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Nagi no Asukara episode 19: I hate Chisaki.

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It's soap opera time!
And this post right here folks is another part of the Tenchi fell behind on anime blogging. After watching this episode I just sat there and went really...really?! like about 19 times. I think a blog using the phrase I hate Chisaki 12913 times might be a waste of time to read and write. So...I had to edit myself a bit. XD Not the title obviously but yes...Chisaki gets on my nerves and since almost the entire episode was about Chisaki I found it hard to finish blogging this and I wanted everything up at the same time so....yeah. Thanks a lot Chisaki. It is all your fault I have decided. Spoilers for fake drinking and FEELINGS!
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There are clearly not enough tears so wake up.
Episode Summary: Chisaki recalls a time when she and Manaka were little and had gotten lost in the sea. As they cried Hikari suddenly appeared in front of them and lead them home with a determined look on his face. Chisaki was in awe of his stead fast attitude and knows now that when he claimed he was going into the ocean to find Manaka he would most likely succeed. Manaka is taken to what looks like Akari's house where she is monitored by Doc and Chisaki who being in her first year of college is qualified to do nursing stuff. The Doc says everything seems find with Manaka and Hikari takes that as she will wake up soon, regrow her ena, and all will be well. Akari and Chisaki walk the Doc out and Akari invites Chisaki for some tea. As Chisaki approaches the house she sees Miuna spying on Hikari who is talking to Manaka about the ceremony and how she needs to wake up. He wants to know what Manaka was thinking when all the confusion happens. Miuna realizes that Chisaki sees her and runs off upset. Chisaki realizes later that Miuna also likes Hikari and she is no longer the little girl she once knew. She realizes that she has changed...because you know she hasn't mentioned that 236945 times already. She was thinking this while visiting Tsumugu's gramps who wakes up. He wants to know if Chisaki is worried about Manaka and when Chisaki says yes he decides to tell her the continuation of the story about the sea god and the land girl. In case Chisaki wasn't feeling crappy enough. Chisaki goes home and makes dinner for a grumpy Tsumugu and Kaname. Kaname is being a bad friend and hasn't seen Manaka yet. Instead he starts going on and on about how Kaname and his colleague are going to conceal all this data that Kaname and his friends risked their lives for. Tsumugu explains that if they release the data too soon people might not believe it thus them trying to divert this sea and land disaster will fail. Also Miuna will be in trouble/studied due to magically growing ena. Chisaki seems to accept this explanation and asks Kaname to do the same. He responds by stomping away all upset. Undeterred by all this drama Chisaki finds her junior high uniform and decides it would be a great idea to put it on. Of course it doesn't fit and Chisaki deems herself fat as she flails around moaning that she has changed and Hikari. She ends up falling on the ground and wrecking the room. The boys run to see what is wrong with her and she feels the need to yell at them like it is their fault.
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Everything is about Chisaki weeee!
After her bath later Chisaki decides to get drunk. Tsumugu finds out her plan and gives her some sparkling drink instead. Since Chisaki is a drama queen she acts all drunk while Tsumugu watches over her. While acting drunk Chisaki thinks about how she wants to see her town again and how she doesn't think she can have love in her eyes for Hikari like Miuna did. She wonders if becoming an adult means you lose things. Tsumugu basically confesses his love for Chisaki, that if she lost things growing up she needs to fill them with new things IE him. But her “drunk” self has already passed out. He goes to gently take care of her when Kaname reveals himself, making sure there is no unconscious hanky panky going on. Tsumugu asks Kaname for help taking drunkie to bed and thanks the kid for saving him during the ceremony. Kaname has had a major attitude change and tells Tsumugu not to thank him, that at the time Kaname really thought about letting Tsumugu die so he could be with Chisaki. Tsumugu accepts the truth, says that he wouldn't have let Kaname be with Chisaki if he was capable of that, and that he has feelings for Chisaki. Still he is happy all the kids are coming back. Now he feels as if time can move forward and Kaname is upset at the two meanings of his happiness. The next day Chisaki wakes up with no hangover and declares herself awesome. She has decided to go into the sea to see the village for herself. Since she is Chisaki she almost dies and Hikari has to come and save her. In the midst of being saved she realizes that Hikari feels like a little boy still and thinks she is over him. She starts in over the you haven't changed in 5 years expecting a pity party but Hikari says she hasn't changed either, teasing the girl. After the teasing Hikari explains he is here to figure out why Manaka is losing her ena. Chisaki decides this is the perfect time to tell Hikari what Tsumugu's Gramps told her. That there was a girl who did save the surface by marrying the sea god. They had a lot of kids and all was well. Not for the girl who actually loved someone on the surface and grew depressed over leaving them. The sea god found out about her sadness and let her leave...but not before the girl had to give up something important. Hikari and Chisaki conclude it must be ena. So...Hikari is filled with hope and joy as he jumps around. Finally he has a purpose. He is going to beat Uroko or the sea god for being special and taking away and giving away ena and fix this mess. Instead of becoming depressed this story of crazy he is more determined. He takes Chisaki's hand as they swim towards the surface. She realizes she hasn't stopped loving the boy and knows Hikari will help Manaka. But after a week on the surface Manaka still has not woken up. THE END!
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I am glad that Hikari has stepped up as the reliable one. Because everyone else.....not so much.
OH BOY!!! An entire episode about Chisaki and all her love life drama. Thanks for not waking up Manaka. Because you know...I thought you were the glue that was keeping this love...whatever shape it currently is. But no. Apparently Chisaki is. Gosh the day when Manaka was the good alternative to this...Chisaki mess. Bleh.
 photo nagiepisode193_zps5c7942e4.jpg
Yes I can tell by all these happy faces...
Okay again maybe I am being a little harsh again. Again again. But really folks. When I first came into this anime I wasn't expecting a giant.....soap opera type production. This might be worse than a soap opera. I mean not one person returns the affections of the person that likes them. Or if they do they haven't said anything yet because they are still deciding on their “first choice” because that really is romantic right? I mean at least on soap operas it is usually three people involved in each cluster. Sometimes 4. Nope all the characters are a pile of no one loves me on the floor. I guess it is a good thing none of the characters are gay because how many possibilities can there be?! Also no queerats please! Yeah that is what it reminds me of, just that no one has been programmed to have comfort sex and what not. It is just....almost comical at this point that everyone is off having their hearts broken but want to be strong and allow who they love to be happy. And I don't see how that is possible when no one is going to end up with the first choice. Everyone is going to be second fiddle. Once Manaka wakes up and people actually start making decisions, then they can move on and love someone else again.
 photo nagiepisode192_zps2a1664b9.jpg
Lets focus on waking up Manaka then being miserable okay?!
Maybe I am the one being a little too dramatic. Most of these kids are 14 or are still in the mentality of a 14 year old given that they couldn't properly move on. you really love a person from that age on? I would like to give them some credit (as much credit that is possible for people who don't exist) because I married my high school sweetheart and he loved me from the age of 16. But....I guess this goes beyond that. Some of these crushes are from the age of 5. So...Yeah I guess it is different. They just seem so adamant that this is the only love they will ever have. Otherwise they will grow up old and grey. I feel as if I am not explaining myself well on why this much. I don't know, I mean on one hand it is nice that people aren't being all YOU ARE MINE, especially since most of them haven't confessed and no one is going out with anyone. But on the other hand...maybe I would believe these loves more if people were willing to fight for them. Express them out loud. To keep repeating them over and over again. Not confess and move on, just happy to that the other person knows. Actively pursuing the people and not just let them get away you know?
 photo nagiepisode19_zps9f4560c8.jpg
If Chisaki broke out into a Disney song I might stab my eyes out.
So yeah.....that is my thought process coming into this episode. It really starts off with Chisaki having a memory about when she and Manaka got lost as children. Like small kids too. Who the heck is watching these kids? Anyway the ocean is large and it's like Finding Nemo out there, no directions or anything. So I can see how they got lost. And the person who found them was...Hikari of course. I wonder how things would be if it had been Kaname who had found them. It looks like they were all friends at that point. But Hikari came in like a knight to rescue the fair maidens and Chisaki fell in love. So she had no doubt in her mind that Hikari was going to rescue Manaka. That this was the beginning of the end for her love for Hikari. I would argue that should have have happened oh I don't know...5 years ago. But I guess losing him to the ocean isn't as final as losing him to Manaka.
 photo nagiepisode198_zps86335a0a.jpg
I won't go see Manaka because I am having a tantrum RARW!
Chisaki decided to go see Manaka in a timely manner. Or rather nurse Chisaki went to see Manaka. Yeah because she is a full time nurse now folks. Chisaki is 19. Most people graduate around 18, 19. So at most Chisaki is in her first year of college. Or nursing program. Way too soon to be wearing the uniform. Chisaki is just special. I guess I should be happy that Chisaki went to see Manaka way faster than she saw Hikari. Manaka is unconscious so that might have something to do with it. Either way Hikari sees joyful and Chisaki didn't poison Manaka in her sleep. Despite this being one giant love orgy everyone seems happy that the others are alive and exist. I am not believing what Kaname said earlier so....yeah no pulling of hair yet. I am waiting for the punches though.
 photo nagiepisode195_zps62c6c080.jpg
Oh none of our kids are going to live but lets focus on people who clearly don't love us. Makes sense to me.
I think what makes this whole love orgy insane is the fact that so many other things are going on, things that have a bigger impact on the world, and all these kids are doing is falling in love and having emo moments near the water. HELLO! The world seems to be still freezing over and no one really cares. I know it is a slow doom but it is a doom nonetheless. Frozen waters mean it is hard to fish and slowly that community will lose money. That is something that will happen right away. And HELLO Manaka's ena is falling off. And it got put on to Miuna. I don't think she magically grew it herself. It has something to do with Manaka and yet this is all second fiddle to kisses and hugs and no love at all because people can't open their mouths. I guess that is what makes me X____X. At least in QueerRat land the kids were having sex because they had to and had feelings for each other but still acknowledged the DOOM that was happening around them. In this show Chisaki smiles sadly at Miuna whom is in love with Hikari. Yeah Chisaki I would be smiling more sadly if I were you. Miuna might have a better chance than you at this point. Manaka needs to sleep with bodyguards now.
 photo nagiepisode196_zps147cec54.jpg
You are now telling me this 5 years after everything went horribly wrong?!
Eventually Chisaki went to go visit Gramps. Not her Gramps mind you but Tsumugu's Gramps. Because heaven forbid Chisaki go into the sea, at the Manaka rescue trip or immediately after. She did at the end of the episode but I am still bitter she didn't go in the first place. But yeah time to visit Gramps and tell him what is going on. Oh and to mention Manaka not waking up and her ena magically dissolving and reappearing on Miuna. You mean telling someone from the sea about situations from the sea is better than telling some random college kid?! I AM SHOCKED! Gramps has been out of the sea for a while but maybe he retained friends. Or retained info as this happy story of a young girl risking her life to calm the sea god has more to it. Obviously. Even if I don't think the original/abridged story was all that happy. Like they left the ocean and lost their ena and so to protect the rest of the people from going poof a girl threw herself into the ocean and begged for mercy. Sounds a bit...strange already but you know...things can get stranger. Maybe if they had kept on throwing people in earlier more people would have ena and the world wouldn't be frozen.
 photo nagiepisode197_zps0135fd0c.jpg
I...what? What are you talking about Kaname?!
The only ones who seem pissed off at what is going on are Kaname and Tsumugu. Tsumugu's comes later in the episode though. Chisaki skips home because Manaka's prognosis from a man who knows nothing of the sea is good and maybe she can finally move on from Hikari and let Manaka be happy. But at dinner there was an angry Kaname all over the place. Glare glare glare. Since Chisaki has long given up the status of Stable One I look to Kaname for some sanity. Instead he is all mad that Tsumugu and his Colleague aren't running out and giving their findings on the underwater town and Manaka. Like first off....really dude? You people just started waking up. And you never meant to go to sleep. You weren't ready to sleep so your stats could be all wrong, especially Manaka and her let me free my people way into the ocean. Your ena wasn't thick like the others so you waking up isn't a sign that everyone else is waking up too. Second....maybe out there in the rest of the world, where people aren't in love orgies, are people who actually want to solve the weather problem and save humanity. People who actually might come in and get results. So maybe Tsumugu IS doing this to protect everyone, especially still asleep Manaka. And and Hikari went into the ocean to find Manaka. You didn't really go in there to find data for Tsumugu and friend. You wanted to see your home and your people and make sure Hikari didn't kill himself finding Manaka. So don't be acting like Tsumugu isn't using your data that you worked so long and hard for. But Kaname is pissed and now upset at Chisaki for taking HIS side. HOW DARE SHE!! My lord when Chisaki is being reasonable she is in trouble. Maybe that is why she is like this...
 photo nagiepisode199_zpscacc7ba1.jpg
WAI I'm FAT!!!!!!
To drown her confusion and tears Chisaki did the only reasonable thing...clean her closet. And of course she found her junior high uniform from the sea. I am pretty sure Chisaki is a bit cookoo for cocoa puffs at this point. Whatever makes her happy and gets her through the day I suppose. With the way my life has been going I wouldn't want to put on pants I wore last year let alone 5 years ago. Chisaki always finds a way to make a situation worse than it already is. Like...she didn't get fat. She got boobies and grew taller. But of course the uniform didn't fit and that meant she changed and Hikari doesn't want changed and we got to freak out because zippers are the enemy. I sorta like the boys...coming in to see her a hot mess. Like yeah Chisaki you are special. And she would be lucky to have either of them as no one questioned why she was wearing that or laughed in her face for tearing the room up. So lucky this girl.
 photo nagiepisode1911_zps81ddab3f.jpg
I lost everything Tsumugu. Everything. I was alone this entire time. I had no one at all Tsumugu.
Having super given up the sanity title Chisaki decides to drown her sorrows in booze. That is what adults do after all. Why the other day at work I was I know why people talk about going home to have a stiff drink. Instead I ate cupcakes and Code Red. Chisaki is a bit of a poser though and probably would have passed out after the first sip. Given that Tsumugu knows Chisaki pretty well he gave her nonalcoholic booze and watched her pretend to be drunk. Like a G6. Chisaki had to pretend so she could have an excuse for saying things she wouldn't normal say. Like oh maybe I should go see my town. And oh maybe I don't like Hikari anymore. Yeah that's it. I don't like Hikari anymore because Miuna was looking at him with gooey eyes. Since Chisaki can't look at her own eyes when she is looking at Hikari she can't possibly know what she looks like. Chances are Chisaki knows the writing is on the wall and that Miuna and Manaka have a better chance than she ever did and should bow out gracefully. Or ungracefully with some booze. I think she thought confessing all those years ago would mean she could move on, accept what has happened. Instead she has dwells and can't really put that past her. Thus the booze.
 photo nagiepisode1913_zps622771f8.jpg
What the hell is this insanity?!
Tsumugu and Kaname have really stepped up their drama game. Tsumugu is....I guess a shy boy if I were going to categorize him. So he subtlety was saying look, things change and I know you lost some things but you GAINED me so....lets get together. Instead Chisaki pretends to pass out. And Kaname pretends to act all big and bad. Really I don't know who this Kaname is at this point. Maybe he had a personality change under water or he hit his head. I get that Kaname didn't want Tsumugu touching Chisaki in her sleep but being mad that Chisaki agreed with Tsumugu on the underwater issue. And hello...I am expected to believe that Kaname thought about letting Tsumugu die in the ocean? Yeah I don't think so. Either Kaname is lying to save face or he is the biggest liar/actor of all time and needs to be put in the crazy ward for thinking such thoughts. I still don't know how he assumed that Tsumugu and Chisaki had something, when he was looking over the boat when the ceremony was going horribly wrong. Tsumugu was acting concerned and Chisaki had been rude just a few days ago. I mean NOW Tsumugu and Chisaki could be possible but back then Tsumugu was not a threat at all. So I am not sure why Kaname thought he was competition and that he had second thoughts about saving him. Of course Tsumugu could have beat Kaname's ass right then and there for saying such crap. Instead he said something about how if Kaname didn't save Tsumugu that Tsumugu wouldn't have let him be with Chisaki. Was your ghost going to stop him? In the end Tsumugu is grateful Kaname and Hikari are back (oh and half of Manaka) and that Kaname saved him. He can acknowledge those things and still be all back off my woman. I don't know if he meant it as a dig when he said now he and Chisaki can move on now that people woke up. It sounds like yay I am glad you guys are back so we can move on with our lives. That is how Kaname took it but I am sure deep down Tsumugu missed his friends outside of this love orgy. You know, how Tsumugu and Kaname are hating on each other when Chisaki LIKES HIKARI! Ah the twists and turns. XD
 photo nagiepisode1914_zpsd56da2be.jpg
Why don't you have muscles?!?!?
Onto more drama, because that is how Chisaki likes it. I am not sure if Chisaki has been in the ocean since the sad day of sadness but now that everyone she cares about minus her parents are out of the sea...she wants to go look at things herself. Or you know figure this all out on her own because....Chisaki is crazy. If going in a group of three was iffy and dangerous surely Chisaki going by herself will be okay. Or not. 5 seconds into her journey she is in trouble...despite being from the sea and probably unable to drown. Hikari of course is there to save her and guide her to the village. HELLO WHY DIDN'T YOU GO LAST WEEK! Gosh it is like Chisaki wants to be the damsel in distress. After arriving in the village instead of going to see her parents looking zombiefied or crying tears of joy over the sight of her village...Chisaki thinks to herself that she and Hikari really can't work out because he feels like a boy. And if he feels like a boy and looks like a boy he must have boy feelings. :( Woe is Chisaki for finally getting it. She states her you haven't changed at all out loud again and again Hikari is like neither have you. In an effort to keep things real while Chisaki says it for pity.
 photo nagiepisode1917_zpsaddc7c92.jpg
Why I thought that this sacrifice was willing and everything was cupcakes and rainbows!
There is a reason why Hikari was there, not that he magically knew Chisaki would need saving again. He is bothered by the fact that Manaka hasn't woken up yet and she is losing her ena. He is here for clues while Chisaki and Kaname are busy thinking about themselves. Kaname is letting me down folks. How dare he be 14 years old. Since Chisaki likes to make things worse as much as possible she lets Hikari in on the rest of the story Gramps told her earlier. That yes the land was saved when a girl flung herself into the ocean and gave herself to the sea god. And yes they went on to have kids. But home girl was sad since she loved someone on the surface. The sea god was like oh so that's how it is...and let her go. I am sure there was a song involved. But in exchange for leaving the girl had to give up something. And that something Chisaki has guessed is ena. Just though you might want to know Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode1920_zps9b9e1525.jpg
Hikari and his giant hand will solve everything!
Now putting aside that Manaka was losing her ena before Hikari took her out of the ocean...this sounds bad. Especially since Manaka isn't going to end up with Tsumugu. I feel as if Tsumugu might have bonded with either sea girl who stayed behind. I mean...I thought he liked Manaka with the attention he was showing her but I guess his indifference towards Chisaki was stronger. ANYWAY it might have been okay if Manaka lost her ena because she was going to be with Tsumugu. Now this is a double tragedy since Tsumugu doesn't love her and the only boy left in this love triangle that does is the most sea....loving out of all of them. :( Poor sad story. Hikari just sat down and cried tears forever. Or...or....Hikari took this news the complete opposite way. Because before when things were slightly hopeless he had no direction at all. Now that it is seems completely hopeless Hikari is like haha surely I have something to work for now. I will conquer this all. I will find Uroko and the sea god and tell them to stop being little punks. I will get Manaka her ena back, stop the world from freezing over, and clone myself and Chisaki so everyone can end up with their loved ones. I can do anything for I am Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode1918_zpse69ee490.jpg
Well of course you do moron. Like really....
Yeah that is seriously how the episode ended. Well minus the cloning part. Chisaki was so taken back by Hikari's declaration that she is back in love with him. I think it is good to look on the bright side of life. Just...don't be so delusional and think all your dreams will come true. It is true that more people should have been looking into this issue well before it was an issue. I am sure Akari leaving the sea didn't suddenly make the sea god upset. Who and where is the sea god? What is up with Uroko? Poor Hikari has a lot on his plate and maybe his dealing with this impossible situation is to give it his all. Love power!!! Chisaki....that love ain't for you but I guess it makes Hikari more handsome in your eyes. LONGEST POST EVER MOG! Wake up Manaka so everyone can get this love orgy solved.

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