Saturday, March 29, 2014

Absentee Tenchi has returned? Also jobs, who needs them?

Behold. I still exist. Sorta anyway. This whole month it feels as if I have been out of commission, barely here. I feel bad, that this blog has basically suffered and fallen by the wayside. :( Sometimes real life really, really sucks.

But given what went down last week I might have a lot of spare time to catch up on blogging. And cleaning. And well...a lot of other things. Le sigh. You know what is more annoying than working at a awful place that you loathe and wish ill upon? Being fired at said annoying and awful place. Oh Tenchi the Jobless.  

Yeah I was more fired up last week when it first happened. Rage. Lots of rage. Had I typed up anything last week it would have been filled with colorful language and threats that would probably have sent me to jail. Now I am just....bleh. Super bleh. Under the weather bleh. Worried myself into being sick even. Oh yes lots of fun in the Tenchi household. 

Bleh. Just erased the entire story. I guess I really am not ready to talk about this yet. Yes it was an awful job and really anyone else would have quit under those conditions. It still doesn't make me happy on how things went down. I have things planned. I was a good worker. Hello Japan? So just....yeah. I tend to be slightly emotional about being fired over what started as me wanting to eat lunch. Yes lunch folks. I was made to work most of my shifts alone and apparently asking for a 10 minute break was too much. Too much for the customers and the apparent 2392 managers that came out of the wood works to yell at us. After all my former boss was running a classy operation. One that makes someone who throws up three times at work the choice of being fired or finishing their shift that day. One that tells someone to get back to work the day after their boyfriend was killed or they will be fired. One that wants to search the personal belongings of all their employees because their son was found smoking pot. Yeah I guess if that is all going down at this classy joint asking for a 10 minute break was never going to happen. 

So long story short is I was losing my mind working during our super busy time and all I wanted was a ten minute break to eat lunch. This lead to customers calling management and management yelling at me and me crying for an hour due to frustration. Instead of sending help to get everything caught up and me to calm down I was fired. Le sigh indeed. Maybe I will share my story of woe later. Right now I am just way too bleh. Bleh bleh. No job means no money which puts a damper on my Japan plans doesn't it? Le sigh. I am downer Tenchi, bringing everyone else down. So for the time being I will be a sad panda on the couch, playing pokemon and trying to catch up on anime. I am sorry for being so out of it lately, just a lot going on. Hopefully I can get back on track in time for the Spring Session right? Maybe since Winter refuses to go away Spring 2014 anime will wait for me? Doubt it though. So again I apologize for the excessive lateness, just real life has been kicking my butt lately. Lets see if I can turn this around though yes?


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Reading this made me sad as well. Hearing how things were so hard for you. :(

I'm very sorry. I really wish you feel better and find a much kinder job. You know, when I read you got a new job, I was happy for you because things would be much better than the pizzeria. But reality says otherwise.

My condolences to you. Hopefully, your husband and friends are doing their best to comfort you.

That's all.

Dashery said...

Oh, Tenchi, don't worry. We're here with hugs and chocolate!
(Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

Eternia said...

Hi, there, Christina. I am pretty sad that you don't reply to my comments, but I will always be here for you.

It's too bad that your job ended, once again. That's how it is in current society, I think. You can't expect to enjoy a job that doesn't require some advanced skill. For me, I am lucky that I am pretty good at programming and design. If only we are living in the same town, I could have helped you find a job in our company.

Hang in there! We are rooting for you.

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