Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day!

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Wait what about Pi Day?
Hello there it is I Duffy the Disney Bear!! Being that I am such a loved bear I have many clothes for a lot of occasions. XD Even ones she doesn't really celebrate all that much. We aren't Irish but it is still fun to wear green and....eat green things? Mom would have posted these pictures yesterday but photobucket was being mean. :(
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Dad made us green spaghetti. I think the idea sounded a lot better than what it looked like. Mom was like....err....
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Mom's new doll Anna doesn't have to worry about being pinched today. XD I think this holiday consists of pinching people and beer. Not too much fun if you ask me....
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...Yeah my family doesn't really celebrate St. Patrick's day that much. This is our "green" salad for dinner. XD
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Nom nom nom....oh these aren't all for me? I was meant to share them with everyone?!
 photo StPatricksDay006_zpse49c6b6c.jpg
Can I have just one more please??!
 photo StPatricksDay007_zps6ff53e1f.jpg
Hey guys! Mom got us some cookies to share. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I am sure mom will do more for Easter for us. XD

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