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Nagi no Asukara episode 21

I just watched The Little Mermaid 2 as part of Cheer Tenchi Up Weekend By Making Everything Disney. Um...yeah that was the biggest mistake ever. The poor children of the world. Parents see a familiar name and by the product and are stuck with this crud. Who approved this hot mess?! I am shocked Disney put their name behind this money grubbing product.
 photo nagiepisode218_zpsd07a2211.jpg
That ain't a good thing.
While I try to recover from this hot mess and eat my dinner have another long awaited anime post. Up now is Nagi no Asukara episode 21. Spoilers for Manaka....being more Manaka than usual.
 photo nagiepisode212_zps5d4f9ad0.jpg
A slave to love...and his sister.
Episode Summary: The first few minutes of the last episode are replayed. Miuna saying Hikari should kiss Manaka and Hikari freaking out. Manaka slowly opens her eyes and yells at Hikari for yelling at girls. Fast Forward to the next day and Manaka and Hikari are going out. Manaka seems super energetic but Akari is like Hikari you watch her and Manaka don't let him push you too hard. The little boy wants to go too but Akari reigns her son in. Hikari seems to be in awe that Manaka has so much energy yet is worried about her. Chisaki and Kaname go to the only store in town where their friend gives them 5 treats in honor of Manaka waking up. Yay for everyone being awake. They wait for Manaka and Hikari and soon Manaka comes running up like she has drunk 3 Redbulls. The first thing out of her mouth is to talk about how cold it is and everyone basically laughs at silly Manaka. Chisaki informs Manaka that Tsumugu isn't coming today but Manaka doesn't mind as she leads her friends in a certain direction. Miuna and Sayu are having a pout near the little waterhole Tsumugu made for the other kids. Miuna's ena is all weird and she needs to soak it. Miuna states the other kids told her this would happen but......Sayu sees Miuna being sad panda and thinks that Miuna should have gone with them. Miuna has decided on her own that she doesn't have the right so Sayu is all you aren't happy that Manaka woke up are you? Miuna slowly explains her feelings, that she is happy Sayu starts a water fight to break the tension. Manaka leads her to the peer so she can look at all the frozenness better. Manaka starts to get deep, thinking about all that has changed.....but then she just points out all the snowflakes. Hikari sorta mothers all over her which makes Manaka happy that Hikari is being nice to her. Kaname and Hikari watch Manaka play in the snow, talking about how this was an anticlimactic end to Manaka waking up. They also briefly talk about how they reached to waking up with gives Hikari the feels at remembering. They then talk more about Manaka, that she can be so happy despite...well everything. Hikari says when Manaka first woke up she tried to explain a voice she was hearing, that someone wanted her to do something, give them something......They all make their way to the school where Manaka continues to act like the happiest person ever despite not having ena anymore. They decide Manaka is just Manaka and Hikari goes to be a silly person with her.
 photo nagiepisode216_zpsf0c148c7.jpg
:( Where do we belong?!
Kaname discovers that Sayu and Miuna were hiding on the roof and Sayu is like no we were studying for exams like you should be!!! Sayu explains to Manaka what they are studying in school where Chisaki gets upset as she has already learned that. She decides now it is a good time to visit Gramps so she leaves the treats and the junior high behind. With Chisaki gone there are enough treats for all the same age kids. Chisaki goes to the hospital around the same time Tsumugu arrives. He remembers how upset Hikari was when he first woke up thus he hasn't seen Manaka yet. They make some small talk then go to the lunch room to eat snacks I think they brought for Gramps. Or maybe snacks Gramps got for Tsumugu. Tsumugu informs Chisaki at the end of the month he has to go back to campus. During their walk home Tsumugu keeps going on and on about it, how he is sorry he has to go and he will be close by. Chisaki asks jokingly if he will be lonely but Tsumugu says he will be worried about her. Chisaki tries to change the subject, saying that Tsumugu needs to focus on understanding what is going on. Yes her moment of clarity. Get to it Tsumugu, fix everything. They walk home and think if they can brib Uroko with porno. The second they open the door they see Colleague standing there on the phone saying oh good they are there. The next seen shows Akari making a table for tons of people. Apparently Chisaki and Tsumugu just canceled, saying something was wrong with Gramps. Manaka decides it is because they are busy. The subject gets changed to studying and entrance exams and how Hikari never studies. Sayu gets a little bit of praise for being the top of the class so she is all blushy. The little boy slips hot soup on himself and there is some drama about him being taken care of. This seemingly meaningless scene ends with the little boy being okay. Manaka is very worried for the little boy and Hikari is overwhelmed that Manaka looks so lovely. He pulls her aside and asks what she was going to tell him after the Boat Ceremony. Manaka claims she has no idea what is he is talking about. The next morning Tsumugu runs to Akari's house and wakes everyone up to show them the fishy on his arm. Hikari is like so Uroko cursed you so that means he is nearby....great news! THE END!
 photo nagiepisode219_zps0d080810.jpg
Oh look Manaka is up. Time for rainbows and unicorns and happy thoughts. Why let all these sad thoughts and facts get you down? THERE IS SNOW!!!!! Smile for life is good. Happy, happy, happy!!! Oh Manaka.....
 photo nagiepisode2115_zps5dcea1dd.jpg
Stop being serious
I say all of this do I really feel? I guess it just depends if this is genuine or not? Since Manaka hasn't been around for a while I guess I can repeat my feelings on the girl. She is a bit much at times. Chisaki is a bit much in a self pity party kinda way. Manaka is just way to HEHEHEHE smiles and life is good when truly it might not be that way. I am all for looking on the bright side of life but to overlook the facts and seriousness of the situation is a bit....I don't know...almost disrespectful? Kaname and Hikari touched on it later. Not that they were upset about it. Mainly because Manaka is Manaka and they know how she rolls. Just that a lot of time and effort went into worrying about Manaka and trying to wake up her and protect her feelings and she is lalalaing all over the place with snow like nothing else happened.
 photo nagiepisode215_zps08159f15.jpg
Wait...what? No rush to see Tsumugu?!
Because deep down Manaka can't really feel this way right? She has to feel upset about something. Her family is still asleep, she lost her ena, Chisaki is older than her now, she “lost” 5 years of her life, and the world is still in danger of freezing over. I know this event isn't going to happen for a while but it is still going to happen one day right? That this snow represents something bad with the Earth. It is not some fluffy fun you can throw around. This is serious business. And hello you have been kicked out of the ocean!!! No more being a sea girl for you...unless things can magically turn around. So if Manaka is really that...happy all the time I might stab my eyes out. XD I am all for positive people in a sea of negativity but to ignore the gravity of the situation is annoying. If Manaka is crying herself to sleep at night or will have a breakdown later then this will all be acceptable. That she is forcing herself to be happy so she doesn't have to face the real situation.
 photo nagiepisode2111_zps9a720016.jpg
Wait what?! When did this happen?!
As usual all three of the other sea kids took care of Manaka. Like always. Maybe when Manaka isn't around Chisaki feels more responsible. That she just had a 5 year lapse in maturity...that I haven't seen much of. I get the feeling that happens a lot, wanting to watch over and take care of Manaka in that group of friends. Hikari was concerned, bringing logic and facts into the conversations. When Manaka isn't listening of course. What will happen now, how will this affect us all? Kaname rounds up the rest of the group supporting all three of them when they need it. Always the anchor I suppose. Kaname was afraid when he woke up, wonders what will happen with Manaka, and how this will all affect their future.
 photo nagiepisode213_zps1378059b.jpg
Take Chisaki out and add in Sayu and Miuna. That seems to be 5.....
So where to Miuna and Sayu fit in this situation? They are the same age as three of the sea kids now but they haven't know....I don't want to say earn their spot but yeah I guess earned is the best word. Just because they are the same age doesn't mean they are instant friends. These other kids have a lot of history. So just because Chisaki is leaving them all the treats for the FIVE of them, walking away from the junior high all dramatic as to leave her life behind, doesn't mean this is how it will work out. Even if it naturally works out that way. Chisaki and Tsumugu are like the older cousins now. Everyone else is talking about similar things in school and all Chisaki can do is sit there and listen. Symbolically hand over the treats as she and Tsumugu have grown-up things to do.
 photo nagiepisode2112_zps90e20cdc.jpg
Who cares about Gramps when we got treats here!
While everyone else is playing with Manaka in the snow and pretending everything is happy times Chisaki goes to see Tsumugu's Gramps. Because that is all the family she has now. Tsumugu arrived at the same time. Me thinks this man might not make it. :( He is rather old. I wonder if he will be able to give up his ena for Manaka.....Anyway I glad that Tsumugu explained why he wasn't there for Manaka. Because you know...I am a bit tired of people not being there when others wake up. They are supposed to be friends. But since Hikari freaked out on him about change I can see why Tsumugu stayed away. I guess I was more surprised that Manaka wasn't upset that Tsumugu didn't come and see her. I guess that cements what she was going to tell Tsumugu that night, that she was going to pick Hikari. Which I think is crap since Tsumugu caught her in the net again and that brought back feelings and I think Manaka was a dramatic Disney Princess and fell in love at first sight and only liked Hikari because he liked her. Yet she wakes up and is like oh Tsumugu is busy. Almost like she doesn't want to visit him because out of sight, out of mind works for her. These are my main people, Tsumugu is an adult. Or Manaka is lying about all her feelings.
 photo nagiepisode2114_zpsc0a9480b.jpg
Nor do we care. We got relationships to worry about here.
Anyway this is about Chisaki and Tsumugu. In case you couldn't tell. Instead of actually spending time with Gramps (who was sleeping anyway) Chisaki and Tsumugu talked. And had pudding. So.....yeah. Apparently this was Tsumugu's way of confessing to Chisaki. Did you miss it folks? Maybe Chisaki picked up on it since she knows him better and lives with him. But for me I just laughed at his super subtle way of saying he was going to miss her and was worried that she was going to leave him for one of the woke up kids. This is Tsumugu's way of confessing so when things go wrong he can say um I tried. Didn't you get the memo? Why don't you care about me? The thing is Chisaki might just see him as a family member now. It might be too late for a romantic situation for them even if it is the most obvious one. Of course given how fast emotions change in this series she could just....poof in love with him.
 photo nagiepisode2113_zps94865f22.jpg
Stop making things complicated!
For a brief moment Chisaki had some.....well serious moments. Brought it back home. Like okay Tsumugu you are going to miss me but lets not pretend there is anything romantic going on because I am not ready to deal with that. Lets talk about why you aren't going to be here. Because you have something important to do at school. You and your Colleague are trying to figure out what is going on despite neither one of you being from the sea and not really being able to fix this situation with science because it is all magical. But we aren't talking about that, we are talking about how Tsumugu has cared enough to try to help...even if it was mainly to wake the kids up and saving the world was secondary. Yes Chisaki remind everyone of what is really important here!!!
 photo nagiepisode2110_zps3d32ad7e.jpg
Manaka having memory issues isn't a big deal. Spilling soup is though.
While Chisaki and Tsumugu had to deal with a crisis (that...isn't explained the next day) the rest of the main characters have dinner together. Just one big happy family talking about normal things, like school and Hikari not doing his homework. I like how Sayu and Kaname are sorta coming together in a natural way, not with her doing anything outrageous or her crying all over the place. That they might come together on their own and it might not feel like a second choice. During this dinner the little boy split soup on himself and it became something serious. I am not sure if it was to make Manaka seem perfect in Hikari's eyes or if something was foreshadowed. It was weird. Like really weird for a minute. But quickly that was forgotten because Hikari has to ask Manaka what she was going to tell him the night after the Boat Festival. Of course she has forgotten and that makes Hikari frustrated. The boat ceremony was just yesterday to Manaka and she can't remember?! Is this real life?! She only remembers some voice asking her for something. The sea god asked for her ena? Poor Hikari...all he wants is answers...
 photo nagiepisode2116_zps55a6565c.jpg
Err...what does this mean?!
The episode ends with all the main characters being woken up to Tsumugu being frantic. Well not Chisaki because clearly she has been reassigned to second cousin position in this family. But yes folks. Was there really an emergency with Gramps or something more? Because the Uroko fairy has visited Tsumugu and left behind a present. A fish curse!!! XO Why has this happened? Hikari takes this as a good sign because Uroko is nearby. You know...because the ocean isn't 3 feet from town. Hikari is still yay we can find him and beat some answers out of him. Everyone else acts like Tsumugu has cooties. Me on the other hand....I was worried for Hikari. Manaka and Tsumugu bonded over this fishy thing. Is this going to stir feelings up inside of her? Like oh now we can bond over this and I am not over you? Not that it matters as Tsumugu likes Chisaki. Still feelings are feelings. Does that mean Tsumugu has ena now? Was he close to the scientific truth for this magical matter? I guess we will find out next time. Or you know..whenever I get around to it. XD See ya later.!

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