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Black Bullet episode 12

Today has been an odd little day in the house of Tenchi. Probably stressful if you ask my cat. She is currently hiding from life as the last thing that happened scared the crap out of her. Do you know how awful every single fire alarm going off in your house sounds like is? Well I hope you don't but yeah it is pretty loud and high pitched. I figured that Kira the scaredy cat would be better off outside (which she is scared of) than being inside with the noise (which she was scared of and could have hurt her). The real loser in this shirt. :(
 photo blackbulletepisode1218_zpseb69a789.jpg
I think this was the main theme of the show. Why so angry with little girls and not the giant monsters coming to kill us?!
So due to all these delays I am getting a late start on getting things posted. We will go with that excuse. WEEE excuses. Anyway here Black Bullet episode 12. Spoilers for Rentarou being a one man army with a lot of luck and tears.
 photo blackbulletepisode1210_zps36922081.jpg
We shouldn't be fighting at all!!!!
Episode Summary: After spending hundreds of seconds with Hiruko and Kohina Rentarou happens on Ms. Level 5. She is chillin with all her Gastrea buddies and she is huge. Hiruko notes that Ms. Level 5 (or 4, probably 4 but who knows) has evolved to a point where she can't move or feed herself so she is dependent on the rest of the army circling them. Since Rentarou's explosive swam down river there is only one way to defeat such a large beast: Mortal Kombat. Hiruko decides he wants to help so....Rentarou and Hiruko run past the sleeping Gastrea and punch Ms. Level 5(4) in her tummy. She screams in pain as she dies and the other Gastrea wake up. Rentarou is still injured so Kohina helps carry him to safety. The trio hide out behind a waterfall as the large herd of Gastrea walk past, Rentarou getting a good look at Mr. Level 5 who is pissed the Queen is dead. The place that they are running to though is where all the other pairs are which is awful. Rentarou calls Seitenshi and tells her that Ms. Gastrea is dead so they can start bombing down. Because bombing before would be silly. The planes arrive and the bombs are dropped, scattering the low level Gastrea about. Mr. Level 5 commands the rest to start attacking the planes but a bomb lands on Mr. Level 5 and his head is blown off. Rentarou is like VICTORY....and Mr. Level 5 regenerates. As it retreats Enju comes out nowhere and hugs Rentarou to death on his wound. She yells for him leaving as Kisara runs up with tears in her eyes. She stops crying when everyone minus Midori walks up stating that Gado is dead and that the next highest rank is in command now. Guess who that is!!! First order of business is to look at Gado's dead body and tell him he isn't hated while his partner Asaka looks on. Rentarou has to cut it short as the remaining civil officer aren't very happy that Hiruko and Kohina are there. Turns out he is the one who killed some a few episodes back. Kohina is her usual I want to cut someone self and Hiruko isn't much better. Rentarou tells everyone to back off as their enemy is the Gastrea. Hiruko continues to be his delightful self so Rentarou turns to Shoma and asks where Midori is. Well turns out she is dying in bed. She was attacked while saving another in battle and by the time Shoma got to her her corrosion rate was.....too late. Hiruko recommends killing the girl since this is the world Rentarou is choosing to protect and live in.
 photo blackbulletepisode1214_zpsaac5c66f.jpg
The thing that can't be killed? Yeah let me get right on that.
Rentarou goes to look at Midori who wakes up but is having problems functioning. She talks about how she was never needed in life until Shoma and Rentarou came around and that she is happy. Rentarou says she is going to get better and not to worry. Midori talks about how Rentarou smells confused and Kisara smells like she could go to the dark side but as long as Rentarou is her leader she will be okay. Midori asks to go to the bathroom alone so Rentarou allows this....5 seconds later he knows what she meant and calls upon the others to search for the girl. Shoma and Rentarou find Midori in the woods with a self inflicted gunshot wound. Shoma comments that Midori wanted to spare the others pain and they should lie about what happened to her. Shoma says they became partners due to the other being lonely. He then talks about being asked to leave the dojo because of his special ability and blah blah no one cares. He and Rentarou cry, Shoma telling Rentarou to avenge Midori by killing Mr. Level 5. Rentarou in his new Leader Coat gathers up the rest of the troops. There are some scared people so Rentarou stabs one and Hiruko and Kohina hurt the other. Like this is Ricktatorship now bitches. Kisara is worried everyone will hate Rentarou now but Rentarou likes it like that. It makes them fear the Gastrea less in his silly mind. Asaka comes in and tells Rentarou he sucks as a leader and that Gado was better. Rentarou points out that Gado failed twice and is now dead. Asaka goes to attack but Shoma stops her. Shoma points out that they are both alone now and that they could temporarily fight together. Asaka reluctantly agrees. Miori shows up with her people and supplies much to Kisara's happiness. Since everything is a hot mess Miori's company is the only one left that can help anyway. Miori's company has made a bomb that can take out Mr. Level 5 but from the inside. Rentarou is like so we have to blow up it's hard shell, drop the bomb before it heals, and then wait for it to heal to activate said bomb?! So how to we hurt the hard shell in the first place?! Rentarou realize they mean to use him and his mighty hand. They all take a stand at the Flame of Revolution. Miori thinks the plan hinges on seeing the enemy first and waits for batteries to arrive for her lights. Everyone else gets into position except Enju who is still sad over all her school friends being dead. Rentarou says they have to keep the world existing before Enju decides if the world is worth protecting and all. Enju agrees to fight. Rentarou is finally ready for battle but...Takuto is seen throwing all the batteries in a body of water just to get back at Rentarou. WHY?! THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode1216_zps997cd99b.jpg
Oh yeah and that happened too.
I really hope that the Summer 2014 animes are....well different. Maybe it is my fault for picking two similar premise sounding animes but I am sorta tired of all the stupidness that is going around in the human race. Does anyone want to live in this show? Or any shows? I have crazy thoughts of revenge and what not too but if rocket launching my enemy meant rocket launching myself I would probably....just glare at them really, really hard. Not kill tons of people because I got my feelings hurt.
 photo blackbulletepisode12_zps757a7b6f.jpg
Oh there you are. We have been looking for seconds for you.
And it happened twice folks! Twice. Well technically the first event happened at the end of the last episode, by sending Rentarou out to defeat the Ms. Gastrea of Mercuryness ALONE! Hello yes you are are best chance of survival, please go die now. If the enemy Hiruko hadn't saved the day everyone would have been dead. So that makes Hiruko stupid because he could have gotten his way had he let Rentarou get eaten by Gastrea dogs. This entire paragraph exists because there is no long winded explanation on how Hiruko and Rentarou found Ms. Gastrea of Mercuryness. Basically the episode started and....there it was. I know the creature is rather big and maybe the animals are stupid and have no tactically know how but I would have thought this would have taken longer and she would have been better protected.
 photo blackbulletepisode122_zps91d96bdd.jpg
The entire battle weeee!
There also won't be a long winded explanation on how they defeated Ms. Mercury either. They saw her and the other Gastrea taking a nap and......they ran up to the creature and punched it at the same time. THE END! That was the whole plan and that is how easy it was. I know that Rentarou and Hiruko are made of magical mental parts and the Gastrea are weak against that metal but...yeah it seemed way too easy for a monster that was doing that much damage. Perhaps it is that weak but it should have been guarded a bit more. Everyone taking a nap at the same time was a bit special. Anticlimactic if you would. Or Rentarou and Hiruko are the most dangerous humans on the planet and everyone should be equipped with Varanium parts.
 photo blackbulletepisode123_zpsc7c7a54f.jpg
Oh yeah let me just walk the other way...
After killing the second most impressive Gastrea is killed the others wake up. Including the big baddie Mr. Level 5 himself. And even though they are amazing Rentarou and Hiruko have to run for the hills (waterfalls) with Kohina because there is an entire army of Gastrea after them. While they hide though...the Gastrea go towards the rest of the civil pairs. I am sure Rentarou will feel guilty about this but Gado sent him to do this mission and well....he completed it. Do your part now Gado. Oh and Seitenshi too with the bombs that Rentarou called in later. I guess the good thing about Rentarou going in alone is that he would be the only one exploded if the mission was a success. So the bombs went off and the rest of the team fought. Oh and Rentarou got to meet the special Level 5 Gastrea. Look how expensive that thing is!!! I mean...look how mighty and scary it is. The damn thing got its head taken off and it POOFED back to life. Plus it was able to “talk” to the other Gastrea and get things exploding. Pretty awesome to me . Not so awesome if you are a human though.
 photo blackbulletepisode126_zpsd472b09d.jpg
What me?!?!?! Damn it. :(
After all is said and done the battle....was sorta won by the humans? Sorta. While Rentarou was successful in killing his target this wasn't all cupcakes and rainbows. After Enju and Kisara gave him hugs and yells for going off alone he got some interesting news. His eyeballs weren't really working though when someone obvious was missing but whatever. Maybe he was blinded by the fact that Gado was killed. I know I would have been. Of course after I was done being blinded I would have done a little dance. Like haha asshole you sent me to die and look who is dead now HAHA. Oh wait I am the one in charge now? Guess the joke is on me. :( I don't think I would have gone to see Gado after the fact and said...well what Rentarou said. Stop being so forgiving! That man really....used Rentarou and Rentarou still sees him as a hero or at least someone positive. Just no.
 photo blackbulletepisode129_zpsf4493cb9.jpg
Rentarou is leader for about 5 seconds before things get a little hairy. GO HIM! Turns out that people remember Hiruko. I know right? What are the chances that someone in the room way back in episode 3 (?) was still alive at this point to know to hate Hiruko?! Or...Hiruko and Kohina were hacking people up recently before the battle. Either way they don't evoke much of the warm fuzzy feelings. Then they open their mouths and it is super clear they are not amazing people. Of course it is hard to blame the other civil pairs for their hatred because Hiruko has done his best to halt winning the battle against the Gastrea. Running around and killing them. Rentarou tries to point out that they have bigger problems at the moment, that the Gastrea are coming to kill everyone in the Tokyo area. The only way to beat Hiruko would probably involve Rentarou being hurt or dying so they might as well suck it up and try to get along for 5 seconds.
 photo blackbulletepisode1211_zps447cf7bb.jpg
That sounds like the opposite of being saved...
It then comes to Rentarou's attention that someone from his group is missing. I guess Rentarou has had a lot on his mind in the last 24 hours and those feel good moments by the fire escaped his brain. I love everyone indeed. But yes Shoma is missing his partner Midori. She is...well a goner. Got injured during battle and her infection rate is past that of something that can be fixed. Midori will turn into a Gastrea and attack everyone. This is why I think the Chosen Children are feared the most...but people are morons about it. Either they need to be taken out humanely (abortions) or watched/taken care of. Just leaving them out on the street with no supervision is how accidents will happen. Despite Hiruko being Hiruko I think he has a take out Midori while she is still Midori. I am sure the girl doesn't want to hurt anyone and cause more suffering. Allow everyone to say goodbye to the girl and get some closure. Bury her after the fact, when the battle is over and the mourning can take place.
 photo blackbulletepisode1212_zpse44c7fbf.jpg
What does destruction smell like?
Instead Rentarou goes in alone and tells the girl she is going to be okay. That is what Rentarou does. He wants to make everything better. It is not really a bad quality I suppose. What are you supposed to do, tell the girl there is no hope and she is going to die? But I guess she knows the truth and they are both lying to make each other feel better. Enjoy their last moments? Unless Rentarou really thinks things are going to be okay because then he has the crazies. I wish that Midori had spent more time talking about something else....other than how people smelled. I would say it came out of nowhere but since she and Shoma sorta just showed up and we haven't gotten a chance to know them maybe this is a legit power. To me it just seemed...odd that Kisara smells like she could be evil and Rentarou is conflicted. Like oh snap we need to do some foreshadowing so make Midori say something cryptic. Should have spent more time mourning Midori.
 photo blackbulletepisode1213_zps708cbaa8.jpg
:( Poor little kid....
OH WAIT WE DID. Rentarou and his special self allowed a hurt girl who is seconds away from turning into a giant monster to walk to the bathroom. 5 seconds later he realizes what the girl means to do and calls for a search party. To make the show extra sad it is Shoma and Rentarou who find a smiling/dead Midori from a self inflicted gunshot wound. For a moment I was mad at Shoma, that Rentarou was more upset over the girl's death than he was. But then I realizes that Shoma had had more time to deal with the information and that people grief in different ways. Rentarou does get upset over things all the a way that I think is appropriate. Shoma sorta....stood there and talked in a very mature and matter of fact way. But then there were a few man tears and his voice changing a bit and all was okay with me liking Shoma again. Shoma wants to keep his eyes on what needs to be done. He is happy that Midori and him weren't lonely together but now he and Rentarou need to kill those responsible for this: The Gastrea.
 photo blackbulletepisode1215_zps0243fc0a.jpg
Peace? Yeah it was totally peace before...
Rentarou decides that he needs to nip all this in-fighting and what not before it gets worse. Also Rentarou looks like the youngest person left alive that isn't a little girl and he is in charge. When you are in that position sometimes it is hard to get respect. Add in that everyone hates Hiruko and that some people don't like how Rentarou ranked up so fast and Rentarou had to stab a few people. I am not really buying his make them fear ME verses the Gastrea. I think I can fear both at the same time. Like great, we get to fight a battle we can't win for a guy I don't respect. Again Rentarou got lucky with Hiruko protecting him when the slight stabbings started but you know...he is the main character. He gets a lot of armor. And slack apparently. Rentarou is in charge folks. Also Shoma gets Gado's old partner after she has a fit that Rentarou sucks as leader but given that there is only one episode left I don't think that is really important.
 photo blackbulletepisode1217_zps15fb73ec.jpg
Sounds easy enough....
Before Rentarou can throw away his nonexistent weight around some more Miori shows up with presents. Hope even. They need some hope up in this place. Mr. Level 5 will just keep on destroying pillars and what not, commanding the other Gastrea to do his bidding. They needed to find a way to defeat this thing. Miori and not anyone else older in the company who is actually in charge of things explains that they have FINALLY after all these years have created a weapon that could take out such a special Gastrea. Great says Rentarou. What do we have to do? Oh...we have to hurt the Level 5 enough to crack it's shell, throw the missile directly into it's body before it heals, and then run like hell to detonate the thing? And all of this has to be done by Rentarou and not by remote control or something because it has to be precise and Rentarou's Varanium arm is much more powerful than a Varanium missile? Oh yes folks. This plan sounds amazing.
 photo blackbulletepisode1219_zps90197ac9.jpg
We did good didn't we boss?! XD GO US!!!
The episode ends with everyone getting ready for the attack, one last stand before things get really bad. The area in question though brings up long forgotten memories in Enju. Or you know..her friends got blown into tiny bits two days ago and the girl should be barely functional at this point. Just bring on the tears. Rentarou manages to get her to focus on making the world exist so she can decide in the future whether or not to save it. Can't really decide to save it after it is gone you know. Poor Enju. :( But really poor sanity because Miori and her mighty company make mighty weapons but have to depend on the military to supply them with batteries and guess what! Someone hates Rentarou so bad they are willing to kill MILLIONS of people (well a lot anyway) just to make I suppose. Takuto is made of stupid and so are the people that work under him. Like herp derp, I hate Rentarou so bad I am going to make him look so stupid by tripping him in the hallway. Or pulling down his pants in front of the girl he likes. Or you know...throw the items needed to save an entire city INCLUDING MYSELF into a river to make him look stupid. You know..whatever makes more sense. As Rentarou will surely understand why he didn't get the batteries and what not. Is this nonreal life? Are people really this beyond stupid?....I hope Takuto dies in the last episode. Here's hoping...

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