Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tenchi the Housewife's (Un)Productive Day. Alternatively the day where the World Cup took a break.

For the first time in forever....okay more like in 100 days. OKAY okay I really don't know but for the first time since the World Cup has started...there wasn't a soccer/fotball game today. Since the event started and my husband brainwashed me into caring and learning there has been at least 2 games a day. Most of the time three but now that the groups are over it went down to two which was a big adjustment to me. Well Friday rolled around today and not one game came on. NOT ONE GAME! What is this?! What am I to do?!?!?
 photo tenchiday5_zpscdac0cd4.jpg
It's never a flesh wound.
After losing my mind and then wondering why I am losing my mind over sports I decided it was going to be a productive day. In a way it was...but not in an anime blogging away. OBVIOUSLY since I didn't post any. I blame that on the lack of fotball since I wasn't required to be in my seat all day which would have put me in a near computer. So how does a crazy girl spend her time? Easy. By doing a little bit of everything and finishing nothing.
 photo tenchiday4_zps5382052c.jpg
But the feels?!
Despite no anime being posted today some writing did get done. I am mostly done typing Isshuukan Friends episode 12, the last episode of the series. Maybe season given the ending. It mostly ended BLAH for me so I am really not that motivated to hurry up and get it done. Even though I should be since I need to watch the previews for the next anime season that is rolling on soon. Just..I think this season of anime wasn't as amazing for me and coupled with my bleh attitude it was hard to get excited about things. 

Black Bullet episode 11 has been watched and halfway blogged. The animation besides Kisara's hair is nice for this show and while it is not as dumb as another show I am watching the idea that human beings can be this stupid hurts my skull. Like how can this really be happening if anyone wants to live. So my lack of faith in the human race is keeping me from hurrying up with this show.
 photo tenchiday3_zpsfc5a1c99.jpg
That would be my brain after watching episode 12...
I watched Brynhildr in the Darkness episode 12 and stared into space for about 239 hours after the fact. I am still processing how awful and stupid and amazingly out of this world the episode was. I think I finished typing all the words up, I just need to make the screenies which would require me to witness the insanity again and I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is. So you know..anime is special at the house of Tenchi. 

Back when I first got le fired I spent the first week cleaning my kitchen. Especially going through each label and throwing away expired food. The oldest thing we had was something from 5 years ago...when we moved in here. YAY GROSS! So today I decided I would organized all the bathroom cabinets. I like taking all the stuff home from hotels but it looked so cluttered. I had to make a system. And yes throw away things that got old. Did you know that cough drops expired? Good news is my husband won't have to buy toothpaste or deodorant again for about 3 years. X___X 

While I was organizing I was lead to the hallway closet which is pretty much a disaster too. I noticed all these picture frames with no pics in them and I was like...why did I spend money on things to have them gather dust in the closet?! So I cleaned off some counter space and spruced up the living room a bit with pictures of my friends. Some of them are rather...dated so I need to get to printing some new pictures out. One friend has no pictures at all since we met in the last 3 years. X___X 

Well while doing that I found this album that is labeled Happily Ever After. I then remembered I got it as a wedding gift and I declared I would only put pics of my husband and I in that album, about 4 a year for each year after our marriage. Cute idea right. Do you know when the last time I added a picture was? November 2010. MOG FOLKS!! What is wrong with me?! :( I am such a slacker. Clearly I needed to find more pictures. 

This lead to me find every single CD of pictures we have in this house, labeling them with the correct date, and picking out new pictures to put in said album. Of course all these discs were mixed in with game discs or blank discs so this took quite a while. Plus I am missing all of the year 2012. Where did it go?! 2013 and on are on the computer still which I need to fix by saving them in case this computer dies for good. But yeah folks...I went through a lot of pictures...
 photo tenchiday2_zpsd70eee1c.jpg
What the heck is this face?!
I went through all these pictures while watching Mulan 2 and eating dinner. After watching the horribleness that is The Little Mermaid 2 and Cinderella 2 I swore of direct to DVD sequels. Well I guess I am a liar. And I hate myself. While this movie wasn't as bad as the two I just didn't need to be made. Just no folks. The art was bad, the plot was all over the place, and they flat out reused another song. Like we are all out of ideas for new songs, have a recycled ones. Since it was so bad looking through the pictures was a nice distraction. Especially since my husband and I like to look the same in all the pictures we take which makes them all sorta bleed together.

Looking at all these pictures and what not made me sorta sad. My Grandfather is no longer with us and my grandmother had eye surgery this week. Without the surgery she would definitely go blind but we haven't gotten the results on if she is going to be okay. I decided to write another letter to my grandmother which was harder than it is sounds. I mean someone might be reading to her from now on but I don't to sound doom and gloom. Gotta have hope without being delusional you. Add in the fact that my friend (the one who made the banners for this blog and did the coding since I am special) had her baby about 2.5 months early and the baby is so tiny and I feel as if I have no reason ever to complain about things. I know that is impossible and that everyone complains about their lives and if you compared yourself to others all the time you would come out about even with having it worse than others and having it better. Still just meh.
 photo tenchiday_zpsd8cee682.jpg
I will punch you all in your faceless faces.
For instance I (and Duffy) were cleaning the house today and it came time to take the trash out. Every single time I take out the trash I end up spending at least 10 extra minutes out there throwing other people's trash away. I have no idea why none of my neighbors can accomplish the task of opening the door on the compactor, throwing their trash to the bottom of the compactor, and closing the door. All of this seems impossible to my moronic neighbors so I am constantly picking up bags covered in maggots and gagging as I spy diapers and condoms oozing from holes in said bags. Sometimes the bags are so heavy I can't even pick them up. But I try as we keep getting letters saying if we keep leaving trash on the curb we will all be fined. Well our HOA fee will increase. I hate everyone. 

Slap in the information that my neighbors dog wakes me up at the crack of dawn each and every morning and that my husband came home from work and went directly to bed with a massive headache day was special. X___X But boring. Not amazing. Certainly not Big Brother worthy. Unless you count some of the pics I was looking at today. Also SURPRISE some of the Big Brother contestants are bigots. Shocking I know. So there you have it folks. That is how I can have a super productive day but nothing really gets done. XD Maybe things will appear to get done....tomorrow? It's only...well 8 hours away.

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