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Black Bullet episode 10

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About that....
HURRY! Get one last post up and finished before the fotball matches start. Or soccer. Whatever. Even though most people call it fotball. We poor Americans. The husband has watched like 90 percent of the matches and I guess his addiction is infectious because I had no intent on watching the World Cup. At this point I might have fist pumped one of the goals. The sports. XD But yes one more post before I get sucked back in. Up now is Black Bullet episode 10. Spoilers for nothing having a point. It's all for nothing.
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Can't help but notice these were not filled out...
Episode Summary: Due to the impending doom arriving at Tokyo in a few days....Kisara and Rentarou have decided to hold class anyway. The older man who watches the kids is grateful for the distraction. Rentarou says it is a distraction for them as well, that it helps. Rentarou and Kisara hand out My Future little worksheets. Tina and Enju both want to marry Rentarou while the other girls are unable to answer their sheets. Rentarou decides to use their nonexistent funds to take all the kids on a field trip. They get a few stares but Rentarou takes them to a memorial site, one for the second battle in the great Gastrea War. All the kids are familiar with some of the festivals that happen at that time. One is coming up in a few days and the girls ask Rentarou if they are going to live to see the festival. Rentarou explains that the government is going to protect them and Kisara and him are going to fight too. Twice as hard as he is their teacher. The little girls hold a meeting and decide they accept Rentarou as their teacher and that nearly everyone wants to marry him. YAY FOR GOOD TIMES! That night Rentarou is awake thinking about how the military is probably going to mess everything up against that massive Gastrea while the rest of his team sleeps. Well not Kisara as she calls him out of the tents. They walk to the crumbling pillar as that is the safest place to be in the world. Rentarou wonders why the Gastrea isn't running around and attacking other pillars to really take them all out. Kisara thinks the Gastrea is tired while Rentarou thinks the pillar is to blame. Kisara promises to look into it and suggests that she and Rentarou take a nap in the grass. Kisara is happy that she has a little family now but is worried it will all end one day. Actually in two days. Kisara and Rentarou have a moment, promising each other it will be okay.
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Have a dose of cuteness before it all goes south.
The next day, while Rentarou is out and about he hears about how 1/3rd of the population has been selected to take shelter underground. People have reacted very negatively to this and blame Seitenshi and the Cursed Children. Obviously. At the train station Rentarou runs into the Cursed Child who was there last time. Only this time people are beating her up. Rentarou uses his authority and sends everyone on their way. The girl apologizes for begging again but she had to do it for her sister. They talk for a while and Rentarou makes her promise to go home. Rentarou returns home himself to the tents as Kisara returns with the girls. She apparently had no fun teaching the girls since they missed Rentarou. Tamaki appears with Kisara's paperwork on the pillar which she reads to herself. She quickly throws it in the fire and walks away pissed off. Rentarou fishes it out of the fire and learns that her family is the one who made the pillar under suspicious circumstances. Kisara returns late in the night and because of that Rentarou allows Tina and Kisara to arrive at school late. Yuzuki thinks going to school is dumb anyway but Enju is excited because she is going to show the rest of the girls her anime magical girl DVD. They happily walk to school AKA outside when they notice adults in the area. Oh and the giant crater where all the seats were. And blood. Rentarou slowly starts to realize a bomb was dropped on all his students. He is taken to an area that holds all of their little bodies. Rentarou starts to name their names but the authorizes say that these kids have no parents so names aren't necessary, just that Rentarou knows them is enough. Rentarou is clearly upset by that and lists their names anyway. Rentarou goes into the hallway because Enju was giving the guards a hard time. She seems to think she can show the girls the DVD tomorrow. Obviously she can't and she runs away only to find everyone's bodies. Rentarou goes to the roof to read all the girl's plans for the future. He allows them to blow away in the wind. Kisara calls, saying Tina is handling the news poorly. Rentarou starts to lose his mind, asking what Enju is risking her life for, what they are fighting for. Kisara tells Rentarou he is a civil servant and they must fight for justice. Maybe they will be able to change things for the better. Then....the pillar falls to the ground. Rentarou decides the wind is to blame for the early date. Rentarou runs downstairs to find a very upset Enju. He informs her of the situation and Enju wipes away her tears, ready to fight. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode1014_zps45b4d6f9.jpg
Enju asking to go to school tomorrow...just a lot of sadness.
I assumed that the battle between the super Gastrea and his army were going to take place and the blood was going to flow. Like woohoo we are a team...and now we are all dead. Well the blood did flow, just from a different source. Because we can't have a show about aliens/monsters coming to destroy humans without the humans looking as horrible as possible. What's the point you know?
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Victory over what? THEY ARE STILL HERE!
I really do get that people have to function in the face of a crises. Especially if the crises doesn't happen to you. Like when Japan had their huge disasters three years ago many people were trying to show support and restraint while others suffered but then that creates a problem in the economy. Here in the United States there are so many school shootings and natural disasters if we stopped to mourn and be super respective no one would leave their houses ever. So yes I get that people need to get out there and live their lives. I really do.
 photo blackbulletepisode103_zps27242496.jpg
Take us out for ice cream if DOOM is coming. :(
However if giant monsters were going to come NO MATTER WHAT in three days and eat everyone I knew I probably wouldn't go to school. I probably wouldn't go teach school. I probably wouldn't go teach school to kids who probably aren't getting much out of this schooling since I am not a teacher and they have never been properly taught before. In short...what is the point?! I get that these girls need something to live for (well did but you know) but finding them shelter might be a better use of their time. Or finding adults that would be pairs with the girls so they would have food and shelter. Sure no one would really be like Rentarou or even Tamaki but that would probably be a better solution than teaching girls who have an expiration date anyway. At the very least Rentarou could have worked together with the old dude to find somewhere for these girls to hide. Not....give them worksheets asking about their future. X____X
 photo blackbulletepisode106_zps42a3d6b7.jpg
Cherish this moment of happiness.
Since only Tina and Enju find joy in the future Rentarou and Kisara's dwindling wallet take a field trip to some of the monuments made after the war. Now I have several problems with this. None of which being Rentarou trying to cheer the girls up. Although since the girls all have Gastrea DNA or whatever in them that might have not been the best place to take them. Like yeah everyone is happy but you guys weeeee! No the problem I have is 1, the war is certainly not over. These things appeared a relatively short time ago in Earth's history and are still there, terrorizing everyone. And B...what a massive amount of space to waste on some statues! Land seems to be a problem in this new world and all that land is wasted on a bit of WOOHOO we did it? Yeah rolling my eyes that any of these people are still alive. Still the girls manage to find the good. Well sorta. You know after they talk about how they are all going to die and Rentarou reassured them they weren't. YAY FOR HUGS. Taking screenies of that obvious sadness was fun folks.
 photo blackbulletepisode108_zps71a01353.jpg
Yeah I am thinking this giant Gastrea can do what it wants and attack all the pillars.
Rentarou and Kisara are not going into this battle thinking it is going to be easy or great fun. If I were the government I would be dropping bombs....on the actual enemy but I guess we can't be having that. I am not sure why Kisara wanted to take Rentarou over to see the pillar. Especially since the wheels of questions were not spinning in her head. So I wonder why she made her way over there. I guess she was told to be the writers so Rentarou could ask some obvious questions. They bounced ideas off each other. Why would the Gastrea stop at just THIS pillar? Why not attack from all sides? Kisara might have been right, that it would take time to produce all that....stuff and it could make the creature tired. Rentarou decides he knows all because he saves all the womenz and the problem has to be this pillar itself. I am not sure why Rentarou assumes he is right. Of course he but he shouldn't know that. What with level 5 Gastrea being summoned at will I am sure this Gastrea could be herded to this area. Just that Rentarou doesn't have this information yet.
 photo blackbulletepisode109_zpse0a2d330.jpg
In about 30 hours to be exact. You know, someday soon.
Kisara probably wasn't thinking all that hard about why the pillar was being destroyed. She was more wanting to spend time with Rentarou before the end. I mean the maybe end. Because obviously everyone is going to live and have a happily ever after. Given the track record of this show. How dare you start thinking Rentarou. Kisara promises to look into this matter because she obviously has the hook up. Um hi my Grandfather is important, give me all the information I want please? After that Kisara got things back on track with spending some quality time with Rentarou. If the battle isn't for a few days I am not sure why people couldn't find their own lodgings. Especially since they could come and go in the city as they pleased as there were no barriers or what not. But that would be asking too many questions. For now it is snuggles and talks of the future. How Kisara thinks that she, Enju, Tina, and Rentarou are a little family now and she wants it to stay that way. :( Aw isn't that romantic. Goodbye Tina and Enju. And probably Kisara. I am not seeing this happy family work out but I guess it is better to be optimistic than DOOM AND GLOOM. We are going to die Rentarou, have your way with me now. Wait that actually might be better...
 photo blackbulletepisode1010_zpsebdb84be.jpg
Come, I will make you part of my little girl harem.
The next day Rentarou decides that he wants to skip being a teacher to focus on something much more important. I really don't know what it was though. If one isn't going to teach a group of little girls in the face of danger I would think one would be getting the troops together and discussing battle strategies. Talking about strengths and weaknesses. Getting supplies together. Instead Rentarou decides to take a walk around town to see how awful things are. People have finally...slightly begun to panic. The ones who one the lottery have moved underground. 1 out of 3 citizens were picked. Meaning that 2/3rds of the population is left to die in case this amazing plan fails. Had this been the United States there would have been chaos in the streets and tons of looting. Here there are just very ticked off people who felt lied to. Down with Seitenshi and obviously Chosen Children because hello everything is their fault. I feel as if Rentarou took this walk just so he could come across the blind little Chosen Child again. Not heeding his word she went out begging again despite the DOOM that is coming and ain't no one going to help her now. Yep Rentarou went for a walk so this plot point could be covered. Why doesn't this little girl live with the other Chosen Children?
 photo blackbulletepisode1011_zps0346ddc9.jpg
If they survive this I am assuming Kisara is going to kill her family members.
After Rentarou gets his fill of helping someone out he goes back to TentsRUs just in time to see Tina and Enju return from classes with Teacher Kisara. Which no one loves because hello Rentarou is the best person ever woohoo! Before we can have fun with that issue Tamaki has to ruin the moment and give Kisara the paperwork on the pillar of almost destroyedness. That was fast and dramatic. Kisara has grade a reading skills as she looks over the paper work and tosses it in the fire right away. Rentarou and his nosy self immediately investigates and it looks like Kisara's family made the pillar without any bidding or what not. HMMM why is that? Was it all planned to fail on purpose, to blame Cursed Children and overthrow the government by riding in as heroes? Yeah that is what it is looking like. A very complicated and dangerous plan to get back at the little girls who had nothing to do with this mess. WHY IS THE WORLD STILL ALIVE?!
 photo blackbulletepisode1013_zps573ec1be.jpg
Since Kisara was dealing with some more assholeness from her family Rentarou gave her the morning off in terms of teaching the kids. It would be just an Enju and Rentarou morning. Time for them to bond, before things got really bad. Enju was so sad about what happened at her old school that Rentarou was afraid that she was never going to be okay. Now things are okay. Enju even brought her favorite anime DVD to share with all her new friends. After this battle that they were going to win and not lose any lives on things would improve. Seitenshi would be famed a hero and get all the Chosen Children rights and safe living conditions. Kisara would get an even bigger family. Yay little girl harem. Everything will be okay.
 photo blackbulletepisode1012_zpsd7325073.jpg
Of course a bomb blew up all your little students. OF COURSE! Why are you surprised by this asshole move?
Or or...Rentarou could reach the “classroom” to find the entire area bombed and every single girl dead. Because this show isn't uplifting. There is no hope whatsoever. Instead of using resources to help with the battle someone decided to bomb innocent girls who probably could have been major assets in said war. You know, because it makes sense to be this awful. I mean at this point I am not sure how these girls make it out of the delivery room? Their parents don't want them and if they are going to be thrown away like trash to die why not do it in a more humanely way? Heck doesn't the Gastrea DNA show up beforehand, you know before birth? It's just so...dumb. I know it is supposed to be sad and devastating, especially when Rentarou is trying to list their names and the cops could care less. But it is just dumb. Over the top hatred and unnecessary evil. We get it. Humans suck. Barely anyone deserves to breath at this point. I just don't understand how society hasn't crumbled under its own stupidity yet. I guess with most of the homeless girls dead there will be less to blame on them now right? Gotta start taking responsibility for their own actions yes?
 photo blackbulletepisode1015_zpse484b290.jpg
The people who hate and control everyone you care about?
Enju took this news hard. I think the girls being dead hurt Rentarou but seeing Enju deny this event then sob over it put him over the edge. He has grown close to the girl, taken her from the streets and given her...well not hope for the future obviously but a place to call her own while she waits to die. He couldn't do that for the other girls and now Enju has no hope. No nothing. Her friends are dying left and right and society hates her. What is the point anymore? Add that in with all the little what will I do in the future papers the dead girls filled out and Rentarou was ready to break into the underground areas and take out those 1/3 safe population people. Well not really but I think he was on the verge of not fighting in the battle at all. Kisara had to talk him down this edge but was a weak argument. I know there are jobs out there that make you help people you really hate but this is a lot and really who would blame Rentarou?
 photo blackbulletepisode1016_zps36625a38.jpg
So maybe they weren't being flung quite that far...but you have to admit that would be an idea for some evil person.
Well the icing on the suck cake is at the end of the episode the pillar falls apart a day ahead of schedule. Not that it would really matter since the new pillar wasn't going to be made in time anyway but given what is going on I would assume this was also on purpose. Put the majority of the “dangerous” Chosen Children on a battle field near said pillar and POOF all the metal rains down on them and kills them too. Yeah that seems very, very deliberate and insane right? The Earth is going to be taken over by Gastrea in a week at this rate. Rentarou managed to listen to Kisara long enough to get Enju to wipe away her tears so they could dart off to battle but really..what is the point? Lets fight to protect all the people who killed your friends or could care less if you died. So much fun woohoo! The blood did flow...


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Rebecca Miyamoto kind of reminds me of Ciel Phantomhive or Haruhi Suzumiya.

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