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Noragami episode 8

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Well not now. Thanks for opening your mouth!
Post number 3 of forever agoness. I see that the lists for Spring Anime 2014 have been long posted and all the shows I was watching have ended. Err. I guess I better get my butt in gear right? So up now is Noragami episode 8. Spoilers for Hiyori not being safe anywhere and windows fearing for their life.
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Episode Summary: Hiyori is at the bathroom at school feeling sad . She recaps all the :( that has occurred the last few days. Yato's blight, Yuki is a thief, and Kazuma saying if Yuki doesn't die Yato will. What will Hiyori do? Well she will probably look over and see Yato and Yuki both in the bathroom with her. After she beats them (Yato more) she demands an explanation. Yato explains he has a case. A case in the bathroom? Yato kicks down a door and reveals a young man hiding. Hiyori beats him too and then asks for answers. The underclassmen Manabu is being bullied and this was the only place to hide. In fact he called Yato to end the bullying. Hiyori immediately apologizes and Yuki gets all frowny face while Manabu explained his story of woe. Yato tells Yuki that he (Yuki) shouldn't hate someone for being like him. Yuki gets pissed at being compared to Manabu and runs off pissed. Yato seems use to bullying cases and handles Manabu better. He hands Manabu something and whispers in his ear how to fix this problem. Manabu has wide eyes while Hiyori looks worried. Yuki ran off to Manabu's classroom where everyone left for a break or something. Yuki puts on a random jacket and wonders if he went to school. He sees all the activities on the board and what not, getting sad. He even goes through the motions of being in a classroom and solves a problem on his own. He hides when the students return and watches them interact. Soon he picks up on the concept of friends and realizes he doesn't have any. At the same time Manabu returns to the classroom and finds his jacket in the trash. He also has no friends. In the hallway Yato tells Hiyori one of the two boys will snap today. Feeling awful Yato disappears to lay down while Hiyori worries. Somewhere else Kofuku and Diakoku are chillin in their house when Bishamon arrives with all her treasure weapons. Kofuku greets her warmly as Kazuma explains they have destroyed all the Phantoms from the opened Vent and they need her to divinely select where the next ones will open up. Kofuku sets to work and Kazuma comments that she has picked a lot of vents. Bishamon asks if Kofuku is opening vents on purpose so Bishamon can't kill Yato. You know, due to being busy. Kofuku gets all scary and says Bishamon's past is with Yato but she won't let Yato be hurt now. Bishamon nods and goes on her way while Diakoku has a hard on because Kofuku is so awesome.
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How does that even make sense?!
Back at the school Hiyori finds Yato in the nurse's room napping. She tries to look under her clothes to see if he has more blight but he wakes up. This makes him a pervert of course. Yato starts talking about how Yuki and Manabu are at delicate ages and it could go either way for both. Outside Manabu has found the main bully. In the classroom earlier some Phantoms were whispering kill or kill yourself. End this. Well now those Phantoms have gotten bigger and Manabu seems to be under their control. The bully sees Manabu and starts to taunt him but stops when he sees the creepy expression on his face. Thing don't get any better for the bully when Manabu tosses him a box cutter. Yato had given him two box cutter earlier, saying his opponent should have one if Manabu decided to cross the line and lose his humanity. Manabu inches closer to the bully muttering about crossing the line with the Phantoms getting bigger and bigger. Manabu stops in front of the bully, throws down the box cutter, and stares. The bully pees himself and runs away as Hiyori runs up. Yato jumps down from a ledge, saying he was going to throw some purified water down if things got messy. Manabu said he couldn't do it because then he really would have no where to belong. Yato tells Manabu he doesn't need a million friends, just one really good one. Manabu runs off and Yato wishes he had a friend. Meanwhile Yuki has been sitting by himself, watching all the kids go home with their friends. He wants to be like them, not stuck with Yato forever with shitty jobs. He tries to get their attention but they all leave. Heartbroken that he has no friends Yuki picks up a baseball bat and breaks every single piece of glass he can find. Students feel the raining shards. Yato passes out and Hiyori sees how super bad the blight is. She even gets infected herself when she touches him. She remembers what Yato said, that if something happens to him go to Kofuku's. So Hiyori starts dragging Yato and runs into pissed off Yuki. She informs Yuki that Yato has been suffering all this time because of his sins. She demands that Yuki goes with them. When they reach Kofuku's house Hiyori is also covered in blight. When Kofuku and Diakoku answer the door Diakoku immediately throws out a barrier, blocking them out. THE END!
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It wasn't crossed as much as it was shattered on the ground into a million pieces.
It feels like 19 million years since I have watched/blogged this show. Thank goodness for Hiyori's little recap. Haha, is there going to be a golden week for no new anime shows so I can catch up? At this point I will never catch up otherwise. Stupid Olympics. Haven't even see the closing ceremonies yet. Of course that is Disney's fault.....Really can't say stupid Disney though or an imaginary mouse will strike me with lightening....
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You sure look like one!
So anyway Hiyori was having a serious moment to herself. In her ugly school uniform by herself in the bathroom. I am sure that is how most uniforms look in Japan, not amazing and super form fitting. Maybe I will call it her realistic uniform....So yes recap, Yuki sins, Yato suffers, and Kazuma suggests death. More like predicts someone's death. Oh and Bishamon is still out there on the we hate Yato train. So a lot on Hiyori's plate. None of which is her becoming cured. You know, the reason why she is still around Yato and all? Yeah she is too busy caring about other people to care about her issue, rather....important issue. Of course Hiyori isn't about bashing these people in the face when she finds them in the girl's bathroom. She isn't that special.
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Did I mention my problem was being bullied.....
After Yato was nearly killed it was case time. Because Yato is amazing and gets summoned wherever he gets a job. Of course Yuki made a good point, why are you leaving your number on the girl's bathroom wall? So that means the client is a girl no? Um no. No no. Another boy for Hiyori to beat. Although Yato got beat more. Because I am sure that is what Manabu needs. I am being bullied so when I call for help I get beat up some more. Poor Manabu. Hiyori apologized though...and he was in the girl's bathroom. He could have been a perv and bullied at the same time.
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Can't kids find other things to do besides pick on each other?
So Manabu is being beat up. Well tormented. I am not sure what is worse. Since I am not a girl we never really threw down. I know some girls do but boys here in the United States will thrown down rather than pull cruel pranks. I don't know if that is better? At least when you get beat up you know what to expect. If they are doing other things to you you might be living in constant fear. I don't think it matters the gender. Being bullied sucks. I know there is a lot of fluffy nonsense going around that bullies were once bullied and are just having a poor outlet for their pain. Um no. Not a fan of that way of thinking. Victims shouldn't make other victims. And bullying can happen to anyone. I am sure someone wants to be Manabe's friend but maybe they are afraid of being bullied themselves. Calling for Yato might have been slightly dramatic though. These schools have principals you know....silly adults lacking in animes.
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:( I just want to go to school and have homework and complain with friends.
Since Yuki is angry at the world he thought this case was stupid. I am sure he would think anything is stupid at this point. Yato probably pushed a little too much with the oh you hate someone for being like you comment. Like of course Yato was right but he should have asked Yuki to wait outside if he couldn't be nice to the bullied kid, not...driven Yuki down more blight filled paths. It was sad watching Yuki in the classroom though. I am sure when you are in high school it seems like such a drag. But for Yuki....did he make it that far? And even if he did he clearly didn't finish. So all these kids are taking advantage of what he can't have. Yuki acting out things and pretending to be part of this case.....just sad. :( Then all the kids poured in and Yuki realized....he had no friends. Not being in school I think he could get over. But making high school friends.....yeah that is sad.
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Such creepy little Phantoms.
In the same classroom Manabu was not having a great time. Instead of going to yell at the bullies like I think Manabu wanted Yato gave the kid something. You know, the whole give a man a fish thing. I thought he gave the kid a knife. X__X Anyway after talking with Yato Manabu made his way back to the classroom to find his jacket in the trash. Yeah these bullies are assholes. Don't know when to give up. So while Yuki was wishing to have friends Manabu was toying with what to do. Does he listen to the creepy Phantoms talking to him? Kill him. Take the precious. I like how the Phantoms didn't care who died as long as someone is miserable. Kill them. Kill yourself. Just kill something. At least they are....consistent in their hatred for all.
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Bishamon trying to be didn't work.
During all of this there is a brief scene with Bishamon and Kofuku. And all their treasures. I say all but Kofuku seems to only have Daikoku and Bishamon has like 469343. Maybe that is because she actually goes out and does the fighting? Anyway Bishamon has killed all the Phantoms from Kofuku's last special moment and needs the location of where future vents could pop up. Got to protect the humans if you want to have worshipers. There are other treasures there but Kazuma is the only one who really matters. He and Bishamon seem to think that Kofuku has picked a lot of locations to where future vents might pop up and is she doing that on purpose so they can't find and kill Yato? While Kofuku was happy to see Bishamon mentioning Yato sent her into a crazy mood. Like I won't get involved in your drama (but she did) but if you hurt Yato I will put my scary eyes in and everyone will run in fear. It seemed to work on Bishamon...for now. I think Kofuku will have to pick sides later down the road because the hatred is real for Bishamon. For now she can get away with her threats and looking cool in front of Daikoku but a line will be drawn soon I am sure.
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Big perverted Yato!
Being a girl means you can do something questionable and blame it on someone else out of embarrassment and if said thing happens to a boy well he isn't supposed to question a lie. Case in point Hiyori finds Yato laying in the clinic and decides to check out his blight. Now she wasn't being perverted herself but it looks that way and accuses Yato of doing that even though it was her.....Oh Hiyori. Anyway this is a perfect time for Yato to talk about what he decided to do for Manabu. Because at this point I was wondering too. Like I don't see you beating up an bullies. Since we were told that gods have no or a different set of morals it is hard understand what Yato is thinking in that regards. But like Yuki Yato seems to want Manabu to do this for himself rather than the issue being solved by him. Because Yato can't keep rescuing them. Sooner or later they will have to face their demons.
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Bullies aren't that tough when they are alone.
Of course Yato does want to get paid so he had to give Manabu something. Two somethings actually. Okay now that I think about it I think Manabu got at least 3 somethings. Two boxcutters and some courage. Because bullies are only brave in a pack. Without a weapon Manabu would never have confronted anyone. He could have gotten one himself but that probably never dawned on him. Never thought he could do it. Now with Yato giving him the weapons and the Phantoms breathing down his neck Manabu went to face his demons. Well....I don't know how I feel about this. I think that if Manabu had simply beat up the bully that would have been okay. Like quit messing with me! Stood up for himself. Sometimes that will stop the bullying, just showing you are strong and aren't going to take it. But Yato seems to think giving Manabu boxcutters and crossing the line would make Manabu a monster with no place in the world. Of course killing the kid would be overkill. Beating him up would not be. It is almost like Yato wanted Manabu to hurry up and go over the edge or MAYBE go over the edge. Like get this over with, pick a side instead of remaining in the middle. Or Yato is just amazing and knew if Manabu just scared the boy shitless it would stop the bullying and Manabu would realize he didn't want to be like those kids. WAI THE TEARS! Seriously least it wasn't a gun. Stupid Phantoms hanging all over people being creepy.
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Yato wants to belong too. :( Everyone is just so sad.
Yato and Hiyori watched this go down and I think she had respect for Yato. He might seem like a screw up half the time but he does know what he is doing. And cares for people know being Yato. Maybe that is because he can relate to Manabu? Which I think is odd because Kofuku is his friend right?Maybe even Tenjin? Or maybe Yato doesn't understand the world friend since he is from the Far Shore. In any event he wants a friend and Hiyori is right there so....something bad has to happen to ruin the moment right?
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And by snapping I mean he broke every single piece of glass ever.
Yes. Of course. The bad thing this time would be Yuki losing his mind. Manabu was getting bullied. But with one good friend his life could get turned around. Yuki is dead. Real dead I think, not wandering soul and all of this will get fixed in the end. He won't go to high school again. He won't have a family again. He won't get married and have kids. He won't complain about homework to his friends while walking home from school. Nothing. So watching all of that happen around him and there was no one to listen to his screams...yeah he snapped. Snapped all over the place. Over ever single window ever. Now I do know what he did was wrong but I feel bad for him. I think the last time I blogged this show I called him a brat. Well he was being a brat stealing from a charity and a store when Chisaki offered to buy him what he needed. In this episode I see why he did what he did. He was overwhelmed. Mean to Manabu of course but overwhelmed. It seems as if Yuki is a newly dead or Yato brought him back from the world of unconscious. That Yuki was floating around all this time being dead and hadn't thought about his situation. So all of this is new to him. He hasn't had time to deal with it. If people don't deal with things probably they are likely to explode. Do horrible things. I don't know if I am trying to excuse away him behavior...which I shouldn't. Yuki could have really hurt someone with that glass. And hello that probably cost the school a lot of money and he scared those kids. School should be a safe place. But in the end he is a kid lashing out and I don't know if Yato has helped Yuki deal with being dead emotionally. Like he told him the facts but maybe he didn't let Yuki cry it out. Or Yuki doesn't want to cry it out in front of Yato.
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You were supposed to help us!
Either way Yato seems down for the count. The second the windows started to go Yato hit the ground. He did predict someone was going to snap today. Hiyori was there to see it and the nasty blight on Yato. I didn't know if you touched it you got blighted too. X___X Hiyori didn't make a contract with Yuki, unfair. Remembering Yato's words Hiyori gathered up Yuki and Yato and took them to see Kofuku. Surely she will help. She helped when Bishamon was trying to hurt Yato last time. Things will be okay. Yeah they will be okay. Or or....Hiyori will get there and Daikoku will make a barrier and cast them out. Yeah that works too.....Yato is in trouble isn't he? LE SIGH! Until next time.

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