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Isshuukan Friends episode 9

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XO Who is this being all glare like and mean?
One last post for the night. I had hoped to get another Isshuukan Friends post blogged and up but the force was not strong with me. Lost my wind when the wind stopped blowing through the open windows. 4 is still pretty good though right? Maybe I will get more done tomorrow. Or I will take a cue from another anime I am watching and literally melt on the ground. But for now we have the slice of life anime Isshuukan Friends. Episode 9 is 3 parts math and 1 part drama. Always drama you know?
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Thanks for the support.
Episode Summary: Yuuki puts on a super serious face....and tells the others summer break is over and all they have is this day to do their homework. Shougo is like I did my homework the first day slacker unlike you who always waits until the last minute. Kaori did some each day and Saki is like what is homework? I usually coping people's homework because I am Saki. Shougo comments that Saki hasn't changed at all which brings around the same conversation that they went to school together. Saki doesn't remember since she only remembers fun things and Shougo the robot is not insulted. Saki decides she wants to watch a TV show with Kaori, to take a break. Yuuki is like we haven't even started yet! Yuuki takes the time to point out Shougo is nice for worrying about Saki. Finally the studying is happening but Yuuki and Saki really hate math. Kaori's mom doesn't really help matters when she brings treats to the crew with the promise of more treats. Shougo takes the time to eat treats before he looks uninterested again. Saki tries to do the same but Kaori is being a motivator today. She eventually finishes her work first and offers to help the others. Yuuki is frustrated but wants to try on his own first. Kaori then sings a love song about math and how it's the journey not the answer that matters. Everyone is touched. Since no work at all is getting done Kaori's Mom calls them downstairs for more treats. Everyone helps get things ready with Shougo watching over the shorty Saki. Kaori's Mom teases a bit about Kaori and Yuuki being a couple and talks about how much Kaori has changed. The crew eventually starts filling up again on treats and Saki wants to be Kaori's little sister because the store doesn't sell cupcakes. As Kaori and Saki get them more tea Yuuki talks with Shougo about how he doesn't think he has helped Kaori enough as she still has the memory issue. Shougo repeats Kaori's love song from earlier, it is the process that is more important. Eventually studying resumes until Saki says she has to go home for dinner. Shougo goes as well since he had no homework at all. Saki is still not done with her work and Kaori is a bit worried. Before Saki and Shougo part he hands Saki basically all the work that she just needs to recopy for herself. He claims he was bored and just wrote it all down for her. Saki remembers in elementary school someone did the same thing for her, leaving all the work in her shoe locker. Saki asks if that was Shougo and he says it was nothing, he was just trying to motivate her. Or stop the kids from picking on her. Saki says she looks forward to Shougo taking care of her again to which Shougo is like AW MAN...with a smile on his face.
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I am sure that will end well when she becomes an adult. Or work will be a brand new experience each and every day.
Yuuki continues to do his homework with Kaori cheering him on. She mentions her diary and Yuuki wants to know why she remembers him more lately. She doesn't know, just that she has been changing lately. She never wanted to make friends because she knew she was going to lose them but Yuuki tried his best for her. Yuuki gets all blushy and Kaori is like stay for dinner! She of course trips and Yuuki falls on her. He is embarrassed about the situation while she is smiling away. Mom walks in and is like oh sorry for interrupting. Yuuki runs to explain but Mom is like lalala young love with Kaori is too derpy to understand. The next morning Yuuki is walking to school alone when Kaori runs up to him. She is excited, saying something good is going to happen today. Yuuki of course is happy that THIS is the good thing. When they arrive at class it is seat changing day. Yuuki really wants a certain seat so he can watch over Kaori. Things turn out perfect when he ends up sitting with Kaori. Saki ends up next to her other friends and Shougo...well he is still in the room. Their teacher returns to the room with a new transfer student. It's the kid from the end of the last episode and his name is Kujou. The only free seat is next to Kaori of course. As the boy goes to sit down he recognizes Kaori. She of course does not know him which really pisses Kujou off. He calls her a traitor for breaking their promise. Kaori gets upset and mutters Kujou's last name before passing out. Of course Yuuki freaks out and takes her to the clinic. Yuuki waits until Kaori wakes up. At first she doesn't say much as Yuuki goes on and on about how everyone was worried. Kaori thanks him for the concern but asks who he is. Yuuki is confused and goes to touch Kaori which pisses her off and brings about her mean eyes. Kaori has lost her memories again?! THE END!
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Kaori is going on and on about how she just KNOWS who Yuuki is now and fuzzy fills my soul.
Well I was on a roll last week. Or I was attempting to get on a roll. Silly me and my lazy self. Or that fact that I just get too caught up in movies. I am not even a super Ghostbuster fan and I found myself watching both movies back to back on their 30th anniversary day. All the while I was typing 3 words per hour it seems. XD So yeah...I am slightly distractable. GO ME!
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We can do this people!
So when we last saw our happy slice of life family they were having tons of fun not swimming at the beach and nearly flying away because of a freak storm. I envied their happy times and wished to go back to my high school days. Or at least summer days because you know...high school isn't all a slice of life makes it out to be. XD But now it is time for the dreaded summer homework from Japanland. See Summer in Japan isn't that long at all. They go to school all year long with some breaks here and there. Nothing like 2.5 months off in the United States. Which must be hard on working parents now that I think about it. But in Japan kids are self reliant and super special so they can take care of themselves. WOOHOO! Now it is time to get that homework done.
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Oh least you are honest.
Bring on the super fun math times. Since Shougo spent most of his summer vacation inside away from the sun and heat he already got his work done. All of it!! I am sure they had more than math to do right? That would be a little unfair yes? Either way Shougo is a responsible person and wants to get the boring homework out of the way so he can focus on being lazy later. That is how I strive to be sometimes. Attempt to at least. Yuuki is more like my husband. I want to have fun while I can, putting off unpleasant things as long as possible. Then BAM it is the last day and homework is still not done. Or you know none of the laundry one needs isn't done 10pm the day before said event. I thought that Kaori would have been completely done too. Maybe she would have been but she was spending so much time with Ryouta each day at the park with misquotes and karaoke she just did a bit of work each night until it was nearly done. I support that way of thinking too. Just enough work to keep everything fresh in your mind but not enough to consume the entire day. Saki...well Saki is just a hot mess as everyone already knows.
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Please be more than friends!
I am pretty sure this is the coolest mom on the planet. You know, the one that is cool without trying. Not like here in America where the cool moms buy drugs and drink beer with underage minors. This is the United States, we can't have nice things you know. Or another way to look at it is she is the worst mother ever, Kaori's obviously. Since no one else has parents. Kaori's mother is always making treats and stuffing the crew silly. Which will obviously make them fat. She is also always interrupting their studying. So they are going to fail high school. So Kaori's mom better make the house up for 3 new house guests. Because she is going to have some Neets on her hand. XD Oh Kaori's mom...she is just so excited that her little girl has friends again she is going over the top and being nice and awesome. How dare she!
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Can I just have the answers please? Thanks.
Kaori isn't a teacher so I guess I can't judge her on her tutoring skills. Maybe I can. She seems to be more your homework and I will look at you and smile when you get things wrong. Then show you how you did it wrong. More like work at your own pace and I am here if you need me. But in Yuuki and Saki's case they always need help. XD Kaori did break up the boringness by talking about her true love, math. At first it looked like she was having a moment. I mean....she did got off on a tangent. But later Shougo made her sound sane. Although....was she right? It has been a very long time since I mathed but usually there was one way to do a problem, a certain formula that had to be done. Remember to show your work! Whatever the case is according to Kaori it is the journey that matters. Just how exciting it is to start at one point and then you end up where you belong, traveling along the wild west of numbers and what not. Yeah's been a while since I mathed. But I am glad you are able to see the fun in things. XD
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Well that came out of nowhere...but apparently not on Shougo's end.
Shougo took part of this episode to show us that he is more than just a pretty face and snarky attitude. No no folks this boy might be While I had no idea why he bothered to show up to a study session that wouldn't benefit him in the least but then I sat down and thought about it. He likes Saki so of course he is going to show up where she is. Maybe like is too strong of a word since this is Shougo we are dealing with. But Saki's lack of wanting to remember anything despite having the capability is frustrating at best, especially when Kaori is struggling to hold on to hers. Yuuki has the patience of a saint and how can Kaori really judge her? But Shougo...he seems to be accepting of her almost rudeness. Throw in the fact that Shougo has been helping Saki for a while (all the way back from elementary school) and the guy must like her. Why he didn't even scoff later when Saki, after being helped once again by Shougo, tells him she will look forward to him being reliable in the future. Like say your thank yous and promise to do better yourself instead of automatically expecting to fail later. Since Shougo smirked I am taking that to mean he will help Saki out later and there will be no grudges. Smells like....almost like to me.
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I will bring you more snacks afterwards!
Kaori's mom struck again folks. With food and her actions/words. There was another long break from not studying to eat more food. I don't think my mom ever made us snacks when we had a study group. I think we brought our own horrible food. But while Kaori and Saki were off being silly Mom was trying to get her hooks in on a son-in-law. Like you understand Kaori and are doing this all for her (well maybe you too but whatever) I want you for life so I know that Kaori will be taken care of. Why even when Mom catches Yuuki on top of Kaori she didn't pound him into dog meat. That is a win in my book....although I guess she might have been too cool about that. But since she knows Yuuki she probably knew it was an accident so she was doing some teasing. Or she wants to be a young grandmother, whatever works for her.
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Look at this large step Kaori is taking! Woohoo for Yuuki!
Everything was going great. Summer had a lot of fun trips. People got their math homework done. And while Yuuki was worried he wasn't doing enough for Kaori's condition Shougo manage to tell him it was all about the journey. That Kaori seems to be doing better. Who cares that they all gained 10 pounds from yummy treats and Kaori is slightly...thick in the skull. Everything is coming together. Yuuki even got a back to school surprise. Well two actually. Kaori and Yuuki usually would meet at school. It used to be only on the roof top during lunch but steamroller Saki changed the game. But now Kaori has taken it one step further into friendship land and walked to school with Yuuki. I don't know if his heart can handle this much excitement. Oh wait...their seats are next to each other now during class? Yeah Yuuki has died and gone to heaven. Poor forgotten Shougo off in the middle of nowhere.
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So innocent this face. Then 10 seconds later.
Since this was an over the top happy episode something had to come and ruin it all. And it came in the form of Mr. Transfer Student Kujou. He was seen last episode unpacking crap at his house, finally back in Tokyo. Due to anime magic Kujou was placed next to Kaori in class which lead to a dramatic reunion, one we all knew was coming even before Kujou arrived in town. Something caused Kaori to lose all her memories and I guessed it was a friend moving away and she couldn't handle the drama. Sounds like she needs to man up. But yeah....Kaori couldn't handle a friend moving away so she decided that it would be better to not have any friends. Since this is the year 1265 there was no way for Kaori or her parents to keep in contact with Kujou and his family thus he was unaware of her new condition. I would have been mad at the lack of letters or calls too. So Kujou rolls up in his seat and is all glaring at Kaori. He might have been a little dramatic with the traitor bit but you know...he was hurt and this show is full of feelings. So he let them all out over her in the first 5 seconds of class. Great first impression.
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And now we are back to square one. :( Where is the happy Yuuki time now?
Kaori did not react well to being called a traitor and glared at. The girl is still working on this whole friend thing. looks like her brain tried to remember Kujou causing her to pass out. She is taken to the clinic by Yuuki (duh) because he cares so much about her. This is his friend, someone he cares about and wants to get better no matter the cost. He has lots of feelings too. So when Kaori wakes up and it is almost automatic cold eyes again....Yuuki was pretty upset. What went wrong? The morning was so perfect and the second she sees this Kujou dude she passes out and doesn't remember who he is? Obviously he doesn't know their connection yet and even so...they had built a connection. :( Why is it effecting him? Just one thing is not touch pretend angry Kaori. She will bit your head off. So sad for poor Yuuki. :( What is going to happen now and how far is Kujou going to take this? Will the diary save them all? Guess we will have to find out next time....

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