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Nagi no Asukara episode 18

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Thanks for those lovely words of encouragement...
Oh Nagi no Asukara. Oh Chisaki. Oh my sanity. So much drama. And episode 18 is no exception. Spoilers for Miuna being scared for life and Hikari pretending everything is fine.
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This is normal okay. Stop staring and being upset over this upsetting situation!
Episode Summary: Miuna, Hikari, and Kaname jump into the ocean and swim around. Kaname seems unable to hear the noise but Miuna hears it clearly. She leads the way despite the boys telling her to wait up. Miuna seems caught up in the moment of being in the place where Hikari grew up. This is the ocean, it is amazing. The boys seem to be looking for their home when Miuna spots a random LARGE rock that wasn't there before. So Miuna swims up...and into the rock with the boys protesting the entire time. Sensing there is no other choice the boys swim through the rock too which turns out to be magical and not really there. It turns out that was the barrier keeping people from seeing the sea village. Everyone is quiet as they look at the condition of the place. It is quiet and covered in the sea salt. Miuna gets quiet too as this was not what she was expecting. They start to explore the place and realize some of the villagers, the men, decided to hibernate outside. Or were caught off guard and were stuck outside. Either way it looks creepy and Miuna can't help but be taken off guard. They keep on walking and Hikari sorta blows up on Miuna with all the staring. They are just sleeping!!!!!! Miuna feels bad and Hikari suggests that she stay there while Hikari and Kaname go find their families. Hikari confides in Kaname he seems nervous about seeing all the people like this too. They are just sleeping yes? Hikari goes to see his dad who had the foresight to lay down before going to bed. Hikari talks to his dad about how it is has been 5 years and so much has changed. There is a new grandkid and all. So hurry up and wake up and help me out dad. Miuna was standing in the spot that the boys left her in but she hears and sees more sparkles. She runs off after them and they lead her to the school, the one the kids used to attend.
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Is your house made out of twigs too Eeyore?
While Miuna was standing there alone she was growing more and more disappointed. This was not the experience she dreamed of. When she was a young girl her mother would tell her about the ocean and then Hikari and the others would tell her about things. But for now it is not looking so grand. When the sparkle/noise leads her to the school that changes. She sees where the kids measured their height and she adds hers to the list. Then magic starts to happen. The school transforms into how it used to be. Full of life and students walking around. Miuna starts to see why Hikari and the others love this place. While Miuna is captivated with this moment she sees a shadow. She runs after it and it turns out to be Uroko. He wants to know what Miuna is looking for and she pauses, as if he knows that in her heart Manaka being found would hurt her chances with Hikari. Uroko talks some more and Miuna starts to get defensive. But she sees the sparkles and noise again and knows what to do. Kaname and Hikari chase after her footprints in the snow but when they catch up to her they don't have time to yell as she is looking for Manaka. She leads the boys to a huge rock structure that neither Kaname nor Hikari recognize. They decide to investigate and it turns out to be a graveyard for all the past dolls for the ceremony. All of them. In the center a hand like creation is holding a naked Manaka. Everyone pauses...but Hikari runs up to her first. Miuna is like well that's over I suppose. Hikari sees that Manaka is still sleeping but maybe is trying to wake up. Kaname warns Hikari not to do that but then everyone sees that Manaka's ena is cracking (the noise) and being whooshed around the in the ocean (the sparkles). She will die at this rate. So Hikari picks her up as to take her to the surface. The graveyard starts to fall apart but the trio feel as if they have no choice. Miuna sees Uroko watching them as she leads the group to the magical rock that blocks the village from the rest of the world. It seems as if something important is happening due to Manaka leaving but all Hikari wants to do is save Manaka. THE END!
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Could this spell trouble or an obvious answer to who gets Tsumugu?
Woohoo another episode without Chisaki.. We did gain Manaka in the process and I am sure when she wakes up it will be a hot mess with all the partners in this love rhombus/trapezoid awake and ready to be disappointed. episode without Chisaki should be a happy one.
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Since there was no Chisaki this episode have some creepy town that Hikari is arguing that is not creepy.
Now even though I say that....I am still pissed she didn't go. Tsumugu can fly a kite. He doesn't get a say in what Chisaki does when it involves the ocean. That is her life and her friend. If the boys wanted to go all man on her and say the delicate lady needs to stay behind...more kites for them. On special order. Miuna is going and who knows, maybe Chisaki would have been able to hear the noise. Like it was a chick thing. But nope Chisaki got to stay at her house while Miuna explores the sea for the first time, a place that might be dangerous and is certainly unknown to her. Yeah...that makes sense.
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Miuna acts like she is connected to Manaka now. Well maybe she is if Manaka is all over here.
A lot of this episode had to do with Miuna's feelings about Manaka. Or why Miuna was doing this. I mean...i would think that making sure the damn world didn't freeze entirely over would be the most important topic at hand. That's just me though. Even if I don't see how this is all really possible to learn from the sea town. But Miuna is happy because Hikari needs her. She gets to explore the place where her mom is from. She gets to be at the place that she has only heard of. That way it is like she and Hikari are connected. However...they are really looking for Manaka. That is who Hikari wants. So as happy as helping Hikari makes her....this probably won't earn her any brownie points. Well ones that count towards being a girlfriend. I guess Miuna is waiting to be choice number 2 if this doesn't work out. Mog wouldn't that just make Chisaki's head explode? Like hello bitch I am number two long before you were.
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How in the world could anyone miss this?!
Miuna was a pretty good swimmer for just learning how to do it/breath under water. She might want to stay with the group next time if she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. Because this is a different ocean now. One that was glowing blue and sucking people into it. She might want to...oh I don't know...hold Kaname and Hikari's hand before swimming into the magical rock. Just a suggestion. Also....what the heck was Akari doing all those years? I am sure after a while she stopped looking but in the direct months after said event she did go and search. Did she not see this giant structure that wasn't there before? It's not like they have to search the entire coast of Japan, just this section. They should have known it by heart and known that this wasn't here before. Or did Akari swim on by and that is a nice boulder? Like really?
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I is still pretty. Just a little muted. And quiet. Very quiet. I guess that takes away the pretty.
Because Miuna is magical and special now she hears the noise, sees the sparkles, and goes towards the light. The light being into the boulder and seeing the village for the first time. Thanks Miuna, you do goo work. Over the course of the episode the boys get more and more emotional. I have to remember that they are boys because if I was them I would have been boohooing the second everything came into view. I guess to them it hasn't been 5 years. It was just yesterday. And now it is so different. I don't know if there will be tears and such later, given that Manaka is more important than anything else ever but still...there should be some moisture in their eyeballs when they tell Chisaki this sad tale later. If they tell her. Since she important and went on this trip and all.
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Okay Hikari. Miuna won't stare at....this.
Now....I know the boys got mad, especially Hikari.....but I don't think they really meant it. I think deep down they knew it was true, what Miuna was thinking. And I thought that Miuna was being as tactful as possible. So Hikari just got mad because he was feeling the same way too but didn't want anyone else to know that. What am I talking about? Well the fact that everyone looked creepy. CREEPY CREEPY EVERYWHERE! Especially the men that were sitting outside when it happened. I wonder if everyone went magically poof to sleep when Manaka was “tossed” into the sea. That it triggered everyone's hibernation. Or know...these men were really guarding and what not. Either way it was like House of Wax. And I can't blame Miuna for being creeped out. So no matter how many times Hikari was screaming THEY ARE ASLEEP....they looked dead. And both boys knew it. But Hikari felt the need to defend something...that was actually happened. I don't know, I am sure there were lots of emotions and the fact that their parents probably looked similar to this so...yeah.
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I am not sure if this position makes him look less dead or more...
Miuna was slightly put on timeout so Hikari and Kaname could go see their parents. This was a lot to digest even if it just seemed like yesterday that they saw their parents. It must be hard, knowing that 5 years have passed and everyone else is acting like that but deep in their hearts it has only been 5 minutes. That they should feel like they should have missed these people too yet can return those feelings. So...yeah they needed a moment. I am sure Kaname's was...calm. Or he cried. Hard to tell with him since he keeps everything bundled up inside. We got to see Akari visit his dad. Hommie looked dead but the sparkly ena was keeping him alive. Hikari kept the conversation to what Akari has been up to and now what he woke up to. Keep it light and happy. Sure Manaka is okay.....err lets talk about the new grandkid instead.
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Cue the Disney music!
While the boys were having their moments Miuna was failing at staying in place. To be fair I think she was bugged out and going to stay there. But now she has noise and swimming sparkles around her to deal with. Clearly she has to investigate. Hikari's old school. See Miuna was feeling a little bad for herself during this time. She had visions of what this place was going to look like. Had it built up in her head. So when she got there and it was less than amazing..well she was sad. And really couldn't voice this sadness without sounding like a douche. So when she went into the school and saw the marks on the wall, on how the kids grew, she felt the magic. She saw why everyone loves this place. It happened for her. Now she understands it. Yay for Miuna.
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You really don't want to find Manaka you selfish, selfish girl! Don't be lying to me.
The yaying didn't last long. Miuna sensed a presence and it turned out to be Uroko. The god or scale of the god did not sleep when everyone else did. I guess that makes sense but that sounds o so lonely. Anyway he seems to be good at being creepy and making people sense the reality of the situation they are in. In Miuna's case she really didn't want to find Manaka. That might be a little harsh. I mean....people can do the right thing but have some doubts on whether or not that is best for them. Like okay I will help find my love rival but I know that won't be in my best interest. So I don't think that Miuna is really being two faced. Nor did Uroko need to point that out. Unless Miuna wasn't really trying that hard to find Manaka. I think she was but you know.....Uroko should just say what he wants to say. What he knows is going to happen. Like if you find Manaka things might get worse, more than just Miuna's personal situation.
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342784 kinds of creepy right there.
Eventually Miuna gets her act together and Kaname and Hikari realize the girl is missing. They all come together as Miuna sees and hears the sparkles. It leads the trio to a place that is close to the village but apparently NO ONE has ever seen before. They just keep popping up out of nowhere. Time to investigate. Not going to lie folks...when I saw the heads I thought oh crap this is a mass grave. But then it came into focus and it was all the ceremony dolls the surface had tossed into the ocean all the years before. Not too creepy. In the middle of the not Manaka. It is like the sea god tried to come alive. That he emerged from the ground and grabbed Manaka as she fell....was pulled into the ocean. It was like he was waiting all this time for an actual person and not these dolls. Or maybe it is Manaka, the special.
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Is he never not angry?
After Hikari had this moment, that this is Manaka.....things got a little upsetting. Kaname warned Hikari not to wake the girl up but everyone realized the cracking they heard and the sparkles in the water was actually Manaka's ena falling apart. I wonder if that being in the ocean is what gave Miuna the ability to have her own ena. Not that Miuna is a half water kid. Well maybe be a half water kid helps, like it could happen to Tsumugu but not Sayu. In any event that is not the issue presently. Because Manaka is underwater and her ena is failing. Time to take her to the surface, whether she is awake or not. Because hello drowning will obviously kill her. With Uroko looking on the kids start to take Manaka to the surface, much to the dismay of the sea god? Goodbye cave. But that doesn't matter. We got to save Manaka. Even if it ruins a lot of other things. What will happen now? Will Manaka actually lose her ena for good? Meaning she will end up with Tsumugu naturally? Will her ena be saved and Tsumugu gain some now? What I do know is that Chisaki will be miserable. Per usual. Until next time!

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