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Black Bullet episode 11: What does the word strategy mean?

So......I found out today you shouldn't give your pet cat Doritos. It might have been obvious to everyone else out there but yeah. Kira the picky cat only likes dry cat food. She will only lick wet food and tuna. So when she showed interested in my chips I was like sure have one. I think she liked them because they were crunchy but then POOF the eyes were watering and she ran away at the sight of the next chip. I think it is a good thing I don't have kids people.
 photo blackbulletepisode118_zps16440310.jpg
By death you mean the Gastrea chasing me and trying to eat my soul?
When I am not feeding inappropriate food to animals I am finishing up almost long forgotten anime episodes. Up now is Black Bullet episode 11. Spoilers for everyone having a bad ideas all the time.
 photo blackbulletepisode114_zpse9c68c35.jpg
Wasn't that the baby in Rainbow Brite?
Episode Summary: Rentarou and his team watch as the battle between the official military and Gastrea take off. The rest of the pairs also watch from the sidelines, not allowed to leave the camp so to speak. It looks like the military has won and everyone starts to break out the party hats....until instantly the tide turns and pieces of tanks fly towards our mains. Yeah things look bad as hundreds of Gastrea run/whatever bugs do start crossing over the border. There are some GIANT flying bugs that are acting like Cloverfield with eggs on their stomachs. They go OVER the entire pair army and only Rentarou and friends see this. Not wanting to get attacked on BOTH sides Rentarou orders his troops back to head off this attack even though this will be viewed as treason. The second in command sees this and is ticked obviously. Rentarou and company use their amazing powers/abilities/good luck take out all these Gastrea. There might have been a chorus of Everything is Awesome sang. Then they walk on back to the actual battle area and the song stops out of respect. Mr. Second in Command is holding the arm of his lost Initiator girl. Apparently there is a Gastrea blasting off something called the Spear of Light and clearly everyone is boned. The earth opens and Mr. Second is eaten by a Gastrea. Before all is lost the Level 5 Gastrea appears. But instead of the battle continuing all the lower level Gastrea fall back and join Mr. Level 5. After the battle is over (paused) everyone has to work to clear bodies and mend the injured. Tamaki seems to think both sides lost the same amount when Rentarou points out that Gastrea increase their numbers by infection so in reality land they are screwed. Back at the make shift hospital Enju has been given a nurse hat since she is such a help. Kisara tells Rentarou that Enju really does brighten people's spirits so Rentarou is happy Enju seems happy. Sumire shows up despite having a golden ticket to the underground safe spots. She wants to be with the real people, those who are willing to fight than hide with the cowards. She seems to agree that Enju is doing okay despite having no more classmates but Rentarou shouldn't push the subject. Sumire tells Rentarou to not give up because clearly things will get better.
 photo blackbulletepisode1117_zpseb78e32b.jpg
I see creepy people.
Rentarou, Kisara, and Enju then travel to some broke down looking mansion that Tina, Shoma, and the others found because that is where they are staying down know the battle commences again. After everyone talks about how creepy it looks they sit down to have a nice meal together. Since the last woohoo meal of togetherness wasn't a troll for death. Kisara decides to ruin the moment by talking about the victims back at a place that has power and running water. She and Tina both think there is a Gastrea out there (a large out) shooting the spear of light which is actually mercury. Before Rentarou can do anything about it some officials connected to Commander Gado appear and want to talk to Rentarou. Gado takes a moment to talk about his legless self and how the Second in Command was really his son. Gado seems to show some emotion that the kid is dead but moves right along. Gado wants Rentarou's opinion on why they are losing the battle and the Gastrea still fell back. Rentarou starts talking about pheromones and that the big Gastrea was controlling the others. He wants to go after this giant Gastrea. Gado is like you would be right if....Mr. Level 5 Gastrea wasn't immortal. Rentarou is shocked and Gado goes on to explain Ms. Level 5 Gastrea, the one with the spear of light, is just as big of a threat and they are going to go after her instead of Mr. Level 5 who controls the pack. Their plan to destroy Ms. Level 5 beat Rentarou and threaten to punish his friends because he ordered a “retreat” at the start of the battle. They will then blackmail Rentarou into going ALL ALONE into Gastrea territory to find Ms. Level 5. Rentarou is absolutely thrilled at this suicide mission. Rentarou returns back to their base to collect supplies but Kisara finds him and guesses what is up. She suggests running away but Rentarou has to do this because basically there is no where to run. 5 seconds into the Gastrea territory and Rentarou is hurt and chased by some wolf looking Gastrea. He falls into a river and finds himself with more trouble. Right as Rentarou gives up Kohina and Hiruko appear and take out all the Gastrea. Rentarou bandages himself up, Kohina sings the I want to cut up Enju song, and Hiruko wants to know what is going on. Rentarou explains his mission to destroy the Ms. Level 5 and Hiruko claims to have seen her during the battle. Rentarou forgets who he is talking to and asks why Hiruko didn't participate. This lead to a conversation about Hiruko wearing his mask, how Hiruko is using his power to do the things Rentarou wants to do (revenge for the Chosen Children) and that Rentarou will come to the dark side by the time it is over. The next morning Hiruko tells Rentarou where the Ms. Level 5 is and follows along with Kohina as Rentarou marches on. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode115_zpsc43e17f6.jpg
Um why?
Oh lord. Just... I don't even know. I want to like this show. I really do. I mean I think I do like this show. Just that so many people in power, adults really, are doing so many stupid things I almost want the Gastrea to come and end it all so we can move on. At least in Resident Evil there are actual humans that are trying to survive while Umbrella is just...being stupid I guess. And in the Walking Dead there is hatred and distrust among EVERYONE not just tiny little girls who did nothing wrong. Just...this show. Humans clearly want to die.
 photo blackbulletepisode1120_zpsa63bf4f1.jpg
Why do I have two screenies that look exactly the same? One I guess is the battle and the other is the military super losing?
Rentarou and Enju travel at the speed of super fast to get to camp grounds. Headquarters if you would. The pillar is broken into many pieces on the ground but no one at the Pair Camp seems dead. Maybe I was super paranoid in thinking the pillar fell on purpose to take out the Chosen Children Initiators? Maybe but who can put it past these morons? Lets just kill everyone. Anyway Rentarou and his group are watching the battle take place with the regular military. Perhaps they will have more luck with taking out the tiny Gastrea and not the huge one since the last Gastrea that was massive was taken out by Rentarou's amazing arms. But I guess that was because they were using normal bullets/missiles. Maybe if they weren't wasting all their ammo on bombing little tiny girls they would be more successful and less dead. Because yes folks...the main military lost. And lost spectacularly in a blaze of glory. Is anyone shocked? I didn't think so. Rentarou and company might have LOOKED shocked but they were more like wow that is a lot of dead people..
 photo blackbulletepisode112_zpsd5d90f5a.jpg
Are you telling me all those people are BLIND?!
In the long run it didn't matter that all the Initiator and Promoter pairs were so far away from the battle. Because the Gastrea decided to travel to them...and at a very fast speed I might add. I don't know if it would have mattered if everyone was there at the start of the battle or not. Maybe they would have had their asses beat faster. In any it comes! The special and stupidity I mean. It was VERY clear that some giant Gastrea were flying over head. Maybe it wasn't as obvious that they were carrying little Gastrea eggs but Tamaki saw them. It wasn't a special Chosen Child or Rentarou's super eye moment. Tamaki, a normal human with normal eyes, saw this OBVIOUS attack. Like hello there tons of enemies going behind us to take us out from both sides. This was a moment that had to happen to advance the plot later with Rentarou being a deserter. Maybe next time they could make it less obvious so I won't be rolling my eyes into the back of my head. Make it believable.
 photo blackbulletepisode113_zps74e2069b.jpg
Look at my awesome team woohoo!
Since that didn't happen Rentarou had to make the decision whether to follow the rules and let EVERYONE die or to order his team to take out the enemy while not staying in the place they were ordered to. HMMM I wonder what Rentarou did. I wish the battle was a bit more..intense on Rentarou's side. There were quite a few flying Gastrea with their little packages. I know all our mains are pretty strong but it came off way too easy. Like BAM look how awesome we are, lets get this done quickly. Everyone getting a chance to shine. I like that Shoma is physically touching the Gastrea. That doesn't sound dangerous at all.
 photo blackbulletepisode11_zps3b494064.jpg
The military lost.....I AM SHOCKED!!!
After Rentarou and company quickly handled the sneaky Gastrea they headed back to the main battle. Or should I say the main slaughter. The man who was leading this battle, Mr. Second in Command (because 1st in Command was somewhere safe?) saw Rentarou leave earlier. Perhaps he used his cellphone in battle like Rentarou likes to since this was reported to higher ups later. Because when Rentarou came back from the woods Mr. Second in Command was not in a talking mood. Or moving mood. When Rentarou and company took for the woods some Gastrea were shooting off some sort of light. Like in War of the Worlds. Instead of everyone turning instantly into ashes though they sorta got blown up. We need body parts everywhere you know. So Mr. Second is currently holding just the arm of his partner, the fight all out of him. They were never going to win were they? Before Rentarou can help Mr. Second regroup and help get everyone out of there Mr. Second is eaten by an underground Gastrea. That probably would have been a better way to do a sneak attack from the start but you know. Craziness.
 photo blackbulletepisode1113_zps1fe76133.jpg
The best way to win a war is to not kill your own troops. Just saying.
Just as the giant Gastrea appears and all seems lost....POOF. The battle is over. All the little Gastrea ( I say little and they are massive..) start to gather around Mr. Spit Gastrea and they retreat. Why the heck are they doing this?! They were winning. According to Rentarou and Tamaki's conversation mid body pic up the Gastrea had to win! Because the Gastrea are humans. Well used to be humans. As long as a bit of them is infected they will be turned into a Gastrea. So that Spear of Light might be sorta sucky unless there is some Gastrea DNA in it, in terms of making new Gastrea. But even then they were winning. Just take out the small remaining troops while increasing your numbers and make your way to the city. Unless...that wasn't the plan. HMMMM controlling Gastrea I see.
 photo blackbulletepisode117_zps38f683d3.jpg
Rentarou has the you are a liar face on.
Because things can't be awful all the time in this show (even though they are) we have to see how Enju and Kisara are helping after the massive blow in battle. To show that there is something worth fighting for. That Enju has been through a lot and treated horribly by so many people but still has a gentle heart. She used to be wild and upset (understandably so) but with a bit of love look how she turned around. Her playing nurse and helping everyone in their time of need is what Rentarou is fighting for. Maybe the only thing he is fighting for at this point. Sumire shows up and confirms that Enju is doing okay. I thought for a moment that Rentarou was asking how Enju was doing physically but that would be silly. No no, when Enju turns into a Gastrea it will take Rentarou and everyone else by surprise. Yay for sadness!
 photo blackbulletepisode119_zpsa6588c66.jpg
Spreading out all your troops sounds like a good idea to me.
There is one more brief moment of happiness in this episode. Probably the last time everyone will be together before the big battle and everyone dies. I know I said that last time but this time I am sure it is the truth. I love how everyone has to fend for themselves in this anime. Like you are tasked with saving the entire area but we will give you the briefest of supplies and after tent city goes under....well you are on your own. Keep on fighting though. XD Yeah I will have fun finding my own shelter after the pillar got knocked down, with the Gastrea taking their time getting here and all. So yeah everyone else went looking for a place to stay. Since this area used to be lived in before the Gastrea event there are actual houses they can stay in but really...just really. Where is the organization? Oh they are all under ground hiding from the inevitable? I see.
 photo blackbulletepisode1110_zps735b4bfe.jpg
Thank you Kisara, possessor of all knowledge.
5 seconds into this last meal Kisara and Tina need to bring up bad news. Mostly about this Spear of Light business. I like how things in anime get named so fast, don't you? XD I would have been like um this lazer beam came out of nowhere and was attacking people. But no, it's the Spear of Light with this show. Anyway since Kisara is 37 and not 17 and is a doctor she saw some people's wounds and automatically knew it was mercury. Duh. I would have guessed that too. That there is a giant Gastrea out there shaped like a thermometer attacking people. Tina backs up the fact that there is another huge Gastrea out there but she cannot confirm the thermometer shape. I might focus on the Gastrea that takes out pillars if I were them though.
 photo blackbulletepisode1112_zpsb2dc696d.jpg
What was the question again...?
Rentarou had about 3 seconds to think about this before he is called to a meeting with Gado. I am surprised they found him given that they looked like they were in the middle of nowhere but whatever. Rentarou is ranked 300 now. It is time for some respect. And since a lot of people are dead and gone maybe it is time for new plans. Of course I don't believe that nonsense. The meeting did go differently than I thought it was going to go. I thought the beating was going to happen first. Instead Rentarou got to talk. Exciting times I know. Rentarou was all well since I am a scientist I know that pheromones are controlling the other Gastrea so we should go after Mr. Level 5. I mean..I guess that is a nice guess but probably a little bit obvious that they were being controlled by something. Still Rentarou has ideas.
 photo blackbulletepisode1111_zpsd7d61b2d.jpg
Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?!
Maybe it was a test, to see if Rentarou was the real deal. Because Gado could have told the boy that Mr. Level 5 is impossible to kill. That his sword and nonexistent leg are proof of that. No no, we got to give Rentarou hope. The plan is to take out the mercury spewing Gastrea. It has a name too but I am too lazy to remember so many things. So it is called Ms. Level 5. It might have been a level 4. Since no one has seen it I guess it could be either way. Anyway Gado thinks since Mr. Level 5 can't be killed they need to take out the second biggest threat. Because.....why? I have no idea. What does it matter if they can't take out the one who can destroy pillars? Control the rest of the Gastrea? It is just....a matter of time. Lazers won't be the biggest damage. I don't know, Gado seems to think this is a great idea. It makes no sense but neither does his method of taking out this Gastrea. If Rentarou is so powerful (and liked by Seitenshi) why is everyone out to kill this boy? Oh you mean the society that is okay with letting actual little weapons (Chosen Children) be abused or killed instead of fighting against the Gastrea. Carry on then. Send Rentarou into Gastrea land to take out a high level one that everyone else got killed by. Makes perfect sense. Make sure to threaten the rest of his friends since he ran away AKA saved lives. Often when I think I have a great plan that will benefit mankind I set myself up for failure to ensure it doesn't occur.
 photo blackbulletepisode1116_zps13f425d5.jpg
I think he hasn't forgotten the wonderful present of someone's head you gave him?
After Kisara tried to stop Rentarou from his suicide mission Rentarou set out alone. I thought that maybe Kisara would have gone back and told everyone, to make them join up and help Rentarou later. That they would be the ones to discover the secret hidden from humans and be the last surviving pairs. But nope. That is not what happened at all folks. What did happen was Rentarou got attacked about 19 seconds into his journey and he was saved by Hiruko and Kohina. Oh you mean he isn't dead? He just sank to the bottom of the water where he was out of radar. I am shocked. So super shocked. How could this be happening? Also Kohina is amazing. Why is Rentarou getting all the praise when she is pretty amazing too?
 photo blackbulletepisode1118_zps6e1c7ab2.jpg
Because we have cookies.
So Hiruko spends a little time with Rentarou. Rentarou obviously doesn't want to be near the man but doesn't have much of a choice given how dangerous it is. Hiruko isn't big on saving the human race and suspects that Rentarou will reach his breaking point soon. Personally I don't know why that point hasn't been taken yet but you know. If people like Rentarou aren't alive the girls would have it worse you know. Plus Hiruko and his mask are insane so trying to figure him out might not be the best use of Rentarou's time. But since Hiruko is...well out there in lala land he knows exactly where this mercury Gastrea is and is going to take Rentarou to it. X___X Err is this a good idea? Hiruko must be up to something. Maybe it has something to do with the files that Rentarou can't have access to? Maybe it is not a Gastrea at all but man made? Hiruko would want Rentarou to know that. So lead on crazy man. Surely it can't get any worse for Rentarou right?

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