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Black Bullet episode 13 FINAL EPISODE

 photo blackbulletepisode13_zps0f0de3ee.jpg
Okay guys....there are less of us now and we have no batteries to light our way. Surely we will win this time.
Another Spring anime has come to an end folks. A sure sign that I need to get my butt in gear and pick the shows I want to watch in a few weeks. Or a week. Hopefully a week. Not a day right? MOG am I already behind? X____X Well...I will deal with that tomorrow, the day in which my country celebrates it's independence by blowing things up. Today I will say goodbye to Black Bullet as episode 13 marks it's end. Or does it? Spoilers for Rentarou having weird reactions to situations.
 photo blackbulletepisode136_zpse5e97e76.jpg
Because this Gastrea wasn't strong enough folks. It needs missiles too.
Episode Summary: Everyone under Rentarou's command is waiting at the Flames of Whatever. The batteries have yet to arrive and the Gastrea will arrive within 5 minutes. Miori is worried and Shoma is like look they aren't coming. Tamaki is like we are either going to die here waiting or are going to die meeting them head on, make your mind up Rentarou. Just as Rentarou goes to command everyone to charge Enju points to the sky. Someone has turned on the movie Tangled and the floating lanterns light up the sky. Before Mother Gothel can come and ruin this moment Rentarou calls Seitenshi. Apparently she has emerged from the underground safety area and has put on the festival that had been planned for the day, to celebrate when humans won the Second Gastrea war. Everyone who hasn't been selected to go into the safe zones have put their wishes into a lantern and it is up to Rentarou to protect their hopes. Rentarou gives a we can do it speech and the attack commences .They start off with far off attacks but soon it is fighting face to face time. Since Miori's plan hinges on Rentarou busting through Mr. Level 5's hard shell he and the other mains take off running towards the serious dangerous. Rentarou keeps on pausing to look at the battle which gives every single main the chance to protect him and remind him of his important mission. Soon Rentarou and Enju encounter the huge baddie and after some impressive maneuvering because the damn thing has spike missiles Rentarou and Enju implant the bomb before the thing seals itself. Rentarou warns everyone to duck and protects Enju. Only....the bomb fails and Rentarou realizes it has to be activated manually. He tells Enju he had doubts about the kind of person he was going to be for a while but then he met her and she changed him. He thanks her...then punches her in the stomach so she passes out in a Gastrea infested area. Rentarou and his mighty Varanium parts take off and fly towards Mr. Level 5, thinking how a direct hit on the sucker will activate the bomb. Well Rentarou seems to have forgotten that this creature eats away at Varanium and one spit slime dissolves Rentarou's leg. Rentarou tries crawling away but before he can fail in a blaze of glory Shoma shows up. He gets Rentarou to safety and informs Rentarou his magical made up technique destroys an enemy from the inside out so he should be the one who dies for the cause. Rentarou is seriously against this plan but Shoma says it should be this way since his special technique is considered taboo. Shoma demands that Rentarou lives on for him and runs off, punching the Level 5 in the gut and causing a giant explosion.
 photo blackbulletepisode1311_zps5981617d.jpg
Killing you? Stompin on your face? Because yeah dude....
Enju wakes up Rentarou later and they both look at the massive hole the bomb created. Enju says that Tina saw the whole fight and what Shoma did for them all. Once the level 5 died the rest of the Gastrea started acting funny which made it easier to chase them off. Rentarou looks around and besides the other mains about 6 other people survived. Rentarou is distraught. In the distance helicopters are carrying the blocks to make the new pillar. The news reports on this happy news but clearly there needs to be more drama. A french fry hair dude drives up to a house and greets Kisara and company coldly. Of course this dude (Kasumitsu) is Kisara's brother and the tension is thick. Kisara throws around a book and says she knows that her brother cheaped out on making the first pillar and he is responsible for many deaths. Kasumitsu starts cackling that he can throw money a problem and will live forever. Kasumitsu and Kisara then decide to duel to the death with Kasumitsu's assistant and Rentarou as witnesses and Enju and Tina as chopped liver. Rentarou thinks this is a bit insane but the two siblings glare at each other. Then Kisara takes on a different fighting stance and wins the fight in a blink of an eye. Her move apparently has a split second...second swing and Kasumitsu loses a leg. Kisara then starts talking about how 10 years ago that rogue Gastrea was way to random to come and kill her family. Way too calm Kisara wants answers. Kasumitsu denies this situation for 5 seconds but then reveals that their family has been slimy for years and dead old Dad was going to expose the family. 5 family members agreed to allow the Gastrea to kill the trouble makers. Kisara gets creepy and gathers everyone to leave the room. Rentarou thinks she has spared her brother but it turns out that the leg being sliced off was the first strike, the second secret one...well sliced his body in half. Rentarou runs back in and Kasumitsu is all over the wall. Rentarou is X__X while Kisara gets an insane look on her face, that she finally got part of her revenge and she should be happy. Rentarou is like um no you be crazy. Unhappy with Rentarou's response Kisara says she can fight evil because she is evil and justice Rentarou will never win. Rentarou was unable to kill his enemies but she was able to. GO HER! She leaves and Rentarou tells Tina and Enju Kisara might be his enemy now. Seitenshi makes a speech on TV, one that talks about giving the Chosen Children more rights in the wake of this tragedy and things seem okay now. All the mains are seen doing...well alive things as Rentarou and Enju visit the “school” where all her friends died. They take the train home but are delayed when someone suicides on the tracks. Rentarou brushes it off as a inconvenience and Enju wonders about death and what not. Suddenly Rentarou remembers all his fallen comrades and cries, worried that he has come used to death. He cries on Enju, saying she gives him stability and she is never allowed to leave him. Despite the fact she was giving him conditions on staying alive she agrees. YAY FOR HOPE! THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode1314_zpsa66a11c7.jpg
:( The pic of him exploding didn't turn out too well. Sorry face.
Well that is that. Well maybe not. Given how things ended there may be more that later on, maybe next year. But for now this is that and that is over. A bit more satisfying than the other shows I watched this season but
 photo blackbulletepisode132_zps0cc83a2e.jpg
Yeah. That is the unfair thing in this world...
I still want to know on what planet Miori lives on not to have the batteries delivered via her own people. I am not even talking about that obvious loser and his band of merry idiots. Her company is the largest weapons manufacturer in Japan and they have no batteries to operate said weapons? Generators? Nothing. I think I would have lost hope well before the 10 minute mark. Especially if I was one of the other pairs barely holding on to my sanity. All my friends are dead and now a brand new leader is in charge to threaten me. WOOHOO this plan is insane. I thought that more was going to come from that. These civil pairs usually fight over spilled milk but I guess given the week they are having a few stabbed people is okay in the grand scheme of things. In any event.....everyone is just standing there waiting to die.
 photo blackbulletepisode133_zpsdc140cf0.jpg
Is it everything you dreamed it would be Rentarou?
Then at last they could see the light folks. I busted out laughing when all the lanterns started to float up and Enju saw them first. Like really, does no one look up in this anime? Guess not. They just snuck up on them. I totally forgot about the festival in light of all the people looking forward to said festival got blasted into little children bits. Seitenshi is a good person I suppose. It had nothing to do with brownie points...which is what I would have done. But since most of the population wasn't safe anyway they might as well do something, anything at that point. Keeping the faith in little girls that everyone really hates. Come Rapunzel and tiny girl who got her brains shot out early on in the series. Let us talk to Rentarou on the phone and give all our hopes and dreams to him. No pressure.
 photo blackbulletepisode134_zps98941d3d.jpg
No pressure though folks.
So with these magical lanterns the battle could commence. I would have asked for more of the magical bullets that can go a million miles without stopping but that is just me. I think it takes away from Tina being so awesome when everyone else has weapons. Given that we need to focus on the young people who aren't scum bags Rentarou and his gang hit the ground running first as the plan called for seeing Mr. Level 5 up close and personal. I am sure the other pairs left in this show aren't bad people...just most of the adults alive in this world seem to be assholes so they all get mushed together. It is being presented as such though. Given that they are fighting to protect others must mean they must have a tiny bit of goodness in them yes?
 photo blackbulletepisode135_zpsa911ae90.jpg
Excuse me, did someone call for awesome?!
But this show is not about them of course. It is about Rentarou and his rag tag team of heroes. Since this is the last episode everyone was given a chance to shine. That shine came in the form of Rentarou not having his head in the game though. Like dude pay attention, Gastrea are all around you. Instead everyone got a moment to protect Rentarou from danger and make sure he survived long enough to complete the mission. Go Rentarou can do this. I am surprised no one tried to take Hiruko out accidentally though. Like oppies my bad. Also surprised that Kohina didn't cut anyone.
 photo blackbulletepisode137_zps6f900b1b.jpg
Look at us being winners covered in goo!
Rentarou and Enju make it to the Giant Level 5 Gastrea that has a name but I refuse to use it for some unknown reason. I think the entire budget for this show was either beyond high or someone used their own funds because Mr. Level 5 looks...well amazing. He is a very slow moving amazing though which leaves him vulnerable. Maybe he should have called upon some of his lower friends to flank him. It is like they saw the Golden Corral of people and headed off into battle without thinking to stay and protect the leader. Enter Enju and Rentarou showing off a few moves before they slice him open slightly and throw the amazing bomb inside his body. I sorta wonder why Rentarou bothers with so much skin and what not on his fake limbs if said skin has to be destroyed to use the limbs properly. I guess that isn't the point though.
 photo blackbulletepisode138_zps629c8543.jpg
But what about me?!
The point is Rentarou broke through the tough shell with his limbs, planted the bomb, and ran like hell why contacting everyone else to take cover. Then.......nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. Why would anything easy happen in this anime? The blood bath hadn't happened yet. But instead of everyone dying if Rentarou, the hope of all, died it would be truly tragic. Rentarou quickly determines if the bomb can't go off by remote he can activate it manually with his fist. He can't be putting Enju in danger though because he has to save all the women. Instead he says something sappy and awful and amazing, something that will eat at Enju the rest of her life as survivor guilt eats away at her soul. Like thanks for making this that much harder dude. Enju should have realized what Rentarou was thinking though, that he would take off alone to save the day. Punch to the gut and off Rentarou goes. How awful would it have been though if a Gastrea ate Enju while Rentarou was gone and if he had taken her and fought together they both would have lived? Watch The Mist yo.
 photo blackbulletepisode1310_zps4807d254.jpg
Don't do it Shoma! I still barely know you.
Rentarou was not really thinking that clearly though when he wanted to save everyone. He was dodging those random missiles of explosionness. Is this Gastrea a Pokemon or something? Anyway the main reason everyone is in this pile of suck is because Mr. Level 5 can dissolve Varanium. Rentarou has Varanium parts. Anyone else see a problem with this? So before Rentarou can die for his country he is left unable to fly, the mission...doomed. Doomed I tell you. Whatever can happen now?! We need to activate the boom from inside of Mr. Level 5 and it's not like we have someone with a made up magical karate move that can blow things up from the inside. ALL IS LOST! know Shoma. I really don't understand all this karate crap but I understand it is logical in this world. Still it just seems super convenient that in the last hour Rentarou and Kisara's long lost friend comes out of nowhere with this magical Gastrea destroying power. I mean....he is such a last minute addition to the crew it is almost...not sad that he died? I guess Tamaki wasn't around much longer but still. I didn't feel the sadness that Rentarou felt watching someone he really cared about died. We the viewers were just told that these two (three) were close and what not. I didn't get to feel it. :( So...yeah. I felt bad for Rentarou though. He wants to die for his friends but the idea of his friends dying for him was too much for him. I was kinda hoping that Hiruko was lurking around the corner with his little shield and protected Shoma at the last minute. Nopers folk. Shoma died...but not before telling Rentarou sappy and awful and amazing things.
 photo blackbulletepisode1311_zps5981617d.jpg
Look at all those winners!!!
By the time Rentarou wakes up the battle is over and Enju is standing there, probably wanting to hit the moron in the face. Like stop trying to be the hero....because obviously that is Shoma's job now. Or was since...he was the ultimate hero and is gone now. As well as a lot of the ground they are standing on and most of the pairs. That huge group of people that came to save the day...yeah there are like 8 other people left besides the main pairs (minus Miori/Shoma). So even though the group won and the Tokyo area is saved...the cost was pretty great. Not that any of the regular morons in the city care but almost empty victory. The pillar is going to be rebuilt and the rest of the citizens will be safe for the time being now that the Varanium eating one is gone. On a surprising note Seitenshi was not overthrown. I guess she spun the lantern thing in her favor because before the battle people were all hating on her. Did they see the light that some people had to be saved while the others had to tough it out? I don't know but I sorta rolled my eyes at the idea of people wanting to take care of the Chosen Children now. That somehow their sacrifice matters. Yeah don't think so. I am surprised so many girls are still alive but I don't think things are magically going to improve for them. Seitenshi tried before and there has been DOOM before and people were still asses. It would be nice but I am not believing it.
 photo blackbulletepisode1312_zps5d4d28d5.jpg
Why wouldn't all the pillars be made by the government? I mean I guess they could hire contractors and what not but still....just...eye rolling.
So since there is going to be a second season of this show and almost no time at all was devoted to the box tricycle of not making senseness....we had to end things on a different note. Or a cliffhanger. Because ending with a battle and a tiny bit of hope would be too optimistic. And this show has had its optimism ground into tiny pieces of broken dreams on the sidewalk. We need to end this with tears and confusion woohoo!!!! So you know how Miori was all like hey I am dying so let me tell you how people smell? Well apparently Kisara smells like she could be evil. So what better way to get this show another villain since Hiruko is...largely ignored now than get somethings going with Kisara?
 photo blackbulletepisode1313_zps662fb07f.jpg
But here's the thing folks....I am on team Kisara. Like almost all the way. She lost a few points at the end when she pretended to go all villiany but largely I am on her side. Her older brother cheaped out on making a pillar that cost countless lives. Probably wanted to pin it on Chosen Children. Laughed about how he can get away with things because of money. Hell people are dying left and right in this world, why shouldn't Kisara cut this dude who caused so much damage? And that wasn't even the real issue! The real problem Kisara had with her brother was him and 4 other family members killed her parents by letting loose a Gastrea in the area. You know, the one that maimed Rentarou and caused Kisara health issues? Yeah her family did that to her because....well because her family does asshole things. Has been doing them for a long time. And her father was going to expose the family. So clearly the logical choice was to do more asshole things and endanger other people not in her family. DUH!!!!!
 photo blackbulletepisode1315_zps1ebd1050.jpg
He seems to think after EVERYTHING ya'll have been through in the last few are the worse. I know right!
So to sum it up the brother along with other family members killed her parents, injured Kisara (but wanted her dead), maimed Rentarou, let lose a Gastrea that could have killed many neighbors and what not, AND skimped on the pillar which did lead to many deaths (almost everyone's). Can someone explain to me why Kisara is the evil one because she cut this dude in half? I mean give the girl a parade for saving the day. Sure her eyes got a little creepy and insaney but....that is because she IS a good person and it hurts to a kill a person, even if they are scum. Plus it was her family that did all these awful things. She is allowed to have her moment. But no folks. No. Rentarou and his judgey self has decided that Kisara was wrong, that she should have been the better person, turned the other cheek, and...I don't know, other terms that mean the bad guys win. After all this death and mayhem hasn't Rentarou realized that these assholes mean business? That sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to fight back? I am not saying that Kisara needs to go around cutting everyone in half. But yeah....this guy deserved this and more. Rentarou got his revenge too but doesn't even know it. Instead Rentarou makes Tina and Enju put on shocked faces which puts Kisara on the defensive for no reason. Like fine I will be the bad guy now. Evil fighting evil. Dramatic yes. But....Rentarou is pretty awful. I sorta feel like stabbing him for his judgey behavior.
 photo blackbulletepisode1316_zps1f2c4d91.jpg
So if Enju dies it will be game over for Rentarou?
As Kisara rides off into the sunset more evil that Hiruko in Rentarou's eyes we need to bring it back a little. Can't totally have NO HOPE at all or we would have to call this show Attack on (by) Titans. If Kisara is the baddie we need to be reminded that Rentarou is the hope, the light in the world. Despite it all Rentarou still has Enju. He tries to forgot and move on from death but after brushing off a suicide as an inconvenience he realizes he getting TOO used to death. That he wasn't mourning properly and what not. That he might be teaching Enju those things. But you can be a strong person and cry when bad things happen. Just in this world you have to pick yourself up rather fast or get eaten by a Gastrea. So yes Rentarou still has faith in the world because of Enju. It might be a crappy place and he might have lost people along the way but he still has hope. Hope that season two will be a better place for all. You know, after more Gastrea appear, secrets revealed, and Enju dying because her corruption level is through the roof. But hope none the less. While this show had it's moments it was pretty enjoyable. Some eyerolling and sad moments but enjoyable. Chalk this one under the done pile though. XD

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