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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 11

 photo brynhildrepisode115_zps207fc790.jpg
Something super important. Wouldn't it be funny if it were you? XD
X___X It has been scary in terms of weather in my part of the woods today. Like every 5 seconds the tv had a storm warning for our area. That didn't stop my neighbor from going outside and having the longest/loudest conversation on the phone ever though....she could have been struck by lightening. Thankfully (sadly?) she was not and I got to listen to her wonderful conversations in between thunder strikes and goals being scored on TV. Oh and in between trying to blog another anime episode. GO ME!! What is up on the distractometer? Why it is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 11. Spoilers for new friends and dwindling pills.
 photo brynhildrepisode11_zps534417a6.jpg
We are such good guessers, go us!
Episode Summary: Valkyria is happily enjoying her freedom when some plain looking cops appear. Apparently the large pile of bodies nearby makes her look suspicious. Valkyria is like how dare you interrupt my fun and start to gather antimatter in her hands. The cops are like hmm what is this...and the entire side of the mountain blows up. Valkyria sorta flies into the water laughing while everyone looks on in horror including other cops that were taking care of the witch body part pile. As they are watching the explosion one witch.....takes her sliced off half and glues it back to her body. She sees her beacon got blasted off by Valkyria so it is escape time. Back at the conservatory the girls and Ryouta look on the internet about this violent explosion and the girls assume that Valkyria did this. Even though she is supposed to be asleep deep in the lab all signs point to her since she can do like 7 or 8 kinds of magics. Surely she is hunting them down and there will be nothing they can do about this. Elsewhere Mr. Creepy (whose name is actually mentioned this episode but you know) is taken to task in front of the Chair Committee. Everyone is really upset about these 100 dead people, dead witches and letting Valkyria run free. They threaten to kill he awaits their next orders. The witch that glued herself back together is seen getting off a bus near the conservatory. When she was lying in pieces on the ground Valkyria and her witch hunting magic stated that she felt 4 witches in said conservatory so....Ms. Pieces has decided to see if there are witches in the area. Up the steps she goes and when she walks inside everyone is lying in a pool of blood. She freaks out and tries to help them but Kazumi is like AW it's not Valkyria, everyone get up. False alarm. Ryouta and the others question how this would protect them from Valkyria while Kazumi recognizes the girl as Hatsuna. She is apparently a level A witch so why is she here? She explains that she was guarding Valkyria but she has gone away, looking for #1107. She has no idea what 1107 is she is. Hatsuna seems to know all the girls but Kotori which Ryouta finds odd. Hatsuna doesn't know what to make of Ryouta but the other girls vouch for him. Kazumi has a meltdown as they have another witch to give pills which Ryouta points out represents her growth as a person. Embarrassed Kazumi is like clean this room/paint as we go wash up and make some fanservice.
 photo brynhildrepisode11_zpsf63b0475.jpg
And then the new girl died. The end.
The girls go outside where Hatsuna makes fun of everyone's boobies because yay friendship. There is a scar on Hatsuna that the girls question so the new witch explains her magic is to regenerate. As long as she doesn't get ejected or cut off from pills she lives. Neko and the others start talking about how Ryouta has kept them alive all this time which makes Hatsuna want to know the boy more. So Hatsuna climbs to the top of some tower and pretends to be stuck so Ryouta can save her. She seems satisfied when Ryouta rushes to the top to help. Unfortunately she slips and Ryouta has a flashback of KuroNeko falling to her death. He manages to grab her but they are danging by a broken pole that is threatening to break. Hatsuna is scared but tells Ryouta to drop her, that her magic won't allow her to die. Ryouta thinks that Hatsuna is dying to save his life. Hatsuna tries to convince him but he won't take the chance. He wants to swing her to safety and then he will use both hands to climb the pole. Hatsuna tries once again to convince Ryouta but allows him to swing her to safety...and he falls to his death. Or almost death as Kotori uses her magic to switch places. Everyone is YAY as Kana had used her magic to sense Ryouta's death. Ryouta starts to talk about how Kotori's magic actually is useful in terms of science but Kotori wasn't even thinking that way which is scary. Hatsuna comes up and apologizes for nearly killing Ryouta because she wanted to test his niceness. Since no one died Ryouta forgives her. Hatsuna has the blushes and decides she likes Ryouta..and kisses him. Neko responds by destroying the rest of the tower and the other girls trying to calm her down while shooting her with eyeball lazers. Go Hatsuna. After being kissed Rentarou goes to see his UNCLE Kogoro. It turns out he remembers Nanami and how she died. He knows the importance of pills and watching Nanami has given him an idea of what the pills do. Basically there is some sort of enzyme that disolves the witches and the pills stop this enzyme. Kogoro used to know someone who did work on this enzyme and since he can get his hands on the material he can make the a month. With the new addition to their crew they have enough pills for one week. Kogoro tells Ryouta he needs to make a decision. Elsewhere Mr. Creepy (who has a name but meh) has found Valkyria. He yells at her for her obvious destruction and asks why she would do that. At first Valkyria is all pissed off and goes to use her powers on Mr. Creepy...then he slaps her and she instantly changes personalities. She cries and hugs him and basically wants forgiveness. She loves him and tells him where the “thing” is they are looking for. Back at NotARealClub the witches are talking about Ryouta visiting Kogoro and what this could mean for their pills. Neko is busy wondering what feelings really are. Ryouta returns and tells the girls about the pill progress. They are upset obviously but Kazumi wants to decide by lottery who gets to live. Hatsuna bows out of the lottery, saying she is new and what not. Turns out she picked up all her dead friend's pills when she glued herself back together and will probably survive to the next month anyway. Neko decides she doesn't want to live. Kana decides that she won't be able to live alone. And Kotori is so happy to have lived this long it's okay to die. Kazumi gets mad that all the girls insist she have the pills, making her feel greedy. Kazumi decides everyone will die in a week, after enjoying a fun summer vacation. All the girls agree and Kotori brings drinks to celebrate. She ends up spilling all the drinks on Neko and freaks out. She tries to undress Neko to clean her clothes but obviously this exposes her chest and Ryouta FINALLY sees the moles. He realizes that Neko is his long lost friend from forever ago and breaks down into sobs. He and Neko go outside where she still says she doesn't remember anything but Ryouta is okay. He remembers enough for the both of them and they can create new memories. They will just go inside and figure this all out together WOOHOO! Or or...a helicopter can come flying towards our mains and before anyone can react Valkyria will appear in the room. THE END!
 photo brynhildrepisode112_zps30c24ac3.jpg
The fact that any of you are alive at this point is a miracle.
So then...this show has decided that there won't be a second season and instead of cutting out some unnecessary garbage or pacing things out to 24 episodes it is just going to cram things all at once and hope it sticks. I thought that maybe things were up when the opening “song” was changed as that isn't typical for a 12/13 episode show but what do I know. Oh I do know that things are going way too fast and what not for it to dramatically end so soon.
 photo brynhildrepisode1110_zpsbd6d01cb.jpg
And they will probably never see it again weeee!
Valkyria or Neko 3.0 is a bit deranged. I guess if I had powers like her too I wouldn't be running or hiding either. I would be like yep going to take my time and enjoy my freedom because what can those bitches do?! XD If Valkyria is the witch they send out to take out other witches and....the lab is running out of super witches I might be cocky too. Not cocky enough to gather antimatter/darkmatter in my hands but you know. Valkyria has been in the lab for a long time. She doesn't know the art of revenge and living to see another day. Time for explosions and dead bodies weee! BEST DAY EVER says Valkyria as she flies off the mountain.
 photo brynhildrepisode1111_zpsd7f624de.jpg just time to sneak by the stupid and obvious cops.
The cops that weren't sent to capture a young girl and instead had to scrape dead bodies off the ground were spared. Slightly distracted by the mountain exploding into a firey mess but spared. I personally might have thrown up at the sight of so many dead bodies but maybe the censors work for them too. see it. The top of a dead girl moving the bottom part of her until the black and white bars of doom blur my vision and imply what is going on. That her body...glued itself back together. That this girl is not so dead after all. I think it should have made more disgusting noises when her body reassembled itself. But yeah folks...we got a witch with an actual magical power here. Too bad she wasn't involved with the pill stealing adventure, that would have worked out perfectly. This girl is going to glue herself back together and run away to die a slow, painful but free death.
 photo brynhildrepisode113_zpsd99b2ff2.jpg
And who was Valkyria talking too? Oh she is crazy? Never mind then.
Or or....she hoped on a bus to travel to Witch Hideout. You know, Ryouta's magical club of nothingness. Because one of Valkyria's many powers includes being able to sense other witches. Since Valkyria isn't down for killing all the witches just yet with her new found freedom she has decided to kill them later. But she cared enough to state where these girls were out loud so the not dead witch could hear Valkyria. Being alone in the world is hard so Ms. Pieces decided to see what was up. Maybe get some pills. Or maybe she could sense Ryouta and his womenz saving ways.
 photo brynhildrepisode114_zps384dad1d.jpg
Oh snap is Valkyria making friends everywhere?!
When the new witch walked in she was not greeted with hugs or guns. Instead everyone was laying dead on the ground. And she freaked out. Which I thought was the point. Maybe a test to see if the witch/person walking in would care about them thus they are a friend. Then I thought to myself...Neko is friends with everyone, she doesn't need no stinkin test. No this was just Kazumi's amazing plan to protect everyone. They were surfing the web, probably typing things like How to Make Witch pills when they learned the mountain exploded in a blaze of glory. They immediately know it is Valkyria because she knows all the magic ever. Why did they automatically assume this? It could have been another witch or possible an outside source doing the damage? I mean of course they are right but they have no reason to guess the correct answer since Valkyria should be asleep in the lab. But their grand idea to survive a Valkyria encounter is to paint blood on everyone, including the boy Ryouta and pretend to be dead. Um....that sounds like a grand plan for a 5 year old. Where are the melted body parts and what not?
 photo brynhildrepisode116_zps78c2258b.jpg
Is this going to be important later?
Everyone seems to accept this new witch, Hatsuna, with open arms. They have to since she is now in the opening song. I would have been a slight bit more weary as she just got done saying she was guarding Valkyria. I probably would have questioned her more on why she was here. I mean I would assume all the witches would WANT to escape the lab but as we have seen some witches aren't ready to run away or they are afraid to die. And it's not like any of the girls remember Nanami so...yeah I would be weary. Not Neko who loves everyone. Kazumi is too busy moaning at the lack of pills for all these girls which Ryouta sees a growth and a good thing. The only weird thing that anyone notes is that Hatsuna doesn't know Kotori. Why does that matter to Ryouta? Does every witch have to know every other one? When Kotori first rolled up and talked about her friend Kazumi knew that girl but the others didn't seem to show that much emotion. But Ryouta made a point of saying something so I guess it is important.
 photo brynhildrepisode117_zpsdeaee81b.jpg
Everyone's boobs look exactly the same in this picture so...
After talking up Ryouta a bit the girls (well mostly Kazumi) command the boy to clean the room while they wash all the paint of themselves. Because fanservice has to happen every episode or else we would forget these girls have breasts. Hatsuna decides to press her luck and ability to receive pills from these girls by making fun of their breasts. I guess Kana is not eligible to be picked on because of her condition. The one that hasn't been mentioned since Kazumi implied Kana could move. After all boobie fun the girls notice that Hatsuna has a scar across her body. You know, when she glued herself back together. Do the witches at the lab not talk about their powers? Maybe since Hatsuna is a grade A witch they didn't talk or interact much. So Hatsuna explains that her powers are to regenerate. So....that means the lab sent her to watch Valkyria on purpose and the lab knows she is not dead. They could still eject Hatsuna as she explains and she would be a goner. But I guess the beacon lets them eject from long distances and the others have to ejected in real life. Still they are not out of the woods yet as Hatsuna could be useful against Valkyria.
 photo brynhildrepisode115_zps28bcda14.jpg
Feel guilty Hatsuna. These girls were willing to die to give you a chance to live. Included in the lots and all doubting Ryouta.
Hatsuna has decided to not take the girls at face value when it comes to their praises for Ryouta. They seem to be alive and not a pile of mush so Ryouta has to have done something to keep them alive right? Why would they lie about that? But like a good girl who has been locked up in a lab and tortured by strangers Hatsuna isn't down for Ryouta just yet. Sure Valkyria is out there and is super dangerous. And sure they are going to run out of pills soon and all die. That doesn't mean with what little time Hatsuna has left she shouldn't investigate this person called Ryouta. Does he really save all the womenz? She needs to find out and what better way to do that than to climb a tower and pretend that she is too scared to climb down. I might have been too scared to climb down but I wouldn't have climbed up there to begin with so.....
 photo brynhildrepisode118_zpsaf96af2c.jpg
I believe you are a good guy now. Sorry for being an unbeliever.
Whatever Hatsuna's plan was it went horribly wrong or right...when she accidentally fell off said tower. Poor Ryouta, having flashbacks of his dead friend and how he thinks it was all his fault. Hatsuna didn't mean it but maybe she should think about these things before she goes off and tests strangers. Ryouta does go after Hatsuna which lands them into a dangerous/dangling situation. Hatsuna of course can't die and suggests that Ryouta should drop her and climb to safety. She explains the situation to him but Ryouta doesn't believe her. These witches have a tendency to die for one another and even though Hatsuna just met him five seconds ago maybe she is willing to die for him. She could be lying. I think Hatsuna did enough to try and convince him so her going along with his plan to save her doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. Ryouta was going to get his way no matter what so it was best to listen to him before too much time passed. Oh Ryouta, always over thinking things.
 photo brynhildrepisode119_zps40da4cc5.jpg
I think I would be busy freaking out but Ryouta is all about the science of magic.
In the end Ryouta did manage to save Hatsuna at the expense of himself. He ended up tumbling to the ground, to certain death with WHOOSH Kotori switched places with him. I too was a bit X__x when Kotori survived the fall. I expected her to be hurt somewhat but since this is MAGICAL Kotori's state of being continued on and Ryouta's state of being stopped. Kinetic energy what? So yeah Ryouta was in shock that he wasn't dead. Yay for Kana and her ability to see the future. Does she even get hung up or does she not use her powers enough for that to happen? Anyway Hatsuna climbs down from the tower and now trusts Ryouta. She is slightly sorry for putting them at risk and Ryouta forgives her like the situation was her eating the last of the cookies. Like well no one died so I guess I forgive you. Which is good because Hatsuna wants to be part of this Ryouta harem. Like I like you. You are the first boy I have ever met who hasn't tried to hurt me so it must be love. Here have a kiss. XD No really, have a kiss and lets watch Neko lose her mind. Hatsuna can't be killed but I am sure Neko will make her suffer. And the plot moves on a break neck speed.
 photo brynhildrepisode112_zpscc5febaf.jpg
Ah yes...of course....X__X
Ryouta takes a break from kisses and causing jealously among the ranks to see Uncle Kogoro about these darn pills. Good to know that no one has caught on to what Kogoro has doing. Everyone, you are sworn to secrecy. Don't tell the bad people anything. Anyway I KNEW Kogoro remembered Nanami. He standing off to the side, almost behind her when she died so she couldn't change his memories. And it turns out it is good that she died. Well not good in that no one should die but Kogoro is a scientist. Having...err....samples is good for research purposes. All other....samples were gone. So while Nanami dying was super sad Kogoro was able to figure out why the girls turn to goo. It has something to do with made up science because the pills could magically STOP this enzyme from killing the witches and repair extensive damage after the fact. The good news is that Kogoro can make this pill within a month now. The bad news...there are enough pills for one week if every girl took them. :( Poor Ryouta. Kogoro wasn't as concerned about the choice as the person's research he was using to come up with this pill plan. Whatever did happen to his pal Mr Creepy? HMMM!
 photo brynhildrepisode114_zpsc0f90302.jpg
What the hell is this crap?
Mr. Creepy has located Valkyria. I don't really know what this crazy is thinking. She is running around killing witches and tons of people but made no effort to escape. I guess when she is that powerful she doesn't need to but if...Mr. Creepy has some effect on her I would have attacked first in that case. OR RUN AWAY. I don't even know folks. Is she so crazy she isn't even thinking straight? In any event Mr. Creepy finds her alone and starts screaming at her right away. I would have been slightly scared of the magical girl that hates my guts but not Mr. Creepy. She is suffering from...something. Split personality or mind control because one slap sent Valkyria into a state of tears and listening to the evil man. I can lead you to what you want, just please love me. Alrighty then.
 photo brynhildrepisode116_zpsf8d7a2af.jpg
We are friends til the end! Of next week anyway!
So Ryouta makes his way home and has to tell all the girls that they are boned. Well all but one of them. One might make it out of this mess alive but at the cost of the other girls. I thought it was nice of Hatsuna to bow out of the lottery but then it turns out that she has quite a few pills for herself. Maybe if she shared them and everyone was in a constant state of pain and bleeding they could stretch it out so two people could live? Instead everyone was all NO I want to die so my friends can live. It came down to Kazumi being the one everyone wants to live. I guess Ryouta really didn't have to make a decision did he? I wonder if he would have picked Neko.....Anyway this was all sad and what not. These girls haven't had a great lot in life but they still have enough humanity in themselves to be self sacrificing for friends. Then by unanimous decision they decide if most of them have to die they all might as well die together. One last week of fun, who cares what Ryouta thinks!!!
 photo brynhildrepisode118_zpsfb3a20f9.jpg
This leads us up to the end of the show. During their celebration of their last week on Earth Kotori spilled drinks all over Neko which meant the girl needed to be stripped right then and there. Since all the girls only have one pair of clothing each Neko was naked and BEHOLD Ryouta finally saw Neko's moles (again)! Ryouta was so overwhelmed with the obvious truth he broke down into crazy sobs. Like...really crazy sobs. Neko didn't get very emotional at all, just simply stating she doesn't remember the boy at all. But Ryouta must have forgotten about the girls pact to die together in a week because he genuinely thinks everything is going to be okay. And just as that lovely thought hits Ryouta's brain...a helicopter containing Valkyria appears. I guess she needs to be within a certain distance for her transportation magic to work because TADA there is she folks, inside the conservatory, ready to kill some witches so Neko can be the last one standing with all the pills. Ryouta did take the time to notice that Neko and Valkyria look very familiar before freaking out. Is Neko what Mr. Creepy is looking for? Who is going to end up a melted pile of goo? Is the lab really trying to create aliens? I guess we will find out next time...maybe.


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