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Black Bullet episode 9

What is that noise? Could it be...the wonderful AC clicking on? Blowing wonderful air throughout the house? Glorious Air Conditioner has returned!!! X___X It's amazing how something you really take for granted and don't think about all that often can affect you so significantly. I usually complain about it being cold in the house but when the AC went down it was melt city all over the place. I could barely think let alone watch anime and type about them in a way that made sense. Just really shows you how fortunate you are and how others do without so much in the world.
 photo blackbulletepisode9_zps5b592f39.jpg
Out entire city is going to be destroyed in three days? That's nice. I HAVE NO FOOD!
With the AC back on and my trust blanket back in place perhaps I can start catching up on Spring anime. You know, now that it is officially summer which means the new stuff is on it's way. SAILOR MOON FOLKS! But before then...Black Bullet episode 9 folks. Spoilers for no one wanting to play reindeer games with Rentarou.
 photo blackbulletepisode914_zpsede08fa0.jpg
Rentarou and girls under the age of 10 can risk their lives...not you Kisara.
Episode Summary: Tina and Rentarou go to see Sumire. Tina has heard the woman is weird but Sumire takes it to another creepy level with her need for food. Sumire repays Rentarou for the food by telling Tina Rentarou is a pervert. Sumire then slides in that someone named Shoma is looking for Rentarou. Of course he is!!!! Who is Shoma? Apparently someone he and Kisara knew as kids, training in the same karate moves or whatever. But he hasn't been around in a while which makes Rentarou sad as he refers to this man in a brotherly way. Tina tries to get things back on track by how she thinks she should leave the agency given her...status. Rentarou and Sumire talk to her how she is different ways of comforting of course. I guess after a few tests Tina takes a nap and Sumire tells Rentarou not to get too attached to the girls because of their erosion rates. Rentarou declares Enju human and will give her rights and freedom by killing all the Gastrea. Sumire decides that Rentarou is the most beautiful thing ever....then brings up the mighty tricycle in a box event. Rentarou gave Sumire his clearance for top secret information. Sumire has gone through it and found major pieces of information missing that shouldn't be. What are they hiding? Due to news leaking and people having eyeballs Seitenshi has to announce that the pillar is breaking down and the new one won't be ready until 3 days after the fact. People don't immediately panic but people assume the chaos will happen soon. Tamaki and Rentarou watch this news report and wonder about how this will affect Seitenshi. The girls finish making the tent which sucks as they are not officially part of the lets not die campaign. Story of Rentarou's life. They would be official if they had more members so Rentarou and Enju go to see if anyone showed up without being part of a team. Enju suggests a few teams but Rentarou lists why they wouldn't be a good match. They end up finding no one since everyone is already grouped up. They notice a few people gathering around near some train tracks so they walk over to see what is up. Turns out one of the pairs Enju suggested got slightly murdered. Oh.
 photo blackbulletepisode912_zps926b3ae5.jpg
Kisara is ready for action. Because dialysis lasts for a week in the future weee!
A fight breaks out near camp so Rentarou and Enju walk on down there, dead people forgotten. Or about to be revenged. One of the people in the fight is Shoma along with his partner Midori. The pair they are fighting is clearly weaker according to Enju but the other dude started it. Shoma and Midori make quick work of the pair, with Midori looking a bit shy about it. Rentarou and Shoma greet each other warmly while Enju is all HMMM who is this? Shoma joins Rentarou back at their crappy camp. Shoma says he is unworthy of Rentarou due to all his accomplishments lately but joins up with the team anyway. Rentarou tries to bring up why Shoma left the dojo but mum is the word. Tamaki returns with their official tent now they are a team of 3 pairs. Shoma and Midori officially introduce themselves to the group and it turns out shy Midori has many animal features including a tail. Yuzuki and Enju are intrigued. Rentarou still wants two more pairs so they will be safe from all sides. But seeing how they barely got Shoma...Kisara marches up and says she and Tina are now an official pair, that Tina has gotten her ranking back due to the END OF THE WORLD happening. Rentarou isn't happy, Tamaki thinks Kisara is hot, and Shoma warmly greets Kisara has they go back. Rentarou takes Kisara aside and talks about how her health might be in danger and he doesn't want her fighting. Before Rentarou can yell more everyone has to gather for a pair meeting with the dude in charge. Gado seems...very loud but really all he says (I think) is that ALL THESE PAIRS are on stand by. That things are going to be taken care of by the military first, then they will be called upon if things go bad. His speech is basically KILL GASTREA but Rentarou raises his hand and makes it sound like the government doesn't believe in them. While Yuzuki and Enju investigate if Midori has a tail Kisara and Rentarou continue their talk about how Rentarou worries over Kisara. Kisara says she is tired of being the one to worry and wants to help in battle. She suggests leaving herself behind if she proves useless. Kisara and Rentarou almost have a romantic moment but literally everyone interrupts them. Then there is a dramatic lets reintroduce ourselves to the group so we can have a moment of bonding. You know, before everyone dies. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode915_zps65b3dc72.jpg
We might be dead in three days so lets hurry up with the blushy faces and what not.
I don't even know where to start with this episode. I seems all over the place and people are not panicking when there should be panicking. It is just one big field trip/picnic. HAPPY TIMES FOR ALL! Just seemed rather odd.
 photo blackbulletepisode94_zps581e2d5f.jpg
Sumire being super uplifting there...
Things start off with Tina going to visit Sumire who was dying of hunger. I found this odd as I would have thought Seitenshi would have taken Tina to see Sumire since Sumire used to work with Tina's.....master/creator. But I guess everything is left up to Rentarou because that is what I do when I am running a city. I leave everything up to a teenage punk. Since Seitenshi is a teenager too I guess this works out. The fact that the world hasn't ended yet shocks me each and every time I see this show.
 photo blackbulletepisode93_zpsd6d4e802.jpg
Rentarou has to save you, to protect his harem.
So yes time to see Sumire. I thought this was going to be a more scientific meeting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Rentarou is a pervert trying to have a harem of little girl bits. Tina needed to pick a side though, being grossed out or being confused as his status of King pervert. But I thought after all of that it would turn into a conversation about Tina's abilities and how Rentarou can use her in the upcoming moments of doom. Instead we start talking about some kid named Shoma. Yeah way to slide that in. Guess that means he will be showing up later in the episode because of his clumsy introduction. Tina was like hello what about me so she had to have a dramatic moment where she thinks she should quit the agency. Even if she quits who cares? DOOM IS COMING!!! Rentarou could save Seitenshi's life and things wouldn't be okay for the kid. Wait he already did that? Yeah so stick around Tina. But not for too long. Remember...Cursed Children are going to die Rentarou. I want you to treat them like people but people who have stage 4 cancer got it? Rentarou is a bit special with his thinking. One can acknowledge that Enju is human and deserves fair treatment while accepting she is infected and will probably squish any time now.
 photo blackbulletepisode95_zpsf9899427.jpg
Thanks for nothing Seitenshi.
After bringing up the fact that Enju is going to die (but not soon because we can't be telling Rentarou that on the cusp of DOOM) Sumire jumped into tricycle gate. FINALLY. I have been waiting for them to talk about this for like 4325 episodes! And considering this is only episode 9 that is a lot of waiting. Rentarou was given his magical ranking clearance, the one that Seitenshi promised him would open up the truth to him. I remember these words and this tiny child's toy. Rentarou gave Sumire access to his stuff because I guess all that reading is beyond him. It turns out that Seitenshi was either lying or things have been kept from her. Because the most important piece of information has been denied to Rentarou. Maybe he needs to be ranked 99 or higher? CURSE YOU TINA! Either way I am eyeballing Seitenshi for being a liar. I am going to guess though that the Gastrea are not aliens from Planet Gross and were scientific experiments to make children X-men. This village that was wiped out was the testing point and now Cursed Children are the proof of this happening. People like Kisara's Gramps are involved and are pointing fingers to save face. Everyone is a liar weeeeee!
 photo blackbulletepisode96_zps2c0b2ccd.jpg
The face of no comment.
Rentarou has no time to talk to Seitenshi about this missing information, information he specifically wanted because she is slightly busy. Not as busy as I thought it would be given their entire city is in danger. I really thought once people found out about the pillar falling apart, the new one not being made in time, and that Seitenshi had previous knowledge about the issue...there would be riots in the streets right then and there. What would be the point to wait since everyone is doomed anyway? If the military could really protect them and take out the Gastrea it wouldn't be an issue now. They are lucky to be where they are now. But no one seems to think like that, having “normal” lives with pop stars and hamburgers and blaming little girls for their problems. Even if Seitenshi saves the day I don't know if she will remain in power after this event. HMMM could this have been planned?
 photo blackbulletepisode98_zps1b6dbbfd.jpg
Nope, it is better to have in fighting. Wouldn't want to win this battle or anything.
So clearly I have no idea what the hell is going on with this show because I thought Rentarou was supposed to gather up ALL THE PAIRS to fight against the 2,000 Gastrea. What she really meant was...Rentarou go make your own tiny team and join the other teams to fight as a unit. Which I guess makes sense because how could Rentarou save the entire world. But then it makes no sense as every pair should have been offered a job, told to show up, and placed in subgroups. Why leave it up to individuals to form their own group when THE ENTIRE CITY is in danger? It makes no sense to me. Of course it makes no sense to me why people wouldn't want Rentarou as part of their group. Other than for the plot to make Rentarou and Tamaki to look like outcasts with amazing skills and a sad tent to show for it. We can't have amazing people working with other people being amazing together. It wouldn't be as frustrating you know. 

Enju, Yuzuki, and not registered Tina are not happy with this sad tent so Enju and Rentarou skip off to find more people. Because this is possible? Would people randomly show up without being in a group of three so they would be subjected to iffy living conditions and the chance to join up with complete strangers that may or may not have their backs? Is there a reason the human race is still alive MOG?! Not to mention I agree with Enju and that this place looked like a festival instead of an area where back up troops got proper supplies and food in a logical sense. Poor Enju is trying though folks. Like what about THOSE people? Oh they have armor on so they will be slow to move? Can't have the military standard uniforms here. Oh and that guy isn't wearing enough clothes for our eyes? Clearly this is impossible.
 photo blackbulletepisode97_zps07e4e382.jpg
Preferably ones that aren't dead. Thanks.
Before Enju and Rentarou can get upset over the lack of pairs for them to pick from someone is murdered. Well two people are murdered, one pair. Because when DOOM is upon the entire city it is clearly time to kill a man and a little girl over something petty. Maybe Mr. Dead was rude or challenged someone he shouldn't but it shouldn't end in death. Nothing seems to really happen with this, just cementing the fact that everyone is crazy. Just as Rentarou sees this scene another issue happens where he and Enju must investigate. In the face of danger it is time to threaten someone's life if they don't want to join your group or want to have a drink with you. Especially if you are a convicted killer. Sounds like an awesome pair there. So who is the other part of this “fight”? Oh just Shoma, Rentarou's long lost brother figure of dojo awesomeness. Just slide him right in there since Sumire mentioned him earlier and all.
 photo blackbulletepisode99_zpsc5786678.jpg
Dude we were JUST talking about you.
Shoma wins the “fight” which was basically nothing. What kind of sport do these people learn at this dojo that normal human beings like Kisara and Shoma can do such things? Anyway Mr. Convict was beaten soundly, as if to show off how cool Shoma is despite him not having a group himself. Like wow I was just talking about Shoma and I need someone else in my group and here he is...with his awesome cat girl Initiator Midori. It was a true bro moment. Shoma is happy to see Rentarou and Rentarou is happy that Shoma isn't the one who killed that pair on the hill. At least someone seems sane despite looking like the antagonist to one of the recent Pokemon games. Everything will be okay folks. Just ignore the dead bodies near the train and everything will be fine. What impending doom?
 photo blackbulletepisode910_zpsdf81d4b2.jpg
I think it's pretty cute too. XD
With Shoma in tow that means their group has enough people to be official and given the actual supplies that will help them get ready for a life and death battle. If you don't have the right numbers well you deserve to die. Midori seems to be very, very shy. Perhaps Shoma left the dojo because of her? That Mr. Gramps isn't all that on the Cursed Child bandwagon and Shoma felt as if he couldn't put up with that anymore. But yeah...Midori seems more like a Cursed Child to me. Well in reality I would think most of these girls would be reserved and scared given the propensity of insanity with all these fools. But since all our mains are good guys Midori is just slightly shy. Mainly because she is a little different, more animal like than most girls. Personally I think it is cute and Yuzuki and Enju feel the same way. Without much back story Shoma and Midori are welcomed into the fold.
 photo blackbulletepisode911_zps9126a174.jpg
Since when do the people in charge care about logic?
Of course Rentarou can't be happy about the new tent because in reality land having 3 pairs isn't a big deal. To fully be protected they would need at least 5 pairs. Asking for two more sane adults is probably asking way too much though. They barely got Shoma. Oh what are they going to do now? :( Oh there is Kisara walking up. And she is in a pair with Tina now. I SEE. I guess in light of DOOM coming Seitenshi decided that Tina would be important and her being restricted makes no sense. Because dead is dead you know. TADA! A solution to everyone's problems. Because using all the other Chosen Children running around unsupervised would make too much sense. Tamaki approves of this addition.
 photo blackbulletepisode913_zpscea8cebf.jpg
You know, before they kill you and all your friends.
Before Rentarou can fully process what is going on the leader of this poorly organized resistance Gado calls a meeting. It was basically just a bunch of fluff. We can do it. We are mighty and the Gastrea are not. We will defeat them....if and when the regular military is beaten soundly and someone is left alive to call us in for back-up. Yay we can do it everyone!!!! Rentarou sensed something...wrong with this plan. That they are just seen as a big joke and that it would probably be better if they were closer to the fight if they really wanted a chance at winning this battle. Rentarou was mostly glared at for his high rank and stupid (necessary) questions. Surely everyone will win and no one will die.
 photo blackbulletepisode916_zps072b2cb3.jpg you are all doomed.
Rentarou decides to end the episode by having a heart to heart with Kisara. He feels as if she is not healthy enough for battle and I might agree with him. She seems okay with a sword but that requires pretty close combat for someone who needs dialysis on a regular basis. But since she had her treatment today she will clearly be okay enough for battle. That is the logic with this group. Rentarou still wants to protect Kisara since they have feelings for each other but actually saying them out loud would be too much so Rentarou must express them in a manly way. No battle for you! Except he really needs her. This little romantic encounter is interrupted by...well everyone because how dare they! This will...not ruin the group dynamic as it camp fire pep talk time. Like what Gado did but with way more enthusiasm. We will reintroduce ourselves for no reason and create some magical bond with this tight knit group of people who just came together. That way when everyone dies next episode it will be super sad, unlike when that other pair died. Oh yes...the blood is probably coming soon folks...

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