narrow down the 23392 million places in Japan that start with the letters N A K A. Kazumi shows up at his door because hello she has magic that can help her track things on the computer and wouldn't it make sense for her to help? After some teasing Kazumi hooks herself up and tada finds the location in 5 seconds, thanks to Ryouta' amazingly detailed map. Ryouta stops her short before anyone can find their location, promising to get the rest of the information alone at the library. Kazumi then asks Ryouta if he likes Neko. When he doesn't give a clear answer Kazumi starts to strip off all her clothes and asks Ryouta to have sex with her or at the very least rub her boobies until they get bigger. Ryouta is very much on the no train even when Kazumi throws herself at Ryouta. She teases Ryouta until he accidentally rubs against sensitive parts which causes Kazumi to freak out. She declares it all too much for Ryouta and will let him off easily this time. Kazumi ends up staying the night, in Ryouta's bed. She sorta puts the moves on him again but warns him not to do anything stupid the next day. Ryouta leaves for his special destination the next morning and finds the location to be a broken down church, completely smashed. He notices the debris isn't that old and goes to find a local to ask what is up. He finds an elderly woman running a local stand and asks what is up. She nearly has a heart attack but explains it blew up a few months back and he shouldn't go that way.
 photo gokukokuepisode812_zps93857ecc.jpg
Police brutality!
Naturally Ryouta heads back over there in case there are clues. He finds a giant wall with some German writing on it. Before he can really investigate it a bunch of cops show up as the old lady narced on him. These police are hard core and aren't taking Ryouta's sweet talk lightly. Ryouta is worrying about how long he will have to stay in lock up when Neko arrives with some sorta live action Power Ranger hero mask and smashes the car. Ryouta escapes but Mr. Head Cop starts firing at him. Neko destroys the bullets and his coworkers are a bit X___X about shooting at kids. But soon they realize Neko has powers and began shooting away. Neko keeps destroying the bullets until Ryouta is like...the guns please. She also destroys some of the nearby area but gets hung up. She and Ryouta make a run for it but Mr. Police Chief tackles them because it is brute strength time. Because Ryouta can be taken out Kotori uses her one and only switcher power to change spots. Kazumi uses her powers so no one can call for backup, a real team effort. They all escape and Ryouta tries to get angry at the girls for showing up. Apparently Kana had a vision of Ryouta dying and the girls can't allow Ryouta to be in so much danger because of him. Ryouta puts on his worry hat and tells the girls what he didn't find but that he still has hope. Kogoro is at his lab, going on about how he can't make the pills in time. But he is comforted in the fact that the tube Neko gave Ryouta may in fact contain alien cells. Back at the evil lab Mr. Creepy has been informed that two witches were spotted near the site by several police people. Mr. Creepy's assistant wants to know if they should send in Nanami to handle the situation. Mr. Creepy agrees. As the others travel back to the conservatory Kana gets on Kazumi's case about talking about Valkyria. Kazumi dismisses Kana's concerns and instead focuses on Kana's growing boobies. Everyone arrives home at this time and Neko is none too happy. After some drama Ryouta eventually explains he thinks the password was the one German word that had blood underneath it. Ryouta can't risk trying the password out there though and hopes this is the solution to their problem or they are boned. The assistant goes and visits all the police officers who saw the witches. They stick to their story until Nanami is taken out. She is heavily covered and when her face is revealed the cops suddenly have forgotten what has happened or that there is such a thing as magical powers. The assistant asks if anyone had memories of where the witches went and when she answers no he orders Nanami to walk around a certain area looking for memories. He warns her not to run away and lets her shackles go. Nanami goes into the middle of a street and holds up her skirt to get attention. When everyone's eyes are on her she opens hers and...they are weird blue swirls. THE END!
 photo gokukokuepisode88_zps9a197a55.jpg
Stupid is my middle name!
I am not sure why I am such a big SAW fan. Or anime gore fan. At least in anime I can watch the horrible scenes as they are not real human beings. XD They just represent ones. That and all animes have to be censored for my little eyes. Can't be seeing anything on Blood-C or else horrible things would happen. But why oh why do I love the SAW movies so much. At least the first 3. Just....I keep having to turn away. Especially at the brain part. X___X At least when I look away I can focus on typing.
 photo gokukokuepisode82_zps9e10b126.jpg
Trying to blend it are we?
Kazumi and Ryouta are still in the same spot as they were in last week, trying to understand this message and map. All this work and secrecy for what? Barely any clues. I guess it is good that Ryouta has a scanner memory or else this would be all pointless. Neko was originally given this information and no offense but the girl could barely add at the beginning of this series. Not that it was her fault or anything. That is just how she is. So I am not sure how Neko was supposed to save the world with all this information when she probably wouldn't be able to abstract it. Also how is Neko supposed to save the world when the message is all kill the witches and the truth will be known? I am thinking something is lost in translation or...I don't know. Maybe the witches are food for the alien the lab is really growing and once they are dead she will be revealed as the truth. Which really doesn't explain why someone who was Neko's friend would give this to Neko and say she needs to save the world. See where I am going with my confusing train of though. Either this was tampered with or it was a message to whoever Neko gave the device too. Like if Neko trusts you enough with the real information please don't bring her or the others along.
 photo gokukokuepisode83_zps0fb89704.jpg
Gotta try harder to get one over on Ryouta.
Narrowly missing some suspicious looking German speaking people Kazumi and Ryouta make it home to tell the others what is going on. Ryouta is risking a lot by protecting girls that he barely knows. Because he is a good boy yes? He doesn't leave them in the dark about anything despite the news never being super good. I would maybe hide some of these things from the girls because they have had such hard lives. But I guess when you watch friend after friend fall apart and die you become a lot tougher than you think you are and you can handle more. Plus it is their lives. They deserve to know the truth. Just that is hard for them to do anything about it. I can see why they get frustrated with Ryouta playing the man trying to save the womenz. Like this is our fight and you keep on doing things yourself. Too bad Neko is transparent and her attempt to help Ryouta or at least involve herself was in super vain. Ryouta done already memorized it crazy. Plus it has a password. Don't destroy the thing that has a password DUH! Ryouta appreciates the concern but he has to do with Neko. Here's looking at you kid. Neko will just sit there and hope that her special friend returns in one peace because you know they are in love.
 photo gokukokuepisode85_zpsd69684b9.jpg
But I wanted to save the day!!!!
I am not sure why Ryouta didn't have Kazumi help out to begin with. He has the memory of....whatever animal remembers the most (I think elephant? ) but does that mean he is magical? No. These girls are actually magical. And time is ticking for these pills of life. So I know he has to save the womenz and what not but ask for help. Keep Kazumi around in case you need her and cut her off if you think people are tracking her. It was just...special that Ryouta even attempted this on his own. I mean...maybe he thought it was going to be easier than it was. Or it was man pride. It is hard to tell but I was rollin my eyes a bit. Also it might have been a tiny bit safer for Kazumi to do this at the conservatory instead of his house if we are all for keeping people safe. But since Ryouta is a member of the club I guess people would be around soon to cap his mom in the head anyway.
 photo gokukokuepisode87_zpsbad645df.jpg
Kotori's world is a
Perhaps Ryouta didn't want Kazumi's help because she is a nut? Too far? I am sure deep down the girl just wants to have a normal life and since that is probably not going to happen she might as well cram as much in this life as she can. And that means sex right? Something kids her age start experimenting on right? 15/16 yes? At least kissing and 2nd base I assume. That is what her focus is on now. Neko wants to save everyone, Kotori wants to make friends, Kana wants to eat things....well puree things, and Kazumi wants to see what this sex thing is all about. And all of them want to go to school for some reason. So while yes this is a healthy dose of fanservice and eye rolling......Kazumi has been dealt a crappy lot in life. I must tell myself that over and over again while Kazumi is throwing herself at Ryouta and being...herself. At least she tried to make sure it was okay with Ryouta, the whole Neko situation and what not. Things were quickly stopped though when Ryouta accidentally found the spot Kazumi wanted him to find. Guess we will just have to call it a night...literally by sleeping in the same bed together. Baby steps Kazumi.
 photo gokukokuepisode810_zpsbc782991.jpg
Good thing it didn't rain...
Despite there being danger all around Ryouta still goes alone to this now located...location. Which turns out to be a busted up church in the middle of nowhere. It still would have been in the middle of nowhere had the church still been there but you know....details. And what is with all this German-ness all over the place? When did they get so involved with Japan? Ryouta is being portrayed as some amazingly smart kid yet he keeps making mistakes. Guess that makes it more realistic since teenagers aren't really known for their great decision making. See I would have searched all the rubble at the church before asking locals what was going on in that area. No one was around and it would be best to check the area out first then ask questions while I was already on my way out of town so I could make a clean getaway. Ryouta..did not do that and didn't discover the German wall until after he asked Ms. Tattle Granny about the area. Why did she tell anyway?! Out of fear or threats?
 photo gokukokuepisode811_zps40ae4a39.jpg
A disguise like this?
Whatever the case may be the police in the area are on edge. X___X I am guessing the Lab has gotten a hold of them, maybe even threaten the locals if these silver tagged girls are allowed to escape. They are terrorists you know, what with their turning into goo and making poor people clean up after them. Mr. Head of Police was especially trigger happy. Ryouta was just looking around and being very polite with his lies and suddenly guns are turned on him? Even the other officers were like what the hell due to these antics? I would have been too. X__X Like err does the punishment fit the crime here buddy? That being said Ryouta might want to invest in some disguises and or learning escape routes if he wants to be all gangsta and crap.
 photo gokukokuepisode816_zps53812ce8.jpg
I can't break my promise to save all the womenz!
Had Neko and Kotori not shown up in their Mighty Morphin masks Ryouta would have died. He didn't want to put them in danger but if he dies their best chance at figuring out all this mess will die too so maybe he should be slightly more careful and allow them to help him. At least have them nearby for a quick rescue while he does the dirty work. Both girls get hung up rather quickly so Ryouta needs to teach them the best ways to use their magic. Like stop with the bullets and aim for the guns. Ryouta was slightly less than ungrateful over the rescue but he got over it because being alive is good. He might not have really found anything important but maybe he did? Just because the church was destroyed doesn't mean the clue was lost. The password might have been all that was there to begin with, the German word underlined in blood. So.... a wild goose chase indeed.
 photo gokukokuepisode814_zps812a3df3.jpg
Err...does this look like a good thing to make?
While Ryouta and company regroup Kogoro and Mr. Creepy were basically having side by side conversations. Kogoro is a little down about the pills, probably because if the witches dies he won't have a chance to study them anymore. I am sure one day he will get on the witches are people too train but....he might die soon afterwards. XD He seems pretty excited about this alien fetus/cells or whatever. That poof we see Mr. Creepy looking at what seems to be an alien being grown Alien Resurrection style. That is probably the Lab's real goal. You know, the witches are just meat by products. Or everything is confusing so what does it matter. Mr. Creepy is busy not working once again and his assistant (maybe) walks in and tells Mr. Creepy of their cop situation. Like due to the fact that our organization is doing something super illegal and hush hush we don't have the man power to handle these situations ourselves. Also we are going to keep making the same mistake and send out a witch to handle said issues when they come up. So Mr. Creepy authorized the use of Nanami. COME ON DOWN! On a side note this is a LOT of girls. A lot of girls who seem to be relatively the same age. Were they all adopted by crazy people or kidnapped? Because shouldn't there be some big investigation into this obvious crime? Just a thought.
 photo gokukokuepisode817_zpsa9a154d8.jpg
Not even a little maiming?
I really thought Nanami was going to go in and mess all those police officers up. That might have caused a lot of.....problems for the Lab though. A bit too messy since they were all gathered in one spot. I thought when Mr. Assistant rolled in with sunglasses and Nanami was all tied up we were going to be in for a gore fest. Like all frozen The Ring style. Instead Nanami's powers have something to do with her eyes and memories as all the police people who were all WHAT IS MAGIC are now like...some punk kid broke in, what more do you want? Hopefully the reports have been taken care of too since they wrote this all down but I am guessing that is a minor detail....
 photo gokukokuepisode815_zps80246055.jpg
Why so mad Kana?
The episode ends with Kazumi and Kana having a moment and Nanami flashing people. Nanami...well that was odd. Mr. Assistant wants to get info on who Nanami just saw in the police people's memories. A boy and two witches. So she is going around to the local area to scan people. She is given free reign this time but I think if Mr. Assistant walked her around all tied up she would draw more attention. Either way it is look at the crazy girl with the swirl eyes. Kazumi and Kana on the other hand...they make a little less sense. One would think that Kana would still be upset about Kazumi knowing that she could move if she wanted too but that hasn't been brought up again for some reason. No no Kana is mad that Valkyria got brought up. Not sure why as everyone needs to know what is going on and what could happen. Is merely mentioning her name bad luck? Did Valkyria hurt someone? I don't know, it was weird how they were getting into it. They got interrupted so the conversation never made any sense. Something to file away for later I suppose. On to the next episode weee!


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