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New Anime Series! Tokyo Ghoul episode 1

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Post number for the day GO ME! I get so distracted when I am on the internets it takes forever to get anything done. Like I am typing away then poof someone posts something on Facebook and I have to read it which leads to another article which leads to a word I don't know so I have to learn about that word then tell my friend about this crazy word and oh look 2 hours have past and I haven't typed a sentence. X___X Oh the joys of being inside of my head. But here it is, the post I started I believe on Sunday? Oh yes indeed. It might have been Monday though. One of them was Monday anyway. So up now is Tokyo Ghoul episode 1. Spoilers for the synopsis on this show being a borderline lie.
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Me and Kaneki will be great friends.
Episode Summary: Late at night blood hits an aquarium. A lot of blood. Maybe a lot of blood but since everything is censored who knows. A woman who appears to be naked and acting crazy has killed some people and is eating them. Helicopters and what appear to be cops know the situation and are on the way. Some Jason Voorhees looking reject walks in and the woman is immediately pissed he is ruining her good time. He says that orders have come from higher up to take her in alive but they didn't specify how many pieces. He gets increasingly crazy and wing/claw things come from his back. He gets rather close to the woman but does something and breaks the aquarium, escaping from the area. The next day the news is reporting this ghoul attack and how one ghoul should be able to last on one human for an entire month so this shouldn't be happening. This is background noise to a pair of friends, Hide and Kaneki talk about where to take girls on dates. Kaneki thinks going to the book store or maybe a burger place is perfect. Hide thinks these ideas are dumb but has no opinions of his own. Hide wonders who the cute girl is that Kaneki likes and guess it is their waitress Toka. He embarrasses both Kaneki and Toka but it's not her. The girl in question, a very beautiful girl named Rize walks in and Hide is like...yeah good luck with that bud and leaves. Kaneki notices that Rize is reading the same book as him and after some blushes and glances the two talk. Kaneki calls Hide later to tell him the good news as Hide waits as the police clean up the street/area from another Ghoul attack. The officers talk about how these creatures are worse than animals. Soon Kaneki takes Rize on another date where they talk about their favorite author and what not. Kaneki is a dumb boy and mentions that Rize isn't eating. She gets embarrassed and mentions a diet. When the date ends Rize claims she is scared because her area is near the latest Ghoul attack and she is scared. Of course Rize offers to walk her home which she is grateful. As they walk Toka from the cafe sees them and is all HMMM. They reach Rize's house and Kaneki wants to see her again since they have so much in common. Rize thinks it over and decides she is interested in Kaneki too. She then leads down and tears a huge chunk of flesh from Kaneki's shoulder. She starts to transform into a scary ghoul, the one from earlier as Kaneki tries to run away freaked out. He ends up getting flung into a construction site by her red thingy things on her back. Kaneki ends up getting stabbed in his side and falls to the ground. As Rize goes to eat the rest of the boy someone cuts various construction equipment in the area, causing beams to fall on and kill Rize.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode116_zps0ceea753.jpg
:( Hide trying to reach his sad friend.
Kaneki enters a dream like state where doctors rush to save his life and Rize seemingly...floats into Kaneki as the hospital gives the boy HER organs? He wakes up with one CRAZY eye but it quickly goes back to normal. He seems to have problems eating and hides when the nurse comes in to inform him Hide has been by several times to visit. When the doctor comes in Kaneki says his sense of taste has been very off. The doctor has a moment but tells Kaneki that everything will be fine. Kaneki is eventually released and goes home to see that Hide has left him a bunch of food and a letter of good wishes. Sad Kaneki decides to watch a TV program about Ghouls. It has been learned that Ghouls cannot eat normal human food as it tastes disgusting to them. Kaneki freaks out and spends the next hour and a half of my life eating all the food Hide left him and throwing it up in the toilet. He becomes more and more upset, especially when his favorite treat is nasty. He cries on the floor while elsewhere Hide complains to a college friend that Kaneki has been treating him poorly lately. The friend thinks Hide should drop Kaneki. Hide leaves Kaneki a message that his favorite writer is doing a signing near their area. By the time Kaneki works up enough energy to leave the house the signing is over. When he walks home he starts to act weird, that all the people he sees look tasty. He loses his mind and runs home only to see his crazy eye and Rize in the mirror. Upset Kaneki tries to injury himself with a knife as Ghouls can't be hurt in that manner...and the knife breaks. Kaneki zombies himself outside thinking of flesh when he snaps himself out of it. He then smells something tasty, like his deceased mother's food. He runs off happily that he found something he can finally eat...when he finds a Ghoul eating a human being. Kaneki looks devastated and the confused Ghoul offers Kaneki a hand. Suddenly another Ghoul, the Hide friend from earlier, kicks the Ghoul dead for stealing his hunting grounds. He goes to kill Kaneki as well when Toka (the girl from the cafe) appears and calls this dude Nishiki. Toka says the organization SHE works for distributes the hunting grounds, especially the ones that Rize stole. They fight briefly but Toka is stronger. Nishiki runs away like a crazy freak. Toka sees Kaneki having issues and wonders why he is alive since he was with Rize and what is up with his one crazy eye. Kaneki keeps reaching for the flesh but tries to deny himself, saying he is human and not a Ghoul. He doesn't want this kind of life. Toka seems to lose patience and thrusts human flesh into his mouth. THE END!
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode121_zps60eb1150.jpg
Oh I see. Waring Ghouls. Yay for organizations and "good" bad guys.
And once again that didn't go the way I was expecting it to. I should just copy and paste that onto my posts every other episode since I say that so often. XD But yeah folks. I thought that this was going to go a different direction. Like you know...fighting the Ghouls. Not becoming one. This is anime and Japan though and not America and cartoons so what was I thinking?
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode1_zpsed092062.jpg
Welcome to our show!
Unlike NotBlood-C the action started right away in this show. Like look at the dead face plastered on the aquarium. I would say poor traumatized but since they all died anyway...I guess it doesn't matter. But yes. We got blood and gore right away. Or at least I think we did because you know censors. I don't think it helped that the person doing the eating and killing was naked. I think she was anyway. Anyway she was eating people because she was a GHOUL and another Ghoul like person rolled up and said orders were orders, time to take you in. So this show is going to be humans v Ghouls v Other Ghouls. Given how little I saw the police doing I am thinking the humans aren't doing much fighting and it is really the other Ghouls trying to perceive their lifestyle and existence by keeping the others in line. Like stop eating ALL THE PEOPLES and behave. Everyone might be creepy though if they have crazy eyes, weird masks, and whatever those blood things coming out of their backs were. The battle resulted in some dead humans, a runaway naked lady, and a police force who actually tells the public the truth.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode18_zps54fed233.jpg
Actually no, I like the truth.
Oh yes folks. The police are telling the truth and keeping the citizens informed. I know shocking. None of this lying and covering up the horrible truth. Oh an Earthquake hit the aquarium. Um a train derailed. Err this man fell? Nope it is the truth 24/7 up in this reality. I wonder if that is strategy? I mean...there doesn't seem to be a mass manic. I would be panicking in case anyone was wondering. Some monster like people who can only live on our flesh AND appear to be normal looking humans? Hiding forever thanks. But while these attacks are well known and some...aspects of the ghouls are being researched what can be done to prevent them? Why do they exist? Do I need to get some garlic up in here? No one else seems worried, just another part of life. Like when the trains are delayed because someone decided to jump in front of them. But it is out there folks.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode13_zps0c70cbac.jpg
Don't leave us Hide!
Frankly people don't seem to be worried about it as everyone is going about their normal day, talking to friends and eating at cafes. Two college age boys are doing just that, with Hide teasing his book loving friend Kaneki a bit about where he thinks dates should take place. I think people should go on dates where they want to go, not where people normally go. XD Although a library might be hard because of the no talking thing. But that is a movie too so what the heck. Anyway this scene was set to show how Kaneki was a bit timid but he and Hide have a great friendship. Hide teases a bit, even with the waitress who turns out to be important, really important later. Overall books people. Kaneki likes books.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode19_zpsddf06290.jpg
We are perfect. Lets go pick out matching china and baby car seats.
I thought a bit of anime magic came Kaneki's way when the girl he liked actually took interest in him. He had a great starting point too, that they were reading the same book. A nice way to start talking to someone, not a creepy pick up line that men often use. And this is anime. We have normal looking guys pick up hotties all the time. Mainly because every girl is a hottie but whatever. I thought...this could work. Clearly not for long but given the synopsis I figured this Rize was super important. That she was a Ghoul hunter and she saw potential in Kaneki with his...mad reading skills. Maybe he could smell them out or something. Because this simply isn't an anime where everyone is happy and the main boy gets the cute girl for no reason.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode15_zpsc8c10caa.jpg
Oh.......this innocent comment that is not so innocent.
Things started to turn obviously south right off the bat though. The whole her not eating at the cafe...a really bad sign. I like how she tried to save it with her diet lie but yeah folks...obvious lie was obvious. I didn't even know about the Ghouls not being able to eat human food yet but I had a sinking feeling that this was not going to end well for Kaneki. :( Her fakeness when talking about how she was scared of the Ghouls and she needed him to walk her home was craziness. What was Kaneki going to protect her from, a three year old Ghoul? He isn't exactly bodyguard material. And since no one else was looking scared it lead me to believe she was putting on a story. Kaneki was too distracted by the idea that a girl liked him to see these signs and allowed himself to be lead to a place with no real apartment in sight. He was talking about going on another date and she was licking her lips. I might have laughed at all the things they had in common. They like one author and are the same age, book the church now folks!
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode111_zpsfe7d422e.jpg
Yeah I don't know what
But there will be no church folks. No white wedding, no Billy Idol cover song sung awkwardly while guests look patiently at their watches. Because Rize decides that instead of a kiss goodnight taking a chunk out of Kaneki would be a better idea. Surprise she is the naked Ghoul from the beginning of the episode. One body a month isn't enough for her as she starts to transform into...well something. I won't call them vampires because they seem to eat everything. But they aren't zombies because they are still away of what they are doing and aren't rotting into pieces. And I am not sure what the red wings or whatever that comes out of their backs are. So they are...Ghouls. Amazing.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode112_zps7eed7c18.jpg
But...I wanted to eat tasty Kaneki. :(
Kaneki doesn't think they are amazing as he runs through his life and ends up in the middle of a construction site with no one to save him. I think that Rize had the idea of playing with her food and taking her time but Kaneki was almost down for the count when she stabbed him in his sides. Have I been trolled? Is Kaneki not the main character? Is it really Hide? Before Kaneki can get eaten though someone drops a whole lot of steel bars and crane crap on....Rize. I shall applaud the person who was able to do that without hitting Kaneki who was right there. I shall not applaud the person who decided the best way to save Kaneki's life was to implant Rize's organs into Kaneki. I there not a way to tell the real humans from the Ghouls. I could understand that at death Rize's eyes and blood...wings/arms could go back into her body but since there are facts and knowledge about Ghouls I would just assume they could tell. And even if they couldn't I am not sure how legal it is to take the organs from one victim of an “accident” and put them into another victim of the same accident. Aren't their waiting lists and such in Japan? Gotta check to make sure they are viable and a match? But then we wouldn't have a show would we?
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode115_zps891247e5.jpg
Oh okay. You can go home now, all better.
The minute Kaneki wakes up we know something is wrong. Well even before that we know as Rize was all floating around in his dreams, as if she will always be in the back of his conscious. But Kaneki wakes up and one of his eyes are...well gross. It quickly goes back to normal but Kaneki is finding it hard to eat food. I would be like yeah my stomach was pierced, not in the mood for food. But then Kaneki told his doctor the concern about food tasting gross and I was like HMMMM this is suspicious. I mean for the doctor, not Kaneki. Kaneki isn't in the right frame of mind to be thinking about things aren't adding up. The doctor used random organs from a victim and Kaneki had a bite injury on his shoulder. Now that Kaneki is saying food tastes weird and that seems to be a main Ghoul point and the doctor still hasn't put the pieces together. He does pause, then is like oh you will be fine. It leads me to believe that the doctor made Kaneki into a Ghoul on purpose. Because he showed concern and let Kaneki go on his way. What to infect people or something? Sounds...dangerous.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode117_zps05d046b2.jpg
THIS IS NEWS TO ME! Quick make me feel worse.
Things go from bad to worse in the life of Kaneki. I sorta feel bad for Hide as he seems like a pretty good friend. A typical friend who is a boy. I am sure I would have fought a little harder to see my friend but boys are all about giving each other space and crap. Still he went several times to the hospital, brought by snacks, and called Kaneki. He tried and I hope that nothing bad happens to Hide. I type that and the kid is going to die. :( I wanted to be mad at Kaneki for not wanting his friend around but I am sure this was all traumatizing to him. The date being a Ghoul and the lingering thought that something was not right. I mean he didn't eat for a long time folks..surely he knew something was happening. So...yeah their friendship is probably going to suffer. Poor Hide.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode118_zpscf08860f.jpg
The aftermath of sad. :(
I find it a bit hard to believe that Kaneki didn't know about the food thing before that night. Are Ghouls a new thing in this world and information is now coming out about them? The way it was presented though on just regular cable news makes me think it was just regurgitated information. Oh speaking of regurgitation...after Kaneki watches this program and learns that Ghouls cannot eat human food and it tastes like crap to them...the pieces were getting put together in his head. And the conclusion he a Ghoul? In a realistic moment of disgusting liquids pouring from Kaneki's face, out of control actions, and....the noises from the bathroom Kaneki lost his mind in an effort to prove to himself he was not a Ghoul. After everything in the house was eaten and thrown up he tearfully ate the hamburger his friend brought over especially and cried when it too tasted like crap. Kaneki is a Ghoul. :( The moment was sad and gross and my tummy hurt but I realize that is how it should have gone down, with Kaneki in deep denial and losing his mind. Just I didn't need to hear it.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode119_zpsb16f1824.jpg
We will be together forever says Rize.
Kaneki doesn't leave his house as he is in a bad place. Obviously. Hide talks to a friend later about how Kaneki has been treating him to witch the friend is like drop him. But Kaneki has been through something rough and Hide is his bro. He isn't going to drop him. Instead he is going to call the friend and tell him about his favorite author being in town. Because they are bros. :( Such a friendship. Kaneki does leave the house but I guess he has his times mixed up because it is late in the day and the book signing is over. Instead Kaneki walks around and has a Resident Evil moment where he stands in the cross walk and looks all crazy. That is what he looks like to other people anyway. In his head he is saying girl, flesh, boy, flesh, woman, flesh. A creepy little song of a new Ghoul who is hungry. Kaneki manages to not eat anyone but freaks himself all the way home to see....his creepy eye and Rize in the mirror. Do you believe now you are a Ghoul? Poor little Kaneki.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode12_zps88684411.jpg
Maybe I should watch the news since Kaneki isn't giving me any information.
Instead of researching what a Ghoul is to help Tenchi Kaneki smells something. Something tasty. Finally he can eat real food and prove to himself he is not a Ghoul. I think it is not important to note that Kaneki is an orphan now which makes everything super sad. No family for him. But Kaneki takes off running at the smell of food, glorious food. Everything will be okay. We will just run around like a madman and crash into some trash can and find...a dead body and a Ghoul eating said dead body. Yeah things are not going to be okay. Kaneki might have been in denial before that moment but now there is no point. He is a Ghoul and dead people smell tasty.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode120_zps56c87f73.jpg
He was going to share with you but....
I was going to talk about how the random Ghoul eating the human seemed...well nice. He was going to share with Kaneki, something he didn't have to do. But then he immediately was killed by another Ghoul. And look, it is Hide's friend Nishiki. Hide is really going to die isn't he? :( Anyway so Nishiki is pissed because this is HIS area and he thinks that Kaneki had something to do with the dead body. He gives some off colored example that I guess could apply to the situation but since Kaneki and his one crazy were in the corner crying I would assume he had nothing to do with it. Nishiki wasn't feeling so nice and decided to kill the boy too. Not before Nishiki had to make the comment that Kaneki was gross for only having one creepy eye. I mean...I guess if you were only half of one thing and half of another it would be gross to either side right? I mean as a species, not a race of course. Anyway it is Kaneki killing time.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode17_zpse70b436d.jpg
Hold on, let me drop my school books off and I will come back to save you.
Only he is saved again. And probably by the same person although I am sure him being saved last time was an accident as killing Rize was more important. Enter Toka the girl from the cafe. She had to put up with flirting from Hide and saw Kaneki get taken away by Rize. But now she is all Ghouly and apparently bad ass. This Nishiki guy is not happy to see Toka at all. Turns out her cafe is all Ghoul and I guess they are in charge of handing out feeding areas to low ranking Ghouls and Rize was a menace to their organization. Nishiki is not on team Toka and make it known with....I guess you could call it a fight. Toka seems to be way stronger but Nishiki doesn't seem stupid. I don't think he would have entered a fight if he thought he was going to die. But in any event Toka and her....vein like eyes won the fight and Nishiki is sent away. So that is where we get the humans verses Ghoul verses other Ghouls.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode122_zpsfd251b63.jpg
You will live and be happy about it!
Kaneki sat on the ground and watched this all in horror. Like you are all monsters and being a Ghoul is horrible. Toka is like...okay so you want a hand? And tries to give him the dead guy's hand. You have to feel bad for Kaneki at this point. He doesn't want to be a Ghoul, he doesn't want to eat another human being, and thinks once he takes that bite he will lose his humanity. Despite the pain Kaneki fought threw it and denied the “food” being given to him. A win for Kaneki. That win lasted about 5 seconds because Toka seems interested in Kaneki's half Ghoulness. So interested she thrusts some flesh into Kaneki's mouth. Lovely folks. And that is why this show is different than what I was expecting. I thought they were going to hunt Ghouls. Now Rize is...well sorta dead and Kaneki IS a Ghoul and Toka is a good Ghoul? Yeah fun times for everyone in Japan. I am sure episode 2 will explain what a Ghoul is and the organization that Toka works for. Until then...we wait. Wait for Kaneki to lose his mind more.

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