Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

 photo DuffyPokemonadventures029_zps31a899b2.jpg
Maybe I can find a rare one?
Hello there! It is I Duffy the Disney Bear. A while back Mom was spending every single second trying to find/catch every single Pokemon on her new game. There are over 700 of them! I don't even know how many paws that is. She couldn't catch them all so I figured I could help her out. After getting changed into something appropriate of course. I am a fashionable bear after all.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures028_zps351c75d0.jpg
Look at me Lucky Duffy. I am Cool Trainer Duffy. Yeah I wear shades inside!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures017_zps4e1c4743.jpg
What luck! I can start off my adventure by catching a lot of Pokemon! Legendary ones too.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures018_zps10e89a6a.jpg
What are you doing Kira?! Don't frighten them!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures019_zpscc49513e.jpg
Kira!!! You scared them away! Don't you know how rare and hard to find they are!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures016_zpscc61deb0.jpg
I guess I will have to go around and find others first. Here is Azurill getting ready for a bath.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures015_zps691979b2.jpg
I spy with my sunglasses eyes...a Pikachu!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures001_zps5c7c5c0f.jpg
Lets go outside and find some Pokemon. I am sure there are quite a LOOK AUDINO!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures002_zpsfa0ef356.jpg
I will be a Pokemon master!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures003_zps9832ecbe.jpg
Come here little Phanpy....
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures006_zpseebe79b9.jpg
Whimsicott isn't blending in very well is she?
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures007_zps81f40223.jpg
I spy a Dragonite. Now I just got to get up there.....
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures008_zps3ffdd266.jpg
I am going to sneak around the side, don't startle him.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures009_zps4bfa6935.jpg
Look at that, double Pokemon! I am going to need more balls!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures010_zps96c29196.jpg
I think I see a Leafeon. Mom loves those!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures012_zpsc100dcba.jpg
Perhaps you could come on down here so I could catch you little Celebi.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures013_zps0b62d91a.jpg
Looking for Pokemon is tiring work. I am going to take a nap right here....
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures022_zps29814ba2.jpg gets a little hot inside there you know...
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures023_zps6808c93e.jpg
Err....can you come down here Latios so it will be easier to catch you?
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures024_zps5b2ccd9f.jpg
I have tracked down one of the legendary dogs. Let me just get the Pokeball ready....
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures025_zps64efe379.jpg
KIRA! Don't scare the Pokemon away again!
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures026_zpsc54355a7.jpg
Entei is hiding with Dad's little monster lego things.
 photo DuffyPokemonadventures027_zpscfd8ee48.jpg
There it is! The last Pokemon Suicune. He was trying to take a nap. I have caught them all woohoo! Well a lot anyway. I hope this helps Mom out. XD She loves Pokemon...and me too.

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