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Noragami episode 6

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Spoiler alert: These cookies do not get eaten. :(
I forgot how to add. Or keep track of numbers. I had a rather trying day at work so you probably should give me some slack or laugh at me. Post number...5 I think? Anyone yay anime and yay almost sleep time. Up now is Noragami episode 6 time. Spoilers for Yuki trying to break the brat barrier or something.
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Decisions decisions.....surely I will make the bad one!
Episode Summary: Yuki is having a fitful night sleep. He isn't with Hiyori and he is in the dark. All the while he is thinking how Yato forced him to kill the little girl and how he was helpless to stop Yato from...”freeing her”. He doesn't feel any better the next day. Hiyori grows worried about him and attempts to give him some cookies. Only Yuki remembers the girl when he sees the cookies and drops them, running from the house. He is just overwhelmed by everything. Mad at Hikari for scolding him and Yato for...well probably everything. Also Yuki may or may not be jealous that Yato has another treasure (Nora). Yuki makes his back to the skateboard shop and grows angry. He has a fit but realizes the shopkeeper doesn't see him. Putting aside his problems Yuki decides he can do whatever he wants and steals the board. He runs off and skates away. Elsewhere Yato grabs his neck, aware that Yuki has sinned. His skin is looking...mighty gross. Also elsewhere but a different elsewhere Hiyori is running all over the place looking for Yuki. She eventually runs into her friends who tell her to go home and study since she is always falling asleep in class (aka losing her body). She tries to put all that aside and explains she is looking for a young man (Yuki). Her friends assume she has a boyfriend and start teasing her. Hiyori blushes because she thinks of Yato. Later she decides she wants to introduce said friends to Yato. She runs off and Yuki skates on. His moment of I can do anything is interrupted by Yato stopping his skateboard. Yuki goes to yell and Yato asks where Yuki got the board. The little sword lies, saying Hiyori bought it for him. At that moment Hiyori spots the boy and is happy they were together this whole time....Yato point blank asks if Hiyori bought the skateboard. She looks dumb for a second too long then she says she did, afraid Yato will do something bad to Yuki. Yuki is touched by this lie. Yato is like oh I see. Then Yato pushes Hiyori and Yuki out of the way as the skateboard is blown to bits by the lady flying on the lion.
 photo noragamiepisode65_zps913bd502.jpg
Stop sinning before I kick your ass!
The skateboard murderer is named Bishamon and she has come to rid the world of Yato. Yato tells Hiyori to stay back, so she won't be associated with him. Yuki freaks out as Yato turns him into a sword an starts fighting the god. Shouldn't she be on our side Yato?! Yato is hommie doesn't like me. This god Bishamon has a ton of treasure weapons. A ton. Like almost everything on her is a treasure weapon, including said lion. Her main one seems to be a...visor type deal that can analyze battle situations and stuff. Thus she is a tough god of war to fight. Yuki is really not feeling this battle and his doubts cause Yato more and more pings on his neck. This causes Yato to do poorly in battle. Bishamon uses another weapon, a whip, to...well whip Yato all around. Yato almost injuries that weapon and Bishamon freaks out. Yato and now human Yuki manage to escape into the nearby woods for a little while. Hiyori ran to Kofuku's temple as Yato told her once if anything happened to him go to them. Kofuku finds that interesting and Hiyori is like Bishamon one of the great gods is attacking him. Daikoku basically suggests that Hiyori doesn't know the whole history and shouldn't get involved/ask them to get involved. That they meant it when they said that Yato was a violent god, highly suggesting that Yato killed Bishamon's treasure weapon. Hiyori quickly thinks this over but still wants these two to help rescue Yato. Back in the woods Yato is pretty pissed that Yuki won't stop acting scared. He needs to get it together or Yato won't be able to fight. Yuki starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together, that his inability to fight is making Yato weaker when Bishamon and her unstable self break through the woods, killing half the trees. They battle some more and it is clear that Yuki isn't really trying all that hard and is scared. Before Yato can become toast Kofuku appears and uses Daikoku in fan form to blow the two fighting gods away from each other. This also...creates a rift between worlds and Phantoms start pouring out. Yato yells at Kofuku while Bishamon's main treasure sees....Nora in the woods, acting creepy. He tells Bishamon that they should go. Bishamon eventually decides she respects Kofuku too much and will kill Yato next time. Yato is like why did you bring them here Hiyori and she is like I saved your life punk!!! Later that night Hiyori eats with her parents and thinks about all that has happened that day. Yato is busy at a temple, trying to rid himself of his blight and thinking that he and Yuki might not work out. THE END!
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Yeah how is that going for you kid?
Well that escalated rather fast. Super fast. I thought we were going to get another....well silly episode before things got serious. I guess they weren't 100 percent serious...especially after Kofuku got involved. Still...I guess this show is moving right along and time to mean business. Some business. Not the business of Yato making 5 yen a day business.
 photo noragamiepisode62_zps23b47292.jpg
Sad and traumatized I suppose.
Yuki....just sad. I know I said he was a brat last episode. But I think all kids are brats. Like their basic baseline is brat and they can work their way up and down the system. This applies more heavily to teenagers. O Yuki can be a brat and I can feel sorry for him. :( Yes stealing is wrong and he shouldn't have gotten so angry at Hiyori when she didn't support his stealing. But now he is so upset about the little girl. He probably thinks he is to blame for sending her over to the shadows when in reality she was probably too far gone. He blames Yato for using him without permission but knows this is technically the gig he signed up for. I think he knows what he did to Hiyori was wrong but just can't face her. So it's alone time in a room that isn't his, away from his Master that he hates, in a house with a girl he “likes” but doesn't even know his name. Yeah cookies were not going to solve much.
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How dare you not support my life of crime!
….Poor, poor cookies. Now that I think about it cookies are a sign of hey things can suck but I thought enough of you to make you some yums. Enjoy. But Yuki took one look at those cookies and bolted. Like no feelings!!! He is going through a lot and was just tossed into this crappy life with Yato. I can see him wanting to rebel. Especially after going back to the shop with the skateboards and causing a scene. Like hello I am throwing a fit, pay attention to me. I think that is upsetting to him even though he pretended to be okay with it. Like well now I can steal this skateboard due to no one giving a care about me. Hiding his pain. That and the fact that Yato has another treasure out there, “Nora” and Yuki just needed to get away. Even if his skateboarding lasted only like 5 seconds.
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Because boys and girls can't be friends. Ever. They must be in love.
So while Yuki was having fun/pretending not to be miserable Hiyori went looking for him. Mainly because she cares for Yuki. Partly because Yato going the I told you so dance is so annoying. Otherwise she would have left him with Yato. Well not now since Yuki's mad at Yato. Awkward. Now....Hiyori must be a nice person. Or she is rationalizing in her head that Yato needs Yuki to help fix her. Because she is risking a lot by associating with them. Still she looks for Yuki. Even asks her friend that she never sees anymore for help. That's what they get for not being magical or supernatural. At least they still care. That's how girls show they care, by teasing a friend about a boy said friend likes. Without ever meeting him or anything. Here Hiyori is on a mission to find Yuki and her friends are playing cupid. All Hiyori can think about is Yato at that moment. Of course she likes him. And really she must be in too deep if she is thinking about introducing her friends to Yato and Yuki. Like um...he is a god and he needs to fix you. That's it.
 photo noragamiepisode68_zps06839bb5.jpg
Err....the skateboard fairy?
Of course that's not it. Obviously. Hiyori is involved and these are her friends. So she is chasing down Yuki. Meanwhile Yato and his pings have come up to Yuki's whereabouts. Yuki is just lalalaing on the board when Yato nearly trips him. Gets all up in his face. I guess that Yato could have been a little more upset. Actually if Yato just opened his mouth and communicated what was going on his life would go smoother. Or people wouldn't be upset with him. Tell them why you sleep near temples. Tell Yuki his “sins” are causing blight on his body. At first Yato was making it sound like little pings. But now we can see that he really is getting hurt. Tell Yuki he needs to stop. Well really sinning. I don't think dreaming about Hiyori or being scared in battle is worthy of ping.
 photo noragamiepisode69_zpsc9b0f349.jpg
Hiyori is the skateboard fairy?!
So while Yato was not yelling at Yuki in a way that was understandable Hiyori runs up...completely misreading the situation. Sorta. She thought Yuki was with Yato the whole time thus safe. Or maybe she knows enough not to pry. She did realize that Yuki was a little thief and said nothing. No I take back. She did say something. She lied. Covered for Yuki. Yes I bought that for him. She either doesn't want the two fighting or she wants to protect Yuki from....being divinely punished by Yato. Either way Yuki was all...I love you even more now!!! But this might create some problems with her and Yato. Yato knows Yuki stole thus Hiyori lied. So...Hiyori's loyalties might lie with Yuki or Yato might think this an interesting quality. Either way I expect there to be drama.
 photo noragamiepisode610_zps63640f86.jpg
Okay maybe Yato didn't move Hiyori but he sure did protect Yuki.
Yato, Hiyori, and Yuki might all have issues but Yato did make sure they were...well not blown to pieces. Protected. And Yato did his best to make sure Hiyori wasn't involved. I think if he could Yato would have tried to not involve Yuki but yes Yato sorta needs a weapon. So while the issue has nothing to do with Yuki or Hiyori....only Hiyori could be spared. Yuki is just....collateral damage and I think Yato acknowledges it is unfair. Also Hiyori just got her happy self involved anyway so...does it even matter? X_x
 photo noragamiepisode611_zps19dec9ff.jpg
What a tricked out little treasure.
So what is going on with this attack? Why is this Bishamon attacking Yato? It was never fully stated why but greatly implied. Hiyori is a good guesser. But Yato must have killed Bishamon's treasure. Back in his being paid to be evil days. The one whole treasure he has killed and it's one that belonged to the greatest war god in Japan. Someone really must have pissed Bishamon off. Or been pissed off at her. I am assuming Yato was paid to kill this treasure. I guess that Yato could have done it on his own but for now this is what I am assuming. Maybe Bishamon doesn't know this or maybe she doesn't care. Yato killed her treasure so he needs to die. Given her rage I can see her killing Yuki in front of Yato for revenge. But that would make her a hypocrite.....Not that that matters when it comes to revenge.
 photo noragamiepisode615_zpsa87e16f9.jpg
So close to the truth Yuki. I would give you cookies but....
Yuki is really not down for this fight. Clearly. But even if he was I don't think Yato would have had a chance. Even if Yuki is this special treasure who can do anything without much effort or experience. Bishamon is like a tricked out car. Pimp my god. I guess Tenjin had a lot of treasure weapons too....5 from what we saw. Maybe it just looks like Bishamon has a lot. But I think it was excessive. Must be a lot to lost souls out there. Overkill anyway. Bishamon means business. Serious business. She probably should have done much better in battle now that I think about it. Even Yuki being amazing is no match for that many experienced treasures. I wonder if it is dependent on the soul itself what shape it takes. Bishamon's main treasure seems....pretty specific and helpful. I think she should have won. Maybe her anger got the better of her and that is why she lost. Well temporarily anyway.
 photo noragamiepisode614_zps18949de7.jpg
Are you telling me not to get involved because I don't know everything? go help him anyway!
Into the woods Yuki and Yato go. While they were running for their lives Hiyori ran home and hid under the bed. know she got herself more involved than necessary. Going against what Yato told her. Because despite Yato being maybe upset that Hiyori lied to him Yato wanted to protect her. Hiyori misunderstood what Yato said or what I think Yato meant to say. If something happens to him, she needs to go to Daikoku and Kofuku. For HER protection. For her to get cured. Not to get him help. Or at least that is what I thought. That isn't what Hiyori thought though. Onward to rescuing Yato.
 photo noragamiepisode612_zps2d18eb57.jpg
Um Yato is against a god with tons of treasures and all Yato has is a very upset Yuki. He needs some rescuing.
Only Daikoku and Kofuku were not in on this rescue plan. Like um no this doesn't involve us, we have no reason to help him. But aren't you friends with him? Apparently not. Bishamon has issues with Yato so let them fight it out. After all dear Hiyori....we said Yato was bad. A dangerous god. Implying that Bishamon's treasure was the one killed. This made Hiyori stop and think for a bit. She is worried about Yuki's being divinely punished. But in the end Hiyori wants to save Yato surely he can't be that bad.
 photo noragamiepisode613_zpse838ffa8.jpg
And then we are back in the woods. Yato and Yuki were taking a break while Bishamon was...well destroying things. Guess she is not a god of nature or anything. During this lull in fighting Yato was yelling at Yuki to shape up and stop being scared. Only again his explanations weren't....well helpful. Also again I don't think Yuki being scared is really a sin and it shouldn't hurt Yato. That is a normal reaction to the situation. Still it counts and when Bishamon reappears after taking out half the woods it is battle time again. Poor trees. I think Yato was just defending himself but him attacking the whip treasure put Bishamon back into that rage place and whoosh her common sense went.
 photo noragamiepisode616_zps2d29ed76.jpg
This was Kofuku's way of helping. Go her.
I am not sure why Nora popped up during battle. Bishamon's main treasure (the visor one) did see her and it was a moment. I am not sure if the moment was MOG you are the dead treasure, how can you be here?! or if the moment was who are you? Because if Nora isn't dead then Lucy gots some esplainin to do...Maybe their forms can change, in weapon form and people form? I don't know. The point is Bishamon showed up again to kick Yato's ass and Yuki was once again forced into battle. I guess the blight/pangs are from resistance now that I think about it. Yuki going against the contract. But yeah they fought for a little while and Kofuku did show up.....eventually. To save the day....sorta. This is where the comedy set it. Kofuku's way of stopping the battle was to use Daikoku, now a fan, to blow Yato and Bishamon apart. Oh and to cause a rip between this world and the Far Shore. Come Phantoms. Enter the world for I have now stopped the battle. No one made a move to stop said hole and no one....really cared. Yato yelled a bit but that was more to make fun of Kofuku for being stupid. The battle did stop because Bishamon has respect or is under Kofuku and will let Yato die next time. So lovely. Now how about them Phantoms?
 photo noragamiepisode618_zps1ac0a9d9.jpg
Oh great now Nora the crazy is here.
Is that the end of this show? Hiyori's parents were joking about there being no more forest. Well I guess they weren't joking. Just we the viewers know what really happened. Hiyori is still confused about Yato. Nora is in the woods probably being creepy and ominous. Oh and Yato. Yeah what is that guy up to now? Well he is trying to cleanse the blight mark on his neck and it's not working. Maybe the water isn't blessed enough. Or maybe it is continuous. Like Yuki hasn't stopped thinking this...awfulness yet and it won't go away with a cleansing. Yato seems more worried about Yuki and him not working out that this.....mark on his neck. Maybe that means Yato really does care for Yuki. Or since Bishamon is on his tail...he is super worried. Either way, til next time!


Wong Max said...

Casting for this anime was also good, none of the voices were out of place. Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Yato, he also did Kuroko no Basket's Akashi and Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou *insert fangirling* and come on, Yuki Kaji who voiced Yukine also does a good job with delivering the angsty lines of young boys...he also did Eren from Shingeki...if you know what I mean...

Overall, Noragami is skilfully crafted with a delicate balance of seriousness, action and comedy and really paints a picture about human emotions. Under that perfect veneer that most people tend to wear, just what is going on under there? Self-doubt, depression and jealously it's all there in this anime if you'd just look hard enough, just like with most people hiding negative emotions, it's subtle but it's there.

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