Sunday, March 2, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear: Happy Valentine's Day!

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Luffy and I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Hello there Duffy lovers! A while ago it was Valentine's Day. Mom and Dad had to work a lot so it was more like a Valentine's Day weekend. Lots of time for presents, chocolates, and fun. XO And of course me wearing a cute little outfit. Come see how me and Luffy spent the day that seems so long ago now that I think about it.....
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Mom was so happy when Luffy was rereleased this year. Last year she missed out on him. But she had me instead for an entire year.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014038_zps51e87648.jpg
A valentine from a co-worker. Mom loves Tangled.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014039_zps839e995f.jpg
A free choco. There was a lady handing out samples near where mom works.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014040_zps2cad68f1.jpg
Some yummy Princess chocolate.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014041_zps9d75d2cd.jpg
Look at what Dad got Mom. Instead of getting her flowers he got her a bamboo plant that can stay alive as long as she...well keeps it alive. Good luck mom, it is really pretty in that heart shape! So lovely.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014042_zps0666ec16.jpg
It hearts Luffy's head.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014043_zps95f656f5.jpg
It even has instructions. How hard can bamboo be?
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014045_zps972f0ff4.jpg
Next year we should hand out valentines too.
 photo ChristinBirthdayandValentinesDay2014047_zpsb7aa5f18.jpg
Dad got Mom the bamboo heart AND made her a dessert. Look how lovely this is! The recipe is from a fancy hotel at Disneyland in California. How cool is that?! Also Mom said it was yummy and thoughtful.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014001_zps811bf774.jpg
Mom got me a valentine too!! Chocolates for me.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014002_zps773ddb9e.jpg
Can I eat them all at once? Please?
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014003_zps8514cb56.jpg
Is this for me?
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014004_zps501c6519.jpg
What do you mean it's for mom's brother? I like it and I think it's cute. :( No fair.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014005_zpsb50344d5.jpg
On this is for me instead? I see!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014006_zpscd11bb82.jpg
Okay this is a good present for me. Thanks Mom, I love my new shirt. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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