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Dramatical Murder episode 2

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Well I like it so far. Because you are all behaving.
Otay. This shall be the last post of the day. I have watched Love Stage episode 2 and started to blog it but I has the tireds and when I am tired I spell words ultra wrong and my grammar gets extra wonky. We want things to be half way legible right? Readable? Whatever. One more post and I think it might be pajama time. Up now is Dramatical Murder episode 2. Spoilers for Aoba making new friends in all the wrong places.
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Well just go and pull an ultimate move why don't you!
Episode Summary: The episode rewinds a bit from episode 1. Aoba and his new confident voice tells his Allmate/humanoid robot Ren to attack. Ren seems confused but attacks which causes some of the tiny bunnies to be injured. Aoba blinks and has no idea what he just did. The tiny rabbits continue to attack and Aoba doesn't know what to do. The avatar, the actual human being, is pissed as Aoba isn't putting up a fight and not taking this seriously. The tiny rabbits keep on attacking until Aoba and Ren run out of health. The battle appears to be over but Aoba magically starts to regenerate at the speed of fast. He then gets back up and does his amazing attacks and gathering up that large energy from last time. Aoba appears to win and wakes up in the real world. He doesn't feel so hot and the boy with the weird gas mask is leading over him. Aoba wakes up near his shop feeling weird. He panics but Ren seems to be okay except for some missing data. Aoba seems to have some missing memories too at the point where Ren's data is messed up. Other than that they seem to be okay. Well not really and Ren goes inside to get the owner to help dizzy Aoba out. Nearby another blond (not the two nontwins) is seen running away and not reacting to a cut he gets on his wrist. Inside what I assume is the doom people are monitoring Rhyme battles and someone sees the weird battle Aoba was in. He thinks that someone named Touei needs to be informed. This Touei person and a young man watch the battle on recording. The young man looks unmoved by what he sees. Back at his work Aoba still has his headache so his boss sends him home all concerned. Aoba walks home, thinking about how this bunny person knew Aoba and his user name even though he has never played Rhyme before. Aoba makes it home and has to explain to his ex-doctor Granny that his medicine isn't helping his headaches like it used to. She seems concerned but sends the boy off to rest before explaining herself. Aoba goes to lay down and feels upset that he keeps causing his Granny pain. That since the accident (undisclosed time) he had promised himself to not worry Granny again. Aoba calls Virus and Trip to see if they know if he ever played Rhyme since he has a bad memory since the accident. While Virus and Trip have their gang beat some people up. They don't think Aoba has played Rhyme but start to worry about that Spirited Away rumor. Aoba gets on the computer to fix the minor things wrong with Ren and they have a cute moment as Master and robot dog. Aoba has a headache again so he puts his big headphones on which solves his problem as he is able to go to bed.
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It is really weird you keep mentioning it?
Aoba wakes up as Koujaku's Allmate pecks at his head. Koujaku is downstairs eating dinner as Granny pretends to be annoyed at the situation. The boys sorta....go at it in a kidding way because they are such good friends. After dinner Aoba takes a bath and invites Koujaku to go after him. They have a boring exchange about cigarettes that I don't care about. They then talk about how Aoba's hair hurts when other people touch it some more. When Koujaku notices Aoba isn't 100 percent he (Aoba) explains about the random Rhyme fight happening near Koujaku's territory. Koujaku seems concerned over Aoba and these battles without the crowd and referee. Aoba then mentions Mizuki for some reason. Mizuki is then seen getting a sketch from a artist? Koujaku takes a shower later and we see his many tattoos. He is thinking about the conversation he just had with Aoba, the one about Mizuki concerned about Spirited Away and Morphine. Then we see all the characters in this show doing different things. The dude Aoba ran into has his own gang SURPRISE and the blond kid with the bandages might be the Bunny dude. Aoba goes to work the next day and apologizes for fainting. The boss doesn't mind and apologizes himself as the package that was to be delivered end up being a prank. Basically someone trying to target Aoba. As Aoba and Ren discuss this they hear a crash outside. They rush out and see the kid with a gas mask...laying on the ground. The boy eventually gets up and refers to Aoba as Master. He says he dragged Aoba here after the fight but wasn't in Rhyme with him. Aoba is confused as is this boy who says his name is Clear. He thinks that Aoba seems different than the day before...Still Master is Master. Aoba tells the kid to go home as this entire situation is weird. Koujaku goes to see Mizuki at his tattoo parlor. It is almost awkward as both them seem to be in love with Aoba and are talking because of him. They talk about Rhyme and how it is affecting them personally. Nothing really gets resolved, almost like they are setting the ground work for something. Aoba is busy chillin at the store when the bandaid kid comes in and declares he has found what he is looking for...Aoba. THE END!
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Poor Ren is trying to solve Blue's Clues but people keep interrupting!
Everyone say AWWW. This series is starting off really cute and playful. You know if you put aside the fact that everyone but Aoba is in a “team” that beats people up and the Tower is looking kinda shady. But besides that it is all wonderful in Aoba land. So when everything hits the fan and Aoba no longer has pants it will come as a huge shock to everyone.
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This would be narrow eye Aoba, the one who can play Rhyme.
When we last saw Aoba he was pulled into a random Rhyme fight where he won by getting a headache and summoning up a weird power. Well this episode decides to rewind things slightly for us and explain exactly how this happened. Just a few more details really. Aoba and his headache affect him in this virtual reality world which is a little odd to me. He isn't physically there can something that affects him physically take place in the game? But it does happen and his eyes narrow, almost change in color as he tells Ren what to do. Then poof back to normal eyes. Normal eyed Aoba has no idea what is going on and they are quickly defeated. Which I appreciate since Aoba has never played before. I don't think he should magically get better and the best at something just because he is the main character. He and Ren are defeated with no more health left in the game. Slightly worried since the safety mode was left off this game so maybe they are hurt in real life?
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Aoba and his eyes when he cannot play Rhyme.
So...yeah. Aoba magically got better and became the best at something because he is in the main character. Maybe not the best but he certainly was something. Ren didn't come back to fight though so I guess the Allmates aren't connected to their masters in that aspect. Nope just Aoba regenerated himself and back came the narrow eyes. The Aoba that seems to know how to play this game. Maybe he even created it considering how anime goes. He certainly knows a hack as he magically started to summon up a power of his own. I was under the impression that the Allmates were the fighters and did attacks, not the avatars. Aoba and his now understanding self unleashed his magical energy and poof....the game is over.
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And no one else matters because Ren is so super cute!
Aoba was not feeling so great when he woke up. He and Ren weren't dead which is a good thing. No blood that I could see. But extremely dizzy and in no position to fend for themselves. Aoba took turns holding his head in pain and passing out on the ground. The random kid in the gas mask makes an appearance to....drag Aoba back to his place of business? So was the mask kid the one who started up the game, thinking he was someone else and was like oppies, wrong person? Or was the person who started the game the other blond hair kid running in the alley with bandaids on? I guess it could be other people but they seem to be suspect one and two. Despite the battle being described as potentially deadly and dangerous Aoba was returned to work in one piece and what not. Can't be killing him yet I suppose.
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So....who you be?
While Aoba is being cared for/covered up by this mask person we get to see some action inside the dome. I think it was the dome anyway. I was under the impression the dome was a rich city while the poor people lived on the outside, the old parts of town. I still think I am right but for now all the focus was on this one tower that seems to monitor Rhyme. They could monitor a lot of things for all I know as this Rhyme thing hasn't been explained yet on why it is illegal (see cops last week) or how it is profitable. The point is this tower monitors Rhyme games and Aoba's random regeneration has sparked some...interest. I am going to assume ( I say that a lot now...) that this Touei person either is behind Rhyme, like he helped make it or is using it for his own devious plans. And maybe he is looking for THE ONE. Like bam look at this kid randomly regenerating and using some awesome illegal power. Let us bring him into the fold to be our top baddie. Because the other kid he had with him was looking kinda bored. Like yeah I have been tortured for so long I can't work up the energy about you torturing someone else. Sorry.
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I think Aoba will be saying that a lot from now on.
It takes Aoba quite a while to get home. Ren is the first to wake up and the cute little robot dog is okay folks. I know everyone was worried about that. You can watch a movie where 99.9 percent of the human population dies in a horrible way but the second someone's pet dog is horrible. TEARS! So many tears. So the robot dog with his own AI is okay folks. He can't remember part of the battle, right after Aoba got all amazing with the game and could give commands. Aoba can't remember much either. The owner of the store gives Aoba the once over and tells him to go home. Since no one has cars in this town Aoba still has to walk home. I would have been like um can I lay in the back until the Earth stops spinning and the urge to pule passes me? Nope onward Aoba walks. He seems rather out of it as he is mostly focused on the fact that the random challenger knew his name. That Aoba has a user name in Rhyme, a game he has never played. He hasn't played before right?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode28_zpsa308afb4.jpg
What's up with that Grams? Why is my "special" medicine not working anymore?
Well it turns out it is not pure craziness that Aoba is questioning whether or not he has played Rhyme. I was like um dude don't you know your own life? Well he might not. He got home just fine and tells Granny the condensed version of why his head hurt. He is concerned that the medicine he takes isn't working as well as it used to. Keeps having moments and what not. Granny tries to hide her concern but both are just being liars. Turns out that sometime in the past Aoba had an accident involving his head and that is why he has these headaches. I am sure that is not what really happened but that is what Aoba has been told. Me thinks the boy must have a split personality or repressed memories. Like yeah you used to play Rhyme until something super bad happened to you and the memories got kicked out of your head. Every now and then the memories resurface and hurt Aoba's head. Granny is concerned about returning to those times thus the medicine and trying to hide things.
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Yeah bro. We got your back. Whatever you need. Gang members with style.
Aoba does a few things after going upstairs to take a nap. Some things that might be clues later on in the series. For some reason he calls Trip and Virus to ask about the whole Rhyme thing. Like um hi guys I was laying here very attractively in bed and I know I haven't talked to you that much lately but...have I ever played Rhyme? I thought it was kinda odd because Virus and Trip seem like more acquaintances that life long friends that know Aoba that well. So I guess they were around for this random accident? So Aoba might have played Rhyme, was....involved in something he wasn't proud of, and has everyone's numbers in his little phone of fun. I see. The two nontwins were having their “team” beat up people while this entire conversation was going on because that is how cool and calm they are. Except they are worried this is related to another “team”, this rumored event long ago.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode211_zps0f618ec0.jpg
My head exploded from all this adorableness!
Ren and Aoba had a moment folks. A very cute moment. I was slightly spoiled on what might happened with this Ren character due to slightly.....err.....naked? pictures I saw all over the internet when I was just trying to get ONE pic for the Summer Anime List post so.....this cute moment is cuter in that context I suppose. I am not a big dog fan myself but when doggies are that size they are tolerable. And cute. Like a cat. My husband then likes to say well most people don't consider those dogs so.....ANYWAY....Ren is a robot with AI which blurs the line of who is a “person” and what is a machine. I am sure that will be a theme within this show. And while Aoba is getting ads and sees people with more up to date Allmates Aoba wants to keep Ren. So surely these robots are real and human like in some way yes? Aoba fixes Ren and Ren is adorable by trying to change how he talks to please Aoba. Just...a moment of cuteness and head touching. Loved it. Lets stop here before robot Ren is run over by a car or something else horrible happens. Protect Aoba's pants Ren!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode213_zps4ad50455.jpg
Got my headphones, all is well.
After Ren and Aoba have their moment Aoba has another headache. Kid can't catch a break. It seems it is not due to this attack but due to his accident, a preexisting condition. It seems as if there is a reason for Aoba having those giant headphones always around his neck. He hooks them up and listens to music when things get awful in his head. HMMM I wonder what that could symbolize? Aoba doesn't explain much about this symptom and he doesn't get much rest either as his childhood friend Koujaku comes over for dinner. This seems to be a typical thing given how Granny, Aoba, and Koujaku were acting. Almost like one big happy family. Stop being lazy, you are a grump when you wake up. cute and adorable really. Unlikely family indeed. Lets stop here before anyone ends up dead on the side of the road. I don't think Granny is going to make it to the end of this series, do you?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode214_zps2f318f7d.jpg
...Does Koujaku wake Aoba up often....
For some reason Koujaku was invited to take a shower/bath in the house? Was he spending the night? Is this going to be a Koujaku/Aoba ending? Usually childhood friends don't end up together in animes because...well I don't know why. Just because. But Koujaku is really, really, REALLY close friends with Aoba. Close enough that Aoba has a special ash tray just for the man. That in Aoba's room Koujaku doesn't seem so...rough I guess. He likes being away from the crowds, looking out into the boring alley way and what not. Soon talk turned to how Aoba was dragged into a random Rhyme game. I thought that Koujaku would have looked more pissed to be honest. He was kinda...calm about it. Well I mean not raging against the machine like I thought he was going to be, especially learning when it was on his turf. Maybe Aoba didn't make it sound so awful. Either way Aoba wants Koujaku and Mizuki to talk this out. Mizuki is worried about his “team” and the rumors of Morphine and what not. Koujaku could have made the scene a bit cuter if he joked about spending the night in Aoba's room to guard over him but I guess there were too many other scenes going on. Gotta show all the other guys doing their other guy things or something.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode219_zps1ee0c381.jpg
Or not. You know. They either get bored or not and we all die from this insanity.
Koujaku does go and see Mizuki. Before Mizuki sees that guy though he sees ANOTHER guy. Or maybe this blond hair kid works at the tattoo parlor and gave Mizuki a picture? Maybe that is what is going on. Not sure what his name is but I think the drawing kid is the blond kid that was running in the alley earlier in the episode minus all the piercings. Anyway Koujaku and Mizuki do eventually talk. Despite being on different “teams” the two seem to get along. I think that has to do with Aoba but whatever. Mizuki is really against Rhyme while Koujaku tolerates it. Probably because it is better to allow his team members to do it rather than them quit the team. Still they are set in their ways and worry about what could happen. All this Spirited Away and Morphine business. So many names folks, so many names.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode218_zps970c74c4.jpg
You probably shouldn't touch him....might get cooties.
While Koujaku and Mizuki are having tea with each other Aoba goes off to work. His boss almost says in passing that the package that Aoba failed to deliver was a prank anyway. Like oh yeah I know you were feeling yucky yesterday but don't worry about paying me back, it was a prank delivery. Like um that would make me nervous that someone was calling my employee out to an area to jump him. At least Aoba and Ren are on the same page about this insanity. Now they will sit down and talk about this issue. Or...or...the guy with the gas mask will fall from the roof and pass out in the street to scare the crap out of Aoba. Then he will wake up and declare Aoba his Master because. Because folks because. Everyone loves Aoba. If I were Aoba I would have called the police but maybe he is still feeling a bit woozy. This gas mask kid claims to be named Clear and is certain Aoba is his master despite him...preferring the battle Rhyme Aoba it seems. Clear left as quickly as he came, probably because Aoba told him to go home. I am sure we will see more of him later.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode220_zps55ebaa73.jpg
Maybe you can find me later? I am a bit done with crazy people today.
Okay now that the weird kid is gone Aoba and Ren can talk about how they were pulled into a battle on purpose. Or or...the guy with the bandaids who was just at Mizuki's can come in and be all creepy. Looking for something indeed. So yeah. This kid must be the bunny boy as he left Mizuki's on purpose to find Aoba, his opponent from yesterday. But I guess that makes no sense as he shouldn't know Aoba anyway. Unless pre accident Aoba was in Rhyme. Either way Aoba is not going to have time to think about who called in the phoney package. Maybe because this is the guy who did it or this blond kid is someone else that Aoba needs to worry about and the bunny is a different person that knows Aoba. Goes pre accident Aoba has many issues doesn't he? Tons of pairing for Aoba always woohoo! So....will we see another forced Rhyme battle or will piercing boy take the mask boy approach and be all weird and cryptic? Guess we will find out next time!

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