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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 13 FINAL EPISODE: Thank God

 photo darknessepisode135_zps219caa23.jpg
Ryouta's response to every situation.
WOOHOO FOLKS! About 3 days into the new anime season and I have now finished the animes from the last season. I am so on the ball it isn't even funny. I would reward myself with ice cream but that would require going to the grocery store and that would require building a boat to withstand all this rain. So...I guess I will give myself a pat on the back instead. Or maybe a reward for actually watching all 13 episodes of Gokukoku no Brynhildr. Make some sort of Gokukoku no Brynhildr survival shirts. That is how bad episodes 12 and 13 were folks. But I have finally powered through them so enjoy this review. Spoilers for....utter chaos and nothing making sense.
 photo darknessepisode138_zps6093e147.jpg
How many hands does Ryouta have?
Episode Summary: The helicopter lands and the people in black have decided all is lost and they should just pray to God and stay put. Ryouta gets frustrated and tells Kazumi and Neko they need to save the day. The girls respond by hitting Ryouta in the head. They are going to save the day alone because they love Ryouta and why should he be put into a dangerous situation. They continue on to the not hidden house at all while Kotori is still all glowy. Chisato is trying to go on and on about what the chair people wanted to do, kill God and make a new god tang race or something. Chisato only cares about his sister and will take the alien to experiment on other witches. Kotori threatens to eject herself to save others. Chisato and Valkyria make no effort to stop the girl. Kotori pushes the button and the light stops. The people in black notice and Ryouta wakes up. Neko and Kazumi are already in the basement looking for Kotori when they find Chisato and Valkyria. They casually say that Kotori wasted her life and killed herself. Chisato walks off, telling Valkyria to kill the other two. Valkyria wants Neko to come with her but Neko is still upset about Kotori. Valkyria pushes Neko out of the way and cuts Kazumi in half. She then starts to drag Neko away, saying she has to protect her little sister. Ryouta finally makes his way inside and Nanami helps him navigate the hallways in his brain. He finds a half melted Kotori who explains the situation. Ryouta seems to think that it won't be worth living if they save the world without Kotori. Kotori sees it a different way and smiles. She asks Ryouta to stop “her brother” Chisato before he hurts anyone else and melts into a blob. Ryouta wants to cry but Nanami pushes him on. At his lab Kogoro realizes a miracle involving the pills might have occurred. Not that Ryouta really needs to care about that now as he finds the cut in half Kazumi. For some reason she is still alive, alive enough to talk to Ryouta. Ryouta wants to stay and cry but Kazumi sends the boy on his way to save Neko. As Ryouta takes off Neko is sad she didn't give Ryouta her virginity because clearly she is dead. Kazumi and her dark eyes die and Nanami takes Ryouta as far as she can through the maze that is this basement. Back the conservatory Kana is freaking out and is asking to do something, possible off herself but she can't move to eject herself.
 photo darknessepisode137_zpsaabbf454.jpg
Ryouta will save her in about 10 minutes, it will be okay.
Valkyria is carrying Neko through the house and thinking about Chisato. Apparently she got ejected at the lab and Chisato put himself in grave danger to make sure she didn't die. She feels torn between Neko and Chisato. When she reaches the outside Chisato is not happy to see Neko alive and orders Valkyria to put the girl down so he can eject her. Valkyria sadly does so and Ryouta comes out of nowhere and kicks Chisato in the face. Ryouta tells Chisato what Kotori/the sister said and...well Chisato takes it as his creepy experiment WORKED and he should try it again. When Ryouta tries to punch the stupid out of him Valkyria uses her powers to fling Ryouta around. She traps Neko and Ryouta and decides to kill Ryouta first so Neko can watch. Neko tries to move her hand to throw the third switch on her harnest to unleash her powers but Valkyria stops her from moving more. Suddenly...Kana is standing in front of Neko taking the blast for her. In the past Neko stopped the guards from finishing gunning down Kana. Kana then swore to give up her ability to move so she could have her forecast magic. But the second she moved again she would lose it. This gives Neko enough time to flip her own switch. She gets all glowly and screaming, freeing Kana and Ryouta from their confides. Neko helps Ryouta up and explains she has gotten all her memories back. Ryouta tries to have a moment but Neko points out they are in slight danger. Neko briefly fights against Valkyria, easily pushing the girl back. Before Valkyria can use her power again the people in black show up with machine guns. Chisato holds Valkyria as he is turned into swiss cheese. The time limit on the magicless little boy runs out and Valkyria blasts someone's arm away as she holds a dying Chisato. Chisato manages to say that human hearts do stupid things and that is why he hates humans before he dies. Valkyria loses her mind and decides to blow up the whole world with her antimatter because Chisato is dead. Neko is the only person that can stop Valkyria with her black hole. Ryouta doesn't want to lose Neko now that she has her memories back. Neko kisses Ryouta and says she has always wanted to be with him and thanks him for always being there for her but she has to do this. With Kana and Ryouta watching in horror Neko flies off to Valkyria. Valkyria is all smirky until she realizes that Neko plans to die together with her sister. Valkyria has a moment of sadness as the two powers combine and WHOOSH!!!! Ryouta is all :( until Neko comes crashing down. The ground breaks beneath her and Ryouta has to pull her to safety, mirroring the events that happened 10 years ago. Neko wakes up and Ryouta is so excited to have Neko back in his life...when she is like who are you? Using all that magic caused Neko to lose every single memory. Ryouta cries in sorrow. In a blink of an eye the entire series comes to an end. The lab is seen doing something, the people in black are seen doing something, and Ryouta visits a now empty lab. But there is no reason for it to be empty because Kana and Neko are still alive. Ryouta goes to join Neko who is looking up at the stars....when Kazumi and Hatsuna roll up seriously not dead anymore. WHAT THE HELL?! And then the episode ends. X____X
 photo darknessepisode1311_zpsde3205af.jpg
She likes that he doesn't like her folks. Insanity.
So....that was the biggest pile of horseshit if I ever witnessed one. If I were typing the exact words that were floating around in my brain at the time of viewing this episode it would be rated NC-17. And given that I look like a 12 year old boy I would be carded from my own post. Like it would be bullshit eff this all over the place. Just...what the hell did I waste my time on? Give me back those 13 weeks!!! Well I guess if I were suing it be more like 30 hours. But folks. No.
 photo darknessepisode1310_zpsa90598c5.jpg
Ryouta saves the day with a soccer kick. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!
I am well aware that there is a manga out there on this show. Most animes are based on other material. Not many are original and are reversed the other way. I have not read the manga. I just....was super confused on the very last second of the episode and went to the internets to see if I blinked and missed something SUPER IMPORTANT. Turns out there were a lot of anime only fans who were equally as confused. The manga readers informed us that about 389473 chapters were shoved and cut into this last episode and indeed we missed something super important. I am just going to assume they speak the truth and when episode 10 was finished everyone in the office went OH SHIT we aren't getting a season two and we need to get all of this information to the viewers to make it make sense. So...lets wait until episode 13 and slice together random scenes and pretend it makes sense. Surely this will work out.
 photo darknessepisode13_zps43b98b96.jpg
And then pick up your guns? Because....yeah we need guns.
It didn't. Like it really didn't. Those random people in black that turned up last episode? I am just ASSUMING they are important. They used to work for the lab and when they found out the plan was to turn everyone on the planet into tang they peaced out. I am sure that there was more of a story behind this anti-magic kid. Does he have a different alien race in his neck because yeah...not understanding that. But apparently these fools are stationed in Germany and what not and are allowing Ryouta to run the show. Because people. That is what they do. Oh and at the first sign of the world ending they decide they are going to pray. I am all for prayer folks. But if there is a fire in your house you don't pray to stop it. You get the hell out of there. God gave us brains okay?! I am sure for other religions there is a similar line of thinking. So when the monster growing in Kotori's neck decided to put on a glow show that wasn't the time to give up and leave the world saving up to Ryouta, Neko, and Kazumi. They were acting all big and bad a second ago. Aren't there any missiles or weapons on this helicopter? GET TO SAVING!!
 photo darknessepisode139_zps15b8a1a4.jpg
I think they are going to need a lot of help to defeat someone who thinks Chisato is a good person.
So since our super important and just introduced new characters are down for the count it is up to Kazumi, Neko, and Ryouta to save the day. And since they supported/came up with the paint us dead plan.....we are all doomed. Super doom. This will only end in death. Even if Neko was this super witch with awesome powers to take out Valkyria she would be lost without Ryouta whom doesn't have a good track record on staying alive. Color me purple when Kazumi and Neko think that knocking Ryouta out is best for their plan. I mean...I get that they think this is their battle and they don't want Ryouta to die because they loves him. Also a lot of people have died in their lives and it would be worth it if they died and were able to protect at least one person. Two since Kana is safe. But...without Ryouta to have plans and help them out since the two of them are as smart as a bag of Doritos their chances of saving the day are about negative 3 million percent. I am sure Ryouta would die ANYWAY in this effort but he would help save the world which is what he would want. Everyone is so busy trying to die for their friends they aren't taking into consideration the 8 billion other people on the planet. Great you let Ryouta live for 5 more seconds. Go you.
 photo darknessepisode133_zps0ca3d75c.jpg
For a week anyway.
Turns out though that Kazumi and Neko don't have the weight of the world on their shoulders though. This is a positive thing because really....we would have all died anyway. No no, a slightly more incompetent hero stepped up and saved the day. Kotori!!! See chances are she wasn't going to survive the alien emerging from her neck. Quite frankly I don't know how she was still alive with how much of the alien that was sticking out. But once Chisato told Kotori what the plan was, that she was going destroy the world into tangness...Kotori peaced out herself. Because that is what I would do, call the girl stupid and what not while allowing her to move her arms towards her neck. Tying Kotori down or attempting to stop her is crazy talk. Nope, we will just look at Kotori and go...oh well, my plan to bring back my sister in the body of a nasty looking alien failed, who cares what this pile of goo does.
 photo darknessepisode132_zps507ca64e.jpg
Oh duh. Little sister. Of course.
Literally 6 seconds later Chisato and Valkyria walk by Neko and Kazumi who don't even try to hide. No they just walk up to the dude like it is talking time. Bish do you not see the pile of Hatsuna back at the lab? I guess not. They are too stupid to live folks. They are going to talk Chisato to death. I mean I don't even know at this point. I really don't. I also don't know why Chisato just doesn't attempt to shoot people in the head. I know that Neko can break things but she is so distraught about dead Kotori she could have gotten caught off guard. Personally I think that Chisato should watch and make sure Valkyria takes out the witches because she keeps failing. Instead he walks away and only Kazumi is cut in half. CUT IN HALF FOLKS! Why is Neko spared? Because Valkyria and Neko are sisters. DUH! I mean didn't you see all the flashbacks of Ryouta and Neko AND VALKYRIA?! Yeah I didn't either.
 photo darknessepisode134_zpsaabbf454.jpg
Hang on to what?!
When Kotori unplugged herself the lights in the sky stopped which caused the people in black to stop praying and I guess it woke Ryouta up from his unconsciousness. Nanami and her...whatever self helps guide Ryouta through the mansion. Or dead girl lane I should say. First up is Kotori who is taking the slowest to die out of everyone in the series. Like um a monster is coming out of your back and you are melting. I just don't think you were able to stay...put together long enough to talk to Ryouta. Ryouta seems to think the world is not worth saving without Kotori which I strongly disagree with, especially since he thinks there are no more pills ever. Kotori says her peace and is happy everyone else will get to live. ENTER THE DYING KAZUMI. Okay maybe she was taking longer to die that Kotori seeing how she was CUT IN HALF. Not legs cut off but at the waist folks. Do the producers of this show not understand how the human body works? Clearly Ryouta doesn't because he tells Kazumi he will come back for her later. Sure, to bury her you mean.
 photo darknessepisode136_zps6fecfb60.jpg
A lot of "miracles" are happening on my screen right now.
Then a bunch of things start to happen. We see Kana losing her mind because she must see everyone dying and she wants to kill herself too. At first when I saw this episode I thought Kogoro had gone over to the conservatory to tell the gang about the pills and he was the one standing over Kana when she begged to die. That wasn't the case obviously. We then see Valkyria carrying Neko outside and thinking about how she cares about Chisato so much. Because one time they were testing...I guess how far a witch can melt before they can reverse the process. Clearly someone has been watching Total Recall one too many times. That is why Valkyria cares for the man, he saved her once. Once. I am sure he has done other things to her since then but she doesn't care. She doesn't even care a few minutes later when Chisato wants to kill Neko still and after Ryouta saves the day she is told all the man cares about is his dead sister and not her. The girl has a bad case of the crazies ya'll.
 photo darknessepisode1312_zpsd8943568.jpg
It is let's make a deal up in here folks.
After it is clear that Chisato is thinking about more alien sisters and Valkyria is cackling about her love it is finally Neko and Ryouta killing time. Neko tries to throw the final switch on her harnest that will unleash her ultimate powers but probably kill her. By probably I mean 99.9 percent chance of killing her. Only Valkyria is playing with her food and not instantly killing the duo like she should. Because folks. We need to make sure that Kana has enough time to come and save the day. Yes folks KANA. The girl is walking and talking now. Since this show is crap I don't know why she can do this. I just figured they put her harnest in wrong and caused her to be paralyzed and they learned from their mistake and the other witches are fine. But no folks. All Kana had to do was throw her own switch and TADA her legs work and her powers don't. Definitely like a light switch. So very odd. So Kazumi knew that Kana could do this, about the switch controlling the powers and didn't bother to tell anyone else this. I see.
 photo darknessepisode1313_zps9a14e90e.jpg
That looks fun....
Since Kana blocked the attack for about 1 second Neko had the time to flip her own switch and turn into glowy Neko mode. And glowing Neko is a powerful one. Guess the girl isn't going to blow up and die. Now that Neko has access to her powers she now remembers all the things she has forgotten in life, including Ryouta. Cue the sappy moment here despite everything still being scary and creepy. I am just going to assume her magic blocked the memory portion of her brain and didn't actually erase said memories so maybe she can get better later? Anyway Neko and Ryouta have a moment and then Neko gets back to kicking Valkyria's ass which surprises the girl. Can we get a flashback of the sisters together? Yeah didn't think so.
 photo darknessepisode1314_zps00ea67ac.jpg
.....Why does he get a "hero" ending?!
Valkyria was going to make a comeback but....the people in black decided to show up and stop being cowards. That gave them 8 seconds of nonmagical use time to kill Valkyria. Clearly the best use of their time was to stand it one spot and shot from the hip. In a moment of magical animeness Chisato's heart grew three sizes and he used his body to protect Valkyria. Because ten seconds ago he was all I hate everyone and I only care about my dead sister. He doesn't remind me of...whoever Nanami was hanging out with, a possibility of changing one day. Chisato was pretty set in his evilness and I don't appreciate him having a moment where he doesn't suck. He should have been accidentally shot in the head. Either way Valkyria would have been upset that he was dead. DO NOT LIKE.
 photo darknessepisode1315_zpsb3a0ec23.jpg
Because he was such a great person...
After Chisato and his shot 3956 self talks to Valkyria and is time for more crazy. See this girl has 8..11? kinds of magic in her and she is finally not afraid to use them. Her loyalty is to a man that helped performed experiments on herself and her sister, countless other girls. This dear sister of hers....chopped liver. Everything is chopped liver. I am going to chalk this up to the fact that Valkyria MELTED and was put back together. Something didn't get put back together right. She is off to destroy the world with her dark matter since Mr. Anti-magic boy needs to recharge or something. OH WAIT! We have Neko the glowy now. Surely she can stop this sister of hers. Probably at a great danger to herself so Ryouta has to say no don't do it!!! Well she can either die next to you on the ground or she can die saving you. Do the math please. I am sure Kana was not happy with this either but Ryouta and Neko needed their moment. Thanks for never forgetting me, time to die in this amazing battle!
 photo darknessepisode1317_zps174c7a1e.jpg
The whole final battle right here folks.
This ultimate battle, the powers between good and evil, Neko and her sister Valkyria/ you know how long it lasted? Guess folks. Just guess. Did you say 10 seconds? WOOHOO you are right. I mean....I thought Valkyria has 8 magical powers in her. I thought Neko was just as super but needed to unleash it with the 99.9 percent chance of dying. You would think this much magic would end in some massive battle. Instead Valkyria makes her anti-matter bomb and Neko goes oh yeah I can make a blackhole. Kiss kiss Ryouta then WHOOSH Neko flies to Valkyria, says lets die together sister,...and that is it. The two powers then cancel each other out and that is the massive power/battle. TADA! All that amazing talk and the battle was over if you blinked your eye. Was there no budget left for some special effects? I mean I guess there were only 5 seconds left to the show so we needed to get the battle over with so Ryouta could have his moment in holding Neko's hand and saving her this time. You know so the next scene we can find out that Neko blasted all her memories out of her brain with her magic and she has no idea who he is. Really the scene went by just that fast. No time to feel any emotion or sympathy in Ryouta's situation. Here is he fighting for a girl and finally getting her back memories intact only for her to forget 5 seconds later. It was all too much, a yoyo of emotions that were crammed down our throats at the speed of sad. So...yeah Ryouta is sad.
 photo darknessepisode1318_zps351685d7.jpg
Ryouta helped to save the world and this is his reward REJOICE!
Then the episode ends. No seriously the series ends about 2 minutes after Ryouta cries that Neko has forgotten him and that is being generous. So do you know what was covered in that time period at the speed of fast? The lab. Just what were they doing? I don't know. I don't know what the people in black are doing or what the lab is doing. Xxx was off doing his own thing and really wasn't doing the lab's dirty work. And it was Chisato's house that got blown to hell not the lab. There are still other witches and what not right? Was the giant alien still alive in the tub? I mean....what was up with that anyway since the important creatures were in the witch's necks. More like a troll. So there is no conclusion on what happens with the lab. It just is still there which means I guess there is room for a season 2. Scary. Oh and also rushed through was Kogoro being able to make the pills. Like look at me I can make the pills now so you two witches can live with Ryouta happily now. Well not exactly happily since Neko lost her memories again. But Kana and her sorta new ability to walk will be AOKAY. Cut to Ryouta, Neko, and Kana looking at the stars and we all know everything will eventually reach....well doom since Neko and Kana still have aliens inside of them and will one day break out but who needs that when we got happy endings. Too bad that Kotori, Kazumi, and Hatsuna couldn't be there....
 photo darknessepisode1319_zpsb93c3169.jpg
OH WAIT FOLKS! Just wait indeed!!!! The last scene when Ryouta took amnesia Neko and not strong enough to walk Kana to look at the stars...he was not pushing Kana in the wheelchair. Do you know who was taking care of the girl? Kazumi and Hatsuna. Yeah folks. They are alive. ALIVE! Hatsuna died in episode 12 and Kazumi was cut in half. So what the hell folks. JUST WHAT THE HELL! I know that Kana had to have someone flip her harnest to....suddenly walk mode but I thought it was Kogoro as he was the only one who knew about the witches. Hatsuna got hung up when she healed Ryouta. It was stated that she would actually die if she was unplugged. Technically she didn't get unplugged but the result was the same. She melted into a giant pile of goo on the ground and died. That process that Kogoro stated that would break down her body without the pills happened when she used all her magic to heal Ryouta and herself earlier. So how was that pile of goo that was DEAD able to regenerate (and I use that word....with confusion as she would have to reconstitute her entire body, not mend simply broken things and kick start her own heart after her soul didn't move on from the after life), find out where the gang went despite being that injured and out of magic (plus did she even KNOW where they went) to find Kazumi who was LONG DEAD by the time Hatsuna dragged herself and heal her wounds while being able to do CPR since Kazumi WAS SUPER DEAD (not merely dead like Ryouta) before melting again into a bag of goo?! Because really folks REALLY!!! How the hell did this happen? Kana was quite cut in half and couldn't heal herself. So Neko didn't die and that was the magical miracle. But Oprah was all like you get a miracle and you get a miracle. Miracles for everyone. WHY WERE KAZUMI AND HATSUNA THERE AND ALIVE WITH THE REST?!
 photo darknessepisode1320_zps0772a898.jpg
This is seriously the end? Not explanation or anything?
So folks...yeah. I had some eyerolling moments during the show but I kept with it. Like wow it is refreshing that teenagers are sorta stupid and don't have all the answers. It seemed more realistic to me. I probably could put aside all the fanservice if Kazumi wasn't so over the top about it. But the show never really delivered what was promised. Valkyria was supposed to be this awesome witch with awesome powers but she was beaten in 2 episodes. STOP TALKING AND ATTACK. I would have liked Chisato better if he died an asshole. What is with this last ditch effort at redemption?! This giant alien is growing in Kotori and all she has to do is eject herself and POOF it dies...despite the fact it was mostly out of her and could have eaten the goop her. Not to mention Chisato should have tied down the girl to prevent this from happening. Has he not been watching, that these girls love dying for each other?! Why couldn't Kana walk? Was she shot before Neko came to rescue her? Okay I can believe that. But why would giving up her visions of the future make her able to walk again? It's not like the bullet was stuck in her body and she gave up her psychic powers to move the bullet out of her body. Just no. No. And Kana and Hatsuna being alive? I can't folks. I can't. Not at all. The entire series was so rushed and nothing was explained. All left up in the air which could work if there was a second season. But if there was going to be a second season then why cram so much information into the last two episodes? I rather things end on a cliffhanger, Valkyria saying hello to Neko. Instead we got so many barely explored topics and themes that everything ends in a giant mess with no satisfying...anything really. What is the point indeed folks?
 photo darknessepisode1316_zps93d43b7f.jpg
Happiness for now one up in here!
Clearly I have a lot of opinions on this folks. I have not read the manga but I am sure it is halfway decent if it got green lighted to anime status. I don't know if the manga is still ongoing and they had to make a decision to end things now or to cliffhanger it for when more chapters are available. All I know is this anime doesn't reflect well on the original source material and everything is crazy. It reminds me of a Sci-Fi movie but that would be unfair since I think some are campy fun. This is Aliens can't be the answer to everything. Or magic. There were established rules and what not for this world but all flew out the window with sister brains, nondead girls, and a big finale of bleh. Not impressed folks. Not impressed at all.


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