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Isshuukan Friends episode 10

Oh hi there readers. It's pretty late at night and I am now getting around to posting this episode of Isshuukan Friends. Not sure why there was a delay. I do know I got roped into watching some of the World Cup with the husband. he doesn't ask for much, I just didn't know he WATCHED the World Cup. It was a bit of a shock to me. Also shocking is how big of crybabies soccer players are. Like they literally brush up against each other and they fall on the ground faking injuries, like a little brother would do if his sister barely hit him. They should pay fines for being suck fakers. Really every 5 seconds the game had to stop for fouls or whatever. And this is going to go on for an entire month?! Olympics I miss you.
 photo friendsepisode102_zps523e196e.jpg
And back to square one!
Putting that aside...lets actually get this Isshuukan Friends episode 10 up!! I did watch Black Bullet today as well but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. Spoilers for Kujou or however you spell his name being a douche.
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Yay for Mondays again!
Episode Summary: Monday rolls around and Kaori is eating alone on the roof. Yuuki approaches her despite her angry eyes being on. He introduces himself as Yuuki and asks to be her friend. She immediately lets her guard down as she remembers reading about him in her diary. Yuuki notes ever since the new kid Kujou talked to Kaori her memories had been completely reset, them starting over from scratch each day. Still Yuuki tries to watch over Kaori, like when she and Kujou are supposed to share a book during class. Kaori doesn't remember Kujou treating her like crap last week and she certainly doesn't remember them reading poetry in elementary school so basically when Kujou tries to throw digs she remains expressionless which makes Kujou angry. Obviously. During a break Shougo tries to tell Yuuki that Kaori loses her memories all the time so why so upset? Yuuki tries to explain how it is different and tries to not feel sorry for himself. Kujou rolls up to get a drink and pisses Yuuki off even if the words pissed off aren't in the boy's vocabulary. Kujou jokes about ruining Yuuki and Kaori's relationship and threatens to take Kaori away. Just kidding...since he hates Kaori. He walks away and Yuuki wonders why Kujou is more important than him. During class Saki's friends try to talk to Kaori confused on who they are. Luckily they run away and gossip about how cute Yuuki and Kaori look together when Yuuki comes in. As Yuuki explains who the girls are Saki watches from the doorway, thinking something is up. At lunchy time Kaori happily gives Yuuki a homemade bento because her diary says the boy likes them. Yuuki seems happy to receive it until Kaori questions why the 18 grams of sugar in the omelets instead of 19. Yuuki asks to be excused and goes to the hallway to cry. He is overwhelmed with memories of the omelets and how the number 18 helped Kaori trigger her first memory of him and what not. That it has lead Kaori to celebrate days with 18 in them to signify the achievement. Sadness is Yuuki. After school Kaori bids Yuuki the classroom which should be an achievement. Yuuki is sad about all this and leaves temporarily to go talk to a teacher. Saki goes to talk to Shougo about how things are different things are between Yuuki and Kaori. Shougo doesn't think they should get involved but Saki feels indebted to them both for their help. Saki wants to be in a family with Kaori but since that is impossible because it is the year 1948....she will just have to marry Shougo. The normally calm Shougo is like what?! Saki knows that she will need someone to help her in life and Shougo will be perfect. Shougo pretends to blow Saki off but he is shown blushing later.
 photo friendsepisode108_zpse772bc86.jpg
I wonder if Kaori will get THESE memories back or not by the end of this show. :(
On Wednesday Kaori and Yuuki eat lunch together and the subject of Kujou comes up. Yuuki tells Kaori that she and Kujou went to school together when they were younger. Kaori wonders if they were friends and why she feels intrigued and scared around him. Kaori changes to the subject to getting crepes, the ones she read about in her dairy. They make plans after school (another big step) but first Yuuki has to do his cleaning duties. Kaori wakes alone near the crepe stand when Kujou rolls up with two girls. The two girls talk happily with Kaori as Kaori is like...I am waiting for someone. They walk up to get crepes while Kujou gets upset that Kaori was rude to those girls. Kaori starts to say she doesn't know them which makes Kujou upset. He starts to badmouth Kaori and Kaori tries to explain her situation when the girls come back with crepes. They start talking about how they thought Kaori was with Kujou in 6th grade, that Kaori got him first. The girls keep talking about her accident which makes Kujou X__X but Kaori has already lost it at the mention of getting Kujou first. She starts to remember THE DAY and runs away upset. Kujou looks like he is going to go after her when Yuuki rounds the corner and blames Kujou for her being upset. Saki eventually finds Kaori and just being around seems to calm Kaori down and planting the seeds that Yuuki is her special friend. Despite not liking the dude Yuuki explains Kaori's memory plans to Kujou. Instead of Kujou accepting this news with...acceptance he basically is all over the place. Kaori really doesn't know Yuuki. Kaori might write lies in her diary. Maybe she is lying about the whole thing. Yuuki tries to not get mad and even says that at times it felt like they were playing “let's be friends”. But he knows that they were really friends, no matter what anyone says. What they were starting to build was real. Yuuki knows that they have to keep on trying, despite this setback. Kaori spends time looking at her three diaries, looking lost. THE END!
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Thanks for support there Shougo.
Well then. I guess we don't like the new guy. How dare he be handsome (and slightly...metrosexual). Doesn't he know all bad guys are ugly. Someone needs to watch some classic Disney movies or something. HOW DARE HE!
 photo friendsepisode107_zps9273451d.jpg
I certainly didn't think there would be bentos so soon.
I thought the episode was going to go a little differently. I always think/say that though don't I? But judging by Kaori's reaction last episode I thought that it was game over for Yuuki. That he would have to start over from scratch. But Kaori just had....her memories reset. She didn't lose the diary or decide she hates Yuuki. She just reverted back to her COLD behavior until she realized her notes and diary. Then she was back to being....friends with Yuuki. Not the close friends they were before as she has no lingering feelings/memories for the boy but it wasn't all doom and gloom. There weren't glaring faces for long. Although it would have been nice....well I guess she wouldn't remember being “rude” to Yuuki in the clinic would she? I guess she can't apologize for that.
 photo friendsepisode1016_zpse31df8e2.jpg
This would be a whole lot of lying.....
Most of this “good” news is lost upon Yuuki though. Because things have changed. Kaori might be talking to him in the classroom (which was a big step for Kaori prior to episode 10) but there is still something missing. A lot missing. The built up feeling that she knew Yuuki. Of course Yuuki likes Kaori and Kaori likes Yuuki but they haven't said it out loud yet. So they lost that feeling of fluffness and how can Yuuki explain that? He can't so he is stuck trying to be happy with what he got. Kaori reads her diary and talks to him. Acknowledges him. He knows that she is capable of more though so all he needs to do is work up to that level again.
 photo friendsepisode106_zps702b9082.jpg
Did Kaori even talk to Saki this week?
I sorta wonder the memory level of people in the class though. Or their perception levels as Kaori was clearly acting different. Saki's friends didn't say much but Kaori wasn't really engaged with talking to them. Yuuki can only save Kaori from situations like this for so long. Name tags for everyone!!!! I wonder if people would have gotten put off if this a bit more realistic. Like Kaori was a bit...cold but then Saki and Yuuki brought her out of her shell. Then a bit of the cold, reserved Kaori came back. Kaori does write about others in her diary right? I don't know, I would expect this to have more consequences than Yuuki being sad. Other people could have been offended which would have caused Kaori more friend distress and more reasons for Yuuki to hate Kujou.
 photo friendsepisode103_zps38ac6c78.jpg
This is how much Kaori cares.
Kujou is doing a great job of ticking Yuuki off though. And making sure that Kaori remembers him from now on since they are not friends. Right, that's how it works? So each and every time he is a brat to her she should remember and avoid him more? I guess I don't know why her brain is acting this way so maybe not. She seems to not capable of handing much stress. But yeah Kujou....he isn't earning much points in Yuuki's book. Although Yuuki might want to step back a few notches as he looked kinda bizarre in his formal way of volunteering to be Kujou's book sharer person. And that sentence really, really sucked. So yeah Kujou didn't have a book and Yuuki isn't trusting this Kaori mind messer upper. Since Kaori has no idea what is going on she acted like her cold self despite Kujou being a jerk. I get that the kid is hurt but man....what if Kaori forgot about him naturally? I am sure I remember some kids from elementary school and they have forgotten about me. So you and Kaori read some poems in 6th grade. Having a hissy fit makes you look like a weird exchange student, hopefully the other kids are like HMMM why so mean to Kaori since they like Kaori now.
 photo friendsepisode105_zpsd09d23ec.jpg
At least glare at him Shougo!
Yuuki voiced his concerns to Shougo. Because that is what Yuuki does. Shougo is a good friend when you think about it and a crappy one at the same time. Yuuki is clearly not happy with how things are going and Shougo is like...well Kaori forgets things all the time, why is it different this time? Technically Shougo is right but.....wrong at the same time. Kaori was remembering things and this is a set back. Yuuki doesn't want to look like a crybaby or that it is all about him but really he did do a lot of work and this was upsetting yet Shougo was either saying it was no big deal or pretending it was no big deal as to not upset Yuuki anymore. I am on the fence on how Shougo handled the Kujou situation when the hommie rolled up looking for soda. I am not a dude so I don't know man code. Maybe Shougo was letting Yuuki handle it as to not make his friend look weak. But when Kujou was talking out of his ass I wanted Shougo to stand next to his friend and look a little threatening. I get that Kujou is hurt and he is expressing it in awful ways but...just no. Yuuki is trying to keep things together and Kujou was pushing all the wrong buttons. Maybe Shougo understood that Kujou and Yuuki had a lot in common so he didn't want to get involved. Or he is lazy.
 photo friendsepisode1011_zps6a97fccf.jpg
But lets not talk about this Kujou person.
Despite Kaori and Yuuki being friends via the diary and lunch on the roof....Yuuki has not been having the greatest week. It's really not Kaori's fault but Yuuki was used to progress and now they have taken 10 steps back. Kaori innocently talking about the 18 grams of sugar set Yuuki off sorta badly. She just wondered about this magical sugar amount and it brought tears to Yuuki's eyes. Like real tears. Because the number 18 has evolved into something else for them. It was the number that sparked Kaori's first memory of Yuuki. It was a day she now celebrated all the time. Every 18th was magical. So Kaori not knowing this was sad but if Yuuki made it a big deal in front of Kaori that would be sad. So off he went to cry alone. Then the next lunchy Kaori decided that it would be fun to ask Yuuki about Kujou. You know, the guy that Yuuki would hate if Yuuki had a mean bone in his body. All Kaori knows is the boy makes her feel weird and Yuuki doesn't know what to tell her. :( He tells her what he knows though because he is a good honest boy.
 photo friendsepisode1010_zps02b20f3a.jpg
And then Shougo melted on the ground. X___X
During all of this Saki watches. Watches because something is not right with Kaori. Did anyone tell Saki what was up with Kaori? HMMM I think not as she seemed confused when she confronted Shougo. Shougo's attitude was still leave it alone, maybe because he knows they really can't do anything because they are teachers and not psychiatrist. Saki wasn't taking this laying down though. Everyone has helped her so she needs to help out when she can. Which won't happen very often. She rather just have other people take care of her. And since she can't marry Kaori because they are both girls...well she will just have to marry Shougo because he will make a good and reliable husband. And that is exactly how the conversation went. I am surprised that Shougo was able to follow that without his head exploding. He did however...blush. This little relationship is moving right along. I wonder if part of him is hurt because he thinks that Saki only wants him because he takes care of her, not for other reasons. Because Shougo is a dream boat. Oh those crazy kids. Trying to talk about helping Kaori and Saki proposes to a blushing Shougo. All is cute in the world.
 photo friendsepisode1012_zpsa758ebec.jpg
These poor forgotten crepes!
Eventually more drama has to happen because this is high school. Due to Kaori not remembering things properly but reading about them she decided she wanted to go get crepes with Yuuki. Even though it was a school day and they would be going alone. See Yuuki, don't you see how much progress you have made? Or maybe it isn't progress as Kaori has subconsciously forgot that she was subconsciously in love with Yuuki thus she couldn't go with him alone anywhere. ANYWAY it is crepe time....well after Yuuki has to clean the classroom. Because this guy can't catch a break. :(
 photo friendsepisode1013_zps1284a735.jpg
Did you forget everyone?!
This is where things go wrong. Kaori was waiting for Yuuki to show up for crepes when Kujou rolls up with two random girls. Only it turns out they are not so random, all four of them were in the same classes in elementary school. Being Kaori she doesn't remember any of them and comes across as off. Not cold just off. This pisses off Kujou because deep down he really cares about being forgotten. He thought they were bros and here Kaori is not remembering him at all. Not remembering these girls and brushing them off is this really the Kaori he once knew?! Kaori actually attempts to explain her condition this time but Kujou doesn't want to listen. He is pissed and wants to let it all out.
 photo friendsepisode1014_zps205e9af8.jpg
Trying to determine if these are evil faces or not.
When the girls return from their crepe buying they decide to make the situation worse. They need to learn to read the mood. Or they are awful people. See it is hard to know if these are the mean girls or not. These two girls mentioned how Kaori and Kujou were an item back in 6th grade, that Kaori got to Kujou first. They kept on talking while Kujou denied but Kaori went into a tail spin. Forgotten memories filled her little brain about that ill fated day. Kujou moving away wasn't the issue that sent Kaori crying into the streets. It was the other little girls being jealous that Kaori somehow stole Kujou from them. Kaori ran away upset because THOSE girls were being mean to her. Are these girls the same girls? Or are they the girls from the hospital? Either way Kaori got triggered and ran off upset in the present, making the two girls confused and Kujou....well he was on his way to upset land.
 photo friendsepisode1017_zpsb57e8220.jpg
Now shut up before I cry!
Enter the Yuuki! He watched Kaori run away upset so he assumed it was Kujou. I have to give Yuuki credit, he didn't punch the kid. Not that it's in Yuuki's character to do so. Instead he saw that Kujou might actually be upset about Kaori, like he was. So Yuuki opened his mouth and told Kaori's business....even though she was going to do so herself. Kujou is either a grade A brat or still really hurt about this situation because he decided to jab the knife a little more in Yuuki's heart, saying everything from the diary is a lie to Kaori isn't really his friend. Yuuki allows himself exactly 4 seconds of feeling bad for himself before he pulls it together and says they really are friends and they will get back on track. Kujou is just so upset that he was forgotten he was saying horrible and mean things....yet Yuuki doesn't deserve it. Just a horrible situation all around. Crepes forgotten Yuuki makes his way home, hopeful that things will magically turn around for him. Will it though? :( Guess we will have to find out next time...

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