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Tokyo Ghoul episode 2

 photo tokyoghoulepisode217_zpsc618918a.jpg
If this is Toka's understanding face I don't want to see her angry ones....
Woohoo another post tonight! Well this morning. I guess it is morning for most people. I probably should get myself back on a better sleep schedule but it is hard. I am such a night owl. Plus Big Brother After Dark is addicting, even if watching people do dishes for 43904 hours is boring. I can't help it; I love horrible reality tv shows! So while I am up I might as well blog right? Up now is Tokyo Ghoul episode 2. Spoilers for Kaneki finding his inner Ghoul.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode23_zps684f9a81.jpg
Even if this Ghoul hates your guts?
Episode Summary: Toka shoves the human flesh into Kaneki's mouth. Kaneki refuses to swallow and throws it up, saying he refuses to be a monster like the rest of the Ghouls. Toka does not take kindly to this, screaming about cake, Kaneki having a cushy life, and how she has had a lousy life. She appears to toss parts of the dead human at Kaneki and kicks him around some more for being ungrateful. She smells him and decides he really isn't a Ghoul and there is no place for him. She suggests he starves to death to prove a point. Her boss from the cafe appears and tells her that is enough, that it is their policy to help other Ghouls out. Yoshimura takes Kaneki (and Toka) back to the cafe where the older man makes Kaneki some coffee. Kaneki is surprised it doesn't taste like crap. Yoshimura explains this is the only thing humans and Ghouls can both consume but they still need to eat to survive. Yoshimura gives Kaneki some flesh and says he can come back at any time. Kaneki leaves and Toka throws a mini fit until Yoshimura explains that Kaneki has received Rize's organs and this is a delicate case. Kaneki takes the flesh home where he has crazy attacks of wanting to eat it and Rize is...floating around in his brain egging him on. He is about to eat the flesh when a text from Hide sends him back into normal land. Kaneki puts on an eye patch and gets himself to school, reading texts that a lonely Hide sent him. Hide comes out of nowhere and clearly has missed the boy. Kaneki has a hard time focusing because he remembered Hide being upset and missing him when he missed school before,during a parent's death. Hide continues on talking about his rude upperclassmen in the club and how he has to go see him. Kaneki follows and they end up interrupting Nishiki making out with a young lady. Nishiki starts to go on about his territory...when he sees Kaneki and is all evil smiles. Kaneki has a mini heart attack while Nishiki and Hide talk about borrowing things and going to Nishiki's house. Fearing for his friend's life Kaneki insists on coming. On the way Nishiki buys everyone a treat and even eats it himself which makes Kaneki marvel at the Ghoul's ability to fit in.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode218_zpsd1c2bb37.jpg
Mouse burgers?
Kaneki continues to look at his treat while Nishiki and Hide walk ahead. Without warning Nishiki kicks Hide 38473 miles down an empty alley and no one...sees anything the entire time this and the rest of the events happen. Of course Kaneki is super upset but he doesn't have much time to do anything as Nishiki kicks his ass too. Kaneki tries to fight back but clearly he is a little fly attacking a dog. Nishiki has the time to hurt Kaneki, throw up all the tasty/nasty treat on Hide, and stomp on Hide's head a half dozen times. Nishiki starts bashing Kaneki for lying to Hide, keeping him around to be a tasty treat for later. Kaneki says that Hide is friend, not food and attempts to attack again. Kaneki and the ground plus his blood are not having a great time. Nishiki grows a bit tired of all this fight and wants to go ahead and eat Hide. Kaneki lays there on the ground and thinks about how Hide has always been there for him, even when Kaneki had no friends. Hide still was trying to be friends despite Kaneki treating him badly lately. He can't allow Nishiki to eat him. Suddenly Kaneki goes all....well Rize on Nishiki's ass. She seems to take control of the boy and all that red stuff comes out of Kaneki like he means business. At first Nishiki thinks this is funny but soon realizes Rize is in Kaneki and he is screwed. Everything turns into a techno color mess as Kaneki uses stuff in his back to either hurt or kill Nishiki. It is hard to tell due to censors. He is down for the count anyway. Now that Hide is saved everything is okay. Or not as Rize gets in Kaneki's head and tells him what a tasty treat Hide really is. Kaneki's hunger takes over despite the fact he tries really, really hard not to hurt his friend. Before he can do something awful Toka appears. Kaneki in his insane state thinks that he can take on Toka. There is a battle and....Kaneki wakes up feeling like crap and with a very.....odd taste in his mouth. He seems to immediately know it is flesh and worries he ate Hide. The older man running the cafe, Yoshimura appears at the door and guides Kaneki to another room where Hide is sleeping peacefully yet slightly injured. Kaneki takes a moment to appreciate the life of his friend but he knows that Yoshimura fed him someone and there is no turning back. That if he remains the way he is he might attack Hide again and if he goes to the Ghoul side he would be cut off from the human world. He starts to cry as he thinks he belongs nowhere. Yoshimura implies that Kaneki needs to eat to keep things like that from happening again, that Toka helped Kaneki out. The older man then explains to Kaneki that they are here to help other Ghouls and that Kaneki with his one Ghoul eye and one human eye is in the middle of both worlds. Yoshimura offers to help Kaneki, that he can stay here and learn what Ghouls are really about and not just what he has heard. That they are not all heartless creatures. Kaneki seems to say yes as we see Toka in her room looking more like a normal kid rather than an out of control vampire thing. On top of the aquarium roof two “men” seem to be investigating the Ghouls and what has been happening lately. THE END!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode220_zps893f57dc.jpg
So did he hear what Kaneki just said?
See folks. See how this episode differs from Glasslip episode 2? Not everything was explained yet I know they will be explained. There has been a promise of explanation. Unlike Glasslip where I think that is it. The special...thing about the show was said almost in passing and like everyone should know about it and it's done. With this show I know there will be more thus it will be worth watching. Unless this show makes my head explode and Glasslip does explain things thus making me a giant liar.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode2_zps76874a8d.jpg
Oh I think this won't end well for Kaneki....
When we last saw our hero (or you know...poor tortured boy with no reason to live at this point) a “helpful” Ghoul shoved some dead person meat in his mouth. To help him out. Thanks. Kaneki decided this thanks deserved to be puked out onto the sidewalk. I would have done the same. Even though Kaneki is probably dying of hunger at this point he wants to remain “human” and not eat anyone. I think the best way to go about it though would be to kill himself so he won't accidentally go crazy but then we wouldn't have a show. Kaneki is pissed at this help and proceeds to tell Toka what he thinks of her and her food. Maybe Kaneki's goal is to get Toka to kill him because yeah...she was not happy to hear his ungrateful words. Sounds like she might not be on board with being a Ghoul too? Might be too early to tell but she is bitter, especially about cake and how Kaneki is judging her. That is always the case though in these kinds of shows. We see cattle as food, aliens see us as food, ect ect. Just we seem to have it in our minds since we view ourselves with self awareness that makes us more worthy to eat. I am sure if cows started communicating to us tomorrow in a way that we would understand we might be less incline to eat them. Maybe.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode24_zps36f0271f.jpg
So I can drink the coffee, to wash down the people taste?
Before Toka can kill Kaneki the owner of the cafe Toka works at, Yoshimura, shows up. Perhaps the voice of reason. Toka is super strong but she listens to the man. He gets Kaneki back to the cafe and gets some coffee in the boy. Because even in this show monsters can taste coffee. Blood-C flashbacks. But one cannot live on coffee alone which causes Yoshimura to give Kaneki some human flesh to go. I think if maybe it was packaged different Kaneki might have been okay with it? Maybe? But Kaneki is still not in the right frame of mind for details or gratefulness. He is just like oh okay so this is cafe de Ghouls got it and leaves. Toka is pissed Yoshimura came to help because I guess she forgot she helped the kid too? Yoshimura who watches the news tells Toka that poor Kaneki got Rize the insane's organs and that is why he is a weird Ghoul/human hybrid. So maybe being nice to him isn't all about help for Kaneki but maybe help for their kind? In any event we need to on team Kaneki so no killing the boy.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode25_zpsfc55ba0b.jpg
So clearly we must feel bad for him.
Unfortunately Kaneki might just end up dead himself. He sat there staring at the package of flesh. He grew so hungry, like it was calling his name. Maybe he could just pretend it is his lovely hamburger? I don't sit there and think oh look at that dead cow. Maybe Kaneki can ask Yoshimura and the man can lie and say it was the flesh of someone really bad, someone who deserved to die. For now Kaneki is just going to stare at the flesh while Rize the floaty voice in his head drives him crazy. DO IT! Eat the flesh you half and half kid. So tasty, so yummy. Again in what universe is it okay to randomly put organs into someone else?! I guess it is better that Rize getting her blood on Kaneki and him getting infected that way. We would have a lot more Ghouls that way I suppose.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode26_zps8cd56b90.jpg
You are my rabbit soul mate!
Kaneki is brought out of his trance because Hide the never ending friend calls. Brings Kaneki back into the land of humans. Kaneki is going to brush his hair and his teeth, find some clean clothes, and go to school. For Hide. The only person left in his life since his parents are dead and he is not good at making friends. How cute was Hide when Kaneki finally did arrive back at school. Rabbits DIE alone. ALONE! Hide was alone in the world without his best friend. Does Hide really have to die folks? I just feel as if he is toast and there is nothing that can save the boy, especially when he is being 15 kinds of adorable. Such cruelness. I think Hide being such a friend really did help Kaneki out. I mean life is still really hard but despite ignoring the boy for days Hide is still there for him. Maybe...maybe Kaneki will be okay with at least one stable force in his life.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode28_zpsfce2d85d.jpg
Everyone is Kaneki's life is a Ghoul now.
And then Kaneki meets Hide's club member and his world came crashing down. After Nishiki is done groping a random girl in the club room it is all evil smiles towards Kaneki's direction. I mean...the words he was saying sounded almost playful to Hide but to Kaneki he knows exactly what this territory business means. I don't think Hide and Nishiki are grand friends to begin with but a level of respect has to be maintained since Hide is the younger one. So while Hide is off thinking Nishiki is being Nishiki Kaneki is losing his mind thinking he and his only friend are dead. So while I am sure Kaneki wanted to run like hell or maybe call Toka out of desperation he put on his brave face to make sure Nishiki didn't take Hide back to his house and eat him. Kaneki even took time on the short walk to marvel at the fact that Nishiki fits right in with society, looking like a normal human being and eating food that should make him sick. I think if Kaneki thought about it it would really freak him out that Ghouls are people too...meaning there are many out there and what not. But he just kept walking, not eating his snack and all.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode210_zps26bebd69.jpg
Best screenie I could get. Sorry.
Nishiki kicking Hide across the alley almost gave me a heart attack. Like I was that shocked. I knew that something was going to happen later and that Hide's days are probably really numbered in this anime but I didn't think it was going to be today. I figured that Nishiki would make Kaneki squirm or something. A bit of torture/fun for him. And that maybe Nishiki would attack Kaneki directly as maybe Nishiki was really Hide's friend. But nope we are all walking around and bam Hide goes flying. Kaneki goes flying too but since we already saw Kaneki get beat up it wasn't as jarring. Kinda expecting Kaneki to get some knocks with these crazy Ghouls. I really could have done without Nishiki throwing up on Hide. I think we had enough throw up last episode. But I guess it wasn't that bad. Just that Nishiki seemed....really crazy at some points. Like oh you were going to eat your friend Kaneki?!?!? Maybe Nishiki had marked Hide for noms and it seems as Kaneki keeps “stealing” from Nishiki. Or the guy is crazy and like to hurt people and needs the tiniest excuse to do it. Either way there was Hide head stompin, Kaneki hurting, and Nishiki making crazy face time.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode213_zps7c8996e9.jpg
...Not my friend Hide....
As Nishiki is looking for the A-1 sauce to make Hide taste extra amazing (might want to clean up your vomit there buddy) Kaneki lays there on the ground, broken and defeated. His friend is going to be killed and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Since I don't know the Ghoul world I don't know if it is typical to befriend those you plan on eating. So while Kaneki is there blaming himself for dragging Hide into this Nishiki might have targeted the boy anyway during class. Kaneki doesn't know this so he has to think back to his entire friendship with Hide and how losing him would be losing the last person in the world he cares about and that cares about him. Kaneki has lost both of his parents at separate times in his life and it has been implied that Hide has been there for him. Even though Hide was the new kid in town and should have been the one approached to be friends. But Kaneki was off reading and not talking to anyone and Hide brought him back to people. Made sure the kid was okay. Brought him all the treats while he was in the hospital. While the boy might tease him sometimes Hide dying would ruin Kaneki forever, probably more than eating a random stranger.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode214_zpsa87be637.jpg
Errr....don't hurt Hide or else?
Since all seems lost a magical moment has to occur. Because anime. Just as Nishiki goes to start eating the bleeding and unconscious Kaneki and his one eye manages to get up. And he is not looking....well really good. I am sure part of it has to do with the fact that Kaneki is starving himself and he nearly died a few weeks ago. But a big part of Kaneki looking like a crazy person has to do with Rize. She is the reason why he is part Ghoul and apparently she was super strong one before she was impaled to death. XD So...yeah Kaneki transforms from a wimpy kid who was crying on the ground to some badass fighting for his friend/half possessed by a dead woman. I think that Nishiki really underestimated Kaneki. Which is fine since he didn't know about the Rize connection until he saw the red stuff started coming out of Kaneki. I am sure I will learn about that term and keep it in my head later. XD For now it is red stuff. So I think that Nishiki was slightly amused that Kaneki was fighting for the food Hide but then realized that Kaneki was actually Rize fighting for a friend. REVENGE! I do like that the battle got...artistic to cover up the sheer violence of the moment but maybe the censor could have covered up....oh I don't know....a tiny bit less of the screen. Because that half of inch of actual animation verses the black square that took up 95 percent of the screen made it hard for me to figure out if Nishiki is dead or not. I mean I don't know if Ghouls regenerate or can heal but......I am not even sure if Nishiki has his head on anymore. So while I know censors are super fun for everyone can we do it in a way that we can get what is going on without seeing it? Thanks.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode216_zps36155ed8.jpg
Just eat your friend. It's better this way anyway since he got his head stomped on 127 million times.
This Rize helps comes at a price though. It appeared that Rize came and Kaneki was able to kick butt to save Hide's life. No folks no. Rize seems to want to eat Hide. Is this lady living on in his body or is it just instinct? Like does she really have control of his body and his Ghoul side is just taking on the for of Rize so it can overtake him better? Does that make sense? Is it Rize or is it Ghoul behavior? Either way I guess it doesn't matter at this point as she/it is telling Kaneki how tasty Hide is and how dare Nishiki try to take him from us. Look how delicious he is. Now Kaneki DID try to fight the voice in his head and the instinct taking him over but in the end he was...looking pretty nasty and hungry and he probably would have eaten Hide. :( Which I am sure he will dwell on for the rest of the series despite not actually eating Hide. Just the fact that he almost did. Thank goodness for Toka and her I don't care self showing up and pretending to care. Like um this is your friend, you will thank me later. Then I am sure she beat Kaneki up some more because he hasn't been through enough you know?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode219_zps877c5a66.jpg
Can I please go back to my cafe and my friend picking on me please?!
Kaneki wakes up and immediately panics. I think I would too given the last few weeks the kid has gone through. And you know...he had lost of his mind and tried to eat his best friend Hide when monster Ghoul Queen Toka shows up. So I think we can forgive the boy for thinking the worst when he was no longer hungry, his mouth had...substance in it, and Hide was looking pretty awful on the ground due to the head beating he got. But it appears he has woken up in the cafe. Well the apartment above the cafe. Ghouls gotta pay the bills some how. I bet Kaneki will be all freaking out when he learns that all the people who work at his local cafe are Ghouls. Anyway Yoshimura quickly reassures Kaneki and takes him to see the sleeping Hide. I am not sure if he was completely sleeping though. He either woke up after the conversation or during it. We don't know what he knows but he is alive to make us worry for his safety again weeee!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode215_zps87f7b15f.jpg
So he dead or not?
So what was the conversation that Hide might have heard? Well Kaneki was super happy that he didn't eat his friend but it is obvious that Yoshimura fed him someone. Kaneki ate part of a human being so by his logic he is no longer human. If he never eats flesh again he will go crazy and might turn on his lovely friend, the only important person left in his life. In Kaneki's eyes he belongs no where and will suffer by himself since both worlds don't want him and he especially doesn't want the Ghoul world. Well Yoshimura chimes in and says that Kaneki is a different kind of Ghoul. He is part human, part Ghoul. He can maybe still belong to both worlds. But he needs to learn what it is to be a Ghoul. He points out that Toka and her complete lack of tact has saved him several times so maybe she isn't as bad as she seems. In any event Kaneki needs to eat something or he will go crazy which will probably affect the entire Ghoul world. Like um hello humans are focused on us now thanks to these overeaters and we can't be having that. Come, let us show you our ways and maybe we won't seem so bad to you. Will this be more of the Nishiki point of view, humans are like cattle? Or will Nishiki really explain why there are Ghouls and that they aren't the scum of the Earth? Yoshimura frames it like Kaneki has the option to stay at the cafe but really...he doesn't have many choices in life now. Might as well stick around and hope the flesh he is being fed came from a child molester or something. Anything to make him feel better. And then maybe in the next episode he can find out more about the whole origin of the Ghouls? You he can feel better. Not for me to know or anything? XD


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