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Hamatora episode 6

 photo hamatoraepisode613_zps6ef37bbd.jpg
Spoilers for Bromance!
Post number three, blazing right through. Even though it didn't look like it I was attempting to do some blogging while there was skiing and skating on my TV. You know, in between the commercials and Bob Costa's boring eye story. Just actually finishing any one post was difficult. Like concentrate you silly person. Even now I wanted all these posted earlier but ABC family has distracted me with their line-up of Disney movies tonight. Stop distracting me!!!! Up now is Hamatora episode 6. Spoilers for Birthday and Moral declaring their love for each other.
 photo hamatoraepisode62_zps1fd2106e.jpg
Look at me making my obvious villain face!
Episode Summary: There are lights and cameras everywhere. The press is interviewing a young artist named Chiyuu. Her artwork is kinda creepy but she has just got a movie collaboration with some famous American director. Yay celebrations. Birthday is watching this program at the hospital waiting room. Ratio finishes up with a patient (using his Minimum) and the patient praises the doc. Ratio enters the waiting room and asks Birthday how his appointment went. Birthday is like meh my condition is the same. He then changes the topic to their artist friend Chiyuu on TV. Then Birthday and Ratio get a phone call from Chiyuu's manager Black. Turns out this interview is a few hours old, that Chiyuu was kidnapped right afterwards. Ratio and Birthday are like why haven't you gone to the police if she was kidnapped? Black says Chiyuu asked him never to go to the police because if something like this happened it would probably involve someone close to her. Oh I see. Elsewhere in the city another dead natural Minimum Holder has been found. The 11th one according to Mr. Gasquet Doc Killer. Apparently Honey and Three have been called in on this case and Honey wants to know why Art hasn't informed Nice and the others about it. Art gets super pissed off by her line of questioning and makes excuses. Eventually Gasquet tells Art to take a break because he is making a fool of himself. So Art decides to visit his brother's grave and is surprised to see Nice there. Apparently everyone else has already stopped by to visit judging by the items left but there is one thing left that they have no idea who left.....They pay their respects anyway and Art asks Nice to go lunch with him. Nice declines, saying Art is keeping something from him and he (Nice) doesn't want Art to feel pressured or accidentally say anything. Meanwhile birthday has gone to super popular (but mainstream) artist Misty's signing bring Chiyuu's work. Misty gets pissed and Ratio joins them for questioning. It is determined that they think Misty has kidnapped her friend Chiyuu. That Misty was the other person up for this movie collaboration. Misty is like ya'll better check yourselves, I sell way more than Chiyuu. Please be steppin. Birthday and Ratio make a few more snide remarks but don't step. They eventually go to Misty's home where she tries to ignore them.
 photo hamatoraepisode614_zpsb2dca7be.jpg
Um....I am sure Birthday will be fine....
Back at the cafe Nice runs in to find his people upset that he was wrong about some TV special involving a famous artist. Doesn't matter though since Famous Artist is drinking some coffee right there in the cafe. Apparently he has something important to say. Back at Misty's place Birthday gets a phone call (probably Nice) and takes it outside. He is then hit on the head and kidnapped. Ratio keeps on talking to Misty, trying to get her to crack. Misty eventually confesses she is semi jealous of her friend because her work is so much better than hers. All that Misty does is generic crap. But she is also so proud of Chiyuu and would never harm her. Ratio gets some spidey sense feeling and goes outside to find the kidnapper, saying to bring Misty along to this address. Ratio first investigates Chiyuu's industry building while Misty worries that Birthday is dead. Ratio is like Birthday promised me he would never die!! Birthday wakes up to see Chiyuu all kidnapped and concerned over him. Birthday says (while trying to move and make a signal for Ratio) he promised Ratio to live no matter what. It is flashback time. See once upon a time Ratio was considered a creepy kid because he could see what was wrong with people and if it was severe enough tell them they were going to die soon. Ratio did that enough times where people started to avoid him. All his classmates were scared. All but Birthday who was like stop pretending to be all col and shit. Ratio takes one look at Birthday and sees the kid is super sick and is going to die like tomorrow. Birthday is like you watch me. I will live and if I do then the creepy you has to die. So Birthday has the procedure and despite no one believing lived. Ratio cried as the creepy him died and he gained a friend. So now in the present both Birthday and Ratio finish telling Misty and Chiyuu this story of brotherhood. Birthday manages to make it to the circuit board so he could use his lightening powers. Ratio sees it and drives over. It is revealed that manager Black kidnapped Chiyuu and hired Ratio (because he was going to kill Birthday) to deliver Misty to this location. Then Black was going to claim Ratio kidnapped Misty and set this all up because Chiyuu paid him to. Why all this foolishness? So Misty would be his new client and he could make more money since her work is popular. He figured Misty would be down for this lie but it turns out she was telling the truth, Chiyuu is her friend. Ratio is worried about injured Birthday helping but they both fight. Black reveals (of course) that he is an acquired Minimum Holder and his power is to harden. Only by combining their power could Birthday and Ration summon Captain Planet. Or you know injury Black enough for him to flee. But Nice and Murasaki were close by and help capture Black. Yay friendship. Later it is revealed that Moral has the power to change his appearance and he is able to sneak in somewhere that only Dead Doc had access to. XO What will happen now? Oh THE END!
 photo hamatoraepisode619_zpsf0b47f66.jpg
Caught up? Please. I broke into this place weeks ago.
See guys. I am actually almost up to date on some animes. Just...finishing them is the problem due to the Olympics taking up all my attention. All my focus where my crappy reality shows I can just half focus on. And how dare I be busy at work!! Working at work? Awful, I have anime to blog. Even if the anime has questionable graphics at times....
 photo hamatoraepisode6_zps31fd65bc.jpg
Something is not adding up for Nice here.
So starting off...I guess I didn't summaries the first few moments of the show did I? Oh well. It was of Nice looking down from the spa and wondering how this random masseuse had a Minimum power. Maybe all children are placed in the Academy to be tested. That or kids who show promise are. Just that anyone who DOES have a Minimum have been to the Academy and that there should be a recording of it. No one falls through the cracks so Nice is confused. Because Art has some 'splainin to do and hasn't done so yet. The person who does know all about the cases is Gasquet. Poor Art. How frustrating to know he is mistrusting an actual friend while the person he is confiding in is killing off the Doc and what not. I am not even sure if Gasquet is a real person anymore. Given the end of the episode Moral was shown having either a cloaking ability or shape shifting ability. So maybe the real Gasquet would never have betrayed the force but he is dead. I don't know if my idea is farfetched or not. That maybe Moral has to touch or personally kill someone to become them. So where or not Gasquet is a separate person or not might not be the point for now. Maybe later. But the point now is Art is being lied to and Moral can become the Doc and break into things. Now I need to think if Art has been with Gasquet all the times Moral has been seen at the same time.
 photo hamatoraepisode63_zpsdc6496af.jpg
Something is on TV? Surely it will be apart of this episode. These are magical TVs....
That was a very tiny part of the episode though. Moral is one handing out powers but the main focus of this episode was art. Not Art but art. A young artist named Chiyuu is going to have a movie collaboration with a famous American...person. I am not sure how this is going to work. Producers are usually well known for live action movies in America while Studios are in the cartoon/animation business. seems...rather impossible for me to wrap my head around. That isn't important though. Well my confusion anyway. Because every single little part of every episode is connected in some way. If it's on TV then it will play a role in the crime of the day.
 photo hamatoraepisode64_zps5ddd4a1e.jpg
Thanks for the details there Birthday.
Birthday is watching said program while waiting for Ratio to finish up with a patient. I wonder if Ratio even bothered to get his doctorate. Seems like a waste if he is just a general practitioner and he can automatically see what is wrong with a person. Still Ratio is praised for another correct diagnosis, with the patient not knowing Ratio's actual ability. Since Ratio was in that horrible commercial he is known as a Minimum Holder so...what do people think his real ability is? He does wear or has metal hands....Either way Ratio finishes up with his patient so he can make fun of Birthday while at the same time asking how Birthday is doing. Because Birthday has an illness. Mr. Live for the Moment has a reason to say that. Birthday is all like it's fine, lets talk about our mutual friend who was just on TV. You know, 5 seconds before her manager calls us. Just one big circle these episodes.
 photo hamatoraepisode65_zps465d5391.jpg
What is that smell? Is that bullshit?
So why is Chiyuu's manager Mr. Black calling Hamatora? Well obviously because he is a dumbass criminal but more on that later. It is because Chiyuu has been actual crime that the police should at least try to solve before going to Hamatora. No offense. Apparently none taken as Birthday and Ratio question that too. They should be questioning why everything around them magically becomes a case know...drama. Mr. Black's lame excuse is lame. That Chiyuu doesn't want to involve the police because if someone does kidnap her it would probably be someone she knows and ruining that person's life would be so sad. Because Chiyuu can see into the future and knows who is going to kidnap her and Chiyuu is so Japanese and doesn't want to cause problems that she will forgive the kidnapper. Alrighty then what a lovely case.
 photo hamatoraepisode67_zps03c28e4e.jpg
More people means more help to solve this case. So obviously I want no help!
So while Birthday and Ratio try to figure out Blue's Clues more dead Minimum Holders are popping up. This makes number 11. I am surprised that real Minimum Holders haven't started hiring bodyguards or something. That this hasn't reached some higher ups at the Academy. Me thinks Moral is more of a loner. Like by the way guys the class reunion this year is going to be a bit smaller than usual. Despite Art wanting to keep this from Nice and the gang he has decided to include Honey and Three. So Honey and Three work for the police and just know Hamatora? Anyway Honey is like this is some bullshit, you should tell Nice. Since Art can't really explain why he can't tell Nice he comes off looking a bit crazy. Honey doesn't know what's up so she is pissed while Gasquet dos know what is up but is pushing buttons and pretending Art is crazy for shits and giggles. So Art takes a magical break from the case giving Gasquet/Moral more chances to kill people.
 photo hamatoraepisode69_zps9347c1ce.jpg
Seems like these guys are real friends. Wonder if this brother will be important later or if he is the first of meaningful deaths.
I know when I am feeling stressed and down I seek relaxation by visiting dead people. Maybe the death happened far enough in the past that this is actually soothing for Art but I don't think so. Seems recent if everyone is leaving things at the grave site. Even Moral. Nice was there paying his respects too. I like how Nice knows Art is being..well not a liar face. More like a hider face. But yes Nice knows Art is keeping something from him and is okay with it. There is no weeping and gnashing of teeth. More like....okay I understand this is your job and you can't tell me everything. I understand friend, no hard feelings. I think Art might be feeling a little guilty now....
 photo hamatoraepisode610_zps2be5c2fd.jpg
Look at me being all calm and stuff despite you "omitting from me.
So while Nice is off going back to the cafe and meeting with another famous artist (who might actually solve the case but isn't important at all) Birthday and Ratio think they have solved the case. Onward to another famous artist's booking signing. In case you haven't notice the theme is art today. This girl is named Misty and it turns out she is Chiyuu's friend and was up for the same movie gig. Only Chiyuu got it instead. Hmmmm folks what could be going on here folks? Jealously? That Sailor Moon episode with the magic pencils? Misty claims this is not the case and points out that she sells way more pieces than Chiyuu. Now begone fool beasts.
 photo hamatoraepisode611_zps5ea7a29a.jpg
Being jealous ain't a crime. Use your brain, this is all fishy.
Birthday and Ratio instead follow the girl either to her home or office. Misty should have called the police. Like hello my friend has been kidnapped and there are people stalking me. I mean, maybe Misty thought she was next. Perhaps Misty assumed they were the police and that's why she didn't call for help. XO Do Hamatora go around pretending to be the police?! Illegalness! None of this really matters as Misty folded like a poorly made house of cards the second Birthday went to take a phone call I mean get knocked on the head. Because Ratio is definitely the guy I would want to talk to, to open up to with my deep, dark feelings. Misty isn't guilty of anything besides good old fashion jealously. Sure she sells tons of pictures and what not and is super popular. But she wants more. Before I break into a Disney song...I guess I can see Misty's point. Chiyuu might not be rollin in the dough but she is not mainstream. She is different and unique, drawing what she feels like while Misty draws what the masses like. Perhaps not what she likes but what sells to otaku. So while she would love to be the one with a movie deal I think she was happy it went to Chiyuu. Her friend and a true artist. So you can be happy for your friend and jealous at the same time AND not be a kidnapper.
 photo hamatoraepisode612_zps9d8508e3.jpg
Poor criminals....too stupid to live.
See because the real kidnapper just got Birthday as he went to take a call from Nice. Although it almost looked like a scene from Scream where the killer calls to lure the victim outside. While Ratio was having a questionable heart to heart with a girl who should be a little more upset that her friend is missing and she's the main suspect, Birthday was getting hit on the head and taken to where Chiyuu was. Powers don't matter if you are hit from behind. Because the kidnapper is oh so smart he calls Ratio right away and gives away his location. In the most obvious way. Criminals are always near railroad tracks or noisy birds, something that gives away their location. Onwards to the desperate search for Birthday. Oh and Chiyuu. I think Ratio forgot about Chiyuu the minute Birthday went poof and left a puddle of blood instead. Birthday was “okay” but Ratio didn't know that. Instead of talking about each girl they were currently with or how bad the situation was both Birthday and Ratio decided to explain their bromance. Birthday means so much to me, I can't die and leave Ratio. Any thought of maybe hooking up with these guys flew out the window.
 photo hamatoraepisode615_zps92881ed6.jpg
And then a tiny friendship was formed.
Back when Ratio was a tiny nerd he really didn't have control of his mouth. Not his powers mind you as they are not dangerous themselves. He just hadn't learned how to censor himself yet. Always saying exactly what the problem was. Usually you are going to die soon. Yeah people don't like hearing that from a kid. Maybe a doctor and maybe in a more tactful way but not a kid. So I don't think people were scared of Minimum Holders at that time...just Ratio. All alone he is in the world. No friends for him. Until one day a classmate came up to him and basically challenged him. Like who are you to tell people these things? The kid in question was of course Birthday who was dying himself. I am sure he had been told all his life about his condition and was struggling hard to prove everyone wrong. I am sure he wanted to help Ratio...not be so lonely as well. Like I will take away the stigma that has been placed on you. If I die you are a creepy kid. But if I live then the creepy you has to die. Almost like Birthday was giving Ratio an out and giving himself a reason to live for someone else. Now of course Birthday defied the odds but is still...well the condition still exists and can return at anytime. Thus Ratio worries and Birthday does his best to live everyday to the fullest.
 photo hamatoraepisode616_zpsaa7c2fe8.jpg is really dumb?
During this magical walk down memory lane that no one asked for Birthday manages to use his powers to signal to Ratio where he and Chiyuu were and you know...lead them to the kidnapper. So I am not sure how much luring there natural was. The kidnapper was...Mr. Black. Yep Chiyuu's manager. Are you ready to roll your eyes folks? He plotted all of this so Misty could work with the famous American director. Because in his mind Misty makes more money so wouldn't it make sense to follow the gravy train? I mean...this criminal is obviously a dumbass. Chiyuu might not have been as popular before the movie deal but she might have really taken off afterwords and been more popular than Misty. So all of this was totally unnecessary. Instead Mr. Dumbass plans this elaborate scheme to make it look like Chiyuu and Murasaki stage her own kidnapping to hurt/kidnap Misty and Mr. Black was going to save the day/expose his own client, then let Misty take her dream job for the movie. See it all makes sense when you are a dumbass. Too bad Misty was actually Chiyuu's friend.
 photo hamatoraepisode617_zps92698d43.jpg
Easy breezy beatings.
Thankfully that Mr. Black didn't start to do push-ups. Birthday and Ratio get to work kicking his ass. Because obviously Mr. Black has acquired some Minimum powers from Moral. His ability is to harden his body, like that one dude from the X-Men. It makes it difficult for Birthday and Ratio to attack him. Especially since Ratio is still worried about Birthday hurting himself. Eventually the two decide to work together to fight Black. We are an awesome team forever and ever yay! Oh and Murasaki and Nice show up as the 3rd famous artist from earlier gave them a tip on what was probably going to happen. So convenient, especially when Black tried to make a daring escape on a boat. You aren't villain enough to do that crazy. So....yay for catching stupid criminals?
 photo hamatoraepisode618_zps26db1bf8.jpg
Moral either needs to find better people to give powers too...or he should be applauded for not giving powers to crazy people.
I think that is about it for this episode. Ratio really, really cares for Birthday. Ratio and Birthday act more like a team than Murasaki and Nice. Art is being forced into taking a break from the case so Gasquet can help Moral be sneaky. Moral is the Doc now, poking around thing he shouldn't. What is he up to now? I am sure he wants more info on Nice but why? Guess we will find out next time. See ya then!

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