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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 9

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Be careful Ryouta. They clearly know what you look like.
WEEE! Time for another post. Told ya I got things done today. Well I also washed all the bedding but I hate fitted seats so most of it is still in piles on the floor. Maybe I will sleep on the couch tonight? Probably not. XD But what is up now in terms of anime? Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 9. Spoilers for friendship crepes (more?!) and Ryouta trusting all.
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Yes, yes she does.
Episode Summary: After raising her skirt and getting stares Nanami returns over to Mr. Assistant who says these people are all tourists so no info for them. Before they can continue Nanami asks for ice cream as she needs sugar to keep her magic going. Mr. Assistant becomes increasing weary over her requests but keeps on providing the treats. Nanami becomes more and more...taken with the outside world but continues scanning people she comes across. Mr. Assistant is busy taking notes while Nanami is trying to make Mr. Assistant say he will never forget her. Surely with his sunglasses he is indestructible. He does question eventually why the skirt raising. He knows she needs to look into their eyes to see and change their memories but is that necessary? She seems to think so but upon reaching a bigger city with less tourist Mr. Assistant suggests just standing there and being cute. Nanami gets embarrassed over the compliment and decides it is best to take off her dress instead. In her underwear Nanami gets a lot of unwanted attention. When two thugs get a little aggressive she erases one of their memories all the way to the age of 5 years old. Soon Nanami scans the memories of the girl Ryouta tutors Kikka. Nanami's drawing skills might suck but thanks to the cops she knows what he looks like. Nanami decides that she will end this her way and tells Mr. Assistant she gots this alone. Mr. Assistant is like girl you be trippin I got my sunglasses on and I am boss. Nanami shows Mr. Assistant he messed up as she has messed with the memories of many people in the area and they all think Mr. Assistant has wronged them. They all jump Mr. Assistant at once and his glasses are eventually knocked off. She changes his memory into him thinking he has to guard a castle and off he goes, not even looking at Nanami. Nanami has gotten her way but she is upset Mr. Assistant forgot her. Ryouta eventually goes to see Kikka for another tutoring lesson. She is acting weird and wants to introduce Ryouta to a friend of hers. She leads Ryouta to a nice area where Nanami is waiting. Nanami sends Kikka on her way with Ryouta going HMMM but not leaving himself. Kikka also leaves wondering why she did that. Nanami quickly scans Ryouta and finds out where the other 4 witches are hiding. Ryouta instantly covers his eyes and knows that Kikka can scan and change memories as Kikka referred to Nanami as a friend. Nanami thinks her plan is ruined now as she wasn't expecting someone smart. Ryouta realizes that Nanami isn't shooting holes into him despite having a gun and mentions that fact. That the other witches after them were killers yet here she is. Maybe they could be friends? Someone they could protect? Nanami was all like I am going to live carefree for one day then do what the lab wants because that is how life is. Ryouta tries to talk her out of it, with the promise of pills and friends. Nanami almost bites but realizes it is too impossible to believe. She uses the word trust against Ryouta so he looks at her and BAM she erases all his memories and he is an infant. She leaves as Ryouta baby cries on the ground.
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Well I guess that's that....pretty effective there.
After Nanami leaves Ryouta instantly gets up, all better as his memories were never deleted. He runs to the conservatory where all the girls are naked and taking a sexy bath together. He doesn't bat an eye at their nakedness, instead warns them of the danger. The girls get dressed and Ryouta discusses whether they will fight Nanami or run away and hide. Both options suck. The next morning Nanami checks out of her hotel via memory erasing but then decides she won't use magic the rest of the day, she will be a normal girl. Her tummy rumbles though as food is calling her name. She walks over to where Mr. Assistant is guarding the castle and demands money from him. He obviously doesn't know who she is and says he will give her 1,000 yen for a boobie glace. She complies and after Mr. Assistant is gross Nanami receives her money and the knowledge girls have “power”. She goes to buy some treats but see two children fighting over a ruined playing card that will cost 1,000 yen to replace. She hands the boys the money, saying to not ruin their friendship over that. She walks away satisfied and goes back to Mr. Assistant for money. He ends up giving her 1,000 yen for an armpit glance. She feels as if she will be rich forever. She is on a quest for cheesecake that is momentarily put on hold when she sees high schoolers going for crepes and being friends. She is sad but drowns her sorrows in delicious cheesecake. She is having a hard time accepting going back to her tower. Meanwhile Ryouta, Neko, and Kotori have reached town where Kazumi has spotted Nanami on camera. Kotori suggests wearing sunglasses but probably can't change places with someone wearing said sunglasses. But then they wear them anyway and track down Nanami. She seems to think they are ready for a fight when in fact they took a vote and they all want to be friends with Nanami. Nanami gets pissed as NO ONE can understand what she has gone through. Yeah okay then. Neko tries to reach the girl and takes off her glasses in a show of trust. MOG AGAIN?! So Nanami changes her memories into that of a protector and Neko tries attacking Ryouta and Kotori. Neko claims she will do anything for a friend. Friend? Nanami stops Neko and changes her memories back as she did not put the friend memory in Neko's mind. Neko decided that on her own. Nanami is taken back that she was in Ryouta and Neko's memories. Time for friendship hugs! Mr. Assistant is getting pissed that he has to watch this boring castle so he goes back to the car. There he finds his journal with all his notes in this. What is this? THE END!
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In other news things are expensive. Being an adult sucks.
The power of friendship ya'll. It is true in anime. It takes you to amazing places and will make you sacrifice yourself on the drop of a hat if you can give your friend one more day of life. Meanwhile in the real world my HUSBAND and best friend have decided in the zombie apocalypse I am not on their team. Well unless I learn to chart the stars. Thanks guys for the love!
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Oh snap everyone is copying his look!
I am sure Mr. Assistant has a name. Everyone has a name except low member Gargoyles. Has it been mentioned yet? I don't think it has been spoken yet. And if it has I must have missed the memo. Let me go look it up real quick. Lala oh his name is Kurofuku. I wonder if he is even Mr. Creepy's assistant. Whose name turns out to be Chisato hmmm. Okay so Kurofuku is....well an odd one. He almost had a permanent sweatdrop on his face the entire episode. I wonder if he was supposed to come across as relate able. Someone not so bad from the lab. I think it had the opposite effect on me. XD Like oh look at him being carefree and acting like this is a joke while girls are being turned into splats on the ground and aliens are being made. Can't fool me. Deep down he must be just as crooked as the others at the lab, allowing this to go on. Right?
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Feed me or I am useless. Ice cream is preferred.
Anyway Kurofuku is in charge of Nanami. But now that they are both out of that stuffy lab he doesn't seem as prim and proper. Or maybe it was Nanami's lack of prim and properness that had him acting...well almost human. As human as someone can be who tortures other human beings of course. Nanami has never been around people before or outside so she was being a little odd. I guess her way of getting attention was out of the box and I wonder where she learned it from but yeah...lift the skirt, get attention. I got people to scan folks! I think Kurofuku would have been aware of Nanami's records since he was one of the few people who knew about her so he should have been aware if the sweet thing was a lie or the truth. I mean...if I was being used to do horrible things and was only let out for one day I be eating all the treats in the world too while plotting my capture's death. That is how I roll. All of this equaled many sweatdrops for Kurofuku though.
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Well that was easier than I thought it was going to be.
Eventually they moved on from the nearby locations that the cops found Ryouta and moved to a bigger area with more people. I think Kurofuku should have been smart enough to realize that Nanami was up to no good. Or that this plan was doomed from the start. I powerful is Nanami that she has the ability to see that many people's memories at once and find out if someone knows this kid they are hunting down. It seemed like a wild goose chase anyway, one that would allow Nanami to run away at the first chance she got. Which she did.....even though she only wanted to run away for a few hours. Like I found the suspect but since I fear the lab and want my reward I will be back...after I eat some cheesecake and have some fun. And if you aren't down for that Kurofuku...I will just throw as many innocent people at you until I can find my own way to escape. Kurofuku must be all scientist because it didn't take much for him to go down. Byebye sunglasses and hello false memories about guarding a castle.
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How did things go so wrong so fast?!
With her new found freedom Nanami was off folks. Off to see the world!!!! know...she will go find that one person who knows Ryouta through anime magic and complete the mission. Or attempt to as we know Ryouta wanting to save the womenz is strong. I guess I need to put myself in Nanami's shoes. She was all being Rapunzel, never left her tower and very little interaction with other human beings. So while it makes sense to normal people that Nanami should have RUN if that was her intention....she really couldn't. Plus she doesn't have any pills. I guess Nanami wasn't thinking too hard about her plan because all I can think about is fail. They weren't going to reward her. They might keep her alive because of her special abilities but nothing was going to change in her life. And now that she has run away...well it probably would have been better for her if she changed Kurofuku's memories into that of a sympathetic lab person. Like I have seen the error of my ways and now I want to help you witches out, first by taking off the censor. Because....that would be the only way running away would make sense. I don't know. Maybe the lab would have kept her alive if she got Ryouta...after her adventure. But I am thinking not. Clearly realistic once again as this girl is a confused teenager.
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How dare you instantly figure out my powers!
ANYWAY when one has freedom the first thing one does is complete the mission one's captors are making her do. Raise your hand if you think Nanami would have gotten a reward had she returned to the lab? I guess if a reward means not killing you....So Nanami set to work using Kikka to bring Ryouta to her. I think from now on Ryouta should just assume any teenage female he meets from here on out is out to kill him because they are a witch. I like how Kikka walked away thinking things were off but didn't bother to go back and check on him. Maybe Namami messed with his memories more than what was seen. Anyway it was just odd that Ryouta knew something was up and Kikka felt as if something was up and yet everyone just acts....normal. Like oh well what can you do? Even Namami wasn't that surprised when Ryouta figured things out rather fast.
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Why do you always have to prove things Ryouta? Let the witches do the proving or something.
After Ryouta figured out that Nanami was a memory manipulator and was hiding his face...things got weird. I think Ryouta needs to be more aware of his situations. Nanami could have had a second magic ability. Instead of hiding your eyes you should be thinking of an escape route. Or you your Ryouta thing and talk to the girl like she needs saving. In reality all the witches need saving. But some of they are focused on only saving themselves and are willing to believe the lies that the lab is spewing. And really until you do get more pills, making more friends with witches will just mean the deaths of the ones you do know. It is a sad numbers game. :*( Stop being friendly.
 photo darknessepisode913_zps99a82f1f.jpg
If you didn't "change Ryouta's memories" you could be getting crepes with a friend too.
Ryouta figured since Nanami hadn't killed him yet she might be an ally. And yes he was right. She does need help. But she hadn't reached that point yet and she has a dangerous ability to fight people by looking at them in the eye. Can't Ryouta let them prove themselves first before he risks it all? Why does he always fall for a pretty face and a sob story? Nanami just needed time to think things over, she never had decisions before. But with Ryouta he is just all over the place right from the getgo. So...Nanami panicked and erased all of Ryouta's memories. She is going to bring back the magically important Neko and get her pills. One day of freedom will be nice yes? Ryouta really didn't lose his memories because his brain is super special and allows him to remember things after only looking at them once. OH I SEE FOLKS! So now he is going to hate Nanami and not extend friendship to her right?
 photo darknessepisode911_zpsb57fa4d4.jpg
Clearly she is an enemy to be scared of.
Probably not exactly. He quickly made his way back to the girls whom were all bathing at the time because Fanservice. Ryouta is so tired of boobies by now he barely bats an eye. You are all in danger!!! Um Ryouta we are always in danger, you are going to need to be more specific. After some clothes and explaining the situation everyone had to think about things. Erasing memories are serious business, especially when Neko is running on empty. However the group didn't seem to like the options of fighting Nanami or running away. Not sure where they were going to run to as Ryouta needs some kind of income to keep them alive which will involve people seeing him. So what to do?
 photo darknessepisode910_zpsd5ce113b.jpg
I guess I could find my journal from Japan and see if we did stay there....
Time to switch visions to see what Nanami is doing. XO I am almost positive that this show is taking place in Kyoto now as I think that is the hotel we stayed in when we visited Japan. Sorry I am nerdy and get excited over places I have been in Japan appearing on screen. I am for Japanese people it is like um no big deal. But anyway after Nanami had her run in with Ryouta...she decided to go back to the hotel. I mean if she is going to have her one day of freedom she needs to get her rest first. How else can you have fun? Nanami probably could have had more fun if she hadn't seen some school girls all being friendly and going for snacks. That is what school girls do well though, eat treats!!! It sorta put a damper on her day as she has no friends to eat treats with even though Ryouta offered. :( We can't be having sadness on our one day of freedom right?
 photo darknessepisode912_zps41a3eb58.jpg
Now Nanami has to go and show off her feet or something.
Since Nanami is a witch who has spent most of her life locked in a lab she has no income to eat treats to her heart's desire. And for some reason she puts a rule on herself not to use magic as she is a regular girl for the day. I of course wouldn't have agreed to that. Like I have freedom but not stupidity. Nanami however didn't want to rob banks and what not so she went crawling back to Kurofuku who is under the impression his life's mission is to guard a castle. Hey give me some cash even though you don't know me. Nanami has gotten reactions out of people before with her body so she tried it again. On one hand....not a fan. On the other...does Nanami even know any better? Probably not. Kurofuku is....well he didn't have to give a strange girl money but he didn't have to be such a perv. 10 dollars for a boob shot? Seems cheap to me. Nanami needs to charge more or stop giving her money away to little kids having a fight. Protect those friendships yes...but you have an entire day of adventure, you won't last long on that budget.
 photo darknessepisode917_zps0edc2384.jpg
Of course you do. Of course you do Neko.
Eventually after she has some delicious treats and sees some friendships in action Ryouta rolls up with Neko and Kotori who are now donning sunglasses. Guess their Power Ranger masks from last time got retired. Might be a little too obvious. Please note that the crew didn't even want to wear the sunglasses. Because between the options of run away and defeat Nanami everyone has gone friends with Nanami. OF COURSE FOLKS! Neko is worse than Ryouta in that aspect. She sees a witch and she needs be friends with her. We are all in this together!
 photo darknessepisode916_zps52ab619a.jpg
Really?! The battle has gone on for 5 seconds. Can we have a little bit of conflict please?
Despite seeing all this friendship around her on her best day ever...Nanami really wasn't ready for togetherness. Mainly because she thinks the other girls don't understand what she has gone through. Um you are all witches from the same lab, pretty sure everyone had a crappy life. She just wasn't ready for friends yet. Instead she decided that she would use the same trust issue on Neko that she did on Ryouta. Thanks for the warning Ryouta.......Anyway this battle was very short lived, Nanami using the now memory changed Neko. Neko used the word friendship guarding her fake master which finally touched Nanami's little heart. Since Neko already decided to be her friend without the memory changing ability it meant something to Nanami. Enough to make the girl change Neko's memories back and cry a little bit. YAY FRIENDS....maybe.
 photo darknessepisode918_zpscffb0184.jpg
I know, you are a horrible person.
How long will this friendship last? I assumed that someone was going to go and get Kurofuku at his castle guarding. Instead he got bored and went to the car. There he found his notebook of evil. He seemed rather...shocked. How much of his memories did Nanami erase? Will he be so upset over what he has done he will help Nanami and the gang now? Could he be an ally? Can Nanami use her powers to help Neko regain her memories? Everything could instantly get better for our heroes!! Is that going to happen?..Probably not. But I guess we will find out next time yes?

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