Saturday, March 29, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Another lovely day at Disney World

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Getting to the park when it opens is fun, we get to do so much. Look at me driving a Main street vehicle. Out of the way, Duffy coming through.
Did everyone have fun looking at Fluffy's pictures from the Flower and Garden show? I wish I could have come but mom had her hands full with Fluffy. Plus it is nice of me to let the other duffys have a fun day out too. I can rest easy knowing that I am mom's favorite after all......XD So Saturday was at Epcot while Sunday was at Magic Kingdom. Mom says this was the busiest she ever saw the park. XO Good thing we got there early to have lots of fun.
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We started the day off differently. After riding It's a Small World we rode the Haunted Mansion. XD So early people are stopping to get coffee.
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Lets find lots of treasure mom so we can just live at Disney forever. We can go back to the house and get Kira too if you want.
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It was very busy today at the park. It was Spring Break weekend, the park was scheduled to be open til 2 am, and people were everywhere. But we still did 17 rides/shows today. Mom and dad are really good at planning...or lucky.
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The longest wait we had all day was for Be Our Guest restaurant. Mom had had a rough week so Dad was trying to cheer her up. I think it worked. She loves this place.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014211_zps8810184b.jpg
The line was so long because people were fast passing their way into the place. X___X You can do that?
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While Dad waited in line mom and I went to look at the Seven Dwarf's Mine Ride Coaster thingy....thing. The name is long. As is the time it is taking to make said ride.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014218_zps05f8c44c.jpg
But maybe we can ride it soon? Maybe?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014225_zps4b7f3b24.jpg
Halfway there!
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014226_zps4a455664.jpg
Standing still all day must be hard work.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014228_zpsa35a4e41.jpg
Belle's cottage. Or her old cottage. Does her dad still live there?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014234_zpsda263320.jpg
Almost there!!!!! So hungry.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014245_zps08e2c1f6.jpg
Mom picked to eat in the room with the jewelry box this time. So now we have eaten in all three rooms.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014246_zps9a50c353.jpg
I think this room. Very quiet. And the tapestries on the wall are nice.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014247_zps731613f1.jpg
I look slightly tiny here....
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014252_zps57a15e4b.jpg
Mom got a different dessert tonight. She said it was very yummy.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014259_zps0990bb8c.jpg
The little kid angels on the ceiling are a bit creepy though.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014261_zpsfb17dd5d.jpg
So bright and sparkly, can we buy one for our house?
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014263_zps3024a198.jpg
I want to eat here again....
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014368_zps41714121.jpg
Mom was helpful to a cast member so she and dad were given this. XO And since it was so busy at the park today this really helped out. We used it on the Jungle Cruise.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014370_zps000aeb72.jpg
We watched the brand new parade. It was very nice but there was no time for pics of me and the parade. Maybe next time. After that we went to Big Thunder Mountain. Very fast that ride. We saw Tom Sawyer's island from the ride so we decided to explore.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014372_zps12f6372c.jpg
Mom called the island Exercise by Disney. Also she almost died on the barrel bridge.
 photo FlowerFestivalDisney2014376_zpsa29d4673.jpg
I found the treasure!!!! Go me. I like doing new things. After a few more rides it was time to go home. The park was going to be opened til 2 am but Dad had to work the next day. We can't have dad tired on the road. But we had a great time today. Lots of ride and yummy food. Can't wait to go back in May to have more fun!

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