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Black Bullet episode 7: It's over 12,000!

So the husband is out of town for work reasons which means it is just Kira and I holding down the fort. And since Kira is a cat...well I have to make dinner. X___X Which you know is hard for my noncooking self. Also it sorta doesn't mean cooking as I bought a bunch of TV dinners. Tonight I got bored of them though and attempted to make bread. By make bread obviously I mean roll premade dough into crescent shapes. I am now feeling better enough to type again on the computer. I HATE COOKING! Why is it so hard?! I honestly think food is like cars, I touch it and it breaks no matter what I do. Then someone else touches it and magically everything is all better. TV dinners tomorrow for sure.
 photo blackbulletepisode79_zps5421a525.jpg
The joke writes itself people.
Since my stomach is only taking somersaults now instead of 1,900 feet dives off buildings...have an anime episode. One that should have been posted a long time ago but you know slacker me. XD Up now is Black Bullet episode 7. Spoilers for super questionable behavior/decisions.
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So...that's a bunch of Enju on the ground right there?
Episode Summary: Rentarou and his bleeding self calls Enju who has gone after Tina. Well Tina has the cellphone in her hand and clearly that spells really bad things for Enju. Then BAM Rentarou is running to Enju's side at the hospital. The doctor tells Rentarou that Enju will be okay with little to no fanfare but that she will be asleep for at least 2 days. Kisara takes the time to tell Rentarou that Seitenshi is missing part of her head and is having a THIRD meeting with Sogen. Rentarou knows Enju will be down for the count and is upset. Rentarou eventually leaves to shower and think about what happened on the roof. After the attack Rentarou and the older police dude from episode 1 investigate the crime scene. There is a lot of blood and there is a discussion of what kind of weapons hurt Enju. Rentarou concludes that Tina could have killed Enju but didn't. Still with Enju out of commission how can he continue the mission? At that moment Takuto drives up because he has a tracker on Rentarou or he is a stalker. Anyway he basically makes fun of Rentarou for being unable to protect Seitenshi for the next mission. Rentarou then gets some backbone going in him and demands that Takuto make fake plans for the meeting. Takuto is clearly thrilled. Rentarou then goes to Sumire to get some info on the devices that Tina uses. Basically she uses some remote control circle thingys to investigate the area and what not. The remote control is in the person's brain and Sumire estimates that Tina can use about 3 at once. Sumire advises Rentarou to not go as Tina is ranked 98 and is a monster. Rentarou explains that he has to save all the womenz which makes Sumire smile. Rentarou then goes and spends a little time with Miori and her simulation. He is trying to get used to combat zones with people using weapons which I am sure would be helpful in a military situation, not a Gastrea/Cursed Child situation. Miori watches on as Kisara gives commentary on Rentarou's fake eye. Rentarou does well in training but Miori announces that Tina's power is way over 9,000 so Rentarou is probably doomed. Tina gets a phone call from her Master, Professor Rand (one of the people who used to work with Sumire) telling her the info on the new meeting. Tina points out how this plan seems off but Rand is more upset that Tina isn't killing people like she should. Tina is told if she fails again she needs to blow her head away.
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I am going to blow you away and cry about it later.
Rentarou arrives at the fake site and Tina calls him, informing him she knew it was a fake but when Seitenshi leaves the meeting it will be a perfect spot to kill her. Rentarou is like not leaving, I got women to protect. Tina starts firing at him but Rentarou's amazing eye and flying leg gets him out of harms way and into one of the broken down building this fight is taking place at. He manages to take out one of the trackers but is still being fired upon. During this entire battle/ordeal Miori calls and tells Rentarou he is in danger and what not. She gives helpful tips, like where Tina is and what not. Rentarou continues on and takes out all three of the trackers. Tina is revealed to be in the building across the way. Tina tells Rentarou to leave and Rentarou responds by flying over on his fake leg. After a bit of a stand off it is fighting time. It turns out that Tina had a 4th tracker all along and through some ugliness Rentarou is blasted and hurt. Rentarou asks why Tina is doing this, killing, and she says that is the only purpose she has in life. Rentarou gets sad and almost gives up but thinks of Enju. By magic his flash bang that misfired earlier goes off and since Tina has some owl ability she is blinded. Rentarou then punches Tina a few times and wins the battle. Tina begs Rentarou to kill her since she is basically technology and she can't allow herself to fall in another country's hands. Rentarou then thanks Tina for saving Enju and carries her out of the building. Tina is surprised but is like now you better take care of me. Rentarou agrees and Takuto shoots Tina in the chest. Rentarou is restrained and Takuto goes on and on how Rentarou is a screw up and he will fix his mistakes and lala. Takuto goes to torture Tina when Seitenshi arrives, skipping most of the meeting because she knew Takuto was bad news. She thanks Rentarou for saving her life and grants him one wish. He wishes for power to protect those he cares for. Seitenshi makes him rank 300 which gives him access to all the secret info and Takuto's boss. Rentarou then shots Takuto's shooting hand and tells him to leave or else. Tina is taken into custody where she recovers and is interrogated. Rentarou hopes they got easy on her. Sogen leaves the Tokyo Area all pissed since Seitenshi left early. Rentarou was unable to find a connection with Sogen and Rand so that is special. Rentarou reaches his office where he finds Tina working there?! Apparently Kisara felt bad for the homeless girl and asked Seitenshi if Tina could work with them. Enju and Kisara are all excited and Rentarou is like....she tried to kill you both. But everyone is happy and so is Rentarou. THE END!
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I left Tina's shooting hanging for so long.
LOOK! An anime post. I actually watched this right before we got in the car on the way to Disney and I had planned to write/blog it on the car ride down and type it all up when I returned home. Yeah did that happen? No of course not. I am such a silly person.
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Flying high in the sky on my magic leg!
This episode had a lot of specialness. It is hard to not snark it at times. Like at one point I was convinced that Seitenshi and Sogen were working together. That Seitenshi really has cancer and wants to die and Sogen wants power and making her a martyr would somehow help both of them. Because really why would Seitenshi take on ANOTHER meeting with a crazy person. The first meeting was clear, he wants power and you hate him. The second meeting ended in bullets. Why take on a third one? Makes no sense. The whole....Rentarou flying around on his leg makes me laugh. Especially with how much balance he seems to have considering it is only one of his legs. All the praise he got during the “combat” training was interesting considering who he was up against. A few fake snipers verses Gastrea and kids with powers. Just...some special things going on folks.
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Hang in there Enju.
But back to the actual episode. Rentarou was seen rushing to Enju's side because after he located her and took her to the hospital he went back out to the crime scene. I am sure he would have wanted to stay by Enju's side the whole time but finding Tina and protecting Seitenshi are important tasks too. This also gave Rentarou more insight into Tina. First she didn't kill the police officer when she murdered his car and now Enju is rather alive when she was ambushed. There was a rather large puddle of blood on the ground but Tina quickly got the best of Enju and could have killed the girl. Rentarou is a better man than me though. I would have been blinded by rage. Like oh you are TOYING with us I see. Rentarou thought correctly and rationally though and realized the Tina was trying to not kill anyone. Not that it makes it better what with Enju in the hospital. I am sure this doesn't help her infection levels.
 photo blackbulletepisode74_zps790198e8.jpg
killed in a matter of moments because she has no self preservation skills?
Rentarou needed a few moments to have a cry. Well as much as a cry as he can. He is more emotional than some anime characters I will give him that. Enju is hurt in the hospital and Seitenshi wants to have another meeting with Sogen. If this dude isn't behind the attempted killings (which he is but you know) shouldn't he be worried? Like oh crap someone might be trying to kill me too. Since he is not worried he is a suspect and should be treated as such. Without Enju Rentarou isn't as effective. Seitenshi should have at least waited to have another useless meeting. I would cry too if I were Rentarou and I was guarding such a stupid woman. So off to the bath he goes. Oh and to have a heart to heart with Takuto. The fact that the man found him so fast is special. As is his hate. Of course everyone seems to hate Chosen Children despite the fact they are doing a lot of the protecting. It would be like hating someone's crack baby for being addicted to drugs. Like um do you not see the flaw in your logic? Anyway I guess it is good Takuto came and danced the haha you got shot and Seitenshi is in danger dance because it put a pep into Rentarou's step. Send out false reports, I am back on the case.
 photo blackbulletepisode76_zps8619ae9f.jpg
This looks rather familiar.
Rentarou's first stop in the beating Tina train was to see Sumire. Obviously. She seems to beat herself up a lot over what happened to Rentarou all those years ago. I think Rentarou rather be mobile than stuck in a wheelchair with one eye but she has the guilts. Seeing Rentarou turn into a lovely young man who has to save the womenz makes her feel better. She was there to tell him about the technology that Tina was using. Chips in the brain? Being a Chosen Child isn't enough, now she has to be like Rentarou and have metal parts I see. Controlling 3 of those at once seems impossible. I guess the reason why she is level 98 is not because of her physical strength but her ability to control machines and what not. Maybe they get ranked on how often they win. Because Enju seems rather powerful to me. Rentarou should be ranked number one for his ability to not die all the time. I mean hommie was shot last episode and he was walking around like it was nothing.
 photo blackbulletepisode78_zps588c24f8.jpg
You mean the training didn't improve anything at all?! I am shocked.
Next on Rentarou's get ready to kick Tina's butt trip was to see Miori and her amazing simulators. Which I think were rather...impressive. Like I said for normal combat. For soldiers now. In terms of fighting Tina the amazing or any Gastrea? Yeah I think not. This scene was just more fluff to show Miori and Kisara being impressed with Rentarou and talking about his magical abilities. If they wanted a real simulation they should have given 20 snipers machine guns.
 photo blackbulletepisode72_zpsc4e704cd.jpg
Tina's preparations sorta wrote themselves because Seitenshi is special.
Tina was doing her own preparations for the kill Seitenshi battle. Turns out her master is Professor Rand and not Sogen. Although it was said a few episodes ago that Sogen probably has bribed nations and what not to gain power in Japan and Rand is probably working for one of those nations. I am sure they are connected even though Rentarou couldn't put it together. You would think the Seitenshi and her team could have gotten some info but I guess she doesn't want to create waves...just her own death. So Tina talked to Rand about how none of this seemed right and Rand didn't want to listen to her. No no it was better to yell at Tina for not killing people when they got in her way. I guess he has a point. He must have done a real number of Tina as she was listening to his every word, even the words that said kill yourself. Yep that is how you breed loyal servants Mr. Rand. Tina seems to be more worried about Rentarou showing up than herself so I guess she let that one slide.
 photo blackbulletepisode714_zpsc74a5141.jpg
Rentarou will save all the womenz by punching them in the stomach! XD
It was finally time to get this show on the road. Both Rentarou and Enju knew it was fake. Neither one really wanted to kill the other due to their actions at the start of the battle. Rentarou could have set up some explosions or something on the roofs and instead of calling Rentarou (because spending half your time on the phone is the best way to go about battle) she could have shot him in the head. I guess they wanted to give the other time to back off. And you know Rentarou needed to be dramatic about showing off his limbs. Has the boy heard of shorts and short sleeve shirts? Does his budget allow for so many damaged articles of clothing?
 photo blackbulletepisode711_zps74329db5.jpg
Hold off on the gun fire, I got a call coming in.
That is probably not the point. The point is...battle time. Rentarou flying around on his leg and using his eye to dodge bullets. Again Tina could have done more, machine guns or what not but this was a dance of indecision. That and it would have been rather anticlimactic if Tina won right away. Anime over guys. Rentarou needed to fly around a little more on his leg and kill those cute Ghost in the Shell wannabe trackers. They were rather cute. I think in times like this Rentarou should get a hand's free device to talk to people that are aiding him. Just a thought. Tis a battle you know.
 photo blackbulletepisode712_zpsbec1a186.jpg
It's punchin' time!
After using all the bullets in the world and taking out all three of the trackers Rentarou flew to Tina and a bit of hand to foot battle began. Tina does have some moves but one on one like this I think Enju would have won. Since Rentarou is only human he did not. That and he has been so hurt recently of course he was going to crumble. He should be a pile of goo on the ground. Plus he really didn't want to kill Tina. He is just a sad teenage boy who is trying his hardest to do the right thing and living in this world is hard and sad. Especially when Tina's answer to his question is...well what it is. I fight and kill because that is what I was created for, my purpose in my life. Sounds familiar right? Since Tina is a cute girl Rentarou didn't get as pissed off as I thought he would have by that answer. Because if your purpose in life is to kill well maybe you shouldn't be alive. I guess he knows that deep down she doesn't want this life because she hasn't really done much killing but still...there are other people to worry about. Sorry you got a rough lot in life but that doesn't mean you can take it out on others.

Due to some magical events that Rentarou thinks are Enju's doing....Tina is an owl. At the time I was like what does that mean. But I guess that means that Tina's mother was infected by a Gastrea that once was an owl thus she has those traits. And I guess owls are blinded by bright lights, like the flash bang that went off in her face. Just BAM who needs eyes anyway. This leads Rentarou to kicking Tina all over the place. I don't think she was that hurt but it's like a gentlemen's fight. She knew he had the upperhand. She could move and he would put a bullet in her head. Checkmate. That and she was tired of fighting. If she failed this mission she would be killed. If she completed the mission Rentarou would be killed. And since Rentarou was so nice to her why take his life when she is done with all this pain and being used. Just a piece of technology that no one really cares for on a personal level. :( Being Tina is suffering, kill her now.
 photo blackbulletepisode715_zps91b97e89.jpg
That is Tina speak for thank you for saving my life.
Since this is Rentarou we are talking about he was like um no and carried her to safety. I will just ask Seitenshi to go easy on you and maybe you can find joy in your life. I am sure he would tell Seitenshi that Tina was used and how she did her best to not kill anyone. Plus....Chosen Children suffer so much already. So he needs to save Tina. Because not all these girls can be saved. He has to try to save the ones he can. He knows how innocent Tina is, how she is lonely, and that she really doesn't want this life. They should be fighting Gastrea and not each other.
 photo blackbulletepisode717_zpsd5376f46.jpg
I love how she just makes up these ranks off the top of her head. They really mean nothing. XD
So Takuto shots her in the chest. Because that is what bad guys do. Haha let me twist my mustache and laugh an evil laugh. How over the top does he have to be? I know that Gastrea are BAD but these girls are human. Why can't they see that? But I think half of Takuto's problem is he liked being super important. Look at me protecting Seitenshi. He probably never deserved the job to begin with. Not in a society like this anymore. Oh and the fact that his moral compass is broken probably makes him a bad candidate to protect Seitenshi. Speaking of Seitenshi....look who is rolling up making the third meeting just as useless as the first 2. WOOHOO!!!! But I guess it was important she came. Instead of carrying on Takuto's punishment herself she grants Rentarou a wish. Probably to see where his heart and interest lies. You know, to see what kind of person he is. Since he wished for power to protect those he cares about she granted him a pretty amazing wish. Ranked 300 woohoo! That means you can ask about the tricycle in the box and all the other secrets that Seitenshi has been keeping from you. Hurry ask now!!! Or....take off Takuto's shooting finger and threaten him. That is good too. You will have plenty of time to find out about the level 5 Gastrea and stuff next episode. Yeah it will be okay.
 photo blackbulletepisode718_zps6d46832a.jpg
Hello Rentarou. Lets be friends til the end.
Now that everyone is happy and missing fingers it is time to wrap this episode up. But wait....Rentarou walks into his office to speak to Kisara and a conscious Enju and he finds...Tina?! Tina the girl who tried to kill Seitenshi and was basically a terrorist. The Chosen Child who was being interrogated for her crimes? The girl who probably shouldn't see the light of day for a long time? That Tina. Yeppers. Seems as if Kisara is important to Seitenshi. Probably should make Kisara her right hand man instead of liar face Gramps but whatever. Seitenshi has probably the same love for Chosen Child that Rentarou does, given that she is trying to pass this bill and all giving them rights. So it probably makes a little bit of sense that Seitenshi would go easy on Tina and allow the girl to go somewhere safe. You know, with Rentarou being the only person who cares about her. Kisara and Enju are excited that Tina is here as well despite the fact that Tina nearly killed both of them. Rentarou was busy rolling at this special situation but deep down he was happy. Things worked out and Tina is safe. Of course he is outnumbered greatly now and they will probably cause him a lot of problems in the future but for now he is happy. Yay go ask Tina about the tricycle!
 photo blackbulletepisode719_zpsb9e47327.jpg
Thanks for reminding us Rentarou.

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