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Hamatora episode 7

WEEEEEE! It is Sunday. Sunday is my only guaranteed day off from this special job so I either need to make the most of this day...or stay in bed all day catching up on rest. XD But given the fact I am still super behind on anime and I did spend the last Sunday at Disney...maybe things should get done. Like anime and house cleaning. So many towels!!! So many episodes to watch.
 photo hamatoraepisode711_zpsf220280d.jpg
So sayeth the man who is shooting people left and right.
So lets continue my little posting spree from last night. Up now is Hamatora episode 7. Spoilers for....well things taking a drastic turn.
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Way to support your client.
Episode Summary: Nice and the others have gotten Mr. Black back on land and are asking him what he meant by gaining powers. He explains to them that he was just an ordinary asshole who was going around on internet forums bashing his client Chiyuu (with many people defending her) when someone sent him a strange message. About changing his fate if he only watched the movie Brave. Or if he clicked on this link. Mr. Black clicks on the link and ends up going to a place waiting for someone, having doubts about the whole thing. Eventually he is drugged and wakes up with a Minimum. He feels as if he has to go through with his crime despite not telling anyone what he was thinking because he feels....threatened by this unknown person who gave him his power. Honest he is a good person ya'll. Nice takes all this information and asks Art about Moral the serial killer. Art is SHOCKED that Nice knows who donit. Nice explains that he knows about the serial killer taking brains out of Minimum Holders. That the brain is where the Minimum is held. And that all the crimes being done lately are by people who didn't go to the Academy, that they must have acquired them elsewhere. So it makes sense they gained them from the brains of the dead Minimum Holders and only someone with ties with the Academy would have the knowledge and skill to do this. That this person probably isn't with the Academy anymore and based on those people....Nice guessed and waited for Art's reaction. Art is PISSED that Nice would trick him. This leads to a downward spiral of Art defending not telling Nice any of this despite Nice not being mad because he understands it is Art's job. It really gets uncomfortable with Art yelling at Nice and Nice just taking it when Art gets a call. It turns out that the person with the strongest Minimum in history died a while back and his/her brain was being kept somewhere top secret where only people like Doc could get to it. Well now it has been stolen. Art and Nice go to the scene of the crime and there is anger. Lots of anger. How could this have happened, there are security measures?! When Nice tries to give his two cents, that it was either an inside job or a Minimum holder with the ability to hide their appearance Art is basically like this is police business away with you. Nice leaves and is all sad face. He goes to pout at Cafe No Customers where no one really takes his side. Since Art is so nice and level headed surely Nice is the one who made him upset and better make it up to him.
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I am sure Nice away screaming from your efforts.
Nice has to put that aside for now as he and Murasaki have a job. They go to another cafe that actually has customers. They meet with a man sleeping around with a bunch of idols. Their fans have paid Nice and Murasaki to tell Mr. Skank to stop deflowering their precious maidens. Mr. Skank is no. These girls want me and not these LOSERS (said losers were in the booth behind them) so they need to stop being jealous. Mr. Skank basically acts like an asshole and leaves. Later that day though it turns out the Otaku Losers as Mr. Skank put it hired some people to either kill or beat the shit out of Mr. Skank. Mr. Skank calls Hamatora for help. Nice arrives and saves Mr. Skank but kicks him around a little bit too. The Losers cheer and Nice threatens them as well as he is disgusted with both of them. Murasaki gives Nice the look, as if this should all make Nice want to tell Art he is sorry. Meanwhile Art has taken in Honey and Three to help solve what the hell is going on. Honey can't find anything with her ability and Three does nothing. All the feeds have been cut and what will happen now. Art is all RARW because Nice gave him good advice about not focusing on what Moral looks like as his appearance could have changed. Things start to get angry so Art leaves to go back to the mansion and look for clues the hard way. This leaves the other characters to sit around and talk about Art and his past. Honey explains that she went to school with all these people yet she and Art were the only ones to graduated. They all remain close despite Art never being able to develop a Minimum and Nice not explaining why he dropped out. There is talk to why Art is the way he is, that he works twice as hard as if he thinks he has something to prove. Honey thinks very highly of him so he doesn't need to worry about that, his friends just legitimately want to help. Back at the mansion Nice has discovered some black flowers that are similar to the ones left on his brother's grave. Immediately he knows that Moral left him and runs back to the graves because TADA Moral is there. You are under arrest. Moral basically goes hahaha and there is some small talk instead of calling for backup. Moral seems to think he is making the world fair by giving powers to those in need. But his real purpose in stealing the mega Minimum Brain is to become equal with Nice. That Nice is the most amazing Minimum person ever and it must be so lonely for him at the top. People without powers are lonely and Nice is lonely being at the top alone. So all Moral is doing is changing that to make everyone happy and why can't Art see that. Art is like um no you be crazy. Moral starts going on and on about how he doesn't have to have a Minimum to be Nice's friend and things should be hurt in life. Moral suggests that Art isn't even worthy of being around Nice. Moral offers to give Art a Minimum, that his entire life Art has come up short and he can help him. Art says he will remain himself. Moral stabs Art with a smile on his face. As the man lay dying on the ground Moral says he will help and give Art some useful information. He whispers it in Art's ear who seems rather upset about the news. At that moment Nice calls to apologize to Art and Art tries to reach the phone to tell him what Moral just told him. Moral than shoots Art about 38439 times while Nice waits for someone to pick up the phone. THE END!
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Ain't no one care about you and your stupid excuses. Begone there is sadness!
Well then....that's depressing. It's hard to blog about an episode when the ending is so sad. Or know, one certain emotion or another. Sorta sets the mood for the whole episode. Like you can't separate the different moods once it sets in. Still I must.
 photo hamatoraepisode76_zps7c919121.jpg
That would be a giant no.
This episode was really about Art. Art and his friendship with Nice. I guess the writing was on the wall, on what was going to happen at the end. When an episode focuses too much on one person that is either a good thing or a bad thing. I was slightly worried last episode when there was so much focus on Birthday. Especially since he is sick and Ratio was going on and on about their love. So when Birthday lived...yeah something was going to happen this episode. Since this series isn't shying away from brains and dead people, a main character was going to die. You know, despite this show having light hearted cases thus far.
 photo hamatoraepisode74_zps0b229a20.jpg
Nice has figured out Blue's Clues. Let see how close he can get.
Instead of throwing Mr. Black directly into jail and collecting 200 dollars Nice and the others ask him what was going on. This overlapped with Art telling Nice more about the case. Basically nothing new was really learned on the viewer's end. Nice's end but not really for us. I think we the viewers were supposed to feel bad for Mr. Black. Like this wasn't his fault, he was forced to do this. Yeah right. He was going online talking shit about Chiyuu (dumbass) and someone responded to his post. So...he had to click the link? I mean I guess he didn't ask to have a Minimum nor could he have know what this is promise of power could be. But when he woke up with his Minimum was he forced to do those things to Chiyuu and Misty? Yeah Moral is just running around giving people powers. He is giving them the chance to do things. He isn't making them carry through with the crimes. sympathy.
 photo hamatoraepisode75_zps550bf947.jpg me?! HOW DARE YOU!!!!
All of this was discussed, with Art saying and confirming to Nice all these crimes are being committed by people gaining Minimum powers and all these dead people are Minimum Holders are missing brains . Since Nice is on the up and up about these issues he has figured out someone has being giving powers since the brain is connected to these powers. And since there is only a few places Minimum Holders are studied/ was easy for Nice the genius to limit down who was behind this...transfer of powers. Someone who worked at the Academy, someone not there anymore. I mean...I would have said I picked Moral out because he looked the creepiest. Like I narrowed down the field of suspects and Moral is the killer simply because he looks like it. Instead Nice narrowed it down and guessed and went on Art's reaction that it was in fact Moral. Good job Nice.
 photo hamatoraepisode78_zpsaabef877.jpg
But but....he was being mean to me!
I think....Art got really offended and defensive with Nice. I mean...Nice told him last episode he knew Art was working on a case and couldn't discuss it with him. Nice merely figured it out himself. I guess Art felt a little tricked but given that Art has been thinking not so positive things about Nice and keeping him out of the loop due to some unfounded think he would have let that slide. But no Art was just on edge and felt dumb that Nice really wasn't that upset. Just stating facts and figuring things out. Art was like this is my job, stop pressuring me civilian. I think given what all was going on Nice was....pretty Nice. This could have affected him too, being one of the most powerful Minimum Holders. His friends could have gotten hurt. And that all the cases truly are connected. So...Nice was pretty understanding about the situation and Art was...well upset to say the least.
 photo hamatoraepisode77_zpse89cade0.jpg
Brains and heads all over the place. TV is obsessed with them.
Thing did not improve for Art when he got an important phone call while with Nice. I sorta wonder why Art took Nice with him, after that speech about this is police business tralala. Maybe Art knew there was no more point to this secrecy, that the cat was out of the bag and keeping Nice uninformed now would just be petty. Might want to include the rest of Hamatora that the brainest of brains is missing. The crème a la crème of Minimum Holders in terms of powers was taken from super secret police headquarters thing. We know it is Doc/Moral but no one else knows yet. You know, because super sneaky criminals cut all video feeds. You think that if someone cut the video feed that would automatically trigger an alarm. That applies to all movies and shows, not just this one. Like an automatic security breech. But I guess that would be too much to ask for. Sorta like how no one was really shocked at the fact that BRAINS are being kept in giant jars just because when alive a person had a super power. I mean talk about creepy. What is up with all the brains lately on TV? Psycho Pass, The Walking Dead, Helix? Well I guess some of those were heads but still.
 photo hamatoraepisode714_zpsa68fa03a.jpg
Yeah this case was kinda special...
Okay while Art, Honey, and Three were investigating this serious case the attention briefly turns towards Nice. Very briefly. He seems rather sad that Art has yelled at him and no one seems to be taking his side. Like nope, Art is the level headed one out of the group so if he is ticked off at you surely you deserve it. Nice did seem really sad about it though. Not that there was anytime to dwell on it as it was job time wee!! And it was such a serious job too....It looks like there was a ho running around their part of Japan sleeping with idols. A lot of idols. Idols are supposed to be pure and such. How else can men masturbate to them? The fans of these idols got upset with the ho and not the girls (which was odd). The case was...super special and not serious at all which really contrasted with the rest of the episode. The ho didn't want Hamatora's help, the otaku then hired...a hit man(menz) to take out the ho, and Nice ended up yelling and kicking everyone's butt. Somehow all of this silly made Murasaki give Nice the look, like hmmmm don't you woe Art an apology? Yeah something about this case made Nice realize the error of his ways. The nerds had no backbone and the ho was an asshole.
 photo hamatoraepisode710_zps79c9b3fe.jpg
So...he is like the manager of the team? The super duper hard working manager?
The episode focused very little on this nonsense case. Almost the entire 22 minutes (or what was leftover) was devoted to Art really focusing on finding Moral. Three and Honey were involved on the case too. Honey couldn't locate the criminal via her computer and Three is a giant lion. Good thing this show isn't Psycho Pass or Art would have a high...whatever number I can't remember. All those times Gasquet told him to take a break really hasn't worked. But really there is a criminal running around stealing brains from Minimum Holders and oh look the police have the most powerful Minimum ability ever floating in a jar of brain gooeyness. Like how much of an invitation was needed? That brain should have been under lock and key. Yes Doc was an authorized person but where were the armed guards in and around the room?
 photo hamatoraepisode713_zps414089eb.jpg
Nice is MY friend!
Art decided to go old school detective and go back to the scene of the crime. Well the scene where Art saw Moral last. And of course that is where the major clue was. At Art's brother's grave were black flowers. Since Art knows his friends so well he knows who left what in honor of his fallen brother and no one should have left black flowers. And clearly there is no one else out there with access to black flowers and such. This has to be Moral being an asshole and since Moral is insane if Art goes to the graveyard surely Moral will be waiting for him there to do the hahaha I am a baddie dance. So all Art has to do is call the entire police force and Hamatora and they can finally arrest this guy. Yay for great plans. Or...or...Art could drive himself directly to the danger without informing anyone when dealing with a criminal who has stolen something that was well guarded. You know...either way works.
 photo hamatoraepisode715_zps0dc0790a.jpg
Why can't you see that I am the sane one??!
So yeah Moral was there waiting for Art so they could have a talk. When you are a grade A crazy like Moral talking is what you do best. XD Now if I were Art I would have tried to sneak up on Moral and shot him in the back of the head. Because that would make sense. But noooooo Art wants answers. It is almost like Art is the baddie, you know the one who has to cackle and explain his plan that gives the other heroes enough time to arrive on the scene and save the day? So Moral....Moral has some loose morals. Some crazy thinking there. He feels as if the people without powers, without Minimums are lonely. Why are they called Minimums and not Maximums? I am not sure why Moral or people without powers would think that as there are fewer people with powers. They might be more jealous of them but if 95 percent of people are even and 5 percent are on the top who is really lonely? I can sorta understand Moral's point about Nice being lonely at the top. I am sure it is hard being so amazing. Not being sarcastic there. Like nothing to achieve since you are at the top and no one really your equal. HOWEVER I am sure killing people and taking their brains won't make Nice feel less lonely. Also this is Nice. I am not sure if he feels this way. Moral was seen looking over the students at the school and studying who was achieving what. Maybe Nice felt sad and out of place back know when he was a kid being singled out and obviously being different. But now it looks like Nice has found a place where he belongs and people he can call friends. Just because he is stronger than Birthday, Ratio, and the others doesn't mean he is lonely. It just means they are all different and he is the most different so yay?
 photo hamatoraepisode716_zpsd06e83e3.jpg
Everyone say awww :(
Yeah trying to make sense of Moral is a bit...rarwing. Like yes making people equal sounds good. Taking out people's brains and giving little kids guns...not so good. Making Nice happy...good. Doing something to make yourselves equal to Nice by saying it is for Nice...not so good. Art was not buying any of this craziness. Like nope this is some horse shit and you must be on drugs. I like how Moral acts or really thinks he is helping with the little digs of his. Like oh you can't possibly be equal to Nice. You have no Minimum even though you tried really,really hard. This leads me to believe that Art SHOULD have one and might not know it just...he couldn't use it. I do believe that Art does feel inferior to the rest of Hamatora. That he tries really hard at what he does, twice as hard to show what he is made of. Sorta like how girls have to do that in real life too. However I don't think Art is jealous of his friends. Or resentful. Probably because they treat him the same way. Like that is Art our friend, there is no difference between us. I am sure he felt stupid about the fight with Nice and probably would have apologized later. But he knows he can get in a fight with Nice and it will be okay. They are friends. He doesn't need to prove it. He doesn't have to play by Moral's rules. He wants a Minimum but not this way. Friendships are earned through good deeds and mutual respect. Not because both parties have powers and are equals. Part of me feels Moral is jealous that Nice and Art are friends when Moral thinks himself unworthy to be Nice's friend despite having a pretty good Minimum and Art has done. Art wants not part of Moral so yay for him. A moral victory if you would.
 photo hamatoraepisode717_zpsc490e11d.jpg
What was he saying?!
Art's moral victory lasted about as long as it took Moral to take out a knife and stab him. Yeah folks....not looking good here. I was like okay, Nice will be worried about Art and find him to apologize and rescue him because surely Moral is a cocky asshole who will just leave Art to bleed to death on the ground. It will be fine. But oh yeah I forgot that Moral really likes that gun of his. :( Then it was just sad city all over the place. So part of me really, really, REALLY hopes that Art's ability has something to do with regenerating or healing. It doesn't look like he was shot in the head but you know blurry censors could be telling me wrong. Maybe he will have time to heal. That maybe the reason his ability never came out at school is because he was never stabbed and shot 23829 times. That could be it folks. Art could be okay. It doesn't have to end tragically with the phone ringing and ringing while Art lays there dying knowing something awful. It can still be alright!!!!!
 photo hamatoraepisode7_zps7b978bfe.jpg
Okay maybe Art did get shot in the head....
Yeah I don't think that is the case. :( This show has not shyed away from violence so far so killing off a main character might be in the cards. Art might be super dead. So Nice will never get to apologize, Art will never get to apologize, and Moral as the ability to be Art so Nice and the others won't know he is gone until it is probably too late for one of them. And the icing on the suck cake is Moral knows something. Something bad. Because killing Art wasn't good enough. No no Moral has to tell Art something awful that Art has no chance in stopping just to really twist the knife in there. Or the bullet. Because Moral is insane. Oh look at me doing something nice. Yeah right. Just....very much sadness. Of course with all the brain issues going around maybe Moral will put Art's brain somewhere else and Art will live on with a forced Minimum. So much fun ya'll. :( Poor dead Art. Dying with his principles but being really, really lousy cop at times. :( RIP Art. The irony of you dying on your brother's grave is not lost upon me. X___X Wait what if the brother's brain is the one that is the super Minimum! MOG my post is too long already, I have no more words to discuss theories or sadness. Well until next time!

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