Monday, June 9, 2014

Air Conditioner? We don't need to no stinkin' Air Conditioner!

 photo noac2_zps918e5d91.jpg
Must not...pass out and die...
I would say something like "We interrupt your regularly schedule anime posts for the following message" but....I guess obviously it has been interrupted. OBVIOUSLY. And I think the title says it all. Oh it's June and you live in Florida Tenchi? Here have a broken AC unit. HAS FUN!
 photo noac1_zps0925afd6.jpg
The current situation inside my living room.
Upon arriving home and turning down the AC (as I like it a bit warmer) the husband discovered that the AC had broken. BROKEN FOLKS. The entire time he was gone it was working at the temperature I had set it at. The second he comes home and we try to change it back to his set temperature (because it is easier to wear a Disney hoodie than run around naked he says to me) it just...stopped working. Welcome back husband, has a heat stroke.
 photo noac_zpsc94ce4b4.jpg
Get this girl some ice cream stat!
So as you can and my unemployed self have been having TONS of fun inside this ACless house. So much fun I am have invented a new game of how little clothing can I wear while still being acceptable to society. Because I operate under the delusional theory if I am completely naked that is the moment someone will come to my house seeking help. Do people KNOW how loud fans are? How delicious cold water tastes? Or feels when you just throw your head under the kitchen sink? Yeah folks. I am a lazy little lump who is trying to find a way to be near a hot laptop without wilting myself. Cross your fingers that this is just a Freon issue and not a HAHA your AC broken during summer moment that will cost us millions of pennies that we don't have. Fan on anime girls, fan on. I know now your pain of badly insulated apartments and hot summer afternoons!


Eternia said...

Warm greeting from me, from a full air conditioned home office. :-D

Dennis Cannon said...

Well, it seems your condition wasn't as bad as your anime examples! Let's just hope your AC just ran out of freon. But if the motor won't run, then you have got a big problem on your hands. Let's just hope that isn't the case. Take care!

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son Heating & Air-Conditioning

Dennis Cannon said...
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Henrietta Fuller said...

The onset of summer and a broken AC unit is not exactly the best combination. Anyway, I hope that your AC unit was fixed soon after. It would’ve been one uncomfortable summer otherwise. Thanks for sharing this with us, Christina. And by the way, those pictures are very cute! All the best!

Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling

Rosa Nelson said...

Broken AC units are a real bother. Having them fixed might even take some time, and could cost a lot. And it’s even worse when on the hot season. Anyway, on could definitely see how you were experiencing this through those anime pictures. Haha! Thanks for sharing!

Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Service Philadelphia