Thursday, July 17, 2014

Glasslip episode 2

 photo glasslipepisode29_zps2fc0d656.jpg
Thanks Touko. I might be saying that a lot....
YAWN! Old lady in the house. Get off my lawn and all that crap. Actually I do want to scream to my neighbors all the time get off my porch but that is another story I suppose. But yeah I need to get some motivation up in here right now to get things done. I made a list of things to get accomplished today and I want the satisfaction of crossing quite of few of them off before my head hits the pillow. I might fail but I can at least try yes? Try I must of course! Up now is Glasslip episode 2. Spoilers for maybe some of these kids being messed up.
 photo glasslipepisode26_zps2cd4c7ba.jpg
Oh snap I am see mountains and snow and dead kids.
Episode Summary: Everyone continues to glare at Kakeru and act like he is the devil. Not Hiro though who is curious on what Touko and Kakeru saw together. Sachi wants to know how Kakeru knew how they were here and Kakeru is like meet me tomorrow at 11 and walks away. Yanagi decides to stop being concerned and tells Touko to go out with the dude while Yuki fumes. Sachi agrees to go with Touko to the meeting so everything goes well and shoots down Hiro's idea of everyone going. Hiro tries to figure out girls later and his older sister makes fun of him. Everyone is then seen spending their evening doing what they want including Yuki running and Touko making glass jewelry. She seems unfocused because of the Kakeru issue. The next morning Kakeru is laying around and listening to classical music when he hears Touko's voice say “Have you found your fragment?”. He says he has slipped up, implying he needs to be more careful. He tells his dad not to prepare lunch for him as he has a date. Touko and Sachi go to some special building in their town to wait for Kakeru. Touko gives Sachi the glass piece she made last night and Sachi acts like the happiest girl in the world. Turns out the glass piece Touko wears is something Sachi made which also makes Sachi all blush face. Kakeru walks in and Sachi is immediately on edge. She wants Kakeru to leave Touko alone but Kakeru says he can solve one of Touko problems, that he knows she SEES things. Touko immediately is interested and wants to talk to Kakeru. Sachi agrees to wait downstairs but tells Kakeru they don't allow dating in their group. Kakeru jumps into asking about Touko's ability/things she sees. He then apologizes for hearing her future voice earlier that morning. She acts confused for half a second but then decides she understands as this is the first time she has HEARD a voice during a vision. Kakeru says this is the first time he has SEEN something while hearing a voice. He calls these events fragments. She seems confused that these are future events and Kakeru says she probably has a trigger. She implies it is glass so Kakeru steps closer to her so she can look into her glass necklace. She has a vision of her friends leaving her behind on a train and her saying I want to see the future. She seems confused and Kakeru says when they are together they can hear and see the future. He gives her his number in case she wants to work together. Touko doesn't really give many details to Sachi later and Sachi is all like I will cut him if he hurts you.
 photo glasslipepisode23_zpsb6cc5417.jpg
No one cares about me!
Hiro is at home making a confession sign for Sachi so his sister teases him. The sister also mentions seeing Sachi at the hospital, somewhere she goes frequently. Yuki on his run sees Kakeru and he has to do the man thing and run past him to show off his ability. Yanagi yells later for Kakeru over doing it being on man like. She helps him with the cool down process where Yuki mutters something about Kakeru and losing. Yanagi puts the pieces together and panics. She calls Touko and says she wants to confess to someone. Touko immediately guesses Yuki, thinking they would make a cute couple. Yanagi thinks Yuki likes someone else but Touko tells her everything will be okay. Yanagi mentions leaving the group but Touko is like nope all will be fine. She then goes to dinner with her family who talk about the parent's first date or something else boring and not important to the story. Hiro, Sachi, and Yuki gather at the cafe first as Yanagi is at a class. Yuki wants to know about the event yesterday but Sachi has not many details since she left the room. Touko arrives and Hiro says they are going hiking tomorrow exciting. Touko interrupts him, saying they are now opened for dating. Hiro never realized that was a rule and Yuki is confused. Touko wishes him luck and Sachi and Yuki misunderstand her. Yanagi arrives at the cafe to find everyone but Hiro gone. She plans on taking a slight break but freaks out when Hiro tells her of the new dating rule. Homegirl RUNS off towards her house in silly high heels. Touko and Yuki had just reached the bend in the road where they go in different directions when Yuki says he wants to talk. Touko really misunderstands on what is going to happen and encourages Yuki to be more honest...confess maybe. Yanagi and her ugly hair ribbon appear around the corner as Yuki confesses to Touko. She freaks, thanks the boy, and bikes off at the speed of fast. Yuki sits down sad and Yanagi walks up pretending not to have heard anything and leads Yuki home. At her house Touko is really freaking out over what has happened and that she needs to fix things. She calls Kakeru and tells him she wants to see the future. When she says that she realizes she has fulfilled the vision she saw of herself saying the exact same thing. THE END!
 photo glasslipepisode214_zps9237f98f.jpg don't like us?!
Hmmm...I am thinking I might not like this series after all. I thought it was going to be more slice of life cuteness but after this episode I am rethinking things. I am probably way over analyzing things and it is too soon to tell for certain things but yeah...I am just getting a weird vibe from this show. Like it is trying to be more realistic than WOOHOO happy all the time shows and MOG TERRIBLE things all the time shows. Like this would be the more likely result.
 photo glasslipepisode28_zps4deb56e6.jpg
Woohoo that was the introduction folks! And possibly the conclusion.
You know if this show didn't have people hearing and seeing the future. Then it would be the more likely result. But that is another issue that I take with this show. Not that people have super natural powers but the nature in which it was explained. Or not explained. I know this is only episode 2 and there are plenty of time left to explain Touko and Kakeru's magical powers...I really, really don't think that is going to happen. I mean the way this show is set up they might have a flashback of when Touko was younger and had a vision while looking at some glass but other than that...I really don't think it is going to get explained. I get that not everything is world needs to be explained. I just is hard to explain how I feel. I feel as if this really important plot point was just glossed over. Barely introduced. Thrust onto the viewers and all the characters already know about this issue and probably won't explain it at all. Like oh yeah Touko has done this whatever. And Kakeru can do it too. It is just hard to verbalize why I think this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, at the confusing way this plot point was introduced and talked about.
 photo glasslipepisode22_zps10605e30.jpg
How these kids are such flip floppers?
So 6 days after I started this post...let me figure out where I was going with all of this. So remember all that grand standing and evil faces made at Kakeru? How a lot of the kids were acting like Kakeru was this great evil despite not even knowing the kid and the chicken story? Well nothing came from it. They seriously are insane. They are a tiny group of friends who probably made a pact dipped in their own blood and any outsider would be looked upon with contempt. Despite looking slightly...derpy/happy Touko doesn't seem like the kind of heroine that would need help 24/7 and needs to be protected at all times because she likes taking candy from strangers and what not. I could be wrong. Maybe she got burned in the past because of her visions and what not. Just I thought all this glaring and evilness/over protectiveness from the kids was SUPER CREEPY but then it receded. Like um no, we weren't being super suspicious a few minutes ago, what are you talking about?
 photo glasslipepisode210_zpsea5c37d7.jpg
Hiro has not been informed of the tenseness in case anyone hasn't noticed.
If Kakeru felt any of that weirdness he didn't say much. He was more like...okay I acknowledge you all exist but only Touko is important. He tells Touko to meet him somewhere tomorrow because....well because. They see and hear things, he has spiked her interest. I sorta wanna know how he knew they hung out at this cafe but maybe it will be shown later this is Blood-C and this is literally the only other building in town. Kakeru and his smooth self tells Touko what to do which puts everyone on the defensive. Well Sachi and Yuki who love Touko anyway. Yanagi probably wants Touko to be murdered by this dude so she can end up with Yuki. Hiro just wants to know what is going on. He offers to help and Sachi is like dude you don't understand girls!!! I would like to think that these friends were really close at one point but then all the crazy hormones took over and it got tense and what not.
 photo glasslipepisode25_zpseb0a7982.jpg
Oh I am SURE this will end well....
ANYWAY it is decided that Sachi will go with Touko to see this weird new kid Kakeru. Hiro probably genuinely wanted to help his friend, like we should all go and help Touko! Instead he is told he doesn't understand girls. He goes home to think about girls and his older sister decides that laughing at him was better than actually helping him. To be fair trying to understand girls really doesn't work if you think of us girls as the same entity. We are all different and crazy in our own ways. Still poor Hiro. Yanagi probably spends her whole evening thinking of what new ugly bow to wear. Seriously I want to burn all her bows. When trying to learn how spell these character's names I learned that this girl is in modeling school or something. Well....yeah. She needs to model those bows to the trash. Touko spends her evening worrying about this Kakeru kid and can't really focus on the glass bead she is making. I always stop and watch the glass makers when I go to Disney World although my husband appreciates it more. Just sorta cool of something can be so liquidy and pushed into position with the spinning and what not. Plus I be scared to death that I would burn myself! Touko is able to semi make the bead and think about her confusing life so I stand by my decision to think she is not a damsel in distress.
 photo glasslipepisode24_zpsd19df848.jpg
Kakeru is hearing the future! Maybe he can see dead people too?
The next day arrives, when Kakeru is supposed to meet up with Touko even though she doesn't want to. He has to get into the mood by listening to classical music and looking calm and peaceful. Not the chicken threatener he was the other day. Suddenly he hears Touko's voice and he is all CRAP. I was too. Like hello I thought he heard HIS voice from the future. You liar synopsis you. Oh and it looks like Touko lives with his dad. Parents must be divorced so him coming to town isn't as odd. Or fateful. He didn't come looking for Touko, things just happened. So that makes his....wanting to talk to her right awayness that much more interesting. Or odd. Anyway he goes on his way to meet Touko who has made it to the building first with Sachi. Turns out the bead she made was for Sachi as Sachi has made one for Touko in the past. Touko seems to wear it all the time and all this bead giving makes Sachi very happy. BLUSHY FACES! Hiro...I am not seeing this end well for you. In fact I started to see QueerRats again and nearly died.
 photo glasslipepisode27_zps4beca22a.jpg
And now I will leave. But don't come near her!
When Kakeru arrives to this amazing building of memories and town sentimentalness Sachi goes into Touko is MINE and you better back off. Sorta reminds me of me and how I think I am a giant dog when I am a tiny mouse pretending to bark. Just...amusing. Then she leaves after 5 seconds. All this build up and Kakeru is like what can I do to earn your trust...and she leaves the room. THE TRUST WAS NOT EARNED! He did say he was going to be able to help Touko out, implying the vision thing, and Touko says she is going to be okay but still. Sachi was all glary and just left so easily. What happened to not trusting Touko's ability to be around strangers? Maybe Kakeru just tricked her!!! Whatever the reason Sachi goes to wait downstairs because that is helpful but not before telling Kakeru they don't allow dating their group. Just through that out there. Guess we know why the tension exists now... 

After Sachi goes downstairs to glare holes into the ceiling Kakeru and Touko go outside to talk about their abilities. This is where things get confusing and eye rolling. Touko plays dumb at first but then soon caves in and then the two are talking about how they hear/see things like they are life long friends just waiting for someone to understand them. Sorta like how everyone knows the words to a Disney song without practicing before. To break this down for sanity's sake Touko has been able to see things for a long time, helped with the presence of glass. Kakeru has been able to hear his own voice, perhaps with the help of music. But when Kakeru was walking by the festival and crossed Touko's path they could both hear AND see a fragment of the future. So Kakeru is convinced that they were meant to meet and complete their powers. Like when we are together we will be more powerful and can see the future. For some reason, without knowing Touko, he thinks this will help her. Take away one of her problems. Perhaps Touko doesn't want to see things? Maybe that is why her friends want to help her? But then Touko starts talking about wait the future? Like she saw these things and didn't know it was the future? Yeah okay. Touko doesn't seem on board for this. I can believe that is realistic. She needs to think this over while Kakeru is like okay..but I know you will see it my way. Have my home phone number as I am not cool enough for a cellphone.
 photo glasslipepisode215_zps7d801bfd.jpg
Too much drama for Touko to handle!
Touko thinks this over by eating ice cream with Sachi. I am not sure how much her friends know about her vision. Maybe they think she is unstable thus they need to protect her? We see 5 seconds of Hiro making a confession sign for Sachi. Like literally the sign only says confession. His sister has to come by to make fun of Hiro and help the audience learn that Sachi might be a pretty sick girl. Not sick enough to avoid hiking but sick enough to avoid crowds at the festival. But most of the action that takes place this day involved Yanagi, Yuki, and clueless Touko. Yuki is a runner. I know people have hobbies but out of all the sports in the world this seems the most boring to me. Then again I love being a couch potato. So Yuki is running along and sees Kakeru running as well. Kakeru is doing this as casual exercise as Yuki is a serious runner. Still Yuki thinks he is being awesome by passing Kakeru. Like yeah I am THE MAN! Only he doesn't really feel like the man. He is worried this kid who has been in town for 2 minutes is going to take his Touko away from him. Yanagi and her silly self is helping Yuki cool down from his work out as it is a sneaky way to touch him without actually being sexual even though it could seem like it hears Yuki getting upset about the Kakeru situation which makes her upset. Yuki is HER man. Because they are step-siblings. I am glad the internet told me this as I might be still barfing, like I said last episode.
 photo glasslipepisode211_zps40f52197.jpg
Yanagi is either very smart or very emotional.
Yanagi seems to be the smartest of this bunch. And the sneakiest. While Hiro is being all pure of heart and cute Yanagi is calculating. I hope all of this is coming across as playful, my words. Unless it turns out all to be true, that Yanagi does want Touko dead and everyone is a crazy person. But for now I am just sorta playing. Maybe even appreciate how more realistic this show is. Instead of allowing others to just “win” the person of their dreams because everyone is too Japanese to speak their mind Yanagi is like hell no bitch I want this boy. So Yanagi put her teenage mind to work and put a plan into motion. She involved Touko and told the girl she (Yanagi) likes Yuki. She did this to see if Touko like Yuki. The girl doesn't but since Touko is a proper Japanese girl if she did like Yuki this confession of Yanagi would cause her to back off. A real win for Yanagi really. Now if only there wasn't this darn rule about dating people in the group....What? Touko is going to get rid of that rule? Fully supports Yuki being with Yanagi and they will be the best couple? Oh thank you Touko. Thank you. * wipes a tear from her eye * And end scene. Thank you Yanagi for that display. Maybe deep down she is a conflicted teenager but most of me believes she wasn't so...sad and concerned about this as she was just marking her territory.
 photo glasslipepisode212_zps6d10a98e.jpg
Maybe Hiro was late to the meeting that day...
Touko sends the night thinking about the situation and sorta ignoring her family who seem to want to bore me each week with their family talks. The next day at the cafe Sachi, Hiro, and Yuki wait for Touko. Worry wort Yuki wants information about the meeting between Touko and Kakeru but since Sachi left the room she has no real info to share. I am surprised that Sachi lived to see the next day. Once Touko gets there Hiro tries to get some of the attention on his poor self for a moment, to talk about their plans to hike but yeah....His news isn't as important as Touko announcing to all that they are opened for dating. For business. DATES FOR EVERYONE! I am sure that this rule came about as a group decision so why does Touko think she can just overthrow it herself? Hiro didn't even know the rule existed! No one seemed to care though as they probably made this rule when they were young and now they are 18 years old and want kisses. WOOHOO!!!
 photo glasslipepisode213_zpse2005f82.jpg
Oh Touko....oh Touko indeed.
Hiro stays behind at the cafe to plot his plan to maybe ask out Sachi when Yanagi rolls up. She was at her modeling class but she can stop for some tea. Only Hiro is once again is ignored as Yanagi is informed of the new we can date rule. OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I am sure Yanagi realizes that Touko did it for her. She was more worried about Yuki getting ideas that he is allowed to like Touko back. In fact that little rule was probably the only thing keeping Yuki from shutting his mouth. TIME TO RUN! And girl can run you know. In those tiny little heels off she went down the road to stop Yuki because clearly waiting a day or two would be silly. Yuki is going to confess now.
 photo glasslipepisode2_zpsbe2e6a1b.jpg
Fix this now new kid!
And confess he did. Touko was sitting there thinking that Yuki was going to ask out Yanagi and her friends were going to be happy forever. Like yes I have helped them, I am the best person ever. Instead Yuki and his nervous self confesses to Touko accidentally in front of Yanagi. Touko.......could only manage a thank you before escaping. Yanagi acted all cool, calm, and collected about the situation. Like let's go home you goob. But both are hurt. Touko seems hurt too. I am sure she blames herself. Like no this isn't what I wanted what have I done?! If only I could see the future and fix this...wait I CAN!!! Time to call Kakeru and make it a self fulling prophecy. So is the rest of the show going to be Touko seeing how bad things can turn out if she doesn't interfere? Or will it be more light hearted? Like yes it looked like something bad happened but we all laughed about it in the end so I shouldn't have tried to change it? I am not sure how effective this will be but I guess Touko is going to try. Maybe this will be a lesson about communication and not just assuming things. Or maybe Yanagi will put Yuki's head in a bag and carry it around. We shall see!


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