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Noragami episode 4

 photo noragamiepisode46_zpsa22789b1.jpg no universe ever?
Anime post number 4 tonight! Gosh it feels like forever since I saw this episode. Also during my long break in watching the Olympics I did watch the first two episodes of the X/Z show of cards and monsterness. Only the first episode was so confusing I was like...meh and the second episode was so generic I never watched or blogged anything else. And I did watch episode 3 of the Pilot show but since I am so far behind on everything else I should focus on those shows first. So I shall. Up now is Noragami episode 4. Spoilers for Yato having weird friends and strange delusions of grandeur.
 photo noragamiepisode42_zps60ca79d9.jpg
At your service for the low, low price of 5 yen.
Episode Summary: Yato is having a super amazing dream. He is a world famous god with tons of followers, temples, and riches. In his dream he pretends to be lonely so his shrine maidens/treasures would off to heal him. This healing must lead to things as Yuki pushes Yato down the stairs in disgust. Yato is offended by Yuki's lack of believing in his dream. Yuki rolls his eyes and mutters things. Later in the day Hiyori brings the boys some bento boxes in an attempt to get Yato to take her case seriously. Yato is too focused on how lovely the meal is to pay attention to her concerns. Eventually Hiyori and Yuki grow frustrated and Yato is like hello you are my treasure. When he gets more looks Yato decides to take them somewhere. Hiyori optimistically thinks it is somewhere to cure her out of body experiences. Instead they roll up to a rather large temple (albeit empty). Yuki and Hiyori are confused and grow more X___X when a young girl appears out of nowhere and hugs all over Yato. Yato starts to sob on how he has no money so the girl hands him a wad of cash. Yato introduces the girl as Kofuku, a famous god. Kofuku is like I am Yato's girlfriend and the jaws drop. Kofuku invites them in and Hiyori realizes she is really one of the top gods...just looks super different. XO Kofuku starts to go on and on about Yato when a scary large man appears. He declares himself Kofuku's man and gets all up on Yato and slightly manhandles the god. Before Hiyori and Yuki bolt Kofuku is like time for tea. The scary man is named Daikoku and he is very protective of Kofuku. Very. VERY. But they aren't dating or in love. Nor is Kofuku really dating Yato. Snacks are served while Daikoku talks to Yuki about being treasure. When he learns this is the boy's first time being a treasure he tries to give him some tips, putting aside animosity he has for Yato. The group talks for a bit, mostly at Yato's expense. Again Hiyori and Yuki are impressed by the riches of a better god. Yato interrupts them all by saying he has a job and runs out with a shoeless Yuki. As Hiyori goes to grab their stuff Kofuku warns Hiyori that despite how Yato looks he is actually dangerous. Hiyori runs off after the boys with questions in her mind.
 photo noragamiepisode413_zpsb01b8317.jpg
I am at your service, for how ever long you may live.
On top of a huge building a man is calling his mom or texting said mom his suicide note. Yato accidentally appears on top of the man (Yusuke) which pushes him off the building. Yusuke is started but because he was going to kill himself anyway who cares? Yato is like I am at your service buddy. Turns out the man misdialed but Yato decides that it is fate. Hiyori is like less talking, more saving. Yuki notes that this is the longest fall in history as Yato wants to know Yusuke's life story. Yato wants to know why Yusuke wants to kill himself so Yusuke explains in the longest way possible. This building was 1,000 stories tall ya'll. Basically Yusuke went bankrupt and wants to die so he won't be a burden to his girlfriend. She is a delicate high school student who has lead a sheltered and lonely life. He felt bad for her and started to take her out and spend money on her. Soon very weird things started happening on their dates and his work all but dries up. Now he is broke and has no choice but to fall off a building. Yato asks to see a pic of this girl....and it's Kofuku. Everyone is X___X and Yato is like yeah...she is a liar and the god of poverty. Yato explains the man will have to cut all ties with Kofuku (AKA forget her) or he will never recover. Yusuke loves Kofuku but Yato decides that it must be done. He uses a worried Yuki to cut the strings/bonds around Yusuke and he lands safely on the ground. Job well done Yato tells the worried Yuki who had never done this before. Yato and the gang go to a temple to yell at Kofuku who doesn't think it was a big deal. Still Yato gets paid and leads a blushy I did a good job Yuki away. Hiyori stays back to ask Kofuku what she meant about Yato. Kofuku pauses...then explains with Daikoku that it's easy for gods now, having so many worshipers and all. Well certain gods anyway. But back in the day it was rough and lower gods had to take any job that came around. And since Yato is the god of war.....he got paid to kill people. He even killed a treasure once. A very dangerous god Kofuku warns. Hiyori leaves and Yato wants to know what was said when Hiyori makes her way outside. Hiyori avoids the question and wants to know why Yato took them to see these people. Yato explains that if something happens to him to go to this couple. Yuki had walked a bit further, lost in his thoughts that Yato had praised him for such a good job. He looks up from his spot to see a young girl staring at him. She is covered in letterings (meaning she has been a treasure for a lot of people). Before she can do much Yato appears and recognizes her. She wants Yato to say her name and when he doesn't she says she will always wait for him, vanishing. THE END!
 photo noragamiepisode49_zps941b10cc.jpg
This god actually has money too.
Another day, another god that isn't Yato. I would be like hmmm aren't we getting “friend of the week” up in this anime but then I realized....this is Japan. And Yato has been “alive” for a long time. Of course he knows a lot of “gods”. So all is okay. You have my permission to carry on.
 photo noragamiepisode43_zpsc068f6a3.jpg
Being on top is so lonely!
First things first. Yato...he thinks very highly of himself. He dreams big folks. Oh he just can't wait to be king....err....I mean top god. Very...vivid dream. I guess we don't know how long Yato has been doing grunt work. Maybe he does deserve a little R&R. After all, don't we all dream something..impossible? Although he was pushing it a bit with the ladies. Keep on keeping on Yato. At least you are trying...even if you were trying to get some sympathy sugar.
 photo noragamiepisode44_zpsf0fa95c9.jpg
Oh poor delusional Hiyori....
It's a good thing dream Yato got a lot of attention. Because in real life..not so much. Well I guess Yuki gave him some attention when he dropped kicked him down the stairs. Yato must be a loud dreamer. Hiyori did arrive eventually and sorta...gave Yato attention. I am sure Yato saw it more as nagging. Like yes dear I will take out the trash, quit being on my case. Hiyori did try to bribe Yato though, with something necessary....because gods need sleep and food. Given the situation I think Hiyori has a right to be mad. Yes she....caused the problem...sorta...but he contributed too. And he promised to fix her. Now get to fixin.
 photo noragamiepisode48_zps1197cb74.jpg
Errr Hiyori might have the jealous?
After Yato was done having a pout because no one cares about him he decided to take them to meet some people. I am sure Hiyori thought it had something to do with her condition and Yuki was just happy to talk to someone who wasn't crazy Yato. Well....Yato ended up taking them to see Kofuku and Daikoku. I think at this point we should assume everyone Yato takes them to meet or that he knows has some sort of magical ability. I am not sure if it was jealously or disgust but Hiyori had some sort of feeling when she saw Kofuku hanging all over Yato and the declarations of being the girlfriend and/or sugar momma. Like um what's the point here? Then Daikoku showed up and they (Hiyori and Yuki) wanted to know what was going on...but from a safe distance away. Like um...maybe Yato wasn't so bad after all?
 photo noragamiepisode411_zpsee206074.jpg
See the bonding?!
After being threatened Yato and company were invited inside. Because that is what you do when someone claims to be stealing your woman or her money. Only this isn't a couple you see. Kofuku is the god and Daikoku is the very protective treasure. Maybe Yato likes his life being threaten? I don't know. Anyway Hiyori seems to be aware that Kofuku is up there on the very important god list. A bit different from drawings though. Daikoku was very kind to Yuki. Maybe he felt bad for the kid given his current master. Oh you are new on the job, big brother kinda way.
 photo noragamiepisode410_zps4a060d7d.jpg
Why does Yato know crazy people?!
It wasn't until Yato got a call and ran out with Yuki did anything really....interesting happen. I myself was wondering what the point of all this was. Like look kids, this is what happens when you reach the are still a weirdo, like me. So why bother? Doubt it because that is what Yato wants. Maybe the lesson is....everyone who knows Yato is crazy so run away from him? I mean be more grateful for the crazy you know! Maybe he infects them all with the crazy...
 photo noragamiepisode412_zps63be5a40.jpg
Yato technically did give the man what he wanted....
Since this show has been nothing but special the case itself was kinda...weird. See a man was trying to leave his last will and testament before he jumped off the tallest building in the universe. He accidentally dialed Yato...which I don't know how is possible since most people have contact info for the important people they know. Still Yato was called to save the day. Or accidentally push the man off the roof which is technically what he wanted so Yato was helpful?.
 photo noragamiepisode414_zpsb6d041a9.jpg
This is the tallest building in the universe. We have time.
Even though it was established last episode Yato is super against suicide he was already to help Yusuke. Don't pay attention to those silly details people. Yuki and Hiyori were like um maybe you should handle the root of the problem first? You know, instead of waiting for the man to go splat? Only I think the conversation/event last for about 7 minutes...meaning this fall actually happened from space ya'll. At least Yuki acknowledged it. Like um this is the building that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. No one pay attention to the young man making sense. While Hiyori was disturbed by this all I think her focus was more on the fact that when Yusuke was telling his story he was using her face. Like um no dude. Stop being so creepy.
 photo noragamiepisode415_zps33c4251b.jpg
Yeah she is not using you at all dude....
Yato and Yusuke hit it off instantly though. So much so that Yusuke opened up about his woes. Basically Yusuke is a pervert. I innocent man in love. He found a teenage girl having a pout on the ground and basically assumed that something was super wrong and he needed to rescue her. I mean...if he really thought she was in trouble he should have taken her to the police. But this is anime land where poo poo parents who don't take us to theme parks or buy expensive clothes are beyond horrible. Clearly Yusuke had to groom...I mean take care of this girl. For her own good. Even before the bad things started was clear this girl was using him. I guess since he didn't have sex with her he isn't....the lowest of the low. Just...really dumb I suppose. Girl made out good. Although I think Yusuke should have worried more about his job sinking into a pit rather than some random things happening on the dates. I wish we could have found out if the girl dumped him or not. I think not...given who it was and that Yusuke was acting like he was doing her a favor. Not sure how that computes either since...he could have gotten another job and if she did love him, he being plastered on the ground might be traumatized.
 photo noragamiepisode416_zpsdfc23259.jpg
Because getting all the details at once is way too hard.
Yato listens to the whole story and was me a pic of this girl. One would have thought that maybe Hiyori would have asked to see it first since Yusuke was using her fact during the story. Would have saved all that unnecessary talking. Because you know...the girl is Kofuku. Insert adorable prairie dog making the villain face. Because didn't you know, Kofuku is the god of poverty. How does that make any sense? Usually one worships an entity for something good to happen. If an entity causes something ad wouldn't that make them a demon? I would think so. Anyway this makes Kofuku a very bad person and Yusuke is very sad.
 photo noragamiepisode417_zps5f266450.jpg
Yuki is the best at everything weeee!
Yato's solution to this problem comes across a little extreme. Almost reminded me of Youko from XXXholics....before they gave it a shitty ending. Like to solve your problems involving Kofuku you must forget Kofuku. I know it was slightly more complicated that that but yes cut the ties or the bad things will continue to happen to you. Poor Yusuke really thought he was in love and didn't want to do it. Yuki was a bit X___X about the situation as cutting ties between two individuals is a bit harder than slicing a ball of energy in half. Even if the ball of energy is shaped like an ugly monster. Rejoice for Yuki was able to do it and Yusuke being free at last.
 photo noragamiepisode418_zps174f00f9.jpg
Err....that sounds super important.
Yato and company went over to see Kofuku to yell at her. Or get his payment as Yusuke really didn't hire him nor remembers the incident. Either way not much yelling occurred and Yato got paid his 5 yen. Oh and Yuki got praised. Look at that little treasure blush. I think momentum changed from being upset at Kofuku who almost killed a man by really leading him on to GO YUKI!!! Then the true meaning of the conversation really switched when Hiyori stayed back to listen to what Kofuku and Daikoku had to say about Yato. Not great things. Good thing this all happened on the same day so Hiyori wasn't sitting there worrying. But yeah...Yato almost sounds like a demon himself. Running around killing people, even another treasure? Kofuku makes Yato sound like a dangerous god but hello isn't he being paid or contracted to do things? If that is the law of the land, that gods serve humans in that way (and not the other way around...) then Yato was hired by some dangerous people. Either way Kofuku who almost killed a man an shows no remorse about it is like Yato is super dangerous BEWARE! I am sure it has more to do with the dead treasure issue than the human one. Sorta like a rule among gods not to mess with treasures.
 photo noragamiepisode4_zps32c90f03.jpg
The better to see how crazy you are?
The episode ends with Yato and Hiyori catching up with Yuki. When Hiyori left Kofuku and Daikoku's Yato was waiting for Hiyori. To tell Hiyori that if something happens to him to go to these people. You know, the people who just said he was dangerous. HMMMMM! But yes Yuki walked along, thinking about Yato praising him and such. Yato might be a pain in the ass but being praised for a good job is always nice. Only his moment was interrupted by....some ghost looking girl covered in marks of treasureness. Yato didn't seem that happy to see her. Like nope not calling you by my treasure name for you. You aren't mine now. The atmosphere was odd. The girl was like oh you will talk to me one day, sure you will before she disappeared. Um can we say stalker? To be continued!


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