Sunday, March 2, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Birthdays at Disney World Part 3

 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014116_zps0119c396.jpg
Who needs sleep?! It is time for Hollywood Studios fun. Well and the Tower of Terror. Which according to my Mom is not fun.
Ready for part three of our February birthday adventure trip? I know I was. We had tons of fun yesterday at Magic Kingdom but now it is time to see Hollywood Studios. Scruffy has never been. XO So time to put on our Star Wars outfit and have a great day. I am sure we will have a fun time.
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Mom doesn't like scary rides but she will wait in line with Dad and Scruffy's mom. This is a roller coaster for some scary looking music people.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014126_zpsd6bfda32.jpg
Look at how fast this is going! So fast even I am blurry.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014130_zps9912d562.jpg
These are the seats for the scary ride. They might be a bit too big...
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014132_zps39e25825.jpg
Oh nos I might fall out!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014136_zps5c6341d0.jpg
The Tower of Terror is a ride in a scary broken down hotel. I am not sure why you would want to ride a broken elevator is a scary hotel but lots of people do.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014138_zps3c37d760.jpg
We got on the ride so fast we barely got to see everything!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014143_zpsabc38cc0.jpg
Scruffy and I are both from Star Wars today. XD We match!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014145_zps79630c89.jpg
Dad should rent one of these to take us home tonight so he doesn't have to drive.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014149_zpsa27fd725.jpg
A random office in a restaurant? Hmmmmm.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014151_zps5448679f.jpg
Don't worry, I'm a professional.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014156_zpsffffdfc7.jpg
They need to tidy up a bit in here....
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014163_zps8bbc41f8.jpg
Forget all this walking, I am taking the subway.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014166_zpsa5ea1807.jpg
Let's ride Star Tours one million times today!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014169_zps7f9ef538.jpg
We are being attacked by giant hands oh no!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014172_zps62f56040.jpg
Something amazing happened on one of the times we rode Star Tours. I got chosen to be the rebel spy!!!! XO I got my own seat and they chose me! It must be my lovely lucky for me!!!!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014174_zps949a952b.jpg
After being the rebel spy we went to visit Walt Disney. Without him I would not be possible.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014178_zps2d574402.jpg
Time to see Lightening McQueen in a car show.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014182_zps6ba817a2.jpg
Look what mom got me for being the rebel spy. One day I will have the whole set weee!
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014185_zps4f8dceb6.jpg
It was almost time for the nighttime show Fantasmic. Well not really but we waited a long time at the stadium. They wanted to ride the scary hotel ride one more time so Mom went along to take pictures.
 photo HappyBirthdayChristinRichard2014186_zps9f7b2689.jpg
Picture if you would....a really awesome Disney World vacation!
 photo Random001_zpsc197410c.jpg
Here is the new outfit I got. Yes it matches Scruffy's. I was supposed to wear it Sunday but...there was a bit of craziness....
 photo Random003_zpseae57c5d.jpg
But I look really cute in it now right? XD I can always wear it next time....when is next time Mom?!

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