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Isshuukan Friends episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

 photo friendsepisode1212_zpsbb7eff0a.jpg
I pray all of our emotions don't explode our tiny little bodies.
WOOHOO! I am finally able to get things posted. It's been a while hasn't it? All the time in the world and nothing gets done. X___X Things are finishing up in terms of Spring Anime so if I don't want to be left in the dust I better be finishing up too. So...yeah. Here are some anime posts for you. Up now is Isshuukan Friends episode 12. The final episode of tears, misunderstandings, and everyone being friends.
 photo friendsepisode126_zpsc17166b8.jpg
I don't think Shougo has much of a choice about that...
Episode Summary: Kaori asks to talk to Shougo alone after school. She wants to know why Yuuki has been avoiding her lately. Shougo thinks this is a subject that she needs to talk to with Yuuki but she knows the boy won't give her a straight answer. Shougo explains Yuuki's concerns about becoming the new Kujou and being the cause of her losing more memories. Kaori is upset because she is Yuuki's friend and she didn't know how he felt. She cries a bit and walks away as Shougo wonders what is going to happen to these two. The next day in class Kaori and Yuuki talk to each other but things are still a bit off. It is cleaning day at the school and Saki's friends accidentally pick the straw that makes their group clean up the roof. They all freeze a bit while Kujou wonders why he is included in their group now. Shougo tries to talk to Saki but she runs away with her bag of trash. He goes after her and tries talking about how fake Kaori and Yuuki are being. He then asks why Saki is avoiding him and if he should stop talking to her. Saki then has a cry, saying she doesn't want that. She thinks she made him mad with the husband talk so she stopped talking to him to avoid saying anything else that would make him mad and leave HER. Shougo apologizes which shocks Saki. She asks if she can keep relying on him to which Shougo acts like he like he doesn't care one way or another. Smile smile. Everyone minus Kujou walks home together, Yuuki noting that Saki is happier. Shougo wants to know when Yuuki and Kaori are going to talk and go back to how things were. Yuuki says it is good that Kaori is with her other friends and maybe she will make more in the future. He insists that he is not sad. It is finally time for winter break and the crew gathers around Kaori's desk to discuss their plans. Kaori says she can't plan anything because her family is going on a trip. Kujou looks at Kaori like she is lying and Yuuki says his family is also going on a trip to which Shougo gives a little side eye too. What to do without Yuuki and Kaori on break? Kaori arrives home and her mother is starting to make New Year's Eve/Day dinner since they are obviously not going out of town. Kaori thinks this situation is fine for now.
 photo friendsepisode1215_zps5d0e0713.jpg
But...I thought I was the chosen one?!
New Year's Eve rolls around and liar face Yuuki is hungry and his mom won't make him anything. He ventures out into the cold and finds himself on a bridge, probably thinking about their plans to find that seal back in the day. He thinks it is stupid to think Kaori would be there and turns to go home. Kaori calls out to him and they both have to make liar face excuses to why they are not on a trip. Kaori went on this walk with the purpose of finding Yuuki. Yuuki probably was going to go home right away but is taken back with Kaori's happiness and wants to go on a walk. Kaori ends up talking about the first day Yuuki talked to her and how nervous Yuuki must have been. Yuuki tries to downplay what he did for her. He then tries to steer her away from the crepe store of memories but Kaori insists on eating there. They sit down with their noms while Kaori goes on and on about she is happy they finally got to do this as she talks about it a lot in her diary. Yuuki gets all feelings and runs to get another crepe. They continue to walk along and Kaori thanks him for these fun moments. They stop by a shrine that Yuuki didn't know about on the way to Kaori's home. They decide to make their first visit of the year early and go in to make wishes. Kaori starts to cry, wishing that she could remember all of this day, the small moments and all. But what makes her most sad is that distance between her and Yuuki right now. She wants to go back to being close friends again and doesn't know how to make that happen or what went wrong. She sobs on the ground and Yuuki lets out some...war cry. He says that this is all his fault, that he forgot the most important thing. That he wants them to be closer friends and talk more. It is a magical moment that is interrupted by Kaori's mother running by and saying that Dad has called the cops because he is worried about Kaori's cellphoneless self. Yuuki takes off before he is killed by Dad happily. When winter break is worried everyone gathers in the classroom before the final bell rings, talking and waiting for Kaori and Yuuki. Yuuki arrives to the classroom and both he and Kaori smile and bow, doing their little thing of asking to be friends. Later that night Yuuki is seen writing in his own diary, wondering what Kaori writes about. THE END.
 photo friendsepisode1216_zps77c1708c.jpg
Shows over, peace out now.
Mog so many words!!! Why oh why am I so wordy?! Even when I was watching this episode I was like so when I blog the summary it is going to be three sentences long right? Because it felt like there was 3 sentences worth of material. I can make anything unnecessary and or seem interesting at the same time.
 photo friendsepisode12_zps80b39502.jpg
Normally I would drag this out and ask later....but this is the last episode so I have to ask now.
When I first started watching this series I knew it was going to....well be a very slow paced and full of feeling show. It wasn't about the action or the gorgeous art or something life altering experience. It was going to be a slice of life and sometimes with those shows it is about the little things and how they stir so many emotions inside of you. That since there isn't anything else going on these feelings are...well over the top and exaggerated. Sometimes not so much and you can relate to how that person really is acting/feeling. Sometimes I feel as if since I am not Japanese part of the show is being lost on me. Like it's not something you can understand unless you are part of that culture. I can read about it and try to understand it but I will still be sitting here going TALK ABOUT IT! Stop having misunderstandings!!! me this show ended on a very......unsatisfying note.
 photo friendsepisode122_zps0ae6420a.jpg
But....Yuuki is way less popular than Kujou! He will be fine.
Kaori was a bit proactive though asking Shougo what was going on in terms of Yuuki avoiding her. Well maybe not too fast as I am not the best at paying attention to the dates when animes give them to me. XD Maybe she waited a few weeks and allowed things to get uncomfortable before going to Shougo. But given how Kaori was before this should look like progress right? Given the nature of this show the idea of Kaori talking to Yuuki about their problems is too much. Like um no this show is about feelings and feeling bad when you accidentally didn't do anything wrong but it might make the other person upset so I need to apologize anyway. So Kaori went for the next best thing, the best friend who really doesn't like drama and sticking his nose in other people's business. Shougo tries to skate around the issue at first, like a good bro since he knows what Yuuki is doing. But Kaori is a girl and we have our ways of getting the truth out of boys (you know, breathing and such) so Shougo had to confess that Yuuki was scared he was going to cause pain to Kaori like Kujou did. Kaori took this in a way that she was dismissive of how sad this would make Yuuki instead of being touched that Yuuki wanted to protect her or angry that Yuuki was deciding what was best for her. Because Kaori is pure and amazing.
 photo friendsepisode124_zps69ec90ac.jpg
I apologize we will all freeze to death.
Due to Japanese schools instilling values and work ethics in their students...or being funded by a combination of parents and taxes thus there are no funds it was clean up before winter break time. WOOHOO!! I do question why in the winter months girls in Japan aren't allowed to wear pants. Given that I wrap a blanket around myself when it is 72 degrees in my house I can't imagine wearing a skirt in winter months in a place that actually has a traditional winter. So the scene on the roof made me very chilly. :( Of course they were chosen to clean the roof since most of the Kaori and Yuuki bonding happened there and if the series ended during Winter break there wouldn't be a way to get to the roof. So it was a basically a gentle goodbye to the lunch time conversations.
 photo friendsepisode125_zps0082e1b7.jpg
Um...that was you crazy face?
For some reason all the mains were chosen on this committee. Including Kujou. He is part of the group now. I think Yuuki has forgiven him for the earlier issues because he understands the boy better now. But this roof moment is not about Kujou and Yuuki coming together. It is about Saki and Shougo overcoming..whatever it is wrong with them. Hurry Kaori, create that moment!!! Or or...Saki would ignore Shougo one too many times and Shougo will handle things on his own. Thanks for worrying girls, he gots this. Saki's mistake was trying to escape while carrying something as big as her. Just not possible folks. Not wanting to waste time Shougo asks what is wrong with this crazy girl. Saki was just worried about messing things up again with Shougo she decided to stop communicating with him at all. Because that makes sense in girl land. Don't question it. Shougo decided not to because he is a smart man. Instead he took the blame on himself for Saki talking about husbands and depending on him the rest of her life. How dare he make things weird. So as it stands I think Shougo and Saki are going out but won't mention it again. They won't kiss or spend time alone together but Shougo will help Saki and Saki will tolerate Shougo's eyerolling. SO ROMANTIC!!!
 photo friendsepisode127_zps9f3d3d6e.jpg
Um no. Yuuki only cares about Kaori. Didn't you get the memo?
Being in a good mood because of the fixed Sakiness Shougo decided to put his nose slightly in Yuuki's business. Look at all those girls being happy and friend like. Don't you want to be happy and your normal...gooey self Yuuki? Get back to your usual groove with Kaori? Maybe Shougo is doing this because the longer Yuuki draws this out the more he will have to get involved later? Oh I see what you are doing there Shougo. Good work. Or maybe this sudden not really relationship status change with Saki has soften Shougo a bit to Yuuki's plight. He might be over dramatic but I do see his point. Slightly since the girls aren't lined up the block for the boy and hopefully women grow up as...they grow up and Kaori won't have her feelings hurt like that again. Or the Real Housewives exist know. Yuuki is going to say he isn't sad and neither is Kaori and all is well.
 photo friendsepisode128_zps39b29703.jpg
Shougo smells a lie but won't say anything.
Soon it was time for winter break. Yuuki was worried about asking Kaori to spend time together during that holiday. Now Yuuki was worried that he was going to have to spend time with Kaori when he was trying to keep things at a friend level, not a special friend level. Vacations are tough for this kid. But thanks to Shougo's mouth flapping and Kaori being Japanese and wanting to shield Yuuki from anything not so nice she lied first about having plans for the winter. We got a trip planned for the family guys! Since Kaori lied first Yuuki didn't have to lie but maybe Yuuki wanted to take a break from anyone and everything that reminded him of Kaori so he said he had things to do too. Kujou and Shougo were not impressed with the lies but everyone else was bummed because Kaori and Yuuki are the glue for the group and if they aren't somewhere why bother?
 photo friendsepisode123_zpsbf6bdf6c.jpg
Ain't no one cares what Kujou did for vacation.
I am assuming that Yuuki spent most of the time on the couch for his vacation. I approve of this but wish he could have spent a little time with Shougo. I guess since he lied he can't be embarrassed and such with Shougo knowing the truth. I just wish the boys were shown being more friendly with each other. In any event Shougo did his mature adult self sufficient thing by cleaning the roof. Now he needs his mom to make him lunch. His mom cracked me up with her texting from the other room. Get it yourself basically. This means that Yuuki has to go outside and fend for himself on this cold day. All alone in the world since he lied is sorta lonely when you think about it. Breaks should be fun, not boring. His little walk to the bridge looking for the seal like he talked about with Kaori made me sadface. Missed opportunities.
 photo friendsepisode129_zps9cc52992.jpg
But we lied to each other!!!
Or or...Kaori is right there people. Walking along the same bridge and thinking of Yuuki and poof she sees him. Maybe Kaori missing out on prime time social years made her unable to think about the consequences because she called out to him without realizing...hey I shouldn't be here....XD Even if Kaori doesn't know it she likes Yuuki and that feeling took over any leftover sad feelings or the gut feeling of I am supposed to be on a trip. Both Yuuki and Kaori lied to each other on why they were still in town which is what I gather proper etiquette in Japan. Can't make the other feel uncomfortable. Given how things were between the two of them before school went on break Kaori was probably ready to just go home but Yuuki, despite himself, wants to spend time with the girl. A walk home indeed.
 photo friendsepisode1210_zps710d7c17.jpg
Kaori's mind would probably explode at Disney then...
Kaori had been feeling kinda crappy about the place she and Yuuki had been in prior to today. And even though things hadn't been hashed out yet...Kaori exploded in girlness. Time to talk woohoo! First it was about how Yuuki became her first friend and what not. Now that Kaori has done better and even recovered quickly from a relapse I am sure Yuuki was feeling a bit forgotten, even if that is what he wanted to happen anyway. Kaori probably didn't do this on purpose but her talking about how she felt at the time and that she appreciates Yuuki probably made his day. And since the duo had to walk by the crepe shop on the way had to become important. Yuuki saw that place as something bad, where Kaori had her feelings hurt again. But to Kaori she saw it as a place where many things happened but none involving Yuuki like they promise. So it was finally, FINALLY time for crepes. It was a long time coming. Add in all this togetherness and...walking I guess and Kaori declares this the best day ever. She really is easily pleased ya'll. Yuuki is overcome with emotion so he has to eat another crepe to cover up his feelings.
 photo friendsepisode1213_zpseea1eb5f.jpg
Yuuki be my special friend!
Before they reach Kaori's house they pass a temple Yuuki didn't know was there. Since it is rather early in the day and probably not a popular temple it was empty. I am not sure why Kaori and Yuuki didn't make plans to come back later that night but things weren't patched up yet. Maybe they were both afraid of rejection. Whatever the case may be they decided to go pray at the temple right now for New Year's Eve. 5 seconds later Kaori breaks down in tears. She prayed for her usual I don't want to forget this magical (ordinary) day. But Kaori has decided she wants more. She wants to go back to how they used to be, talking all the time and having the closeness as a couple without using that word because Kaori doesn't understand that yet. Kaori knows that Yuuki is afraid of her hurting her and wants to protect his feelings....but she can't control her feelings. She wants Yuuki around as her special friend even though she can't control her memory problems. :( Poor sad Kaori.
 photo friendsepisode1214_zpsc843be1d.jpg
Yuuki then breaks into tears. Well he screams in frustration then turns to cry because he is a boy. That is what boys do you know, gotta cry off screen because heaven forbid we see the emotion. Then.....things got better? Instantly better. Yuuki claims he wasn't really thinking of Kaori when he did his attempt to protect her. And that was it folks. Everything was just better, we are special friends again who will talk all the time. Nothing was really resolved. Yuuki was scared of becoming the next Kujou and Kaori was sad that Yuuki felt so bad. These issues were not resolved and Kaori could still lose her memories. But I guess seeing Kaori cry showed Yuuki that she was sad without him made him feel any worse. That Kaori should be in control of her own destiny. If she wants to be close friends with Yuuki while knowing the risks well that is for her to decide. Not for Yuuki to control. I am not sure if I am explaining this well, on why I feel as if the ending was a bit empty. It was...just sudden. A show all about emotions and over thinking things but this issue...just resolved in an instant. I don't know folks...I just wanted more to happen. For them to really talk about things and Kaori to reassure Yuuki he won't become Kujou.
 photo friendsepisode1217_zps61d86b5b.jpg
It's not perfect but it's us. Lets be friends again.
And...that's it folks. Kaori's mom shows up to tell Yuuki her husband is the exact opposite of her and will kill Yuuki for taking out her daughter. They promise to see each other next year which I take means back at school. So after winter break everyone in the classroom (who is in the know) waits on pins and needles to see how Yuuki and Kaori will react to each other. Well they witness the two smile at each other, bow, and ask to be the other's friend. To mirror how Yuuki approached Kaori in the first episode. Everything has come full circle. I don't know if there will be a season two of Kaori actually having her issue solved. I am guessing not. Sometimes things can't be cured. Kaori might have to keep on trying and will never reach “all better” in her life but “good enough”. It was a cute little series with tiny slice of life moments here and there. I am not saying the ending was empty because Kaori wasn't cured. I just thought...the source of her problem was played up to be a big deal and Yuuki's reaction to this news made sense to me. I just thought...there would be more conflict and what not involving how to proceed. They basically just cried and declared they wanted to be together without solving what had driven them apart. But overall I thought the series was pretty cute. Shougo I think was the most interesting character as he made me feel all sorts of things while Yuuki and Kaori were...perfect in nearly every way. An okay way to spend 12 weeks of my life I suppose. XD
 photo friendsepisode1211_zpsfc3e52de.jpg
Yuuki wants all the noms!

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