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New Anime Series! Love Stage episode 1

Long time no type. X_____X Yeah folks. I had plans. Once again. Always again. But the World Cup ended and I was like I am going to spend all of Sunday typing and blogging and catching up on anime. Yeah folks. Just yeah all day long. And then it turns out just watching more and more episodes won't actually catch you up on anything, just get you more behind. I am slightly special folks.
 photo Lovestageepisode1_zps103b706f.jpg
We are going to take a journey into Izumi's mind...or future. Something folks!
So before things get too awful and terrible and behind are some anime posts. Until I pass out and start the day over again tomorrow. XD Up now is the last of the animes I shall be maybe watching this anime season. And what anime is that? Why it is Love Stage! Lets get some yaoi up in here that won't end in a blood bath you know. Spoilers for episode 1 include....well Izumi being super adorable and being obsessed with something super annoying.
 photo Lovestageepisode115_zpsea13077b.jpg
Will I have luck drawing manga or is this an acting luck charm only?
Episode Summary: Our main character Izumi starts off by talking/dreaming of finding the door that will lead to his future and how he may never find it. Then we the viewers happen upon a wedding day where the married couple throws the banquet and a young girl and boy catch the flowers and smile. The “young girl” then wakes up as HE was dreaming about this day. He then says good morning to his poster....Magical Girl LalaLulu. He goes into the kitchen and quietly eats his breakfast as his mom talks about how she wants better jobs, like working with the famous Ryouma who appears on their TV in a car commercial. As Izumi eats he explains his mom is a famous actress, his dad is a singer/musician/owner of a talent agency, his brother is a rock star, and his grandparents were famous too. All are helped by the assistant Rei. Izumi tries to be ignored but his mother asks about the vocal and dance lessons he apparently is not going to. He runs out before his parents can ask more questions and explains he has no desire or talent to be in show business. He wants to be a manga artist like the person who does LalaLulu. He sorta...lacks in the drawing department but is practicing and even joined the manga club at his college. He sorta forgets to practice his skills as he spends the entire club time reading mangas but he promises to do better tomorrow. He arrives home to find his parents and Rei playing a commercial they all made 10 years ago called Happy Wedding. This is the part where Izumi played the part of a little girl catching the flowers. Rei explains that the company is doing a special commercial staring the little kids from the first commercial and they want all the previous actors in said commercial. Commercial. Izumi automatically says no and Rei explains the little boy grew up to be the famous Ryouma and his condition to do the commercial is for the girl with the special colored eyes to be in it. Izumi still refuses and tells everyone he is not joining the entertainment business and he is going to be a manga artist. Rei tells Izumi his drawings suck and the boy runs off crying. The mom starts crying about Ryouma and the dad is like no worries Rei will make it better. Rei's face nearly melts off as he makes a call. Izumi is crying in his room, thinking about the doors of his life closing and being forced opened. He thinks back to the commercial, how his mother forced him into the role when the original girl didn't show up. Izumi got so nervous and upset he peed in front of Ryouma. But then he thinks back to when he was told he was good at drawing and realizes he was told he was good at COLORING. He will be okay and he will practice more. He goes to school the next day with his faceless classmates when some...super stars bursts in and causes a scene. 

Izumi drags the man outside and it turns out to be Izumi's super rock star brother Shougo. Shougo has been asked by Rei to get Izumi to do the commercial. Shougo thinks independently that Izumi should be in show business because he is cute. When Izumi once again claims he wants no part of this Shougo bribes his brother with a specialized LalaLuLu alarm clock. Izumi decides to think of this commercial as cosplay and all will be well. Elsewhere Ryouma is seen talking to his manager and is informed the commercial is a go. He is thrilled as the main pic on his cellphone is a pic of baby Izumi in the dress. Rei and the dad work hard on getting the commercial together while Izumi keeps on going to school. He tries to improve his manga drawing skills but each day as his customized alarm clock wakes him up he has less and less pep in his step. The morning of the commercial comes and Izumi is full of puke and worry. He literally has to be dragged to the set despite looking like death. He is given Shougo's prep team to work with as they know he is a man. He wants to melt into a chair but allows them to work their magic. Even Rei is impressed with how girl like Izumi looks now. There is a knock at the door and Ryouma comes in, blushy faces and flowers for Izumi. Rei tries to make it a business conversation but Ryouma is all about Izumi. They are all interrupted with a voice saying it is filming time. Ryouma takes his place while Izumi loses his mind all over the place. Rei does a terrible job in calming the kid down. Izumi tries to shoot the commercial but trips 5 seconds into filming. Everyone is shocked as Izumi cries and remembers how horrible he was from 10 years ago. But he realizes that eventually the commercial got filmed so how did he do it? Ryouma appears before him with a flat little sparkle stone and asks if Izumi needs it again. Izumi remembers Ryouma giving him this lucky charm to calm down the first time. Ryouma smiles and gives it to Izumi again who does calm down. As the credits roll take two is set to start and Izumi is in one piece. Rei starts to freak out because he actually reads the whole script and sees what is going to happen. But it is too late as Izumi full of confidence runs down the isle into Ryouma arms. He thinks to himself how Ryouma is a nice person and not stuck up. Then according to the script Ryouma leads in and kisses the surprised Izumi. THE END!
 photo Lovestageepisode114_zpsafed22c4.jpg
Self made earthquake oh no!
That was actually...a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Maybe I was just being an art snob again or something. I can do that sometimes. But yeah...I think this could be a cute little series. Obviously it is going to follow similar plots to mangas I have with a few tweaks here and there. But given the other BoyLove anime I am watching this season..I might need something familiar and nonrapey.
 photo Lovestageepisode13_zpsd0cf4326.jpg
Such an annoying name....
However folks...however...I believe if I hear the words Magical Girl LalaLulu one more time I might fall into a deep coma. And by fall I mean I will slam my head into my glass coffee table until unconsciousness reaches me. It might not be that serious but yeah folks. Yeah. I get that Izumi likes the series but I almost had my eardrums burst. Oh and the clock. THAT CLOCK! I hope as the series goes on Izumi won't be as dependent on that series and will grow as a person. I mean...every other word out of my mouth must be Disney or Japan to the casual listener but at least those words don't cause ear worms to take a nap in my skull.
 photo Lovestageepisode14_zps0d37c4a8.jpg
Don't mind me, I am just here...being boring.
So what is this show about? The barebones of it would be that Izumi was born into a super family, all up into the entertainment industy. He is being pressured to find his own place in this flashy world when all he wants to do is draw mangas like Magical Girl LalaLulu. Because his life sucks a popular actor/all around dream boy Ryouma ropes him into doing a commercial and I am sure the rest will be history. For the record everyone is over the top in this show and dramatic...because they are all actors and singers and what not. Expect many antics from this bunch.
 photo Lovestageepisode16_zpsc08ddb4a.jpg
Let me be me!!!
Izumi....well he seems nice enough. Average is how I am sure he feels being born into this super popular and hot looking family. Nothing is wrong with average of course. Most of us are average. I am probably below average if you consider my amazing drawing/acting/being in public skills. So I really feel bad for this kid. He just wants to go to college and get a “normal” job away from the spotlight. The spotlight is not for everyone nor should a lot of those people be in it. Sure his drawing skills really, really suck and he should probably go to a technical skill or try another job in the manga field if that is his true calling. But if he doesn't want to be in showbiz that is his right. Eat your breakfast and ignore those around you.
 photo Lovestageepisode17_zps2eb1bd12.jpg
This one commercial ruined his whole life people.
Well Izumi can't. Mom is famous, Dad is famous, brother is famous, and apparently the grandparents were famous. They are all looking at Izumi to be famous too. All the while talking about what an otaku he is. :( I mean...he is a bit obsessed with that annoying show but he seems okay. He goes outside and eats and has goals. He goes to his manga club and doesn't cause waves. Maybe his family should be happy that their black sheep of the family so to speak is...normal. Not causing problems and running around the streets naked or doing drugs. Whatever. So yeah....Izumi knows his limitations and is doing his best but that is not good enough for his family. Woe is his life.
 photo Lovestageepisode111_zps2b08d2dc.jpg
If they aren't important they don't deserve to be fleshed out!
There are several things about this show that make it unique. Like oh yeah Love Stage, the show with such and such. Some shows make fun of the fact that background characters are nobodies. This show follows that new way of being funny and almost breaking the 4th wall by making all the people just barely there sketches. No color and barely any features. This also could be making fun of the fact that Izumi is not a good drawer and is only great a coloring. Another thing this show does is have these random cats come up for comic relief. I don't think they represent...anyone really. They are just there, when Izumi is having a freak out which will be quite often I think or when someone else is having a moment. Make a cute mascot even if your show usually doesn't have one.
 photo Lovestageepisode12_zpsa7dcd161.jpg
Whatever the case may be....Izumi was really cute...
So after we get to know everyone the real meat of the episode plays out. Izumi is living the life of a typical college student and his parents want more for him. It is the exact opposite of the Little Mermaid folks. He returns home from a long day of classes and reading mangas to find Rei and his parents waiting like crazy vultures. They play a commercial they made as a family 10 years ago. HAPPY WEDDING! I love Engrish. I really do. This isn't true Engrish as all the words are said correctly and spelled correct but they just sound funny together. Anyway they all made this commercial and it is really cute. Apparently Izumi doesn't think so as he had to play the part of a little girl as the hired little girl couldn't show up on time. I mean...I don't really care how people portray themselves but if a boy doesn't want to wear a dress he shouldn't have to wear one. I mean...I guess I can relate as I am 30 years old and am consistently mistaken for a high schooler. I would want to be perceived as an adult and Izumi wanted to be portrayed as a boy who...well wasn't cute. Even if he is cute. Anyway his mom was like put my kid in a dress and call it a commercial woohoo!!!
 photo Lovestageepisode19_zpsae3ec53d.jpg
Do they want a repeat of this?
Only it was not all woohoo. Everyone else in the family thought it was cute but Izumi wanted no part in it and peed himself when he messed up on the first take. I am going to guess this really cemented his idea to not be in showbiz. To take a more behind the scenes approach and make mangas. I think that might have scarred me for life too. Like I am a boy and I don't want to wear a dress and act on camera. And look now I have peed in front of another little boy and my life is over. Izumi thought this was all over with but now the company is doing a 10 years later type commercial deal. Which I think is sorta cute. Like oh they caught the flowers and will actually get married type deal. Awesome marketing. Really cute and not forced I feel.
 photo Lovestageepisode18_zps1361f271.jpg
Curse you for being memorable.
Well a bit of force. The little boy in the commercial from ten years ago grew up to be Ryouma, the most famous man in Japan. And he refuses to do the commercial unless all of the original cast comes back. That means...Izumi, put on some depends because you are a bride to be. Izumi of course is not pleased with how everyone is gunho about this opportunity. He hopes that everyone realizes that he is in fact a dude and not a little girl so.....Nope no one cares, they are going to throw a wig on him and call it a day. What about the fact that he doesn't want to do the commercial? Nope no one cares about that either. Mom wants to work with Ryouma and everyone else seems to think this is his big break into the show biz industry. A break that Ryouma doesn't want and hasn't really done a great job explaining that he doesn't want it. He runs off crying and ignores Rei who attempts to tell him he has to do this. No. No I don't. Rei is like my job is certainly on the line now.
 photo Lovestageepisode15_zps81df645f.jpg
But I love drawing!!!!!
While everyone cries over some silly commercial Izumi cries because no one cares about his hopes and dreams. He wants to be a manga artist guys!!! There is a brief moment where I felt bad for him. Someone (I am guessing the artist behind LalaLulu) told Izumi he was doing a good job. Little Izumi thought he meant the drawing but now Izumi realizes it might have been the coloring. I sorta felt bad for him at that moment, thinking he was someone with talent and really it was someone being nice. But...Izumi isn't going to give up. He is going to go to school with his colorless classmates and practice. Practice until his little arms fall off. Yeah it will be all okay. This commercial thing will blow over and he will work to make the next LalaLulu. All is well!
 photo Lovestageepisode110_zps4e50a8bc.jpg
Give us the Lala!
Oh or....Izumi's older brother, the rock star Shougo/amazing man, walks into the college classroom and causes a scene. Like I just can't but be amazing sorry! Izumi takes him outside to yell at him but apparently Shougo has been recruited by Rei to make the commercial. The whole family is against Izumi. :( Only Shougo thinks that Izumi is too cute not to be in the commercial. It has nothing to do with talent or anything, just that Izumi is 15 kinds of adorable in his eyes. Brother complex. Shougo might be a popstar hottie but he has a brain too. He knew that Izumi was going to say no to the commercial as he is not special enough to change the kid's mind. But....Lalalulu is a different story. Izumi LOVES her so bribe time it is. I must say..making a special kind of alarm clock just for Izumi was pretty cool. Like look, I made this for you...just for the doing the commercial...but if you don't want it...GIVE IT TO ME I AM CRAZY! So Shougo spoils and bribes the brother and Izumi will be bought the entire series with LalaLulu gifts. Fun times.
 photo Lovestageepisode112_zpsfdec286e.jpg
Is he going to be in the tribute parade too?
So in the end Izumi agrees to do the commercial, Mom is over the moon happy, Ryouma is seen looking at a Chibi Izumi pic on his cellphone, and Rei is happy he gets to keep his job. YAY JOBS! Izumi and his alarm clock keep powering through the days at it gets closer to commercial time. Izumi tries to be brave but the morning of the big day finally comes and Izumi is going to puke whether he gets breakfast or not. He is manhandled to the location where I think he is seconds from passing out. For some reason Rei thinks that giving Izumi Shougo's prep team is going to calm the boy down. Given how...special they are I don't think the calm was ever going to come. They are almost directly from the Hunger Games. I guess the only good thing about them is they know Izumi is a dude and are going to keep the secret while making the poor boy look his best. That's nice because Izumi has a lot of people to fool.
 photo Lovestageepisode113_zps8b8f03b8.jpg
Hurry and shut down this crush fast!
Number one would be...Ryouma! Him and his blushy face self arrives to Izumi's dressing room to give in leading lady some flowers. Oh and the boy is in love with Izumi. He has a picture of a tiny Izumi on his phone from a million years ago. It was his condition to have the original crew in the new commercial just for Izumi. It is sorta sweet in a tragic way obviously. Rei tries to keep it all professional since it is obvious why Ryouma is in the room but it doesn't work. I almost think that Ryouma is in the acting business because he thought Izumi was going to end up there later on in life and was waiting for “her”. Shoo Ryouma, we got a Izumi to put back together. 

Izumi is a bundle of nerves before the first shot even happens. Memories of the first commercial overtake his mind and Rei does a really bad job of calming down the kid. Everyone else in the family must be a natural so maybe Rei has no experience in his level of calming. Izumi shouldn't be there to begin with but at least he is trying. He is doing it all for the alarm clock. Due to the fact that Izumi doesn't wear heels or dresses on a normal basis... he falls flat on his face the minute he tries to run. :( And it is embarrass city all over the place. I felt so bad for the kid. Like no, change the channel! I hate it when people are being embarrassed on tv, whether it be their doing or not. But I couldn't change the channel. I just had sympathy for a fictional character who tripped all over the place.
 photo Lovestageepisode116_zps953cf392.jpg
Stage fright? More like scarred forever.
Izumi is pleased to learn that Ryouma is a really nice guy despite being a super famous actor person. He instantly appears next to the crying Izumi and gives him a good luck charm to calm down. Then it all comes back to Izumi. That 10 years ago the commercial did get finished despite him being a total wreck. Now he remembers it was baby Ryouma that got him through the moment with his magical rock of calm downness. And here Ryouma is ready to help again. SMILES! Cue the sap. Everything is going to be okay. Izumi can do the commercial now. Happy faces for all. Only....Izumi seems to have forgotten the most important thing about weddings. The groom always kisses the bride. So color Izumi and Rei super confused when Ryouma leans in for a kiss. Yeah....I think the brave was just kissed out of Izumi and it won't be returning any time soon. this going to be the series, Ryouma thinking he is in love with a female Izumi and all the hijinks around it? Doubt it. Ryouma will find out soon Izumi is a dude and it will all be okay. Or chaos. Probably chaos. So I am happily surprised with this show and how it didn't suck? It is only episode 1 so I guess there is still time to suck but for now I will be staying tuned.

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