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Hamatora episode 4

Why hello there my poor, neglected readers. It is I Tenchi. I have emerged from the Olympics and February Holidays/Adventures to bring you tidings of great joy. I have not abandoned blogging. Just life has been super busy lately. The Olympics only roll around ever two years and I try to devote as much time to watching the sports despite being the most nonathletic person on the face of the planet. You know...national pride, people coming together, yay world? So yeah....blogging was hard when I was focused on nail biting moments and crashes and success. Add in two Birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Disney Trip and look it is March! March!!!
 photo hamatoraepisode412_zps7e899771.jpg
I ask that all the time....
So if anyone is still here....ready for a lot of posts? I have three more to finish up but about 9 anime episodes ready to go. So far behind and a lot to do. Let me get started right away. Up now is Hamatora episode 4. Spoilers for questionable art and giant boobies.
 photo hamatoraepisode410_zps54f55955.jpg
Because I trust the wrong people duh.
Episode Summary: A very badly drawn Moral lights his room and....well flames on fire again. He is talking about how it is all worth it if he can go up against the greatest Minimum Holder of all....Nice. Art and his people are shocked that Moral would go through the trouble of erasing all this evidence after Art accused him of it all. Elsewhere there is a young girl at a hotel typing on the computer when the phone rings. She wants to answer it in a crazy way and her Lion faced companion basically kills the phone. The girl is named Honey and the Lion Face dude that NO ONE stares at is Three. Three is outside watching someone give a speech from far away stating it is time. Honey and her giant boobies takes a bit of her candy and starts clicking away on the computer. Nearby there is an assassin on the roof going to shoot said speech man when Honey and Three appear. Apparently Honey can see 10 minutes into the future with her Minimum and computer combined. The speech man is saved yay! So......there is a commercial being played and it stars Koneko being attacked by the monster kid from last week. The Minimum Holder gone wrong if you would. She is screaming about the monster going to clean her toilet when suddenly Nice and the gang arrive to save her super hero style. Because their job is to keep their city save so come and visit! A nice propaganda commercial in case people were scared of the events from last week. Murasaki has decided his life is over due to this commercial and how low he has sunk while apparently Nice was enjoying the attention. Not only does Murasaki think the commercial was beneath him but he felt all his coworkers sucked and his superhero name was lacking. Ratio is not present to hear this rant as he is at his real job, being a doctor since he can see what is wrong with people.
 photo hamatoraepisode413_zps4b77c6f0.jpg
This episode was brought to you by cute little animal biscuit treats.
The scene briefly cuts to Honey and Three who were called by Art to help with a job. Honey seems excited but hates Three reading manga while Three wonders why Art would ask them for help. Then it is back to cafe de insane as they all wish (minus Murasaki) that this video reaches number 1. Number 1 currently belongs to this new kind of idol, one of the people, as he is doing...well idol stuff. He suddenly became super popular overnight. Koneko interrupts this idol explanation to answer the phone. The crew has a job....helping out at a nursing home. Murasaki is like NOOOO! Honey and Three are at the airport, coming back from their job and on their way to help Art when Honey realizes that her suitcase is missing, the one that has her magical computer in it. At the same time (because this episode is bouncing all over the place) Art and his partner get a call about another young youth using a gun in a crime. These types of cases have skyrocketed the last few days, with the kids claiming to get a gun in the mail by answering some email they just magically knew about. Art sees Nice running after a gun trying to get his money back and decides to clue him on what is happening. Apparently all the kids have been told to start something tomorrow at 6 which seems to be confusing to all involved. They will just be told the orders. Nice is more concerned on why the police painted the mutant kid in such a bad light via the commercials. After Nice walks away the Partner asks why Art hasn't told Nice about Moral yet. Moral is still conflicted as both Nice and Moral said the same thing about the mutant kid. Back at the cafe (my poor brain) Ratio has arrived and vetoed the nursing home acting job. Birthday is like meh we should do lots of things in life since life is so short. Ratio asks Birthday not to talk like that. Back at the airport Three goes to report that Honey's suitcase is missing when she is kidnapped by a bunch of regular people. She doesn't seem that scared, only annoyed and that these men are in for a world of hurt. Three realizes what is going on and uses his power to....I don't know, steer another car into the one that kidnapped Honey. He uses his Bible to rip the car to shreds when he catches up. He makes quick work of the baddies and he and Honey find tons of gun parts inside said car. Back at the cafe shop with no customers the rest of Hamatora is wondering how this magical website just appears in people's heads. Then as if a miracle happens Koneko suddenly knows the email address/website and the pieces start to fall into Nice's head. He does go and visits his...random friend outside the restaurant and apparently Art is told of the situation but his boss doesn't want to send out tons of cops and cause people to worry. Art is frustrated but Nice explains how the popular video of that new idol has a secret recording in it. One that only kids under 15 can hear about the gun. The gun parts were shipped in view souvenirs and the men that kidnapped Honey were trying to get their correct suitcase back. Now that Honey has her suitcase back she locates the part of town that the kids are supposed to take over with said guns. Apparently all these kids were threatened into going through with this mayhem. Hamatora arrives in time to stop the kids before anything bad happens. Art and Nice make their way to the house of this so called idol. Well about 30 minutes before they got there said idol was pissed. See he asked Moral for a Minimum and his was....the ability to hide his ugly appearance. But he is upset that Moral used his video to do such awful things. Mr. Idol is going to call the police so Moral shot him in the head. It appears he decapitated the man too but left his brain. Art and Nice arrive on the seen to see the real culprit has gone away and this was all one big game. THE END!
 photo hamatoraepisode411_zpse4fe8888.jpg
Oh yeah the dude who looks like a lion....
So....yeah. I sorta have to remember what happened in this episode. I may or maybe not have watched this, got busy with the Olympics, and then watched episode 5 before blogging episode 4 and then blogged said episode 5 first. the corner of my mind....are medals, snow, and skis. Yeah when the Olympics roll around I am later than usual on stuff. Sorry. Let me sit back and try to remember.
 photo hamatoraepisode4_zpsd4f7d70a.jpg
Oh Art, keep your cards closer next time.
Okay I remember they reshowed Moral and his questionably drawn self cackling as he burnt down his place. Which looked more like a mansion than....whatever I thought it was. I guess I thought Moral was stationed at the Academy. I mean....I guess that would be dumb. It looked too big to be his personal residence but not big enough to have the floating brain library. Surely he wouldn't set his pets on fire. He was covering up something but that was quite a few brains. I don't know. The point is Art tipped his hand too much, letting Moral he knew who he was and poof goodbye proof. Mr. Partner wanted to bring Nice in on this investigation but Art is still bugged out that Nice and Moral thought Mr. Mutant kid was having fun. To be fair both their rocker to say that and it's hard to blame for Art being weary of the situation.
 photo hamatoraepisode45_zps4df8bfd7.jpg
And then Murasaki killed himself.
So while Art is off not trusting anyone and falling behind this brain stealing case....Hamatora has been busy. Super busy. Not with a case persay. Well I am sure it paid so we can consider it a job. Yes a job. And the job was to be....Minimum Holder Super Heroes!! Like look at us, dressed up to save the day, to promote how safe this part of the city is. Come visit our lovely place. Sure we might have giant mutant teenage boys running around but don't let that bother you. We got a bunch of young men who can fight them. TADA!
 photo hamatoraepisode49_zps166f416e.jpg
You okay there Birthday?
Yeah it was special. I think Murasaki has the right idea, laying his head on the table and wishing a rouge asteroid would slam into his body. Of course he did do the commercial too. He might be super hard up for money for some reason and that's why he gets mad at his partner for taking on lame jobs. Or maybe the commercial wanted all of Hamatora and it was peer pressure. Still we learned a bit about the crew from this commercial. Besides that Murasaki hates his life. We learned that....everyone knows about Hamatora. At least the general public. Yes well to do Minimum Holders are in high positioned jobs and are probably well known. But the general public knows about...the not highly successful Minimum Holders. I guess what I mean to say is no one really fears these guys. They might not be getting the best jobs all the time but there are known. And are popular enough to be in a commercial. Look at these wonderful men that keep us safe. Also this might have flown under the radar but it looks like Birthday might be a bit sickly. Ratio wasn't super happy with this job either but Birthday is like live in the moment, who cares if it is silly. But then he made a serious face. Like yeah we need to live in the moment because some of us might not have many left. So...something is wrong with Birthday yes?
 photo hamatoraepisode42_zps871a23aa.jpg
Meet Honey's boobies and Honey.
While Hamatora is all off being sad and not pointing out that Hajime never helps with any of the work we are introduced to two other characters. I am not sure if they belong to Hamatora or the police force. They did say it was weird the police asked them for help later in the episode but they were asked instead of Hamatora and they were far away at the time. Yet both these new characters Honey and Three are Minimum Holders and not baddies and know Hamatora so I would think they would belong to that group. Loose friends that help out sometimes anyway. By the way no one ever, ever mentions Three's face. I can say that because as I type this I have already seen and blogged episodes 5 and 6. Yeah that is how special I am. I get that main characters who know Three wouldn't say anything about his...face but the general public you would think would notice. What with mutant kid getting all the headlines and suchies. But yeah never mentioned.
 photo hamatoraepisode416_zpse37ccbce.jpg
So.....just get a messenger bag and keep it with you at all times?
So what are Honey and Three up to? Because typing this like the episode aired would be way too confusing. I swear this episode was all over the place. Honey and Three were on a job to protect someone from being blown away. Honey's ability is to see into the ten minutes...with a help of her computer. Basically she has to type in a specific location and she can see what is going to happen there in the future. The very near future. This job was perfect for her as she knew where the speaker was and how people could take him out if that is what they wanted to do. Easy breezy boss lady. Now one would think if this computer is so important for her....Minimum Holding abilities she would...oh I don't know...put it in her carry on. Never leave it off her person. Nope it got picked up by someone else and she was kidnapped because they wanted it back. Had these losers just came up to Honey and switched she would have been happy and relieved. Instead they caused a scene which made Three use his Bible Minimum to kick their asses and find the gun parts. Just keep your cool next time guys and things will work out.
 photo hamatoraepisode46_zps88c8b71d.jpg
I think someone needs a timeout.
Back at cafe de BossGrindstheBeans Murasaki is still wailing about how this commercial is the worse thing ever. I agree but he went a bit too much. I mean he hated the concept and the fact that he was in it and that everyone else sucked. I mean...maybe he should have directed if everyone was going to be amateurs about it. Everyone seemed to ignore him or find joy in his sorrow. They talked a bit about how this was the police's way of covering up the Academy not being on the up and up. The serious portion of the conversation lasted about 3 seconds because the group wanted to know if their video would reach number 1. Because that is the important part people. Everyone was slightly bummed to see that there was a different video at number 1. Despite our cultural differences people all over the world want to be famous. Even if it is for a small or....lame reason. The number one video right now is someone just dancing and being cute. Clearly this will have grave importance later in the episode, just you wait.
 photo hamatoraepisode48_zps3d6727a0.jpg
And you get a gun and you get a gun!
Art and his partner are actually doing some work. I guess they get paid regularly so they should work regularly right? When they are not looking at the ruined remains of Moral's home/work area they are off arresting teenagers. Teenagers with guns. Now this wouldn't be such a big deal but this is Japan. Home of no guns. Well few guns I should say. Teenagers in Japan aren't knocking over liquor stores and joining gangs. They are too busy rolling their skirts too short and not flossing after they eat. So when a rash of crimes break out with underaged people with is a big deal. I am not sure if Art would have told Nice otherwise about this crime. Like if Nice hadn't been walking near him I am not sure Art would have told him. Because he still hasn't mentioned Moral and I am sure in the back of Art's mind everything is linked to Moral. Nice seems to listen a lot but then he takes the conversation in another direction. Like were you behind the commercials making the mutant kid an Outsider? In the end Nice was listening and did help but still. Art is going to grow to not trust Nice at all and I don't think Nice can stop being himself to make that otherwise.
 photo hamatoraepisode415_zpsfe503210.jpg
The non-epic shoot out with 15 year old kids at the helm.
So if we put together blue's clues Honey and Three accidentally find people trying to smuggle gun parts into Japan. Art is on the case of many kids randomly having guns. Guns sent in the mail to them as they just magically knew an email address off the top of their heads. Didn't know where it came from or who sent it. What could this be, what could this be. Well thank goodness Koneko is the same age as all the kids who had the guns. Hajime might be as well but since she is too busy stuffing her face every scene she would have never been able to help. Popular video, guns, and bad kids. Apparently they are all connected. This new popular video had a hidden message that only dogs and little kids could hear. It was basically telling kids to be bad and use guns. I think some kids might have sent in for a gun out of curiosity but then got caught up in the insanity and were blackmailed into committing crimes, which would have culminated into a big..shoot out. I am not sure who these kids were going to shoot but I think if I was going to create havoc or an army I wouldn't pick some random kids with no aim. Honey was able to pin point the location as Nice thought this mass shooting event would take somewhere public, sorta like the mutant kid episode did. Good thing there are only a few highly populated areas in Tokyo.
 photo hamatoraepisode414_zpsa3311257.jpg
I don't think his wish was to give lots of little kids guns....
So who was behind this elaborate hot mess? Well surprise it was technically not the idol. His video was used to get the message out but it was not his fault. He was just a lonely looking Neet who was not blessed with good looks. Moral and his grab bag of brains gave him a Minimum that allowed him to change his appearance on camera. Then you know...Moral put a message into the video about gun violence and hired people to deliver said guns to the youth of Japan. Why? Because he can folks, because he can. It is all for fun. Hmmm reminds me of another white haired baddie last year who was just awful things just to see how far he could push it. Doing the most good is not his motto. I am not sure how the wannabee idol found out about Moral's plan. Hopefully Art didn't call when he tracked down the kid because hello stop showing your hand. But the idol did find out and attempted to notify someone when Moral shot him in the head and chopped it off. Well it looked chopped off. They didn't show the bottom of the screen for a good reason I suppose.
 photo hamatoraepisode417_zps062f6955.jpg
Beautiful until the end.
So where does that leave us? We got two more members of Hamatora to learn about. Moral is....well cutting out brains and handing out powers to people to show...that people with powers are crazy? Oh wait no because he loves them that's right. Every single piece of every episode will be connected in this series. And Murasaki hates everyone. Oh and Birthday may or may not be dying of some disease that no one cares about. Because there are commercials to make and people with scary teeth to catch. Now if only Art would tell Nice and everyone the truth....well until next time!


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