Sunday, July 13, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: World Cup Final!

Hello there people who like the internet, cute bears, and slightly blurry pictures. It is I Duffy the Disney Bear. How is everyone's day? I hope it was full of sugar, fun, and not working. Scruffy's mom didn't have a great day at work. Something about not being tipped on three tables. :*( Doesn't sound like fun to me.
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Let me get my area all set up for this EXCITING match.
Here at our house we all got ready to watch the finals of the World Cup match. The World Cup is when lots of countries get together and play soccer for an entire month. Well here where I live it is called soccer but most people on the TV call it soccer. Mom and dad got very into the events and I usually watched from my usual sport on the couch when they cheered or booed people on. But today I decided since it was the last day to watch from my special Cars seat. I can pretend I am in the stadium with all the people crying and wearing outfits too!
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D14 and his sorcerer hat had decided since this is the 2014 World Cup he will watch this final match with me.
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Err this is a bit of a tight fit.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014024_zps691f8f3e.jpg
What if we moved it to the other way? Then we would both have more space D14 suggests.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014026_zpsc42118f0.jpg
That is much better. Now we have more space. Somehow I think I always make this mistake with my suitcase/special occasion chair.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014025_zps668b3ca7.jpg
Buddy Duffy decided to come by and sell snacks like people do at baseball games. But we are underage bears and we own no hot dogs in this house. So Code Red and poptarts will have to do.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014027_zps8885b344.jpg
Err what are you doing D14? I know that they haven't made any goals yet but....
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This is the final game of the World Cup this year and both teams are very good. So it is well into the game and there haven't been any goals yet. D14 is fading fast.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014029_zps60753056.jpg
And I have lost him. Apparently he is helping Mom and trying to get her shiny Eevees.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014030_zpsb8d6fded.jpg
After a while Dad ordered pizza. I think at the 88:00 minute mark. The guy got to our house really fast. But when the pizza came we were in overtime and I couldn't pull myself away from the screen. What if something happened?! D14 had no problem eating.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014031_zpsa65a6476.jpg
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They did about 48 instant replays of the goal since it was so late in the game and really the only possible chance to make a goal. D14 was finally happy.
 photo DuffypicturesJuly2014034_zps4ee31619.jpg
Germany is so happy that they won. Mom was a bit MEH because she wanted Argentina to win but for mean reasons I think. At least that is what she told Dad. Dad was going for Germany because of something that happened with the Netherlands. I don't know, it got kinda complicated.
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After everyone in the stands cried it was time to hand out awards. I didn't know you could be the most important player on the losing team.
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Time for the winners to go on stage!
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The German players all got an individual medals and then they get to share this cool golden statue. And then it was all over. Mom and Dad spent a lot of time watching almost every single game that came on during the World Cup. I didn't even know mom liked sports. X__X Guess I learned something new today. Also learned that D14 gets bored rather easily....

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