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Isshuukan Friends episode 8

 photo weekfriendepisode713_zpsd2e07d13.jpg
Look at us being all together and picture perfect.
I swear!!! Well I swear all the time but really. Really. I wake up with such plans for the day and then it turns 11:30 pm at night and I go WHAT DID I DO?! Why am I not a more motivated person? Le sigh to me. So lets get something pushed out before I pass out. Blogged fresh for you today is Isshuukan Friends episode 8. Episode 8 even though I labeled everything episode 7 because I am special. Spoilers for beach days and Kaori liking everything.
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You don't want to build a snowman? What about a sandman?
Episode Summary: Yuuki and Kaori are chillin at the park when Kaori announces she wants to go to the beach. Before Yuuki can get excited Kaori says she wants Shougo and Saki to come too. Yuuki is like I don't know Saki's number and Shougo is too lazy to leave the house. Kaori declares that she won't be going alone with Yuuki. Yuuki gets a fire lit under him and vows to get the other two on board. There is a brief montage of what Yuuki and Kaori have been doing all summer which only consists of park benches and karaoke. Yuuki calls Shougo first all happy and skippy. Shougo points out that Yuuki keeps using him and then saying he is getting too involved. Yuuki is very remorseful and bows all over the phone, begging for help. Shougo agrees to go and Yuuki is like great since you know Saki from elementary school call her. Because of hoarding Shougo still has the school directory and gets Saki on board with the beach trip, as long as Shougo reminds her the next day. The kids start to gather, Yuuki and Kaori too excited to sleep and Saki excited to see her long forgotten Kaori. Kaori seems to know Saki and Shougo despite it being a few weeks. There is a bit of drama trying to take transportation but finally they are on the correct system that will eventually take them to the beach. Kaori has made everyone lunch but since they got up so early they should eat it for breakfast. They start to munch away when Kaori talks about Yuuki's eating habits in regards to octopus hotdogs. Shougo ruins the mood by eating the little guys hold. But but...Kaori made them and they are special. Kaori seems happy that her food is enjoyed. They pull up to the beach and it is magically raining. Shougo wants to go home immediately while Yuuki just looks sad. Saki is like well lets keep on playing anyway come on Kaori!!! Shougo and Yuuki watch as the two girls are nearly blown away.
 photo weekfriendepisode77_zps8e0cd1ab.jpg
Translation: Let's die on the beach today.
Yuuki ends up being a gentleman and fetching Saki's beach ball in the ocean. Kaori tries to dry Yuuki the rain...and Shougo ruins the moment because it was too mushy. After Yuuki pretends to be mad they head to an arcade to wait the rain out. Of course Kaori has never been to an arcade before so they need to make it special for her. Yuuki tries to win her a little stuffed animal but Shougo ends up winning both the girls plushies on his first try. UPSTAGER! They go to play other games but Kaori gets distracted by the picture taking machines. Shougo is like um no thanks so naturally he is dragged inside. The picture turns out cute and Kaori is going to treasure forever. While they were inside the rain stopped and they are able to make their way to the beach. So naturally that means two of them should go and get lunch. Paper rock scissor has Shougo and Kaori going on the food run which makes Yuuki a sad panda. As Yuuki pouts Saki uses the time to ask Yuuki what he likes about Kaori. He refuses to answer romantically and Saki goes on and on about Kaori's boobies. While shopping for food Shougo tries to plant the smallest of seeds in Kaori's mind as she doesn't understand how she feels about Yuuki and what is jealously? They return with food and fireworks. They eat and the girls continue to have fun in the sand. Shougo decides to be a wing man and follows Saki to see the biggest hermit crab ever. That leaves Kaori to take a walk alone with Yuuki. They walk the shoreline, Kaori talking about how happy she was with today and that summer vacation was so fun. Yuuki is just happy to be there. They step into the water and have a bit of a moment when Kaori nearly falls. Yuuki catches her and it is all blushy for him. Kaori is all like...I like Yuuki and the ocean and bugs and blood coffee. They do the “fireworks” which means more blushy faces and happy times. As they watch the fireworks back home a family has into their neighborhood. What does this mean? THE END!
 photo weekfriendepisode711_zpsb51d3173.jpg
Everything. But not romantically. Because I am a sensitive school boy.
Everyone say AWWWW. Sometimes we need to take a break from shooting monsters with special bullets and bleeding girls to see a nice slice of life. A super shy and ultra blushy slice of life but a nice one in any event. Why wasn't my high school life like this? Wai summer work and being stuck at home with my family all day.
 photo weekfriendepisode710_zpsa5b20b82.jpg
......So Yuuki likes Kaori right?
Kaori and Yuuki have been spending their summer break together. Well part of it anyway. Her father did promise to take her away on trips. That was probably their thing since she was friendless and what not. Now that she has Yuuki she gets to go on lots of trips. Of course they are all to the same place, the karaoke building and a nearby bench. But still lots of fun trips. I hate to say that Kaori doesn't know any better and is just happy with what she can get but...that is exactly what it is. XD Silly Kaori. Of course she likes Yuuki and doesn't really know it yet so these are probably the only places she feels comfortable going alone with Yuuki. And Yuuki is an awkward mess who is trying to deny he likes Kaori so he rather do the same thing over and over again and love the attention he gets when he receives mosquito bites.
 photo weekfriendepisode72_zps163564af.jpg
Yuuki taking another hit to the heart.
But Kaori is having some growth. She wants to experience all the events she saw when she was watching slice of life animes. She wants to go where the people are. And during the summer people go to the beach. So that is where she wants to go. She literally has dreamed about every single friendship place ever. I am sure she has dreamed about helping a friend move and going to Tokyo DisneySea to take pictures with Duffy and visit a shrine on New Year's Day. But for now this is what Kaori wants to do and it is the most important thing ever. Yuuki momentarily lost his mind and thought he could spend the day alone with Kaori. But she was Shougo and Saki have to come. I won't go alone with you. Yuuki's heart has already been stomped on about a million times so this is par for the course.
 photo weekfriendepisode73_zps555c1b4c.jpg
You tell him Shougo!
Now that the idea of the beach has been planted into Yuuki's head he must make it a reality. Time to go crawling back to Shougo to beg for help. As.....emotionless as Shougo can be at times I like his frankness. Like you are asking ME for help after having a tiny meltdown that I am interfering. Shougo is right, Yuuki needs to make up his mind. Or just go out with Shougo since he depends on him so much and is such an important part of his life. Shougo helps and then is supposed to blend back in with the woodwork...unless Yuuki needs him on an outing. Oh and call Saki too. Since you went to elementary school together you have her number right? People never move. I need this all done ASAP thanks friend!
 photo weekfriendepisode74_zps13e6b297.jpg
This is Shougo fully supporting their relationship with no sarcasm or feeling the need to gag on sight of these two.
Because Yuuki is a pure hearted boy he gets his way and everyone shows up to go to the beach. I have noticed as the episodes go on less and less attention has been placed on Kaori's memory problem. Almost like she is cured...but not really. I just wish there was more focus on that. She can know of Saki and Shougo but a little hesitation when they met up at the station would be nice. Like...Saki? Instead they feel like “normal” friends. I know the point is that she is getting better but it seems as if this issue has been lost along the way.
 photo weekfriendepisode75_zps9100cb02.jpg
You must cherish each bite!
This group can't do anything easily of course. Saki spent so much time loving on Kaori because she hadn't seen her all summer (is this anime not in the present? No one has cellphones?!) they nearly missed the train. Which lead to another train. Since I live in Florida I feel as if the beach is so close no matter where I go and I would expect Japan to be the same way since they are shaped similar. Of course that is not the case. Eventually they got on the train and off they went. Into the world of Kaori making lovely snacks for them. When I was younger my first anime was Sailor Moon and I always thought those octopus items were actually octopus. That is how I roll. The way Kaori rolls is to jot down every single fact about Yuuki no matter how small and then look all cute and confused when this clearly states she loves him. Yuuki always eats his octopuses feet first because Kaori cooked them and he doesn't want the effort to go to waste. Shougo the mood killer then swallows them whole. What a lovely friend.
 photo weekfriendepisode78_zpsb7903d61.jpg
How is that going to help now?!
After all this anticipation I am sure the group just exploded when they finally reached the beach. SO MUCH FUN! Or or...the bright blue sky was a lie and the heavens was pouring down on them. :( I hate that. I hate when fun plans are squished by weather. Believe me I am always like Dead God, I know you have a lot of really important things going on right now but can it please not rain at the 24 hour party please? Thank you. Yuuki didn't do this beforehand so it was just bummer city. Shougo was quick to call it a failure and go home while Saki was like we were going to get wet anyway, lets play in the dangerous rain and play the Blow Away Game! That would have been fun to see....instead it was just Saki's ball that blew away and Yuuki was the one to fetch it. I like how Kaori tried to towel Yuuki off, like that was going to help him or if he was more wet than anyone else. It was raining bad folks!!! Kaori was trying to improve Yuuki's sad situation with the towel though and to protect us from the sap level Shougo shut it down!
 photo weekfriendepisode79_zpsfadcc778.jpg
Thanks for making me look like a chump.
After getting soaked wet in the rain the crew decides that they should NOW go to the arcade. Now. Not before when they first rolled up but NOW after they are all sick and drenched. XD I loved the arcades in Japan so I would have gone there first. Well I only played the winning stuff games so....I might not have the whole picture. But yes Kaori has never been with friends before and her life has be unfilled. I hope that Kaori has actually done these things and just can't remember. Anyway Kaori wanted to start the trip off by winning plushies. So Yuuki and his blushy face self has to step up and try his hand. Is it a surprise that Shougo was able to win two plushies at once? I am not good at those games either Yuuki, it's okay. Something that the husband and I didn't try in Japan were the picture taking machines. It is like a must do for young people over there and it looks like fun. Not if your name is Shougo but Kaori needs proof of her friendships! So from this moment on I will not question how Kaori knows what her friends look like. Because now she has proof. Probably should have done that beforehand.
 photo weekfriendepisode712_zps0499e4f0.jpg
Deep breath there Shougo. She is just a little special.
After their time in the arcade the crew emerges to find.....sunshine! So clearly that means it is time to eat food! Another thing they could have done to pass the time. Instead of all of them going to the place and picking out what they wanted to eat two were sent to do the shopping. else could Saki and Shougo talk to Yuuki and Kaori about their “love”? We can't be having these conversation in front of the other. No no, we got to divide and conquer. Saki took the direct approach. Yuuki thinks he is being slick and can deny things. Saki punished him for his lies by talking about Kaori's boobies. Shougo took the subtle approach which went over Kaori's head spectacularly. Thankfully she has planted her own seeds. Or recognized things that are going on. Like why do I feel weird when Yuuki talks to other girls? What could this be Shougo? Super direct Shougo decided to not flat out say what was up as Kaori might have melted on the spot.
 photo weekfriendepisode714_zps3fff5802.jpg
Oh snap we are TOUCHING?! How risque.
Once the rain went away the crew had a nice time at the beach. Not swimming of course. Did Shougo even bring a suit? I am not sure why there was no swimming but there was other fun. Shougo stepped up and allowed Yuuki a moment alone with Kaori. Saki is nice and nonjudgmental of Kaori's problem but she can be a bit of a blocker. Yuuki and Kaori put their feet in the water which is why people go to the beach in Japan I suppose. I like how Kaori and Yuuki can just spend time together not talking and it's okay. Just seems natural. Kaori is probably caught up in the moment of I am with friends and this is the best day ever. Inside Yuuki's head is probably a lot more. Like what should I say, what should I do?! Kaori likes to get Yuuki's hopes up a lot. Make him think she is going to say something romantic and then talk about everyone else. Kaori is always a little clumsy. I may have given the printer a nice bath earlier this week so not judging. Just that Yuuki is such a pure and silly boy he gets embarrassed about everything while Kaori is like what is sex smile smile.
 photo weekfriendepisode715_zps2aa0cca7.jpg
Yuuki is such a happy boy. XD
I think the trip went well and Kaori was happy. The fireworks were a nice touch. Probably didn't have enough money for a watermelon since Yuuki used all his money on not winning plushies. Just a simple day with friends that didn't involve beating people over talking during a movie or battling 48394 soccer moms trying to meet Anna and Elsa. Just a nice slice of life episode with friends in which Kaori mostly forgets about in a week's time. She has to end the day thinking about things she likes. She likes Yuuki you know. And everyone else. Yuuki is such a good boy he doesn't mind his little heart being crushed into 19 million pieces. Judging by the end of the episode Yuuki might need some super glue for that heart. A sorta new boy has moved into town and clearly he is important. The friend that caused Kaori's condition? Obviously Was his moving away the cause of her memory issue because if so....yeah Kaori needs to develop basic coping skills or something. I guess we will find out soon though. Until next time!
 photo weekfriendepisode716_zps35c937a3.jpg
So now you can get a haircut?

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