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Noragami episode 7

 photo noragamiepisode79_zps870eedf1.jpg
The face of someone doomed!
Posts, posts, and more posts. And laundry. How is it only 4 pm? I feel like I have been up forever yet I need to get more done. So lets get to it right away as this post is the last one that was in its final stages of being complete. Now I can watch and blog about actual episodes AFTER watching them. Or you know take a nap. Either way. Up now is Noragami episode 7. Spoilers for Yuki having a death wish.
 photo noragamiepisode711_zpseabc724d.jpg
For you to stop being a brat?
Episode Summary: Bishamon is taking another spa type bath. She is sitting there thinking how Yato was acting injured and she should have taken him out when she had the chance. Curses. Her main treasure Kazuma appears with a status report. To stop the fight last time Kofuku created a Vent, an in between from this world and the Far Shore, and Phantoms were pouring in for a time before it was sealed off. Now nearby gods want this problem taken care of. Bishamon is like okay so where is Yato? Kazuma gets quiet and very upset. Bishamon tells Kazuma to speak his mind. Kazuma tells Bishamon that she isn't acting like a good master, putting all of them in danger over a grudge. Bishamon is like silence....then asks Kazuma to get ready for the Phantom hunt. Back at case de Hiyori she has gone and made a lovely breakfast for Yuki the perpetual sad. But when she opens the door Yato is sitting there eating chips. She asks where Yuki is and Yato shrugs, saying the kid ran away. Hiyori demands for Yato to care and he says he only needs Yuki for battle, nothing else. Yato pretends to not care but tells Hiyori he thinks Yuki is at Tenjin's place. So off Hiyori runs. Tenjin and some of his treasure weapons greet her warmly. They confirm that Yuki was there earlier via flashback. Yuki has asked Tenjin to make him his (Tenjin's) treasure as he is tired of the awful Yato. Tenjin tells Yuki to give it more time. Yuki says he only sees this ending is disaster and Tenjin tells Yuki he can't make the boy his treasure because that would make him a Nora. Yuki and Hiyori are confused at this term, Nora, as they thought Nora was a person. The explanation of Nora is given to Hiyori, flashback over. A Nora is someone who goes around having many masters, lots of names. Other treasures hate them as this is disloyal and how can a god trust someone with many masters? It is like they are going against their very nature. Hiyori wants to know how Noras can exist if they shouldn't? Tenjin doesn't know but thinks that this Yuki and Yato situation needs work. Tenjin explains that some gods use Noras to do things they wouldn't dare ask their personal treasures to do. Hiyori wants to know more but Tenjin's treasures get upset and he goes to comfort them. Later Yato goes out, probably to find Yuki but he runs into Nora instead. She wants Yato to use her again, to forgot about Yuki. Yato is pretty strong in his no I won't do that.
 photo noragamiepisode715_zps4ce9f677.jpg
According to Nora Yuki is so useless not even birds would eat him. Amazing.
Hiyori is still looking for Yuki when she smells something different. A god but not Yato. She sees Bishamon and freaks out. She goes to run away but Kazuma is standing behind her. He realizes she is a half Phantom and if she values her life to stay away from the situation. Bishamon and Mr. Lion treasure land on the roof and talk to Kazuma like Hiyori isn't there. They think this sector is clear of Phantoms and want to move on. Kazuma agrees, saying he will make one more sweep of the area. They leave and Kazuma explains to Hiyori his ability to understand and control the area around him thus he could conceal her. She wants to know why he helped her if she has sided with Yato. Kazuma says while he might be enemies with Yato because of Bishamon he still respects and owes Yato. Which is why he tells Hiyori that Yuki is slowly killing Yato with this blight. That Yuki will have to die in order for Yato to live. Hiyori has flashes in her head of Yato threatening to kill Yuki. Elsewhere Yuki is pissed over Tenjin not accepting when Yato finds him. Claims that they have a job. Turns out this job is being a fill in at a convenient store. Yuki is pissed while Yato is trying to make the best of it. Daikoku and Kofuku come in to I guess mock Yato. Hiyori leads them there with her keen eye for detail...I mean strong sense of smell. She wants to tell Yato about her convo with Kazuma when Yato gets a ping that Yuki did something wrong. He goes to the cash register to count the money and Yuki gets offended that Yato thinks so low of him. He runs out but sorta bumps/falls and a charity relief bucket falls from his jacket. Everyone knows he really is a thief now. He runs off upset and Hiyori really worries. It turns out that Kofuku and Daikoku were coming to give Yato a job she didn't want and Yato decides to take it, leaving those two in charge of the store. Yuki is beyond upset and well he has no one else to blame but himself. Nora randomly pops up and is all creepy on Yuki. Saying he is pretty but on the inside he is completely useless and no one needs him. Yuki gets upset, more than he already was when Yato appears. Nora offers to help Yato but declines Nora's hand and transforms Yuki into his sword form, that this is his treasure. Yato sets to work going after the huge moth Phantom yet finds out that Yuki is dull now. Yato proceeds to get his ass kicked. Nora once again offers to help Yato but he uses some purified water he obtained earlier to temporary stop the Phantom and to make Yuki sharp again to cut up the Phantom. Nora watches from the shadows while someone else appears and is like see he doesn't want you. In the end Hiyori is still very upset that Yato is hurt and Yuki might be killed. Kazuma seems to want Hiyori to stop this all. What will happen next?! THE END!
 photo noragamiepisode714_zpsdae80707.jpg
That doesn't sound very promising.....
Well it looks like things aren't ever going to be fun again. Ever. Well not for this episode and not the next episode either. What a drag man said all the surfer people ever.
 photo noragamiepisode718_zps1b669da6.jpg
Did someone say let it go?
So...Bishamon likes to take a lot of baths in the open. I am assuming this is her bath or onsen since she is a well to do god and all. No modesty for a woman who wears a bikini top in battle. Because you know...bikini tops are totally functional and warm. Amazing for battles and such. Oh you men with your fanservice. But yes bath time for Bishamon. She is pretty pissed about letting Yato go. Even though she is the one who made that decision. Like oh great and powerful Kofuku, I will surely listen to you, honor your request, and keep Yato alive for one extra day. Now Bishamon is regretting her decision. Yato was so weak and injured, he was easy pickings. What if someone sends him a sponsor gift now, gosh. Silly Bishamon.
 photo noragamiepisode7_zps7bb54c16.jpg
Not that you CARE because you are too busy focusing on Yato.
It seems as if you can back talk/question your Master and not cause them any blight or pings. That or maybe Bishamon and Kazuma have a special relationship. He does seem to be the main treasure despite Bishamon having a lot of them. A lot. Anyway Kazuma was not impressed with Bishamon's attitude. Whether it is because of his feelings/relationship with Yato or because Bishamon was acting out of line. To me it seems as if she got very upset when her treasures were slightly hurt last time. She still had the rage though so I guess Kazuma wasn't impressed with Bishamon not thinking of them. She is still the Master though. She got a little snippy though near the end of Kazuma's speech. Like shut up. But then Bishamon listened to Kazuma. Like okay so I do need to care about all those Phantoms Kofuku let loose last time. This was Bishamon's way of saying Kazuma was right. On a side note I really think Kofuku should be the one taking care of these Phantoms, not....anyone else. She let them out. Hiyori asked for help, not more problems.
 photo noragamiepisode72_zpsc977d8cd.jpg
So go find him!
Well that problem is going to have to wait. Although I am happy that it was acknowledged and wasn't a teehee did I do that moment. Since Hiyori really can't do much about that situation she figured making Yuki breakfast would help...make the kid feel loved. Not the dreadful cookies but breakfast. Bad cookies. Not that it mattes as Yato was there and Yuki was not. I think Yato is putting on a show. A very elaborate one. Maybe he wants to fool himself. Like I am big and bad and don't care about anyone else. But he does. That and trying to stop Yuki from leaving would probably make Yuki want to leave more or cause Yuki to sin in anger. So Yuki didn't make him stay. But you can't get mad at Hiyori for getting mad. Yuki is basically Yato's responsibility and to her he isn't doing a good job. At least Yato knew where Yuki was.
 photo noragamiepisode74_zpsc977d8cd.jpg
Yato is a giant meanie. Can I work for you instead?
Apparently Hiyori isn't ever really going to make Yato fix her. Because she is running off looking for bratty Yuki. I guess Yuki still has crazy angry hormones inside of him that causes the RARW to come out. That and being with Yato isn't ideal either. I mean he makes the Russian Olympics accommodations for visitors look downright roomy. No food, no water, no house. You would think over the years Yato would at least have a box to call his own. So Yuki being unhappy with his current situations sought out a god that looked popular and wasn't trying to kill him or act insane. Hello Tenjin. I am sure Yato knew why Yuki was there and that Yuki was going to get turned down. Just let Tenjin spring the news and let Yuki go crawling back. Or you know wish for death.
 photo noragamiepisode75_zps049f10a3.jpg
Someone has the jealouses.
So what was flashback Yuki and Hiyori told? Well Yuki wants to be Tenjin's treasure. The thing is Yato hasn't released him yet. Now that have seen the whole episode I know how this relationship works without it being incredibly one sided. But at that moment it just seemed like the god had all the power and Yuki couldn't ask to leave but maybe he could have another god be his master as well. Double dipping. Well there is a term for a treasure like that. Nora. Yeah that chick's name isn't Nora, she is a Nora. And it sounds like no one has any respect for those souls. Now this is kinda messed up. You know, you can't sleep with a hooker and complain hookers are disgusting people. So isn't it really the other gods fault for knowingly taking on a treasure who already has a master? I mean they have to know right? I t seems as if not all gods take part in this but the ones who use Noras do so to...get away with things. Perhaps they can get out of the sinning aspect of a Nora and make them do rotten things. Or undetected things. Either way, putting aside Tenjin trying to be a perv, being a Nora isn't a good thing. There are rules you know.
 photo noragamiepisode76_zps128aae92.jpg
:( But I love kitties.
The point is Noras are....not respected but apparently a useful part to being a god. I sounds like already established gods with tons of treasures don't have to sink that low but maybe gods like Yato have to. Maybe good treasures are hard to come by. Which could be why Yato is sticking it out with Yuki despite his super bratty behavior. Yato has made a lot of enemies in his past experiences hasn't he? Yuki might be adding to this stigma by simply not knowing the rules. He didn't know what a Nora is but now Tenjin's treasures know Yuki accidentally asked to be one. Also given how things are Yuki might be one willingly to get away from Yato. But Tenjin wasn't biting so off Yuki went, probably to have another pout. Keep on searching Hiyori.
 photo noragamiepisode78_zpsacd8a502.jpg
Is Bishamon so bent on killing Yato she can't sense Hiyori?
Hiyori's going on rooftops looking for this skateboard thief. Only she accidentally attracted the attention of Kazuma. Maybe Bishamon was too in the zone but....I think she should have sensed Hiyori. Kazuma did. I know his ability helped cover her up later but Hiyori is one big look at me I am right here target. I don't know, seems awfully convenient. But Bishamon is too busy looking for Phantoms to kill. Phantoms that Kofuku should be killing. Since Bishamon has about 10 treasure weapons she doesn't need Kazuma at all times so he can stop and talk to Hiyori about Yato. Funny how he is telling her one minute to stay away from all of this nonsense and the next to get herself more involved in said nonsense. Kazuma's reasons for doing this are unknown at this time. Kazuma did bow after the battle last episode so he has some respect for Yato. I am sure Yato was his first Master or saved him from something so Kazuma feels some loyalty despite belonging to and helping Bishamon. Wonder if Bishamon knows about that and what her feelings on the subject are.
 photo noragamiepisode710_zps0e3d5604.jpg
Err....but Yuki is my friend too....
It seems to me that Kazuma either wants Hiyori to be a treasure or convince Hiyori to convince Yato that Yuki must die. I am not sure if Hiyori can even be one but that is what I think Kazuma was saying. Otherwise I am not sure what his point was. Well I do get the point: Yuki must die. That was loud and clear. I am just not sure what Kazuma wants Hiyori to do about it. Yuki sinning is really hurting Yato. This is how the relationships stay “balanced” even thought there is only one Master. If a treasure doesn't respect or like his/her Master, is abused in anyway, that treasure can act a fool and hurt their Master into letting them go. Let them go, let them go. So...accidentally Yuki is really doing a great job of getting rid of Yato on his own. Only Yato is being stubborn and won't let Yuki go nor is really explaining to him how this all works. So Yato is going to die at this rate and Kazuma thinks the best course of action is for Yuki to die. Yeah I think Hiyori is the wrong person to tell this to.
 photo noragamiepisode77_zps3044b636.jpg
I promise I won't steal skateboards and money. I will just be....creepy.
After more fear being put into her heart Hiyori continued the search. And or was approached by Daikoku and Kofuku to find Yato whom had already found poutface Yuki. Like come on kid I got a job. But before Yato snatched Yuki up for this all important job there was a driveby Noraing. This girl is creepy. Maybe Tenjin was right the way he described them. Or maybe Nora was just a clinging stalker in her living life and being a spirit hasn't helped matters anyway. In any event Yato was trying to wash his blight off that Yuki keeps causing him. And Nora is like hey just use me. Don't even try to work with this Yuki kid because he is weighing you down. Technically this Yuki kid IS killing Yato but maybe Yato has some pride issues. Or he knows Yuki has been through a lot and is trying to make this work. Or maybe Nora really is that crazy and Yuki is a better alternative. Begone Nora, Yato doesn't want you anymore. You must have done something bad oh creepy, crouching all the time girl.
 photo noragamiepisode712_zpsdee24f8b.jpg
That would be Hiyori not making things better. Her specialty.
So anyway Nora is creepy, Yato finds Yuki, ect ect. Time for Yato's amazing job. What is it this time? Working at a convenient store. Ah the source of many meals and desserts while we were in Japan. Putting that aside....if people actually believed in Yato, that his sign was actually the real deal....they could make bank. Or save bank rather. Talk about having someone under the table. For the low, low price of 5 yen you could hire Yato to work all day. Think of all the savings. I mean....Yato should get in on this too. He would be guaranteed 5 yen a day. Sometimes he doesn't have any jobs at all. This is a win/win for everyone. Yato should really think about this poor idea of mine, he could have his temple in 200 years at this rate.
 photo noragamiepisode713_zps664e3f89.jpg
Could you just try not for 5 seconds? We swear all the attention is on you. Just stop.
While Yato was hard at work (because he is a hard worker and cheerful) Yuki was having a pout on the floor. A big no no. Japan is big on looking busy. I am pretty sure they invented busy work. So Yuki not helping....bad Yuki. I don't think he has accepted his lot in life right now. I think the night would have gone smoother had Hiyori not tried to make it batter. Kofuku had a job she didn't want done. Hiyori lead her right to Yato. The entire “gang' showed up if you would making the issue even worse. More witnessed to be embarrassed in front of. The issue being Yuki can't stop stealing. While everyone was making fun of Yato or worrying about Yuki (Hiyori) Yuki himself decided to be the baddie. Like woe is me, everyone is picking on me for being a thief. Instead of apologizing for my actions I will know...steal again. Because maybe this time no one will get mad at me? Yeah because stealing from a charity and making Yato look bad by accusing him rightfully so will throw everyone off. away and be sad some more that everyone is picking on you. It's not like Hiyori is trying to keep you alive or anything.
 photo noragamiepisode716_zps47c7d896.jpg
The battle is going well don't you think?
If Kofuku hadn't given the job to Yato I don't think Yato would have looked for the boy right away. Like nope, you keep blighting me, stay where you are and have a pout. But I guess it is a good thing that Kofuku is so lazy at cleaning up her own mess because in the midst of Yuki having his daily tantrum Nora the creeper showed up. Like my what big eyes you have type craziness. Yato is like nope nope, this is my Yuki treasure and we have a giant..moth to kill. Nora must be a level 5 crazy if the constant troublemaker Yuki is the better alternative. This battle between Yato and Mr. Giant Moth was not an easy one. Yato really is covered and hurt by Yuki's sins and Yuki is not in the right state of mind to...well really be used in battle. He is still mad at everyone and lashing out. If Yato had not had the purified water from his earlier encounter with Nora things...well might have ended badly. Good thing Bishamon didn't show up since we know she was in the area....
 photo noragamiepisode717_zps30e040c2.jpg
I guess I am amazed at the idea of a god dying....where do they go after they die?
So in the end (I poor memory) Yato does defeat the Moth Phantom but things are not good. Yuki isn't really up for friends or talking. Poor Hiyori is beyond worried about the poor boy now. She was worried before but now Yuki messed up again. Warning warning. Hiyori doesn't want to lose Yato or Yuki. Yato is trying to work with this kid but it really isn't working. Yato has been ignoring the Yuki situation or really not...explaining how serious the situation is. I think he wants to help “save” Yuki despite acting all big and bad in front of Hiyori, that he would punish the kid. But maybe now that his life is on the line....Nora might be an option? I hope not. Guess we will find out next episode. Til then...


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