Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 10: Everything will be okay~the world according to Ryouta

 photo darknessepisode1014_zps67d32ca2.jpg
One would think that Kazumi needed sex to survive and not magic pills.
Post number 3. I would reward myself with ice cream but....we have none. I need to rectify that tomorrow at the grocery store. Or stalk the ice cream man tomorrow and steal all his wares. Or his cooling unit in his van at this point. So what is post number 3 tonight? Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 10. Spoilers for nothing ever going right ever.
 photo darknessepisode10_zps76610675.jpg
Ryouta has a lot of hope in such...upsetting situations.
Episode Summary: Ryouta has taken all the girls plus Nanami back to the conservatory after he gets word that Kogoro (who is apparently Ryouta's Uncle...) is there. If anyone can remove the harnest tracker from Nanami it would be that man. Kogoro needs a basic lesson on what a harnest is so Ryouta explains the basics, mostly the part about the goo. Kogoro is all hmmm about the situation, saying the safest thing to do would be do x-rays and what not. He wants to know how much time they have and Nanami estimates she will be killed any minute since she ran away from Kurofuku. Kogoro suggests confusing the censor with liquid nitrogen or something but that would a far more dangerous method. Nanami is okay with this all or nothing method. Before she was afraid to die since she would be forgotten. She never was allowed to have friends at the lab as she might accidentally erase their memories so she barely knew anyone. Now that these people are claiming to be her friends she will live on in their memories even if she dies. Neko stops Nanami and points out that if she dies everyone will be sad forever. Kotori adamantly agrees while Kana and Kazumi are like....yeah we just met and I guess we can be friends. In their own special ways of course. Nanami is so taken back by all this friendship and decides to live. Kogoro agrees to get ready the safer route when Kana screams oh no! unplugged and falls to the ground. Kurofuku looks upset that he had to kill Nanami, like it was her fault. Everyone looks on in horror as Nanami melts on the ground. Nanami thinks of the reward Kurofuku promised her if she found Neko and she thinks she got it, friends that won't forget about her. Nanami apparently dies happy. Ryouta goes to cover up the goo that used to be Nanami all upset like when everyone else goes...EW?! Take that garbage out, we can't leave it here! Before Ryouta can punch people out for being rude he realizes that Nanami listened to Neko when she (Neko) said she would be sad if Nanami died. So despite being afraid of being forgotten Nanami erased everyone's memories of her so she could be happy. Ryouta dissolves into hysterics while everyone else is like what is his problem? Nanami appears in spirit form next to Ryouta, saying she inserted herself in his memories since she has a bit of info on the lab. She disappears, saying she was happy about what the others said. Neko starts to think that something sad must have happened which gives Ryouta hope.
 photo darknessepisode1011_zpse5f1ea0a.jpg
Because Neko and Ryouta didn't die the last time they got pills or something.
The next day everyone goes to school and Ryouta magically remembers that exams are coming up. Ryouta wants to study with everyone but Kazumi points out that they are all going to die in 3 weeks anyway, who cares about exams. Ryouta is under the impression he can get them more pills so he bribes them with a trip to the beach if they all get above average scores. Kazumi turns the conversation to sex and kissing in which she implies she has kissed Ryouta. Neko and her jealous powers almost kill everyone with a tree while Kazumi explains it was an indirect kiss. Neko stomps off and Ryouta gets pissed but soon mellows out when he sees how sad Kazumi is. He walks until he finds Neko singing a song about how she is not jealous of an indirect kiss. Ryouta accidentally reveals himself and the fact that he heard. He ends up giving Neko an indirect kiss too as sharing food or liquid is what kisses are. Ryouta tries to break the ice by suggesting to go karaoking but Neko has no idea what that is. Ryouta realizes all of Neko's magic use has caused her to lose more memories. Life is suffering. The girls and Ryouta study hard for their exams. Kazumi wants Ryouta to give her something special if she scores second in the class (assuming Ryouta will be number one). She wants his virginity because duh. Everyone is surprised to see Neko on top, Ryouta second, and Kazumi is third. Kotori is lucky to be alive. Ryouta realizes if Neko didn't forget everything ever she would be a genius. It is suggested that since Neko was top scorer she should get a wish. So she asks for Ryouta's virginity too. Putting that all aside Ryouta takes all the girls to the beach and comments to himself about their boobies size because he is a teenage boy. Neko and Ryouta eventually end up in the water and her top eventually floats away because we haven't had fanservice this episode. Despite looking RIGHT AT HER Ryouta doesn't see her moles because he wasn't looking. Everyone talks about how they are happy and they should come back here one day which means they are all going to die. Back at the lab Mr. Creepy wants to use Valkyria to find Neko because apparently she is important to the overall mission? The chairmen (men who sit in chairs) are like um no Valkyria is too dangerous. Mr. Creepy promises to send out lots of strong obedient witches to watch Valkyria and since he already did it...too bad for them. Well too bad for Mr. Creepy as Valkyria has already killed all her guards....accidentally or on purpose because she has the crazy. Yay for being outside THE END!
 photo darknessepisode1016_zps58cd3581.jpg
Great. Now you are all going to die.
Well then. Wasn't that a totally uplifting episode? Actually it sorta was since most of the mains forgot what happened. XD But yeah...this episode, this has a serious case of the sads. Especially when I watched it after Alice in Wonderland cira....err forever ago? 195X. Both are trippy in their own ways but no one dies in horrible was with dead old Alice even though a lot of people were supposed to lose their heads.
 photo darknessepisode105_zps424a4436.jpg
Kazumi's olive branch of friendship is so magical.
Since opening songs are the end all be all of what is going to happen in some shows...I knew Nanami was a goner. You are not in the main song, you don't get to live. Of course some songs are more subtle than others....sneakier if you would but this one seems to be flat out telling you who is important, who is evil, and who the final baddie is going to be. Since Nanami and the other dead girls were never featured looking all dead and bloody I was trying to not get too attacked to her. Don't feel anything or you will end up on a cliff singing a song sung by all the 5 year olds in the world.
 photo darknessepisode103_zps5113620d.jpg
I will on forever in your minds.....or 3 weeks because you know pills.
Yet I had hope. I was given hope. A lot of hope. Too much hope. I knew she was going to die. Especially when everyone was laying it on thick. For some reason when I saw a bit of a preview for this show I thought it was Kurofuku standing behind Nanami. Like oh snap maybe he does have feelings for this girl and Nanami couldn't really erase his memories. He has seen the light, he doesn't want these girls to suffer anymore and or he has more yen bills to pass out. But then it turned out to be Kogoro. I think it might have been better to take Nanami to Kogoro to save time since he has the equipment there and what not, especially when Kogoro was going to take her there anyway. If it were a matter of safety I get not involving so many people and a well known area. But since that was on the plan anyway....I might have just skipped that step.
 photo darknessepisode106_zpsa2f0e798.jpg
I see you showing some emotion but you still suck.
But without that step we couldn't have all that emotion that would give me hope. Like in the back of my mind I knew this was a huge troll, building up the moment with all this friendship and love crap only for it all to melt into a pile of goo on the ground. Literally. But still I got suckered in. Suckered in. Because if they went to the college Kana and Kazumi would have been back at the conservatory. They wouldn't have heard Kogoro talking very....detached from the situation. Like he should because really a pile of goo? Kana and Kazumi had to hear Nanami talk about going all in for this all or nothing approach because Kotori and especially Neko were on team new friend Nanami. No no this needed to be done at the conservatory for the drama.
 photo darknessepisode104_zps261425e7.jpg
Neko gets attached rather fast. That might be a good thing if she wasn't in this particular anime.
I thought Nanami was acting like all the other witches. She didn't mind dying right there because she would have a CHANCE to live. A chance to have friends. She never had any friends before because of her power and now the chance to have friends is worth the risk. Everyone else is acting that way too or has acted that way. Some have turned into goo piles because of their feelings. So Nanami is going to say what she means. She is willing to die for this chance. And since this is all about friendship and what not the other girls had to say what they felt. How will we feel if you die? You can't take chances?! I like how Kazumi was still wearing her sunglasses like bitch be trippin still but then took them off because friendship is magical. Kana was like I guess I can have another friend while Ryouta, Neko, and Kotori were all like FRIENDS FOREVER AND LIFE! Witch power! So don't you go and die on us Nanami. You make sure you live and do this safely. We have enough pills for....err....2 weeks now but that's okay. Ryouta is going to save us with this magical password he found out about last week and didn't do anything with this weekend despite going all the way out to the beach later in the episode. It will be okay. Everyone hug it out.
 photo darknessepisode107_zps0d0d082f.jpg
I would be screaming my head off if I was melting but Nanami was thinking...peaceful last thoughts?
So naturally the second Kogoro decides to go to his lab to set things up Kurofuku reluctantly pulls the plug on Nanami. I thought that last episode he was in shock over the things written in his diary. That if Nanami was going to die it was going to be Mr. Creepy who did it. But no....Kurofuku is an asshole. Everything, all that hope is a lie. A giant lie. How stupid was I to fall for it?! I bought into the lie that everything was going to be alright. And literally 5 seconds after everyone declared their love for everyone else....Nanami died. Like some kind of Final Destination joke. I'll be right back!!! Yeah not. It was kinda traumatizing watching her somewhat turn into goo. I say somewhat because obviously censors. Also Kogoro got to fully understand the process so maybe he can make sure it doesn't happen again to the next girl although I think all the escapee witches are long gone and the lab is probably running out of other witches by now. Just...everyone watching as everything but Nanami's face becomes a puddle, seconds after she said she wasn't going to die because she will live on in their memories. Just so sad.
 photo darknessepisode109_zps54085f00.jpg
So a girl who was afraid of being forgotten made people forget on purpose so they wouldn't be sad. WAI!!!!
OH WAIT! It can get sadder. Because this is anime, where little kids can get blown away by a giant missile. Like instant death on some space ship crap. Everyone was being very upset at the goo that was once Nanami on the floor when suddenly...all the girls are like gross, take the trash out Ryouta. I know I just refereed to the girl as goo but she wasn't my best buddy of ten minutes. Everyone was going on and on about this girl and suddenly the rest of the witches were calling her garage and talking about where to throw her away. Ryouta quickly figured out that Nanami, despite wanting to be remembered once in her life, had taken to heart what Neko said about being said about her (Nanami's) death. That she thought it would be nice to be remembered but she didn't think about those left behind. So she took that moment when her head was still attached to her body to erase everyone's memories of her...including Kogoro who wasn't even facing her but whatever. Thus Ryouta was the only one who remembered her and knowing all this insanity and sadness was too much for the boy. Plus it was clearly obvious it was a melted witch on the girl and not garbage so the fact that the girls weren't acting more concerned was a bit off. just have your moment there. You have earned it with this troll anime.
 photo darknessepisode1010_zpsb1ac1fbf.jpg
Does that mean Ryouta can't memorize things like he usually does?
I guess there was a tiny bright side in all of this mess. It was implied slightly that Nanami might be living on in Nanami's brain. Maybe. This was during the time when Ryouta was losing his mind in sorrow. It could have been wishful thinking. Or maybe Nanami is just going to live on in his memories, of the lab and the whole....half an hour they spent together. It would be cool if her power allowed her to live in his brain though. Whatever it is Ryouta seems okay with it. Well as okay as the situation allows for. Neko seems to have picked up on that this is a bad situation and starts to cry. So Nanami might be slightly dead it still sucks. Sorry.
 photo darknessepisode1013_zpsbb7a6b31.jpg
Oh yeah there was another sad moment when Ryouta realized Neko is slowly losing more memories.
We are going to put all that sadness aside and focus!!! Weeee. And not just any school but finals. Exams are so much fun. Spending so much time studying one subject after another just so your parents don't ground you into tomorrow. But when you are a witch and you are measuring your life in days and not years....those hours add up. I feel you Kazumi...even if all you freaks wanted to go to school in the first place to be normal instead of using your magical powers to break into Disney each and every day. You sorta did sign up for this....Ryouta doesn't want the girls to give up hope. They will get more pills. You know, when they went out in town to find Nanami he used the password thingy. And when they went to the beach he used the password thingy. Oh wait he didn't? Err...he will just magically find pills folks. Stop pressuring him and study.
 photo darknessepisode1015_zpscff9cc37.jpg
Are you really that stupid?
Oh the beach? Yes. The girls need a little bit of bribing to do well on their tests so Ryouta picked the beach. Kazumi picked sex and that went over well. It did get the girls into gear about doing well and Neko came out on top. GO GIRL! This clearly is magic as I don't care how smart Neko is, she doesn't have the basic foundation for high school work. Rolling my eyes. But it created a nice moment for everyone to go to the beach. That nice moment turned into another eye rolling moment of course when Neko lost her top at the beach and Ryouta was staring right at her and the moles were just hiding from him. At this point Ryouta has seen Neko naked so many times it is laughable he hasn't learned her identity yet.
 photo darknessepisode1012_zpsb26e532e.jpg
Maybe keep your happiness on the inside as a tree might accidentally fall on your head.
To make this post accurate and full of all the drama there was a moment after the bribing for the exams and before the results that Kazumi was stirring up trouble. Or maybe this really is a thing in Japan because I have read/seen in before. This indirect kiss crap. If I counted that as a kiss I have made out with all my friends and my family. But I guess when you are young and sex is FORBIDDEN and mysterious indirect kisses can be seen as less scandalous. I sorta felt bad for Kazumi even though she was causing problems for Neko and Ryouta. That moment apparently meant a lot to her. Neko might not understand love but throwing a tree on Ryouta and singing about how she is not jealous makes her look super jealous. Too bad this silly moment was ruined by the fact she is slowly losing all her memories. I originally thought that Nanami could stick around and help Neko out with that aspect of her life but clearly the answer is no on that...
 photo darknessepisode1017_zps19c0a5a6.jpg
Right guys? You giant pile of limbs want to answer me or something?
So....the episode ends with Mr. Creepy talking to his peeps about getting Neko back. When I first watched this episode I was all like why is Neko so important compared to all the other witches that escaped and were killed? If their evil plan is make some super alien from a crash site 100 years ago why would one witch with less than amazing powers matter? Why would Mr. Creepy want to waste his time and resources on her? He should have been spending more time LOOKING for her instead of sending a killer to off Neko. But now that I got a good look at Valkyria I think it is clear why Neko is important. Neko and Valkyria are either twins or one is a clone. Valkyria has some super awesome powers (peace out dead witches) while Neko has something else important to the mission. Maybe if they combine the two girls the plan will be complete? Maybe Valkyria has all of Neko's memories? This could explain why Kana was all -____- about Kazumi bringing up Valkyria, because it has to do with Neko and her suffering. So it all still makes no sense but more sense than if I blogged this in a timely manner. Go me for looking at the screenies so carefully. Also...Mr. Creepy probably doesn't need to be in charge, he doesn't really have great listening skills. Time to fire him weee! Until next time.


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